A/N: This was written because I was a bit disappointed that Spike had been "given a soul" at the end of Season Six of _BtVS_ -- It struck me as cheesy, and a cop-out, since I think Spike, in essence, committed suicide over Buffy. Imagine an episode of _Buffy_ segueing into a commercial break:

(cue commercial broadcaster's voice)

Lack of a pesky morality getting you down? Feeling the urge to do bad things for no reason whatsoever? Having a hard time being accepted by your 'Happy Meals on Legs'?

(shot of Spike looking up from yet another flashback of the cheesy AR, who nods)

WEeEEEEEEEEEEEEL then -- You need the new, improved ME "Plot Device"! (tm)

With the new Plot Device (tm) you can forever say goodbye to writers treating you second-class! And it makes brooding a snap! Let's hear from a satisfied customer:

(Cue shot of Angel hunting for his next rat)

And with our new "Psycho-matic" attachment, becoming a lunatic probably tied into the season's new Big Bad becomes a snap!

(Cue shot of Spike from the second episode acting loony)

But wait! You say you can't afford the price of Marti Noxon's therapist bills? Well, you can get this wonderful device for the low, low price of three trials - And a lot of flashbacks to your illogical eeeeeeevilness. And if you go for this deal in the next thirty minutes, we'll throw in a ret-con of all the good things you've done, _ABSOLUTELY FREE_! Yes, that's right - Everything good that you've done and all the abuse that you suffered will be Ret-conned out of existance!

Call 1-800-LURKYME today - Fans are standing by with their fingers crossed.