"So... Where are we?" Grinned Clara, eyes flashing in excitement.

"Why don't you go look?" Challenged the Doctor, tugging on the red ribbon she'd tied her hair up with. Clara smirked, adjusting the ribbon before racing to the door and flinging them open. She opened her mouth, then shut it again, a look of confusion crossing her face.

"Er... Doctor? This isn't a planet... Why'd you bring me to an abandoned building in what looks like England?" She asked, the doctor frowned, bounding over and peeking outside.

"Oh. Oops." He offered sheepishly, causing Clara to roll her eyes, because really, she should have known he wouldn't end up in the right place. She straightened her dress and wandered outside, eyes roaming the desolate building eagerly. "Clara! Where are you going?!" The doctor asked crossly, scampering after her.

"You promised me an adventure!" She called over her shoulder as she peeking in through a window. The doctor sighed, scanning the building with his screwdriver and frowning slightly at the readings.

"Ooh, look at that! That's clever, isn't it?" He stared at the building in wonder, a bemused Clara watching him.

"Oi! Something you wanna share with the class?" She asked exasperatedly, and he turned to her with the screwdriver clasped in his hand and a wicked grin on his face.

"It's only abandoned on the outside! Inside, well, it's a hub of activity!"

"But... I just looked in, there's nothing there!"

"Well of course there's not! They couldn't just have anyone wander in and have a nosy round, could they?" He told her as he waved the sonic around a door, testing the lock as he did so. "Curious though. What would anyone do in 2030 with an abandoned building from the 2010's? Better to find a newer building, more equipped, less problems. Unless, of course, you didn't want to draw attention to yourself. Fly under the radar, as it were. Then, choose an old building in the middle of nowhere, keep the outside appearance the same and only change the inside, add only discrete security and limit the comings and goings and then bobs your uncle!"

He grinned broadly as he whirled around to face Clara triumphantly, only to find an empty space behind him.

"Clara?!" He called, stepping away from the newly opened door. His stomach twisted as his eyes lowered to the ground where the girl had just been standing. Hands shaking, he knelt slowly to pick up a red ribbon that lay on the ground, fluttering slightly in the breeze as he closed his fist around it. The same ribbon that had- until moments before- been tied in Clara's hair.

Clara groaned slightly as she opened her eyes, shifting as she registered the hard floor beneath her.

"It's ok. Take it slowly- you've been out for a while." With difficulty, she focused on a teenaged girl kneeling beside her, a worried look on her face. She had long, brunette hair that was pulled back tightly into a French plait, making it impossible to tell if it was curly, straight or somewhere in between with pale green eyes that seemed alight with... Something.

"Where am I?! How did I get here?!" Clara demanded as she shot upright, discovering use had no memory of ever coming here.

"Same way I did, I guess." The girl shrugged, settling back down against the wall as she crossed her legs. "Kidnapped."

Clara blinked at her indifferent tone. "And you're ok with that? Being kidnapped I mean?"

The girl raised her eyebrows. "It's hardly the first time, and I very much doubt it'll be the last. I'm AJ, by the way."


"Nice to meet you."

Before either could say anything else, the door opened with a loud clang, and a woman stepped through.

"Oh, good. You're awake." She said as her lip curled slightly.

"Kovarian." Groaned AJ as she hit her head against the wall with a curse. Clara looked at her nervously, sliding backwards from the woman with the eye patch as suited creatures began to enter.

"Jesus! Has anyone ever told you lot that you really need to see a plastic surgeon!?" Clara exclaimed, as she cringed away from the creatures.

"They're the silence." AJ muttered as she pressed closer to the wall, Clara mirroring her. The creatures advanced towards them, grasping them tightly as they hauled them to their feet.

"Hey! Let go!" Clara yelled as she struggled to free herself from their grip. Beside her, AJ was doing the same, wiggling desperately. The aliens took no notice, merely dragging them down corridors in a dizzying route that Clara knew she wouldn't remember even if she tried. Finally, they reached a single door at the end of a long corridor, which was quickly opened and they were thrown inside. Clara let out a yelp as she hit the floor, quickly twisting around to see the door close with a deafening bang, and the gap between it and the walls sealed so that kit simply looked like a smooth wall.

"Ah. That's a problem." Murmured AJ. Clara touched her head in confusion.

"Where... How did we get here?" She asked. AJ looked at her with wide eyes, open mouth giving no answer.

"The silence erase your memory the moment you stop looking at them. That's why you can't remember." A voice came from behind them and they whirled around to see a pale red head sitting against a wall next to a brown haired man. It was at this point Clara realised that there were several people in the room, all considerably older than she was. The only other thing apart from grey walls was a large mattress pushed against one, which the five were sitting together on.

"Who are you?" She asked. The red haired woman answered for all of them.

"I'm Amy. This is my husband Rory, my parents Augustus and Agatha, my aunt Sharon and Rory's father, Brian." Clara blinked at the onslaught of names.

"Er... Pleasure. I'm Clara and this is AJ." She introduced them both as she stood. AJ nodded at the group, running her fingers over the space where the door was.

"It's no good... We already tried. Only the silence or Kovarian can open it." Rory said, causing AJ to curse.

"It's a telepathic lock- only someone with a telepathic path to the door can open or close it. 63rd century technology to make it disappear just to double the challenge."

"Can you create a telepathic pathway?" Asked Clara. AJ nodded.

"Sure. If I had someone with a pre-existing path, a computer, several leads and wires and about a century." She answered, scowling slightly at the door. "There has to be another way out of here."

"There's not- we looked." Amy leant back against her husband, ignoring the helplessly confused looks from the other adults.

"Sure there is. You're breathing, aren't you?" AJ shot her an amused look, standing on tiptoe to run her fingers across the top of the walls.

"What?" Augustus asked.

"Of course!" Rory slapped his forehead. "There has to be a way for air to circulate, or we'd suffocate!" He jumped up and began to copy AJ, searching for the vent.

An hour later, they all flopped to the ground, finally admitting defeat.

"Alright. So no vent. How are they doing it then?" Muttered AJ, jumping to her feet and beginning to pace. Clara watched her from where she lay on the ground, mind running through the possibilities.

"Hey, slightly less important question- why are we all here?" She asked unhappily, unable to see a connection between herself, a teenager and the family.

"They took our son, but that doesn't explain why they kept us." Mused Rory. AJ's head snapped up.

"How old is he?" She asked.

"Six. Why?" Amy answered, straightening slightly as she studied the teenager.

"Because they took my seven year old sister too." AJ told them, biting her lip as she began pacing again. "Ok, kidnap his best friends, steal their son. Why? The silence. But he's already old enough to retain memories, so why not before when he could still be influenced? And why their family too?" She mumbled to herself as she paced, hands dancing through the air as she did.

"Wait! What did you mean, his best friends? Do you know the doctor?" Rory interrupted her. She came to a standstill and nodded at him.

"I'm assuming your family has too?" She questioned, mouth setting in a grim line when they nodded. She turned her attention to Clara, who nodded in agreement.

"I travel with him." She said softly. They all looked around at each other.

"That's the connection. The doctor." Amy spoke quietly, heart sinking as she looked at Rory. "He thinks we're stuck in New York in the 1950's. He won't even know we need help, and he has no reason to check up on our families."

"But he'll be looking for me" Clara said suddenly. They all looked at her, and she took a deep breath. "I travel with him now. I was standing right behind him when I was taken. He'll be looking for me! As long as we stay together, he finds me he'll find you!" She grinned triumphantly, and the others faces filled with hope.

"Er, slight problem? He can't see me." AJ interrupted them, causing looks of confusion.


"I'm from his future. His very far future- he can't meet me yet, it would cause a paradox." AJ explained.

"No... As long as you're very careful about what you say it doesn't matter. We know a woman called River who used to do it. Don't answer questions and don't reveal you know about him and you'll be fine. By the time he realises he'll know not to say anything." Amy told her. AJ stared at her, before sighing loudly.

"My parents are going to kill me." She groaned.

Hello! This is my first Dr Who story, although I've been watching the show for a few years. Drop me a line to tell me what you think!? X