"Can't you come home?" Agatha pleaded with Amy. The redhead shook her head sadly.

"I'm sorry. The timelines..." She started. Agatha made a small sound of distress.

"You've been travelling with the doctor too long." AJ said lazily. They were in the console room, and she was perched on the railing, legs swinging.

"What?" Amy asked. AJ sighed.

"Seriously? The only fixed point is that you and Rory die in 19 whatever. Presumably, for this to happen you must live in the same time period, but that doesn't mean you have to spend the rest of your lives trapped there! Jeez." She muttered the last word under her breath, rolling her eyes slightly.

"But... The tardis can't land in New York. Too many paradoxes." Amy said confusedly.

"... Really?" AJ looked at them in disbelief. "A bus. A train. A car. All perfectly good forms of transport that can get you beyond the city limits."

She noticed them staring at her. "What? It's obvious! Honestly."

"We really have been travelling with him too long." Amy sighed. "We're idiots."

"Yep." AJ agreed cheerfully. She bounced up from her seat, making her way outside the tardis where Rory, Brian, River and the doctor were exploring the complex they'd been kept in while Fae and Anthony played with Clara.

"Reminds me a bit of demons run." Commented River, looking around. Rory made a small sound in the back of his throat, making her wince and shoot him an apologetic look. As they were talking, AJ heard a crack coming from the next room over and peered around the corner, smiling slightly when she saw the source of the sound and gestured to Fae, who left Clara to run to catch up with her sister. They slipped silently from the room, Fae squealing happily as she caught sight of the woman standing in the centre of the destruction.

"Mummy!" She ran into the woman's arms and hugged her fiercely. AJ stood back and watched, painfully aware she didn't feel the usual joy at seeing her mum.

"Hello darlings." River Song smiled. She looked over at AJ- who was standing staring at the floor- in confusion, before reluctant realisation dawned and she gently lowered Fae to the floor.

"Sweetheart, could you go fetch Amy and Rory for me? Don't let the others know." Fae nodded eagerly, scampering off to the other room. None noticed the hidden figure in the shadows.

"AJ?" River approached the teenager, who ducked her head lower. "AJ."

When the girl didn't answer, she sighed, and slipped her arms around her. "Sweetheart, please."

AJ shuddered suddenly, letting out a strangled sob as she turned into the embrace, clinging to her mum desperately.

"You didn't know us. You didn't even know us. Why didn't you warn me?!" She choked out, and River hugged her tighter.

"I'm sorry. I was going to, but I didn't realise how soon... I'm sorry." She murmured. AJ shook as she held on tightly, pressing her face into her mothers shoulder.

"Please don't leave me." She whispered, so softly it was almost impossible to hear her.

"Never." River promised gently. They held on tightly to each other, until Amy and Rory came in, Fae tugging at them impatiently.

"Alright, we're coming!" Laughed Amy. The smile faded from her face as she caught sight of River and AJ, who pulled away as they entered, wiping the tears from her cheeks before turning around to face them.

"River! Oh... I, ah..." The pair glanced at each other, casting worried looks behind them as they remembered who was standing in the other room.

"Hello mum, dad. Don't worry, I'm older, already lived through this." River assured them, kissing each of them on the cheek.

"Oh. Wait, I don't understand." Rory said, confused. "Why are you here?"

"You didn't tell them?" River muttered over her shoulder to AJ.

"Tell them how? Technically, I'm only a little over a decade younger them!" She protested, rolling her eyes.

"Tell us what?" Rory interrupted them, sensing the argument was about to escalate. River frowned.

"Mother, father, may I introduce my daughters, Amelia Joy and Fae Idris Song. They- unfortunately- inherited the gene that seems to get all of our dysfunctional family in trouble." River smiled affectionately at them both as she lifted Fae onto her hip. Amy and Rory gaped, mouths opening and closing repeatedly.

"Daughter. As in yours and... The doctors?" Amy said weakly after a while. River nodded, slipping her arm around AJ's shoulders as she did so.

"Hang on, you mean this whole time you knew we were your... Grandparents?" Rory tried to get his head around it. AJ inclined her head slightly.

"Sorry. Not exactly something you bring up in a normal conversation, is it?" She grimaced slightly at the thought of that. Amy suddenly groaned slightly.

"Oh my god. Anthony's younger than both of you! Your uncle is young enough to be your little brother!" Fae giggled at this as Amy sat down heavily on a nearby piece of debris, rubbing her head with her hand while Rory simply stood and scratched his head. River smiled at them as they worked out the timelines in their heads, playing with AJ's hair absently.

"When did you start to straighten it?" She asked suddenly, fingers catching on a stray lock that had fallen from her braid.

"When the wrong people started asking the wrong questions." AJ answered with a sad smile. "Not many people have hair like ours. It was getting too difficult to hide who I was."

"Hide?" Rory questioned.

"It's not difficult to work out that if we're River Songs daughters, then we're also the doctors. And a children of the last time lords in existence were always going to be in danger, so only people we trust know our real identities." AJ's voice was nonchalant, but even the clueless Rory could see the pain hidden behind her casualness.

"Mum, dad, I'm sorry but we have to go. The doctor could walk in any second." River said quietly. Amy looked up sadly.

"Will we ever see you again?" She asked.

"Course! I'm in the other room, aren't I?" River smiled with difficult. Amy shook her head, standing to make her way over to her daughter.

"No, I mean this you. Old enough to know what happened to our father and I, with two daughters and a never-ending ability to induce heart attacks..." Amy trailed off as River simply hugged her.

"I don't know, but it's unlikely. We will always be thinking of you though- these two were raised on your books, mother." Amy laughed at this.

"Well then, I'll write lots more. Look for the afterwords and such, because they'll be for all of you." She promised, hugging Fae and AJ as River embraced Rory.

"Stay out of trouble, won't you?" He implored her, causing her to laugh loudly.

"Oh, daddy, this is me we're talking about!" She kissed his cheek before stepping and holding out her hand to AJ, who swung Fae onto her hip and slipped her arm through Rivers.

"Say bye to the old man and Clara for us, won't you?" The teenager grinned. Before they could answer, River typed in the final coordinate and the three disappeared with a bright flash that caused Amy and Rory to blink in surprise.

"Well... That was different." Rory commented they stared at the now empty spot. Slowly, with knowing smiles, they linked fingers and made their way back into the other room. After they'd left, Clara stepped out of the shadows where she'd been hidden with a stunned thoughtfulness on her face. She'd been worried when Fae had run off without a word, and followed her, hiding when curiosity got the better of her. By the time she realised the moment should be private, it was too late to make her escape. But even when she hadn't been travelling with the doctor for that long, she realised how much danger the two girls were in, especially if anyone found out about their heritage and who their father was. No, she thought. She would keep their secret, and take it to the grave with her.

She entered the tardis stealthily, leaning against the railing as she watched the doctor show Anthony around the console.

"Where are Fae and AJ? It's about time we all got home." The man in question looked up.

"They already did. Got a ride from their mum. They said to tell you bye, though." Amy said quickly. The doctor looked faintly disappointed of a moment, before shaking it off easily.

"Well then, two less to worry about." He said cheerily.

"Make that four less sweetie. I have to get mum, dad and Anthony back to New York, which you can't do in the tardis." River kissed him on the cheek gently, stepping back while her parents said their goodbyes and taking first Amy and her brother, then her father back to their home on Manhattan. The doctor, for his part, flew the elder Ponds and Williams back home, dropping the off minutes after they'd first been taken. Finally, it was just him and Clara on the ship.

"That was... Interesting." Clara said, flopping onto a seat. The doctor looked at her.

"I was going to say exhausting, but yes, interesting covers it." He said. They looked at each other for a long moment, before bursting into laughter.

"So much for the quiet day out." Managed Clara. The doctor bounced up to the console.

"Quiet day out. I can do that! Or maybe… home?" Clara nodded at him from her seat, and he executed a perfect bow. He spun a wheel and flipped a lever as the tardis rumbled and they both grabbed on tight. Clara laughed as they were thrown around, and the doctor smiled.


There we go! The sequel- called 'The Luna Disease'- will be out later today or tomorrow. Tell me if you liked this one?

Here's a sneak peak of the next story:

"So... Where are we going?" Clara grinned as the doctor slid around the console, pulling levers and spinning wheels.

"The third moon of Laxtri! You'll love it- the sky is actually green! And the people!" They landed with a large bump, and he gestured towards the doors. "After you, Miss Oswald."

Clara grinned as she bounced towards the doors and flung them open, before pausing.

"Er... Doctor? The sky is... Not green." The doctor peered over her shoulder as she looked at him skeptically.

"Ah... Sorry." He winced. Clara sighed.

"Where are we?"

"The moon! In the 51st century! How did we...?" He spun to look at the console, but Clara stepped out, smiling as she stared around her.

"Wow..." She murmured. "Wait, how are we breathing? And how is there sunlight?"

"Artificial sunlight and atmosphere! You lot are clever aren't you. There's a whole colony of humans here- hospitals, schools, offices, homes, even a university! An entire world, on the moon." He grinned at her, but the smile faded as he caught sight of the armed guards marching towards them.

"Oh, that's extremely not good." He muttered as they surrounded them.

"You will come with us. Do not resist, or force will be used." A mechanical voice said.

"Robots!? Robot soldiers! On the moon!" The doctor laughed as he held his hands up in the air.