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Chapter 1


I quietly pack from Charms class, and think about dinner. Pumpkin juice and all the other things I love. I walk out of the classroom when Professor Flitwick dismisses the class. My stomach grumbles at the thought of dinner. I smile and quickly hurry towards the Great Hall. My eyes water at the smell of all the food. I go inside and my bag slumps down beside Sophie, who jumps. I begin to laugh.

"What's for dinner?" I say, as I sit down.

"The usual," Sophie says as she makes room for me.

I grin and brush my hair behind my ears. My hair is a lovely fair blond and almost brown. The curls go everywhere on my hunger-expressional face. Sophie and I start chatting about Quidditch.

"He's such a good keeper!" Sophie squeals, taking another glass of Butterbeer. "I mean he is so handsome!"

I don't answer and just keep spinning my worm spaghetti on the fork. I eventually swallow it, well, try to swallow it. I choke on the big clump of worm. Sophie hits me on the back hard and the spaghetti flies across the great hall.

I sigh.

"How many times?" I say, turning towards Sophie. "Don't talk about boys!"

Anger crosses Sophie's face, outlining it with the red fury.

"Is there anything wrong with that?" she said, glaring at me. "I mean, we are at the age!"

I sigh again and don't say anything else. I begin to swallow more spaghetti until my stomach begins to hurt. I push the bowl away.

"I'm not hungry." I say, while I look up. Another girl with blond hair comes rushing across to our table. She sits down and shovels down all the food that was left. She stops eating and tries to regain her breath.

"Hi!" she said, "I had detention with Snape if you are wondering, Holly."

That voice belongs to Emma Johnson, my muggle-born friend. I laugh. Emma grins at Sophie and she laughs too. Emma always gets detentions. And I don't know why but they are mostly with Professor Snape.

Holly. Holly Finnigan. That is my name. I go to this school, Hogwarts. The best school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. There is Beauxbatons, the girl witchcraft school and Durmstrangs, the boy wizardry school. But my parents went here.

Lavender Brown and Seamus Finnigan. They were in the same year and apparently they even went to the ball together. My parents were crazy until mum fell in love with another boy. He married someone else and their child is in my year. Rose Weasley. She is such a nerd. She bursts into tears when she gets a single mark wrong.

Seriously, she should see my marks. I got 10% in my last Potions test. Rose gasped when she did see my mark. All I did is grin. I'm bottom of everything. Except Defence against the Dark Arts. I'm almost top. I'm second in fact. Below Albus Potter.

I begin to get my apatite again and finish my meal. Then we walk back to the common room. While we walk back up the staircase Sophie begins to talk again.

"… and when he saved that goal! Oh, I almost fell out of my seat!" she says, smirking the whole way.

"Who do you like?" she asks. I look at Sophie. I know she wants to know and she likes winding me up. I sigh and don't say anything. Sophie begins to get irritated.

"Oh, God, Holly! You are such a loser; you always go for the weaklings. Who did you fall in love with again in fourth year? Oh, yeah, it was Rowan Krallem." She sneers. I flinch at the name. I won't be reminded again by that idiot. I just take a deep breath and knock on the fat lady who has dozed off. She wakes instantly and jumps when she sees a clump of Gryffindor's waiting to say the password to get inside.

"Oh, I am ever so sorry!" she pipes, with her silly American accent. I giggle at the sight of her confused but shocked face.

"Patronus," I say, as soon as the door swung open. The fat lady is really bored being stuck in a painting year after year having to listen to these students gabble the password or in Frank Longbottom's case, the wrong password. I don't really feel sorry for the sad, lonely lady in the ugly portrait. If you ask me, she should ask Professor McGonagall for a decent job.

I jump inside the warm common room. And Sophie starts to babble her conversation again.

"As I said," she says, grabbing my arm so I can not ignore her like I normally do. "You're so lame!"

I start to flush with rage and I shake free from her grip. I turn around again and continue to walk slowly up the stairs. Then, an arm grabs me and pulls me down three steps of stairs. That arm belongs to Sophie. "Look here everyone!" she shouts, waving her arms frantically in the air. "Holly wants to tell you something."

All the eyes in the room turned towards me and I could feel myself go scarlet. I glare at Sophie who's laughing, making everyone else look at me as though I am a weirdo. Then, she starts chanting, "Holly loves Krallem, Holly loves-"

The next thing I hear was a scream and Sophie on the floor with a red, inflamed cheek. Everyone stops doing whatever they are doing and look at Sophie, crippled on the floor.

Sophie gets up and steadies herself. "I get it!" She says, and then she cackles a high pitched laugh that makes me angry. "Holly is too dangerous to be around other people." She instantly pulls out her wand and says a short loud word that makes red light come from her wand.

I stare at the red light coming towards me and the next thing I know is incredible pain. I scream, and fall and scream again. I close my eyes against the unbearable agony but Sophie just laughs. Then there is another scream but this time it is not from me. I snap my eyes open and Sophie has lifted an inch off the ground by these weak hands that grabs at her collar. I look, it is a boy. And he is Albus Potter.

Albus tries to pull Sophie a bit higher after she starts clawing at his hands. "Did you just do what I think you did?" he yells, dropping her like a ragdoll. She screams again and backs away still on all fours. She doesn't want to get hurt. Well, nobody does. "No, I didn't mean to!" she screeches, still backing away. "I didn't mean-"

Albus pulls out his wand but then his wand blows straight from his hand towards me. Professor McGonagall has run into the room with Dominique at her side. Dominique's by the serious faced Professor McGonagall and smirking. I don't think she likes Albus that much. I sit there panting and still in shock. Did my best friend Sophie just hurt me? I still sit there letting the confused questions fill my mind. Why did she do that? My eyes fill with tears, at the thought and I quickly brush them away before Professor McGonagall turns to me. She wants to ask a million questions just like everyone else. But the thing is so do I. Emma came running over and helps me up. She brushes me down which makes me a laughing stock and helps me steady my feet. McGonagall just says, "Potter, Thomas, come with me."

After he left everyone comes running towards me.

"What happened?"

"Are you all right?"

"What was Sophie doing?"

"Why were you screaming?"

Everyone stands looking at me, expecting an answer. But all I do is ignore them and sit down at the bottom of the stairs, who is my new best friend. Sophie hurt me because I hurt her because she annoyed me. I was saved by the horrible spell by Albus Potter who comes to the rescue. For a minute I have a thought come to my mind. Was Sophie really trying to hurt me? Then another thought comes to my mind. Or even possibly kill me? Then the last thing I remember is.

Albus Potter just saved me.

Then the world goes dark before I fall into the dream.

There are men at the front door of our house.

"Don't hurt her!" my Dad says, as he lets the man and himself in. I'm so scared; after all I am only six years old. My knee is throbbing because I have cut it. The man puts on protective white gloves, and towers over me. My eyes fill with tears as I hold my mother's hand. The doctor's pack is still securely tied around her wrist.

"Let go of the child!" shouts the man, pulling out his wand and pointing it to me. My parents back away.

"Don't hurt her!" screams my Dad, clutching my Mum tightly.

I tremble in my chair until the man says some words that make me scream. And make me fall unconscious. I keep on falling. The floor opens up sucking me in and I go down.

I am growing older until I am sixteen again and then I am in bed, bolt upright and screaming. Everyone is peacefully sleeping until I start shrieking. They leap out of their bed and wonder what is going on. Then I stop and realise about my dream. The words that Sophie had used were the same words as the man had used in my dream.

It wasn't a dream. It was a memory. When I was six years old, the man came to 'fix' me. He made me fall into a coma for four months. Afterwards, I was locked away from other children and every teacher who had to see me had to wear the special suit that the man wore that day.

Sophie had wanted to hurt me and I want to hurt her. To make her pay to make me remember that dreadful day. The day that turned my life upside-down….

There is another scream and the girls look at me but all I do is run out of the dormitory and follow the shriek. I end up in Sophie's room, and she is the one who is screeching as though she is being tortured. She's clutching her sides and letting out all the pain she has. Everyone is solidified, like helpless beetles scampering around looking for what they need. Help.

"Make it stop!" Sophie shrieks, rolling on the ground making blood trails follow every single and precise move that she makes.

I don't know what to do.

"Stop!" I yell, and all the other girls in the room whip around to see me almost as frozen as they look. They are probably so immobile that they just realised that I am here. Sophie stops screaming and starts shouting.

"Help! She's murdering me!"

I don't know who 'she' is but around 99.99% chances is me. (The other 0.01% is probably Albus who changed into a girl overnight. (But I seriously doubt that happened.)) Then, probably all of Gryffindor's girls and every member of staff come rushing in. McGonagall helps Sophie up and tells her to go to the Hospital Wing. I am really upset. It is like everything I want to hurt, it actually happens and when I want it to stop, it stops.

"What happened?" McGonagall asks, sternly. That's funny because I want to ask the same question.

"I don't know Professor," I whisper, looking at my feet like they are the most interesting thing in the world. But they're not.

"Holly, something happened and it involved you!" she exclaims. "I know what is wrong with you and if you ask me, you were the one who hit Sophie without touching her and you were the one who were torturing her this morning."

I stare at my Transfiguration teacher in disbelief and see her walk out the room.

"Yilsful, I suppose you have a suitable punishment for Holly?" she asks, to the cold faced smile that stares at me.

"I think," Snape says, smirking. I always hated my potions teacher. "We will give her more entry slips to the Magic Games."

My heart almost went straight out of my chest. The Magic Games? Wait, my Potions Teacher wouldn't do that! Oh, yes, he would.

The Magic Games are a series of TV shows to see which magic school is the best. Along with our school; Hogwarts, there is Beauxbatons, in France. And also Durmstrang, near Bulgaria. It is held every year in an arena near Bulgaria, and the worst part is they have to use magic, to fight until death. Only two come out. When I was twelve, it was our first to have our names in the golden cylinder. I had a friend called Kirsty. Kirsty Johnson. Yep, you guessed it. Emma's twin sister. Kirsty had her name drawn out of the cylinder and was sent to Bulgaria with seven other students. We never saw Kirsty again in person but saw her on the secret magic channel running. Running for her life. It was during a lesson that she was running, so we continued our work.

The next time we saw Kirsty she was on the ground, screaming and begging before a ruthless Beauxbaton killed her with the Killing Curse. Kirsty lay there defeated, eyes open, looking in the camera's direction, like she wants to see a particular person. I think she did.

I don't want to end up like Kirsty. But this makes sense now; my teacher does want me dead.

"I think fifty will be enough." Snape almost purred. Ouch. That's gonna hurt during the draw. I glare at my Potion's Teacher. But not just any glare that I do every time I see him, but a horrible, loathsome, disgusting glare that hopefully will hurt his eyes. Then I remember. More damage means more punishment. I stop and look at Professor McGonagall as I'm looking for help. She is headmistress. She can do something.

"Alright, Yilsful, but this will never happen again!" she said, giving him a look. Out of all the students in ten years she lets me have fifty draws.

It's the day of the draws. Everyone knows that I have fifty one slips in the cylinder. They know that I'm going to get picked. I worry. I don't want to get picked. I want Sophie to get picked. She is the one who deserves it. But wait! Won't she and Albus have fifty slips too? I tremble as the twelve to eighteen year olds sit in the great hall. First the Beauxbatons arrive. They do all these fancy moves. I don't care. I just sit and think of the games. What if I am chosen? What is going to happen to me? I don't know any torturing or killing curses. Nor I have any special swords.

Well, there is the Godric Gryffindor's sword but that hasn't been seen until Albus's dad and godfather (or known as our Herbology Teacher) used it. It is locked up in Professor McGonagall's office where no one can touch it. There are several charms on that sword. Whoever touches it will grow a beard. That happened to Scorpius Malfoy who unsuccessfully attempted to get the sword. That was funny.

But still. I don't know anything but I suppose we will get trained over in Bulgaria. I sigh in relief and clutch Emma's hand tight. I don't want to get chosen. Although I can hurt anyone I'm not even near. We all wish each over good luck.

I see a few second years crying. Well, I was crying for my first draw. And I haven't been chosen. Not yet. Professor McGonagall thanks everyone and sits while the Durmstrang teacher does the draws. I never knew his name. Not that I cared. There are ten cylinders waiting for names to be drawn. But I pray for my name not to be drawn. They start with Beauxbatons and call their names. The eight girls that are chosen walk separately over to the bench and sit down, terrified. The Durmstrang Teacher asks for volunteers but the only sound in the room is quiet whispers that go beyond the Beauxbaton table. Its Durmstrang next. Eight strong looking boys walked one by one along fearlessly and sat with the Beauxbatons.

Its Hogwarts next. Everyone is so scared.

"Lets start with Slytherin!" screams the Durmstrang Teacher, so loudly that nobody could miss him.

"The Boy!" he shouts, and he reached into a golden cylinder and pulled a delicate slip that one Slytherin Boy's name is on. He smoothes the sheet and says:

"Stewart Tward."

The pale faced boy with dark, brown hair walks along and sat down beside a Durmstrang whose name was Robert Krum. He was very quiet and waits for his partner to join him.

"Girl!" bellows the Man, taking a slip and reading it.

"Luciana Malfoy!"

Luciana Malfoy. Scorpius's little sister. She is in her fourth year and has slow wet marks on her face. Honestly, she's a bit of a baby. It's Hufflepuff next.

As the chosen one's of Hufflepuff strode over to the bench. Everyone is trembling. The girl is called Susan Knight and she is in my year. Blond haired and always smiles in my direction, she is no longer smiling. After all I may never see her again. The boy of Hufflepuff is called Lenard Tuckling and he is a year above me.


"Boy!" shouts the man again, drawing another slip from a separate cylinder.

"Adam Watson!"

He is also in my year. I think he has a crush on me. Not anymore. He may be dead when he comes back. But maybe me too. Then I remember-

"There are thousands of slips." I whisper to myself, as Adam sits down. "But you have fifty one slips inside." I relax and tell myself it is not very likely.

"Girl!" screams the man, obviously getting bored. He carelessly plucks a slip and reads,

"Rowinda Krallem!"

Rowinda Krallem. She is in her second year. And so small. I always hate it when a second year is chosen. She walks silently to the bench. She isn't crying. I'm surprised because if I was her I would be a waterfall. She sits down and smiles when she sees me. Her black straight hair falling over her shoulders. I recognise her as I see her.

She plays with the whomping willow. Everyone finds her weird. She used to get bullied earlier in the year but her brother, who I fell in love with in my fourth year, stopped that. But he never fixed Rowinda's friendships. No one played with her so she played with the whomping willow. He knows her and they play games together. I don't know how.

"Gryffindor," shouts the man, taking two different slips and reading the first one.

"Boy again!" he shouts, and unfolds the paper. He knows the name. He smiles and reads out.

"Albus Potter."

I look at Albus. He runs his fingers through his hair and gets out of his seat. I think he got fifty slips too for what he did a couple of days ago. Well, anyway, he is chosen. Lily, his little sister sits there and doesn't move. As Albus goes to the bench and sits with the other chosen students he finds my eyes.

"I'm so sorry!" I mouth, making the codfish impressions on my face really clear. He shakes his head and mouths back.

"It wasn't your fault."

"Girl!" shouts the man finally and opens the slip of paper that he collected earlier. I am so scared. As he reads the paper I have a little sigh of relief to find out it was not me. But then I remember the words again that make me gasp.

It is Lily Potter.

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