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Chapter 4

Another Loss

Trees sprint past me, some that have yellow eyes. My heart is pounding, wondering whether the DM is still chasing me, but I don't dare turn around. If I do- then I'll be in trouble if there is any.

My legs are so tired, stitches form at my sides, my lungs search desperately for air, but I don't stop. My plan is to keep running until it realises that it won't get me and just sniff for another prey.

I still can't tell if the DM is still behind me, but I feel like I'm going to faint in a minute. As I'm thinking this, the woods turn to fuzzy green gloop and it's getting darker and darker.

I'm going to collapse! A voice says in my head.

No, I'm not! Another voice argues

"'oo's there?"

My eyesight has come back to focus when I see a Beauxbaton girl, about fifteen years old. By the expression on her face that DM is still behind me. But she grabs her spear and throws it aimlessly at me.

Since it was a pathetic throw, it soars over my head and hits the what-I-thought-was-a-cute-innocent-monkey thing. I also thought that the spear was going to hit me so I ducked and the what-I-thought-blah-blah-blah-innocent-monkey thing was pouncing towards me but it lands on the Beauxbaton's silver hair.

She shrieks with horror because I don't think a girl like this one has ever had a monkey on her head before. The half-dead half-alive mad death monkey is speared; he sinks his huge fangs into her temple.

The girl screeches again and flaps her arms desperately. I don't know if the primate's teeth are poisonous but I can't think of that right now. I approach them very silently, bearing my silver and bloody dagger. As I do so, the girl tumbles to the ground, rolling around but the monkey clings on. She keeps on screaming but they get quieter and I realise they turn to moans. She stops moaning but she twitches in places and the red liquid gushes down her pale face. Her chest only rises slightly, and falls before she repeats this but she is not so high.

DM takes a hold of her ear and tugs on it hard. I notice one other thing; the girl's chest has stopped moving. Another person today has been killed.

Disgusted, upset and almost distraught, I plunge my knife deep into the DM's behind. I know he won't live but that thought doesn't stop me yanking my weapon out and knifing him again and again.

After a few minutes I stop because it is getting light and I know that the monster isn't alive for much longer. I am exhausted, thirsty and hungry. Knowing I have to ration my food, I take a few bites from my apple while I walk forwards. Then, to save it, I wrap it up in the plastic sheet.

It has slightly clenched my thirst and hunger but I'm still tired. With nothing else to do, I watch closely of where to put my feet as I climb a gnarled pine. I close my eyes and with extreme difficulty, fall asleep.

My eyes prick against the afternoon sun, I've been asleep for quite some time. But that why I haven't woken from Noddy Land. Mum used to call sleep that. Noddy Land.

A distant yell of frustration or something else that I can't describe is coming. The roar had pricked my ears to full alert. Actually all of my senses are telling me to move upwards. My guts and heart is agreeing. I obey and climb upwards into the tree, hiding me from enemies, protecting me from foe.

The clearing of trees are all quiet and probably the only living beings here are me and the birds, tweeting to their mates.

A girl shoots into the clearing. Was she the one who yelled? No. It was coming from a bloke. The small girl's only halfway across the clearing when a Durmstrang runs into it too, spots the girl and raises his bow. He places his arrow across the string and pulls quickly. I know what he's doing and my unknown dagger hits his chest.

He crumples over, landing on his face. I take the knife from him as soon as I have clambered down and jogged over to him. I think the girl has come back. She approaches with caution as if I'm going to spin around and kill her. Well, that's what I thought.

"Well, that was a close one-!" I say as I turn around. But Rowinda isn't there to wait for me, thank me. A beautiful sword lies in her hands and it sweeps for my neck.

I duck quickly before any harm is done. I thought that we could be friends. Now, she is my enemy. This is not how I had planned it. We would share together, save each other's backs, and finally win together.

Knowing to save myself, I swipe Rowinda's legs and she tumbles down, along with the sword aiming for head again. I dive away, forward roll and run into the woods that Rowinda came from. The warm, comforting sun breaks through the trees and beats on the back of my unprotected neck, calling me to sit down and rest. I can't though.

I pass under a big oak tree with gorgeous leaves. I want to stop and look at them, examine them by climbing up here. I can still hear running footsteps. They are light and short, from a small girl or boy. There's no-one else capable in the forests, trees, arena apart from the little girl who is chasing me in the first place. Hoisting my bag further up my back, unzipping my jacket to my sweat dripping down my body, I start running again.

After a long time, panting, I stop running. I turn around and see that Rowinda hasn't come after me. A sigh emits from my mouth but turns into a groan of pain and exhaustion.

I'm safe.

I rest my back on a small but sturdy tree and then realise my foot has stepped into a clear puddle. My whole body stoops down and I look at my face in the reflection.

Blue eyes stare at me, but they're attached to a twig-scratched, muddy face with my reasonably dark hair, with leaves stuck in it too. My hair sticks out in places and I smooth it back down, rip the leaves out, and take a handful of the water and splash it in my face.

I feel so much better now. I grin to myself in the pool of water and that's when I hear Rowinda's scream again.

I'm on my feet again and I start running back to the way I came and the direction of the scream. But now she's wailing, crying for help.

Then I see the oak that I'd passed under earlier. She's underneath it, at the roots. A net is trapped heavily on her and she can't do anything but struggle and yell. I stare at her for a few moments.

Should I help her? I think.

Yes! Am I a good person or not? The other voice says again.

She tried to kill me. If I help her, she could kill me again. The first voice says.

I pull out my knife and set her free when she starts calling for her mum. She clambers out sobbing, pale.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!" she says over and over again. She raises her arms and we cuddle for a few moments.

"I'm so sorry about earlier!" she wailed, wiping her tear-stained face. "I wasn't thinking!"

"It's okay!" I reassure her. She hugs me another time.

"I really owe you one!" she says no longer crying. "Someone would have found me and stabbed me to my death!"

I smile and we stand up and walk under the tree and into the direction we came in.

"You're Holly, right?" she asks. "I've seen you out in the corridors. You've always been so popular. I wish I was like you."

"I'm not that popular!" I say, but I am really pleased.

"You've got tonnes of friends! And you're top of Defence against the Dark Arts!"

"Mmmm…." I say, because I'm thinking of Rowinda if she was still in the net. Then my thoughts move onto something else.

"Holly!" Dad calls, moving through the trees. "Where are you?"

Dad and I are playing another hide and seek game behind the garden fence. When we hop over we can always hear the flowing river, but we never found it.

I run through some trees, tripping over my own small feet.

"Holly! Holly!" My Dad still calls. I trip over onto my hands and knees and crawl into the nearest bush. My knees tuck into my jacket and I rock forwards and back, giggling of when I think Dad's expression will be like when he find's me.

The river is much louder from this bush. And when I turn around, there is a tunnel leading into lightness. I know the lightness must mean something at the other side.

Aching, my hands and knees lead me to the end of the tunnel. I step out, brush my new skirt that Mummy bought me and look up. I can't help but gasp.

I have found the lost river!

My feet continue to walk along the bank. I don't want to stop them, I'm so eager. Then I stop to see a tree, lopsided but its branches droop over the bridge.

I stumble and land flat on my bottom when I see a boy with messy dark brown hair, swinging his legs over the bridge and staring at the waters below.. I can't see him properly because he has his back to me but I wasn't expecting him here.

He turns around when he heard me stumble but he doesn't smile. Nor do I.

"Hello." He says.

"Hello." I say, just as coldly as his tone.

"You found my river. Come and sit here beside me."

That boy called my river, his river. And he told me to sit beside him. I focus on his face more. He has large, round glasses that are sello-taped at the middle. His eyes are brilliant green, and somewhere he makes my heart grow warmer. My heart told me to trust this boy.

"I know it's rude to talk to a girl without being introduced." He says, standing up when I walk on the bridge. He holds out his hand surprisingly. I hesitate, thinking he is mocking me. But then I take it. We shake briefly before the boy stows his hand in his pocket. "I'm Albus Potter. What's your name?"

I grin. I've heard the name 'Albus' before. And also 'Potter' but I had never heard 'Albus Potter'.

"I'm Holly."

The boy grins back at me.

"Second name?"


Albus smiles too. "I've heard that name 'Finnigan'. I think my Dad knows your Dad.

I smile again.

"Is your Dad Harry Potter?"

"Yes. My first name was after 'Albus Dumbledore' the headmaster of Hogwarts of Witchcraft and Wizardry. My Mum and Dad went there."

I had definitely heard Harry Potter before and Albus Dumbledore.

"So who's your Mum?" he asks,

"Lavender Brown."

"Oh yeah. She fell in love with my Uncle. He's a right idiot. So was your Mum, if she fell in love with him."

The warmness between Albus and I had disappeared. I frowned at Albus.

"I bet you're lying."

"No, it's true."

"Then who's your Mum?" I ask coldly, hoping to mock him.

"Ginevra Weasley. But everyone calls her Ginny."

"Blood Traitors." I mutter under my breath. I think Albus hears me because his smile changes to a frown like mine.

"Your Parents' Parents didn't support my Dad."

"Good for them!"

"YOU'RE SIX, RIGHT?" Albus roars.

"YES!" I shriek back.


There is a moment of silence. The only thing I hear is the water flowing, birds tweeting, my Dad calling and my heart pounding.

"Goodbye." I say, back to my normal voice. I spin on my heels and walk off the bridge, towards the tunnel.


Albus' voice is cut off. I turn back to see him trapped under a net that must have fallen from the tree. Someone must've played a prank.

"HELP!" Albus screams, struggling with all his might. "HELP ME, HOLLY!"

I stand by Albus he looks at me. His emerald eyes bore into mine.

"No." I say.


"You heard me. No."

I turn back and walk to the tunnel, crawl onto my hands and knees and wriggle through. I can still make out the bellows of plead from Albus-


I shake my head vigorously. I wake up from the memory and look at Rowinda, who is worried.

"I'm all right."

"I was getting worried."

"I was just having a flash back. That's all."

The sun sinks lower as we speak.

"Want dinner?"

"You bet!" Rowinda replies, grinning.

We climb a tree that shoots upwards and I can barely see where I'm going because the leaves are so dense. I sit myself down on a thick branch and Rowinda crawls on my branch too, but further down so I don't get squashed.

"Prepare to be amazed by….."

Rowinda does a little drum roll on her thighs and we both grin. I take the backpack off my back and open it. I take out the small loaf.


We hungrily feast on the cold loaf.

I wonder how Albus got out of the net. He could have been hurt. If I didn't save Rowinda, she would be dead by now.

"You look ill." Rowinda says, through a mouthful of food.

"Probably hungry." I say, shrugging my shoulders. "It happens a lot when I don't have something to eat."

"I've not got a lot of food but," Rowinda says, a she opens her bag. "I've got purified water."

I clap with excitement.

"How did you purify it?"

"Oh," she stops smiling. "Didn't you have any of the water cleaning stuff?" I thought everyone got a bottle!"

I shake my head.

"I don't have any. Probably only a few have it."

"Give me your bottle." She says calmly, holding out her hand. I am quite hesitant but I give it to her.

"I'll only be a moment." She says again. The little girl starts to lower herself down the tree but stops as I grab her forearm firmly.

"Where are you going?" I demand, thinking she's going to run off with half of my loaf and my water bottle.

"I'm going to get you some water." She says in a trusty way.

In the end, I let her arm go and she hops from branch to branch all the way down the tree. She's so far down; I can only see a little figure running to the nearest puddle she can find.

Finally, I can get some private time. My head bumps against the trunk again and I close my eyes. I start humming along with the birds although I can't see them. It's a jolly tune, and my head starts nodding with the beat.

"Holly!" It's Rowinda. My eyes slowly reawaken and I look over the branch. Rowinda, hopping along the branches is clutching my water bottle filled with liquid, is smiling. She is eventually on my branch and I have move down the branch.

"Here you are!" she grins, holding out the bottle. Gratefully, I take the water and drink almost all of it. "I'll get you some more when you've done."

I smack my lips, wipe my mouth against my sleeve which my mother would shudder if she is watching and thank Rowinda.

"No problem."

We start chatting about classes, relatives and what's been happening in the arena so far.

"I think," Rowinda says, "Fifteen are dead."

On the expression on Rowinda's face, I think my eyebrows are raised because she looks hurt.

"Sorry," I say, quickly. "It's just that-you've been counting…?"

"Yeah," Rowinda says, chirpily. "It tells me how far we are into this thing and how many needs killing."

"So who are there?" I ask.

"Well…." Rowinda says, "There are you and me-that's two. Potter, Malfoy, Tward, and Krum – you know from Durmstrang – he's son of Viktor Krum apparently-

"Taylor LaFleur?" I interrupt,

"Yeah, she's still alive." Rowinda continues, not a bit annoyed of my interruption. "And so is another Beauxbaton."

We think of all those dead. From our school, only three. Beauxbaton only have two left. Durmstrang, have two left too.

"Durmstrang-" Rowinda ploughs on, "as I said Krum and that other guy."

"Fifteen dead." I whisper. "But seven to go."

"It's not a great amount," Rowinda says, shrugging her shoulders. "But anything could happen."

"It's getting dark." I say, glowering as the sun sets. "We need to get some sleep it's been a long day."

Then, as soon as I say this, a cold wind has sprung up. I notice Rowinda shaking uncontrollably as I take out my sleeping bag.

"Hey." I say, throwing the sleeping bag into her numb arms.

Her eyes grow wide with shock.

"You have one of these?" she asks, rather quietly.

"Yeah. It's amazing what we have in our bags. I bet someone found a seven legged tarantula with a tutu inside theirs."

Rowinda giggles and says "Thanks, Holly."

It's really dark now and Rowinda slides down into her bed and belts herself so that she wouldn't fall off the branch. I, no longer with a sheet of warmth to protect me at the night, hide my hands in my waterproof jacket and wrap my arms around my chest. I completely curl up and attempt to fall asleep.

This attempt was useless because I am now trying to stay awake, frightened that when I see the darkness I might never come out of it again.

Just do it. I think. I have no choice.

The darkness is getting fuzzier and I can make out a dim outline of Rowinda, sleeping peacefully in the darkness. Smiling, I drift into a cold, uncomfortable sleep.

Dawn approaches and I wake up, noisily and stretch my arms wide, knocking the back of Rowinda's head. She is climbing down the tree.

"Rowinda! Wait!" I manage to say through my yawn.

She doesn't say anything.


Her black hair suddenly is growing; the result is so quickly that people could think that a hurricane has occurred.

"Rowinda!" I yell, grabbing the branch to stop me from falling off the tree.

The black locks turn into hands and grasp my throat tightly.

Controlling the hair, Rowinda turns around, but her misty cheerful eyes are murderous looking red. She looks mad and demented, almost like she is a ghost, longing to avenge her death.

"You could have saved her!" Her lips form.

"Rowinda!" I gasp, "Who's her?"

"ME!" she bellows, tightening her grip around my throat.

The wind is growing wilder and I no longer have air. The hands drop me and I tumble down the tree, hoping that I'd land on a patch of grass-

"HOLLY!" Rowinda shakes me hard. I stir and look into her eyes that are not far away from mine. They're now cool grey eyes, not looking evil.

"I had a nightmare." I say softly. "Nothing to worry about."

"Don't do that again!" Rowinda shakes me again.

"Okay! Okay!" I giggle. Rowinda chortles too. Then we have silent laughter fits all morning.

"Oh," Rowinda says, rubbing her stomach, which has just emitted a growl. "I'm starving."

"I've got no more food." I say, miserably. "But we could gather berries and drink a lot more water."

Rowinda smiles. "Okay. I'll collect the berries over there-" she points to the thick strawberry bushes-"and you can collect some over there." She points to the thick blackberry bushes. They glisten in the cold sun, liquid drips from the bushes where they come from, almost like inviting me to pick them.

"Okay." She says. "I'll meet you when our arms are full. Right?"

"Right." I say gently.

Rowinda unexpectedly throws her arms around me.

"See you later." She whispers, "But be careful."

"You too." I mumble. Then we break apart. Rowinda walks away and I just watch her, looking at her black hair swaying to and fro. She turns around and with one final wave, she disappears into the bushes.

With a last glance, I turn around too and walk to the blackberry bushes.

They look absolutely delicious. My mouth waters just looking at them. Hungrily, I cram as much blackberries in my gob that I can take. It's difficult to munch them though, since there is no room in there. But after almost every trace of the berry has gone, I feel much relieved.

Then, I pick lots of blackberries and by not long, my arms are half full. My fingers stop picking completely. Although I urge them, my head lifts up to the noise not far from my bush. There is shouting and running footsteps. The bush hides me if I crouch down so I do it. I look through the thick leaves and tree leaves are ripped aside from two figures, both with pale skin.

"We could have killed her!" the girl bellows, walking in circles. "And you-" she stops and rounds up on the boy. "-chased her away!"

"She's so small and light," the boy mutters audibly, shrugging his shoulders. "It would be hard to catch her."

"And now!" she pulls out her long knife, "How is she going to die, Tward?"

"Don't worry; I've got it all under control-"

Luciana brings down her long weapon and it hits Stewart across the cheek. Maybe Stewart will get angry and they can simultaneously murder each other? It's too much to pray for. No, one will die and the other will leave on their own.

"YOU SAID THAT LAST TIME!" she shrieks, as the dirty haired boy falls on his knees. "'I've got it all under control!' That's what you said!"

"But I really do!" he gasps, the blood escapes the stream. "I've got a-"

"YOU'VE GOT A WHAT EXACTLY?" she screeches. I don't move but I feel like shuddering and running away. "WHAT? WHAT? WHAT!?"

She slashes at him again. He's going to die of blood loss soon.

Stewart does nothing but grin. This just infuriates Luciana.

"I set up a net!"

"For who? I want the whole world to hear her name! The person who I was going to kill and you chased away! I want to hear her name as your very last word!"

I dread this word, name.

"Krallem!" he gasps, and he falls flat on his face, dead.

I seize up in terror and slowly crawl away, out of her sight. I'm thankful that there are other noises in the forests so Luciana doesn't hear me. Once I think I am out of sight, I run towards where Rowinda is supposed to be, collecting her berries. Then I'll find her and we'll escape to a tree, and stay there until it's safe.

"Rowinda!" I say, softly. She'll be alright. She won't be in a net again. "Rowinda! Rowinda!" I say a little more urgently. A few minutes later I'm shrieking her name, running.

"ROWINDA!" I screech.

I start running to somewhere I've never been before. There's an archway of trees and it's almost inviting. There is a lot of mud at the bottom and it's still wet. Small footprints have run and must've occasionally slid on the mud. It must be-

Birds stop there cheerful calls. They start screaming like a wounded creature. More and more add to the horrible noise but they are all the same. They are all birds.

But there is one more scream.

Then there is someone calling a name as I run- "HOLLY!"

I sprint as fast as I can.

People will hear me. And I am so vulnerable, they'll kill me.


I run towards the screaming and then on the ground, the same place where she was tied up before is-

"Rowinda!" I say desperately, still sprinting to the net. "It's all right, I'm here!"

I take my knife and place it on the rope and pull it backwards and forwards.

Soon, there is a big enough hole for the girl stuck inside to withdraw herself.

"Rowinda!" I say quickly and desperately, grabbing her hand. "We need to run, quick!"

"Save yourself." Rowinda says softly. "I'm not coming."

"Wha-?" I begin. She lifts her hidden face. Her eyes are swimming with tears.

"Go. Please." She says, "Don't make me make you."

"Rowinda!" I grab her arm. "We've got to go now!"

"I'm not coming."

"Why were you calling my name then?"

"I wanted to say goodbye."


"Goodbye, Holly Finnigan."

Something grabs my waist, but it's gentle.

"What? Get off me!" I look at my waist. Something brown and hard is the thing holding me. Then I know. It's a branch from a tree.

Then I'm hoisted up into the air by it, and it's too firm to get rid of. The tree is lifting me up into the tree.

"ROWINDA!" I scream, "ROWINDA!"

I outstretch my arm towards her, but she just watches me feebly.

I'm on one of the highest branches but I can see Rowinda. The tree lets go of me and I race down the tree.

Not wanting to slip, I position my body where it needs to be. Heavy footsteps are faint in my ears but they are far away. They're getting louder and heavier. I'm almost at the bottom of the tree.

Two screams occur, one high pitched. I jump the rest of the tree and see a Durmstrang hanging off the ground by the tree.

"What have you done?" I say, "Where's Rowinda?"

The Durmstrang grins and moves his head in the way behind him.

"Rowinda?" I ask,

She must have run away.

"Holly." A small voice appears. It's Rowinda's voice. I see her. She's on the ground her back turned towards me. Fearing the worst, I approach her cautiously. Then I crouch down beside her.

"Rowinda?" I ask, "You're all right!" I add, relieved.

"I'm not so sure about that." She rolls towards me with all her effort.

Stuck in the middle of her chest is a sword, the rest of the blade that's visible is gleaming in the sun light.

"Oh no!" I cry. "Rowinda!"

My eyes turn watery.

"No! Rowinda, don't go!"

"Holly." Rowinda repeats. "Thank you for all your help. I won't forget it."

"You're not going!" I say firmly, gripping her hand. "You're going to stay with me all the way, right?"

Rowinda's eyes are turning lighter. "Right."

"Holly," Rowinda repeats again. "I'm going to be with you all the way."

"I'm so sorry!" I cry, brushing her raven hair behind her soft ears. "This is my entire fault."

"You are going to win." Rowinda croaks, her breathing getting very slow.

"Yes." I stay with Rowinda. Her eyes must be getting heavier, because they are slowly shutting.

"Stay with me." I croak. I'm not looking at her anymore but I can't hear her breathing.

"Always." her final breath appears.

I open my eyes, and the tears fall down rapidly, over my cheek into my lap. Rowinda's eyes are closed, but tears still cling onto her eyelashes. I sob uncontrollably and I lean forward and press my lips against her temple.

"Always." I whisper for her.

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