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The kits of StarClan

The night was cold, and yet another cat had joined the ranks of StarClan much to early. Of the many kits who had joined them over the years none were as dedicated to helping the new arrivals as the Guardians, as they call themselves. They are a group of kits who have changed the ways of StarClan forever.

The group consists of six kits. Of course there are other kits that help but none as much as them.

The main six are, Hollykit who died when the forest was destroyed.

Her sister Larchkit. Mosskit Bluestar's daughter. Pearlkit a stillborn who was given a name opon reaching StarClan. Nettlekit a thunderclan tom who had died early on. And Gingerkit, the first kit to die after the clans were first created, and the group's leader.

And as this group came to grow, they decided they would do more than just bring the new kits to StarClan. They would create a tiny clan within it.

It had no official name, but they all had a job, a purpose. Gingerkit was leader, with Mosskit as her second in command. Pearlkit had trained with some of the medicine cats to be a nurse of sorts, to help new arrivals cope with the shock of being in StarClan and help them find their place. Larchkit, Hollykit, and Nettlekit, introduced them to other kits and StarClan warriors alike, and every cat els helped out. Older StarClan warriors agreed to help teach them basic skills such as hunting. This way all kits had a place, they knew where they belonged.


The main six (the guardians)

Gingerkit- a dark ginger she kit with green eyes and one white paw.


Mosskit- a sleek-furred, dark gray-and-white she-kit with bright blue eyes

Second in Command

Pearlkit- tiny light grey tabby she cat with grey/blue eyes

Nurse cat (takes care of kits till they know their way around and are over the shock)

Larchkit- a brown tabby she-cat with brown eyes

Guide (shows new arrivals around)

Hollykit- a dark gray she-cat with amber eyes


Nettlekit- light brown tabby tom with blue eyes


Other kits-

Fluffkit- fluffy dark grey she kit with amber eyes(Daughter of Yellowfang)

Tansykit- dark brown tabby she kit with amber eyes(daughter of Yellowfang)

Blossomkit- pure white she cat with blue eyes(killed in battle during Brockenstar's reign)

Eaglekit- a gray tom with blue eyes

(Brother of Crowfeather)

Mistkit- a gray she-kit

(Sister of Tigerstar)

Nightkit- black she kit

(Sister of Tigerstar)

Willowkit- black she kit with blue eyes (Crookedstar's daughter)

Minnowkit- dark grey she cat

(Crookedstar's daughter)

Tumblekit- brown tabby Tom with blue eyes. (Drank two leg poison)

Webkit- pale grey Tom

Mintkit- a small dark grey tom with soft paws. (Yellowfang's brother killed in Brockenstar's reign)

Marigoldkit- a tiny ginger and brown tortoiseshell she-kit with soft paws. (Yellowfang's sister killed same way as brother)

A/N just so you know ALL of these kits really did exist exept for

Gingerkit(created by Gingerkit)

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