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Harry looked around his empty flat and nodded once. He didn't feel any sadness or linger doubts, which was a great relief. He was a bit sad to see all of his belongings shrunk down and stuffed into a moving box, though. It was almost depressing; even with magic shrinking everything, it was sad to think his life fit into an average sized box. He never had a need for things (probably because he never got used to having things), so he really only had essentials.

He didn't have much to bring with him, but he didn't think it was important. There were more important things to worry about other than whether or not he had his own garlic masher and a spare toothbrush with the rubber nub at the end.

He idly wondered if he was being rash or foolish, but no. The flutter of excitement and anticipation that moved through his body in a tingly-hot wave told him he wasn't. He had learned to trust his gut feelings and he wouldn't let nerves or fears change that habit now. He disappeared with a pop, the only thing left behind was a copy of his key.


"You gonna snap outta this funk anytime soon?" Hank asked quietly, leaning over their shared desks and looking intently at Nick. He got it, really he did, but it was depressing the shit out of him to see Nick moping around.

Nick ignored Hank, focusing on his reports. He didn't need Hank pestering him. Not when he still felt like there was a seeping, gaping hole in his soul. He rolled his eyes mentally, sighing quietly at his own dramatics. Maybe soul was pushing it. His chest. There was a seeping, ragged, gaping hole in his chest. Right where his heart should be. He stood, sucking his teeth with disgust at himself, and stomped over to get more coffee.

He stared into his cup. It was shitty coffee. Harry's coffee was so much better. He stared into the black sludge mournfully, trying to work up the courage to actually drink it. He'd probably never get to taste Harry's coffee again. He jumped when Hank took the styrofoam cup from his hand, just barely avoiding getting burned by the coffee that nearly slopped out, and tossed it. "Wha?"

"C'mon," Hank sighed, grabbing Nick by the arm and bodily leading him from the station. "I can't take this emo shit anymore."

Nick huffed and rubbed a hand over his face. He felt even worse knowing he was indeed moping, and making Hank put up with him. He should probably talk it out, but he couldn't. It wasn't like they never discussed... emotions, but everything was too raw and fresh to talk about. Plus, he was pretty sure he'd used up his 'whining about the ex' quota when Juliette left him. He was pretty sure that kinda thing took awhile to reset; he wouldn't want to hear Hank bitch and moan about another of his exes (apparently, four wasn't enough) for awhile, that was for sure. "Sorry, I'll try harder to—"

"Shut up, man," Hank said kindly, forcing Nick into the passenger seat of his car. He jogged around and got in the driver's side. "Look, I ain't sayin' you can't be sad and shit. But, man, you gotta try to at least focus at work."

Nick nodded. He knew that. He was a cop; people could die if he wasn't focused on the job. But he'd see something that reminded him of Harry and he'd get lost in thought. It was a little embarrassing but he couldn't help it, apparently. "Sorry," he said again, feeling even worse. He slunk down in the seat and didn't even bother to ask where they were going. He didn't really care. Maybe Hank was going to find a bar. He could use a stiff drink, even if it was barely noon. Heartbreak didn't tell time, now did it? He blinked when they finally came to a stop.

"Get out, Nick," Hank chuckled, opening his door when traffic cleared. He sighed, his head falling forward a bit, with annoyance when Nick just sat in the car, blinking owlishly at the front of Rosalee's shop. He opened the door himself and pulled Nick out. It said a lot for the level of Nick's shock that he was able to maneuver the man easily, half-guiding, half-dragging the Grimm into the shop. The bell tinkled merrily and he looked around for Rosalee.

Nick peered around the shop, confused. Why would Hank bring him here? He smiled a little when Rosalee popped up from under the counter, her polite smile going into a warm one when she spotted them. He accepted her hug, taking the extra long embrace and sympathetic pats with good grace. He nearly rolled his eyes at the Fuchsbau's display. He was nursing a broken heart, not dying... "Hey," he murmured when Rosalee finally released him.

"How're you doing, Nick?" Rosalee asked softly. She could see the slump to his shoulders and the dejected expression that his face settled into and she felt a little silly for even asking. It was quite obvious how Nick was doing; the poor man just said goodbye to someone he cared about –probably even loved. She wanted to hug him again but she didn't when he gave her a look, as if the Grimm had read her thoughts. She just smiled brightly at him, not at all sorry for wanting to cuddle, coddle and sooth him.

Nick shrugged. "OK."

"Sure," Hank said with a snort. "Hey, Rosalee," he said, chuckling when the Fuchsbau nearly jumped with surprise. He wasn't offended she only saw Nick, her attention focused almost solely on her distressed friend. He accepted a hug from the woman and when he leaned back, he had to ask; "Got anything for a broken heart?" He didn't know if she did, but it was worth a shot. He had seen Rosalee pull all kinds of weird herbs and make potions for lots of different things. Why not see if she had something for that?

Nick sputtered, outraged. "What? No! I don't want anything like that," he said hotly. He might feel terrible every time he thought of his missing wizard but he liked the idea of those thoughts and feelings being gone even less. He didn't want to forget anything associated with Harry, even the pain. "No," he said firmly, crossing his arms over his chest, when Hank went to argue.

"I understand," Rosalee said softly. She did. Most people probably wouldn't, but she did. Sometimes it was worth the pain to keep a memory intact. "I have something that'll help you sleep, though," she said, eyeing the faint circles under Nick's eyes. They weren't obvious but she knew what to look for. She felt a wave of sympathy for the Grimm. She didn't often see him suffer from sleeplessness... It was a reminder that even as a Grimm, Nick was still a man that could be hurt just like anyone else.

Nick rubbed a hand over his face and thought before rejecting the offer. He knew Rosalee wouldn't give him anything... iffy, but he didn't know if whateveritwas would just help ease him to sleep, knock him out like a sleeping pill or halt his dreams. He didn't mind the dreams; most were of Harry and were quite pleasant (even if they did leave him aching and all alone when he woke up). "What do you have?" he finally asked, hoping for something herbal. And not gag inducing.

"A tea," Rosalee said, hurrying to a shelf and pulling a half-full jar down. She waggled the jar at Nick, grinning when he eyed the contents dubiously. She didn't blame him. "I know, but it'll help."

Nick's eyes didn't leave the jar's contents. "Looks like bugs, Rosalee," he said faintly, flatly, feeling his stomach clench and roil uncomfortably.

"That would be because they are bugs," Rosalee said, grinning again. With a few exceptions, even Wesen would look at the contents with the same level of misgiving and... well, revulsion. She didn't blame Nick one bit for the reaction. "Aw, c'mon, don't be so squeamish. I promise it'll help. And it doesn't taste like bugs," she offered as a last resort. She shook the jar, the soft clinking sounds making Nick's eyes narrow. The way the bugs were dried and preserved, as well as the leaves and berries they were mixed with, almost gave them a nutty flavor.

Nick scoffed, tapping the jar as Rosalee held it up. "No? What does it taste like, then?" he asked, his eyes flicking briefly to her face. He scowled when she started laughing. "What? It won't like... make me a zombie or something, will they?" he asked, eyeing the contents with open suspicion now.

"No, no," Rosalee said, calming enough to speak. "They tend to taste like whatever you like most. So, some people taste chocolate or their favorite dessert. One lady tasted warm, buttered toast," she said with a shrug. "And I hadn't meant to laugh," she said honestly, feeling a little bad about it. "Just... Your face."

Nick rolled his eyes and pushed Rosalee's hand down, gently, getting the jar out of his eye line. "You promise it won't taste nasty?" Rosalee shook her head, then nodded realizing her error. "You promise it won't make me a zombie, melt my brain or do anything else weird to me?" Rosalee nodded with a smirk. "Alright, fine. Gimme the bugs," he said with a resigned sigh and held out his hand.

He settled down later that night with his mug of bugs... er tea. He eyed the dark liquid with apprehension, watching the steam drift up from the mug in oddly shaped tendrils. If he wasn't so exhausted, but unable to sleep for more than a few hours, he'd probably dump the steaming liquid out and just suffer the consequences of another sleep-deprived day. He functioned well enough... But he had said he'd give it a try and he trusted Rosalee to give him something that would help him.

He leaned forward and sniffed the steam, his eyes slowly widening as the scent drifted up. The smell was subtle and he couldn't place it. But it was quite pleasant, making one part of him relax as another clenched with something he didn't recognize, it was odd to feel both sensations at the same time. He figured the tea was pleasant enough, just like Rosalee had said.

He carefully took a sip, blowing on the hot tea as he brought it to his lips. He hadn't added sugar, unsure if that would alter how the tea worked or not, and he nearly regretted it until the lingering flavor left on his tongue nearly made him moan out loud. It was spicy and musky but a little sweet at the same time. He drained the mug quickly, and by the time he was washing the mug with sluggish moves, his eyes blinking slowly, he realized he should get his ass up to bed or he'd probably wind up curled up on the kitchen floor. He wasn't sleepy enough, thank god, to find that idea at all appealing.

Only when he was dropping gracelessly onto his bed (groggy and unsure when he'd stripped down to his underwear but glad for it nonetheless), did he realize what the flavor was. "Harry," he said with a soft sigh as he fell asleep.


Harry rolled over to stare at the ceiling. He had been home for two days (this time) and he already missed Nick. The Auror department had just finished the paperwork for the group of Death Eaters they brought in and he was, officially, able to close the case at last. It was bittersweet and he wasn't sure when he was going to be able to pop back over to get Nick's final signatures; not that he could put it off for long. He didn't want to say goodbye to the Grimm and he had a growing feeling Nick didn't either. But he didn't know and so... he was stuck here, lying alone in his bed and missing his sexy Detective.

It was like a physical ache and he suddenly felt quite foolish, back to being an angsty teenager with his first love, even as he crossed his arms over his chest, smothering a pillow in a tight embrace. He huffed shortly, his hair flying out of his face for a moment before it settled right back where it was.

Surely it was too soon to feel such things, but he couldn't convince himself he was wrong. Or being stupid. Maybe a little over-dramatic. He privately wished he had thought to 'borrow' one of Nick's shirts or something so he could complete his patheticness and curl up with it as he slept, surrounded (even temporarily) in the Grimm's scent. Well, as he tried to sleep, anyway. He huffed again and flopped around, turning onto his side. He groaned softly as his thoughts of Nick went right into the gutter. It wasn't a surprise, per se, but it felt like an exercise in futility because Nick wasn't there to do anything about it.

And wanking to memories of the Grimm almost seemed to up his level of patheticness. Not that it stopped him.

He rolled back onto his back, closing his eyes and letting his imagination go as he slowly brought a hand up to glide up his chest, his palm brushing over one quickly pebbling nipple. Nick did enjoy teasing, licking, nipping his nipples, quickly learning just how sensitive they were and using the knowledge to tease him until he was practically begging. He saw no reason to be quiet or still, so he arched a little into the imagined Nick's touch, sighing softly as pleasure sparked through his body in a warm wash that ended right in his groin. His other hand slid down his stomach, his palm feeling the silky-rough line of hair leading into his briefs. He quickly shimmied out of the red undergarments, letting them drop unceremoniously to the floor.

It didn't take him long to get going in earnest, his eyes remaining closed so he didn't ruin the imagery of Nick hovering over him. Nick smirking and giving him a heated look. And especially of Nick flicking his eyes downward just before he kissed a path down his body to end at his cock and the Grimm's tentative, but highly enjoyable, oral/hand job combination when he finally got there. He twitched, remembering the feeling of Nick's strong hands and fingers on his body –and then in his body—dipping lower and relaxing him with increasingly confident movements. He wandlessly slicked his own fingers and teased himself, his legs spreading wider as he ran a thumb in a circular motion.

Nick wouldn't be able to spend much time on the task, Harry usually becoming impatient and urging the Grimm to 'just do it already'! His demands had died in his throat when Nick leaned down and kissed him, his groans echoing between their mouths. It hadn't been painful but he'd had to grab onto Nick's hips to keep the other man from pulling away. He wriggled and twisted his fingers, moaning loudly as he brushed along that fantastic spot, his knees hitting the mattress as his thighs flopped as far open as they could. He set a fast pace, again imagining Nick's body pressed to his as he moved inside him. He threw his head into the pillow, soft pants and whispered 'Nick's filling the quiet room.

Harry finally took his other hand from where it had been practically abusing his nipple and stroked himself, the pleasure sparking along his entire body as the dual sensations finally had him arching off his bed and coming in jerky, twitchy movements. He couldn't help a final 'Nick' as everything tensed with sharp pleasure. He slowly relaxed, wiggling under his blankets after a lazily done wandless cleaning charm. He grabbed his spare pillow and hugged to his chest, and exhaling softly in a shaky sigh.

Hopefully, he could sleep now. And indeed, he didn't lay awake much longer, doomed to stare at empty walls.


The next morning, Harry found himself perched on the corner of Malfoy's desk, fidgeting. He had expected the snarky send off and the raised eyebrow. What he hadn't expected was the small frown and irritated set to the blonde's shoulders. He didn't think Malfoy, of all people, would miss him. But even he wasn't stupid enough to misread the signals and miss the blatant fact that Malfoy looked the part of someone that was saying good-bye to someone and didn't want to. It was a little amusing to realize Malfoy didn't want to miss him, the git.

"You're serious."

Harry nodded, his fingers twiddling together. "Yeah. I wanted to tell you myself so you weren't surprised when Anders pulls you aside later to tell you. And before you ask—" he said, holding up his hands, "I don't know who your new partner will be. But you'll know in about an hour," he said checking his watch. He felt a bit bad he didn't give more notice, but oh well. He didn't want to dally.

"I figured this would happen at some point," Draco said with a soft sigh. He hadn't honestly expected to be partnered with Potter for nearly a decade; not only that they actually wound up getting along and working together well, but that Potter would stick with the grueling career of being an Auror. Oh, the prat was good at his job but he expected the stress and downright crippling depressing matters they dealt with on a daily basis would grind down the Gryffindor. Steal his zeal for chasing the bad wizards and locking them up.

The horrors of what people could do to each other rubbed him raw at times—he could only imagine what it did to someone like Potter.

He rubbed at his face, his fingers lingering over the bridge of his nose. "I'm surprised you lasted this long, Potter." He gave the stunned ex-Auror a wry smirk. He could admit, even if only to himself, that he might miss seeing the git's messy person about the office. It wasn't exactly a shock; in many ways, he had been forced to deal with Potter on a near-daily basis since he was 11-years-old. He refused to make a big Hufflepuffian overture about it, though.

Harry blinked. "Huh?"

"Honestly, Potter," Draco said with a smirk. "You hated being an Auror. You only seemed to enjoy the last bit when we—" He cleared his throat and wiggled is fingers dramatically as he spoke in a lower timbre, "Got the bad guys." He snickered at Potter's gobsmacked expression.

Harry shook his head, ridding himself of his shock. He snickered and nodded. "Right. Well, yeah." He sighed and rubbed at his face. "I don't know what I'm going to do now." He really didn't but it didn't bother him. As much as it scared him to be starting over, in a completely new place, he was looking forward to it nonetheless. He also didn't know why he'd just said that to Malfoy. Even if he had the time for a heart-to-heart, he didn't think the blonde had any interest in hearing his woes. He'd probably actually just laugh and wave him off, showing no pity for his lack of planning.

"Why, I thought you were just going to laze about and wait on your Muggle's every whim?" He snorted when Potter just sort of... zoned out, his eyes going a bit glazey and distant. Oh, for the love of— "Potter!"

Harry jumped, shaking himself out of pleasant daydreams. "Hm? Oh, right. Uh, definitely not. I mean, could you see that happening?"

"Ugh." Draco grimaced and then smirked. "I refuse to let such images stain my brain," he said dryly. "Anyway, I'm assuming you've already told Andromeda the news?"

Harry nodded and stood up, stretching a little. "I did. She was embarrassingly proud. And Teddy practically exploded," he said with a grin. Teddy had gone absolutely mental, excited at the prospect of seeing his American friends again. He didn't blame his godson; Monroe and Rosalee were great people and he was pleased the Wesen (and Nick) got on with Teddy so well. It was just one more reason he felt he was doing the right thing. "Well, I should go. I have to get going if I want to arrive at a decent hour."

"The Weasel and Hermione took the news well?" Draco asked, genuinely curious. The Trio hadn't really separated since school and he didn't look forward to dealing with a moping witch in the halls of the Ministry for the foreseeable future.

Harry grinned. "Yup. 'Mione just rolled her eyes and gave me her told you so look," he chuckled, as did Malfoy. Both had been on the receiving end of the witch's smug expression. "Ron didn't seem bothered." He had felt offended for all of 2 seconds before he remembered how easily they could see each other if any of them got the urge. A port-key or a few pops and they'd be able to meet weekly for Brunch or dinner just like always. He felt nearly giddy at the idea of his best friends meeting Nick. "Right. Take care, Malfoy. It was... an experience," he said, extending his hand to the still seated blonde.

As Malfoy stared at his hand, he felt a surreal sense of déjà vu settle over him. And the completely ridiculous urge to hug the other man.

"Right. Take care, Potter," Draco murmured, clasping Potter's hand and giving it three quick pumps. It wasn't the first time they've repeated that gesture but this felt more... final. It was a little sad, really, but onwards and upwards. Or some such shit. He inclined his head when Potter nodded at him and watched the other man turn and leave. It felt a bit odd to see the back of Potter for (what was no doubt) the last time.

He sighed. He didn't look forward to finding out who his new partner would be. He had a disturbing sense of surety he'd be seeing Auror Tucker skipping into his office and he nearly groaned aloud. So help the witch if she even thought of hanging one poster that had a fluffy kitten and some motivational drivel printed on it.


Harry walked into the now-familiar police station, his stomach roiling with squirmy knots. He nodded at random people, his presence there the last few weeks earning him many friendly greetings and waves. He tried not to be rude and forced himself to stop a few times when he was pulled into brief, friendly chats or hand-shakes. He finally got to where Nick would be and looked around. His chest tightened and a dizzying wave of nerves and elation washed through him when he saw Nick sitting at his desk looking dejected, but trying not to look dejected. He took a deep breath, and walked over. He set his suitcase on the floor by Nick's desk, and tapped the Grimm on the shoulder.

He smiled when Nick whirled around, eyes widening as he looked Harry up and down. He nearly blushed at the intense look in the man's blue-grey eyes. "Hi," he murmured softly.

"Hi," Nick said slowly, trying not to gape or stutter like an idiot. His face broke into a nearly painful smile before it dropped, the realization of why Harry was there sinking in. He had hoped Harry was kidding when he said he'd stop by before heading home. He had really hoped Harry would change his mind or maybe at least take vacation time or something so they could spend some more time together. Maybe a little begging would work? He wasn't above doing it...

He swallowed with difficulty and forced himself to remain sitting. He looked away and went back to his file, missing the hurt confusion flitting across Harry's face. He had the childish notion that if he didn't say 'goodbye', Harry wouldn't leave. He knew it was silly (bordering on insanely stupid, really) but he knew Harry wasn't the kind of guy that would leave without a farewell. He didn't want it. He wanted Harry to stay, as unrealistic as it was.

Harry felt the squirmy knots tighten and he nearly turned away and left without looking back. He felt rejection prickle through him before he noticed Nick's stiff shoulders and his jaw clenched in that way he had when he was fighting an internal battle. He summoned his Gryffindor courage, squared his shoulders and tapped Nick's shoulder again, instead of grabbing his bag and running (like he probably should). He frowned when Nick just hunched his shoulders and ignored him. "Nick." He tapped again with more force.


Harry sighed and resisted the urge to slap the Grimm upside the head. It wouldn't get him anywhere and the fleeting feeling of satisfaction wouldn't help matters at all. He shifted from foot to foot and willed the man to turn around again. "I need to talk to you," he said quietly but insistently.

"We are talking," Nick said, turning a page and looking at the file intently. Another homicide. Normal, non-Wesen people murdering each other. Just another day. He swallowed past a lump in his throat when he could just make out Harry turning and walking away from the corner of his eye.

OK, well that didn't work out.

He was still berating himself for being an idiot (for not taking the chance to grab Harry and kiss him goodbye—and it would've been a mind-melter that might even have convinced the wizard to stay) when he was suddenly spun around and hauled up out of his chair. He blinked and went limp with shock when he realized he was slung over Harry's shoulder like a sack of laundry. "Wha?"

Harry just walked out into one of the quieter hallways, ignoring the looks they were getting. Most were confused, some wary, some concerned, and some amused. He quietly muttered a Confundus and weaved a slight distortion ward around them. He didn't want to humiliate the Grimm, just get his undivided attention. He tightened his hold around the back of Nick's thighs when the Grimm went to struggle. "I tried to talk to you, but no—" He elongated the 'o' and lightly pinched one arse cheek (mostly just because it was right there), "—you wanted to be stubborn. So fine, we'll do it this way. I tried to avoid a scene."

He probably wouldn't have made a scene. He rather hoped Nick wouldn't have been able to help himself, though, and would've snogged him senseless right in the middle of the prescient when he heard the (hopefully) good news.

"Harry!" Nick said, wiggling again and huffing when he was subdued with another warning squeeze. He hadn't ever entertained the idea that Harry could man-handle him so easily. It was rather embarrassing, especially right in the middle of his station. He raised his head and tried to will away the insane desire that was trying to pour liquid heat through his body. He was so not turned on by this—not even a little bit. "Put me down."

Harry paused, cocking his head slightly. "No." He continued on, heading for the furthest bathroom. After spending weeks in the station with Nick, they found out which bathrooms were popular and which weren't. He pushed open the door and cast a wandless locking charm on the door once he checked and made sure they were alone. He lowered Nick to the floor and smirked at the man's pinked face. No doubt, the upside down hold only added to the reason for the heated skin. "Now, as I was saying—I need to talk to you."

"Fine," Nick said, crossing his arms and looking away. "Let's talk. What did you have to say to me that's so important you picked me up and dragged me in here?"

Harry raked a hand through his hair roughly and fought the urge to shake Nick until his teeth rattled. Petulant immaturity was not a good look for the Grimm. He took a deep breath and tried to sort out what he wanted to say. He had hoped to have a rational, mature conversation but that appeared to be impossible at the moment. He understood why Nick was being an arse (and, oddly, it warmed everything up and made him want to smile), but it didn't make things any easier. "I'm not leaving," he blurted out. He nearly rolled his eyes at himself; that was very smooth and eloquent. He nodded when Nick's eyes widened.

"Really? You—You're serious? You're staying?" Nick asked in a choked voice. His arms uncrossed and hung limply at his sides. He absently wondered if he was dreaming the whole thing. The situation certainly was weird enough—Harry picking him up like a rag doll, and then saying he was staying. This... this was too good to be true. He pinched his thigh, hard, and blinked stupidly. Nothing changed, with the exception of Harry looking at him with warmth and a little confusion. And now his leg was throbbing where he had pinched himself.

Not dreaming then.

"Holy shit, don't fuck with me Harry," he said in a shaky voice when Harry's expression grew wary and unsure.

Harry shook his head emphatically. "I'm not. I just—Are you OK with that? I mean—I wasn't sure if you were serious when you hinted at it," he said softly and peeked up at Nick through his bangs. He still couldn't read the look on Nick's face. Did he overload the poor man or was Nick trying to find a way to let him down easy? He didn't give a shit about quitting his job but he hated thinking he might've misread Nick and overstepped the Grimm's comfort zone.

"Yes I'm OK with that!" Nick nearly shouted. A laugh bubbled up and he bent his knees a bit to lower himself to look Harry in the eye. "How could you—You know what, who gives a shit. You're staying!" he gushed, barely restraining the urge to twirl around like some sort of maniac in a cheesy Rom-Com movie. He settled for grabbing Harry and squishing the poor wizard in a bear hug that had his feet leaving the ground and dangling adorably.

Harry nodded as best he could, feeling breathless from Nick's enthusiasm and his tight hold. Not that he was complaining, though; even if Nick broke a rib, he wanted to stay right where he was. "I handed in my resignation. Two weeks, but I sorta cheated and used my vacation..." he trailed off, blushing a little. He didn't care he was losing out on a bonus—he had to make sure he was here as soon as he was able to manage it. He watched as Nick's face broke into a wide smile. "I have no idea what I'm gonna do now, but—"

"Doesn't matter," Nick said, shutting the wizard up with an enthusiastic kiss. He unwound an arm from around Harry's waist and cupped the back of his head, reveling in the missed feeling of Harry's soft, messy hair against his palm. "You wanna be a cop?" he asked once he pulled back. He playfully nipped at Harry's lower lip, feeling giddy and a little disconnected at the moment. Harry's teeth nipping him in retaliation helped ground him. It was still real and he squeezed Harry a few times, just because he could.

Harry slowly shook his head. Part of the reason he resigned was he just couldn't do that sort of work anymore. "No," he said quietly, unsure how Nick would react. Another bright smile, Nick's whole face lighting up with it, had him relaxing. "I'm not really qualified for anything else, though." He didn't have to work but he'd go completely mental with nothing constructive to do all day. Even though the mental image of him able to greet Nick at the door, Muggle 50's housewife style, wasn't exactly a horrible one.

Well, leaving out the 'wife' part. He'd probably still go with the 'only an apron' look, though... That would probably perk up his Grimm on even his droopiest, angstiest days.

"Rosalee could probably use a hand," Nick offered, unable to stop smiling. He still felt fuzzy, like this wasn't real, and had to keep touching Harry to make sure he wasn't hallucinating the past few minutes. Harry's crooked grin made his insides flutter and go all warm and gooey. He closed his eyes, resting his forehead against Harry's, his fingertips gently caressing the wizard's cheekbones, for a long moment.

"What about Teddy?" he asked quietly. He didn't exactly want to mess up the moment, but he couldn't really stand the idea that Harry left everything behind. Even the tiny, super-selfish part of him that would happily bind Harry to his bed all day felt a bit bad. He liked Teddy a lot and he didn't want to get in the way of their close relationship.

Harry laughed softly and cupped Nick's neck between his hands. "Port-keys, remember," he said. He nodded when Nick looked at him questioningly. "I told him, and he's really looking forward to the frequent international port-key trips to see me." He actually was a bit worried Teddy would start to pester Andromeda to visit more often. He'd love to see Teddy, no question, but he'd feel terrible taking that time away from Andromeda.

His thoughts fizzled away when Nick let go of him, his feet touching ground again. But, thankfully, Nick only loosened his hold so his hands were free to tuck into his back pockets and those hands clenched teasingly.

"Good," Nick murmured. "Great."

Harry just nodded, a vague "Yeah" in answer as he eagerly accepted another kiss, moaning softly when Nick licked into his mouth and took long moments to snog him senseless. Truly, now probably wasn't the time to talk over important details. But when Nick pulled away again, he knew they were going to. "Hm?"

"Uhm," Nick hesitated, unsure how to continue. "Where are you going to stay?" he asked in a rush. He didn't want to assume Harry would go back to staying with him; not now, when it was more like living together as a couple. He didn't know if it was too soon or if it would freak the wizard out. But he really really wanted Harry to come back. They got along so well and he really really missed Harry sleeping next to him, his tiny underwear riding up his butt (or down his hips) and the way his toes wormed between his thighs. And making that amazing coffee. And those breakfast, cheesy egg sandwich things—Shit, he just missed Harry, period.

He, again, wondered if he was above begging... No, he definitely wasn't. But he'd at least wait until Harry answered him.

Harry shrugged, reaching back to gently smack at Nick's wandering hands. He needed to think, not be distracted by Nick's fingers teasing at his arse. "I don't know. I haven't sorted that yet," he admitted sheepishly. Not that he knew it, but his thoughts mirrored Nicks; he sort of wanted to go back to staying with the Grimm. He liked the little house and just the... comforting routine they'd fallen into the few weeks he'd been there.

"Well, you can stay with me. I still have room," Nick said quietly, suddenly feeling like he was out of breath as he waited for Harry to think it over. He still couldn't tell what the wizard was thinking when bright green eyes peeked up at him. There was a hint of uncertainty on Harry's face and he didn't know why. "Really," he added, when Harry continued to look unsure.

Harry didn't know what to say. On one hand, he knew he could live with Nick. Easily. They got along in that regard quite well. On the other hand... it wasn't just a roommate/helping out an out-of-town-friend sort of arrangement any more. Would the difference of them being romantically involved change anything? For the better or worse? It seemed fast to move right in with Nick, regardless if he's already lived with the Grimm for weeks before. He looked up, studying Nick. Those intense blue-grey eyes haven't left him since he last spoke and he shivered lightly with pleasure.

If it got weird, he could move out. Simple.

"Alright," he agreed slowly. He held up a finger before Nick could pounce and start bear-hugging or snogging his brains out again. "If it gets weird, I'm finding a new place but it doesn't mean we can't still see each other, OK?"

Nick worried the inside of his cheek for a moment, thinking. It made sense, logically speaking. Living together was supposed to be a step a couple worked towards, not started at. But still... He rubbed at his face; it was a good point, even if he hated the very idea of things getting 'weird' between them. "Did you just want to start that way and move back in later? Like normal people?" he asked with a crooked grin. He could get down with that idea, even if it meant he didn't get to have Harry around all the time. He really would miss snuggling and the morning stuff.

"Hah!" Harry snickered. "We are not normal people," he said with a laugh. "And no. Let's see how it works out first. Alright?" Nick nodded, a bit eagerly, and he sighed happily, relaxing against Nick's chest. He smiled when arms immediately wrapped around his waist, supporting him almost completely.

It didn't take Hank long to hunt them down and Harry opened the door with a sheepish grin when there were a series of hard knocks on the door. He didn't know what to feel about the look on the other Detective's face, but he was leaning towards 'slightly offended' when Hank look relieved Nick was perfectly OK, if not still a bit flushed and out of breath.

"You guys alright?" Hank asked slowly. His eyes slid to Harry for only a second before returning to regard Nick carefully.

Nick nodded, grinning widely. "Yeah, thanks." He rubbed at the back of his neck, feeling his face warm. "Uh, so, did everyone see that? Are they still laughing at me?" he asked, referring to Harry's unusual retrieval method. He nearly groaned aloud at the sheer amount of taunting he'd be getting for it, too.

"See what?" Hank asked, his face screwed up in confusion. He didn't get why they'd be laughing, either. Maybe Nick reverted back to elementary school habits and held himself because he had to use the bathroom. Although, Harry being in there too sorta clued him in to the fact Nick wasn't using the facilities for their intended purpose.

Nick blinked then slowly turned to look at Harry. Did he imagine that he had been picked up and carried through the precinct? Hank had been right there; it would have been impossible for him to miss Harry carrying him off like some sort of caveman's bitch. "Nothing," he muttered, confused by Hank's confusion. Oh. Wait; maybe Harry worked some magic and did something to keep others from seeing the entire exchange? A quick peek at Harry didn't tell him anything so he looked back to Hank.

"What's up?" he asked, curious as to why Hank had sought them out if not to make sure Nick's virtue (or manhood) wasn't in peril.

"Just makin' sure you're OK," Hank said with a shrug. He was just relieved he didn't walk in on Nick crying or something. He didn't think he could handle that. "You been all... mopey." He turned to regard Harry, still finding the wizard's presence surprising. He was sure the guy went back home. He looked back to Nick and things clicked into place. Ah. Well, good. Nick had been a pain in the ass and he was happy to hand things over to the little wizard. "I'm guessing that's over now?" he asked with a smirk.

Nick just nodded, unsure just what to say. He didn't think Hank would appreciate him gushing about his boyfriend staying (but he knew Hank would listen like a good friend and partner). It would be... just... all sorts of awkward and would no doubt make them both uncomfortable. But he was happy Hank looked genuinely pleased for him before he slipped back out and left him and Harry alone again.


Harry groaned as his nipple was roughly tongued then nibbled. His hand settled on the back of Nick's messy head and the Grimm didn't seem to mind, especially when he gently pulled the soft strands between his fingers. He hissed a breath between his teeth when lip covered teeth bit down and he quickly shoved Nick's face back down before the man could worry he'd been too rough.

"Feels brilliant," Harry murmured, his body arching a little as Nick's hands slid down his ribs, his thumbs taking over the stimulation to his nipples. Merlin, Nick had amazing hands. He moaned softly, vanishing his pants when Nick's lips left his and left a moist, tingling trail down his chest and abdomen. He twitched with surprise and pleasure when Nick's tongue circled his navel. "Fuck."

Nick grinned against Harry's skin. He'd had quite a few days (and nights) alone to think about what he'd do to his wizard the next time he saw Harry. Of course, at the time it was part of some hopeful, half-cocked plan to seduce the wizard into staying. He didn't have to manipulate Harry any longer but he still wanted to try everything he had imagined. "Can I touch you... anywhere?"

"Fuck yes," Harry breathed. He didn't know what Nick had in mind and he didn't care. He shifted willingly when Nick's hands slid down the back of his thighs and pushed up. He groaned in anticipation as his knees pressed into his chest, automatically grabbing the backs of his own legs and holding them. "Oh Merlin," he whispered as he watched blue-grey eyes dilate as they looked down his body and Nick dropped his head.

He groaned, long and low, when he felt the wet wriggle of Nick's wide, flat tongue glide across him and he resolved to let Nick figure things out on his own more often. The man discovered the most amazing things when left to his own devices. He gasped, his hands clenching until he was sure he was leaving finger-shaped bruises, as slick fingers joined the firm pressure of Nick's tongue.

Nick tried to focus on what he was doing, but it was hard with the way Harry was writhing and moaning. He pulled back occasionally to watch the slick-shiny furl of muscle twitch and flutter. Fuck, that was hot. He looked up at Harry; his wizard looked a bit wanton, a little slutty, and absolutely fuckable holding his own thighs. Which was weird because he thought it would look awkward, not erotic. He gently uncurled Harry's fingers and watched as his legs flopped boneless to the bed and Harry's head lolled.

"Good?"he asked, smirking. He knew it was good; Harry looked wrecked and he hadn't really even gotten started.

"Brilliant," Harry said, giving Nick a dopy smile. He wrapped his arms and legs around the Grimm when Nick lowered himself a little. He arched and writhed, hoping Nick would stop stalling. He pulled Nick into a heated kiss, groaning when Nick unabashedly licked into his mouth. He would happily do slow, romantic later; he needed hard and fast right now. The message was finally received when Harry reached down and wrapped a hand around Nick, guiding the man where he needed him. Nick was quick to catch on and they both groaned softly as Nick slid all the way in.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," he chanted. His fingers scrabbled for grip when he was practically bent in half and Nick started to move.

His head rolled bonelessly, most of his other movements restricted by Nick's hold and the position he was held in. Not that he cared; it felt too good to care that his knees were practically in his ears or that his head was hitting the headboard occasionally. Nick's hands were gripping his thighs tightly and the Grimm was moving in such a way that really showed off his strength and made Harry's eyes roll back in his head. He knew he was babbling something (he wasn't sure what) but it seemed to motivate Nick into thrusting just a bit harder, rolling his hips and angling his thrusts just so and making him want to scream.

"Harry," Nick choked out, sliding his hands down Harry's sweat slicked thighs to rest on the bed. He was sure he was squishing Harry, his legs still pinned and holding him in that bent position, but he heard no complaints. Only a loud moan as their bodies came together that much closer. Tighter. His hair was grabbed tightly and he moaned as he was pulled into a deep kiss, the messy slickness of it perfect in the moment. He closed his eyes tightly, trying to wring out a few more moments before he came. He groaned when Harry tightened under, and around, him and he was done in. "Damn," he sighed on a long shaky exhale, slowly easing off of Harry. He snickered softly when Harry only grunted in response.

He did so enjoy the sight of a fucked out wizard. "OK?" he asked in a low murmur when Harry hadn't moved (except to breath and sigh in a blissed-out happy way).

Harry hummed and relaxed into the bed. "Yeah," he finally said, his eyes still closed as he enjoyed the lingering effects of orgasm in his pleasure-heavy limbs and the way his whole body tingled. He hummed again when he felt himself being rearranged, snuggling into the warmth of Nick's shoulder. He was sure he melted completely when Nick nuzzled and then kissed his temple, a hand gently sliding down his side. His puddle-like state was complete when Nick's hand came to a rest on his hip and pulled him closer, the touch loving and almost reverent.

He shifted just enough to wiggle his toes between Nick's thighs, smiling when Nick adjusted his position to accommodate him with a happy sounding sigh.


Monroe looked between the two men and felt like his face was gonna crack in two. "That's so awesome, dude!" He leaned forward enough to clap Nick on the shoulder before doing the same to Harry. He had hoped things would work out for the couple. He didn't think humans did that whole mating-for-life thing, but Nick had been miserable enough to have him wondering. Of course, he was happy to see Harry for Nick's sake but he was just happy the wizard was back, period. Even if Nick and Rosalee snicker and roll their eyes, he likes that Harry doesn't make fun of him when he wants to swap recipes or something like that.

Matter of fact, he was looking forward to trying the recipe for Tofu Parmigiana Harry handed him a few minutes ago when he let him and Nick in.

"Yeah," Nick said, rotating his shoulder a little. Monroe was stronger than he looked and that slap had been full of enthusiasm. "Anyway, I was just wondering, you know..." he trailed off, peeking at Harry from the corner of his eye. He felt a bit awkward asking his friends to do... couple things. They had before but it had always just sorta happened those times. Now that he had to ask, make plans and such... it was a little weird.

Harry snickered and laid a comforting, calming hand on Nick's thigh. "I don't know why he's being so awkward. We'd like to have you guys over to ours, for dinner. Tomorrow?" He smiled, doing a little mental happy dance at how easily 'ours' just popped out of his mouth and at how Monroe and Rosalee didn't even look surprised.

"Sure!" Rosalee squealed, bouncing a little in her seat. She cleared her throat and sat back in her chair, pushing her hair back, feeling a little embarrassed for her teenager moment. "That would be lovely," she said with a warm smile. "Should we bring anything?"

Harry shrugged. "I haven't any idea. I've... never done this sort of thing before. Wine maybe?" he asked, looking from Nick to Monroe and back to Rosalee. "Whatever is fine, really. I'm thrilled if you just bring yourselves."

"Aw," Rosalee cooed, smothering the urge to pinch Harry's cheeks. He was a grown man, for crying out loud. "Well, now that you're staying, what are you going to do?"

Monroe hummed in agreement, looking at Harry with interest. He wondered if the wizard would start working with Nick, or something since he was basically a cop.

"I'm not all that sure yet," Harry said honestly, shrugging. He had considered helping Nick with Grimm cases, but that wasn't exactly full-time work. He hadn't seen anything worthwhile, career-wise, when he looked into the local Wizarding Community just outside of Portland. It was a small, tight-knit community. The people were polite enough but he got the distinct impression they weren't impressed with having a stranger around. A foreign stranger. "I've got a bit to figure it out before I go mental with boredom."

Rosalee nodded. "I can always use a hand, if you're ever bored enough," she offered with a smile.

"Yeah!" Monroe gushed, leaning forward and slapping at his thighs. How cool would that be?

Harry chuckled and shared a look with Nick, both of them feeling a little smug at the expected offer. Even if they had guessed it would come, it still felt nice Rosalee would offer; the Fuchsbau certainly didn't have to. "Thanks, I'll definitely keep it in mind." He smiled, truly touched at the offer. Mostly because Rosalee trusted him near her storeroom and because it was a genuine offer. "Oh! I almost forgot, Teddy is visiting, so he'll be there for dinner."

"Oh my god! Sweet man!" Monroe nearly yelled, pumping his fist. He grinned unabashedly even as he was laughed at. He wasn't ashamed to show how excited he was that Teddy was coming. He had missed the little dude. "He stayin' for awhile?" he asked, mostly looking at Harry. He knew the men were living together again, but it just seemed appropriate to ask Harry (even if it was Nick's house—well, Nick's house first) since it was his godson.

Harry nodded. "Yeah, Andromeda got him a weekend port-key. I'm hoping when summer hits, he can stay for a few weeks."

Monroe bounced a little in his seat, grinning at Rosalee when she giggled at him. It might be a little weird, but he felt Teddy was almost like family. It was probably just his Blutbad nature reacting to the werewolf blood in the kid, but whatever. "That'll be nice," he said, calming himself so they all stop laughing and snickering. It wasn't like he was the only one that adored the kid. He wasn't sure if it was wrong, but he was glad Harry had decided to stick around so he'll be able to see more of Teddy. Letters were cool and all, but nothing beat personal visits.

"Yeah, Teddy asked if he'd be able to stay with you for a bit?" Harry asked, smiling and already anticipating the answer. He snickered when Monroe goggled at him and nodded. He'd been a little surprised Teddy had asked, but he could understand his godson's desire to spend time with Monroe. "He already knows not to touch your work area. And I'll make sure he's got a cell phone for emergencies." He didn't add that he'd add some wards around the Blutbad's home; he knew Monroe wouldn't mind. It probably was a bit overprotective, but old habits died hard and he wouldn't be able to relax otherwise.

Monroe grinned. "S'cool, I'm not worried about my stuff." He bounced a little in his seat, looking forward to doing wolfy things with Teddy during the summer. "Well! Dinner's ready, so—" He hopped up and headed into the kitchen. He heard the shuffle of footsteps as everyone followed behind him and settled in at the table to eat.

Harry smiled and draped a napkin across his lap, leaning back a bit as he waited for Monroe to bring bowls and plates to the table. He sighed softly, happily, and couldn't imagine why he'd had any doubts coming back. He winked when Nick looked at him, a mildly curious expression on his face, and patted his thigh comfortingly. He nodded, smiling warmly, when Nick mouthed 'OK?'.

Yeah, everything was OK.