The plan seemed easier in their minds than it was in action. It was almost like Voldemort sensed that something big was about to happen. Aragorn could see him looking around through slid eyes taking in each one of them as they approach from a different side.

Voldemort opened his arms wide, before he started chanting. All members of the Fellowship immediately realized that Sauron saw through them and started to run towards him.

Dumbledore quickly ordered some teachers to take care of the Death Eaters while he began to chant one of his own spells. The only thing he figured he could do was to form a defence shield around them, so Voldemort's first spell wouldn't hit them with full force.

The Dark Lord let out a terrifying howl before casting his most powerful spell upon The Fellowship. Thankfully Albus managed to put the shield up in time, causing most of the spells power to bounce of and disappear in all kinds of directions. Still the remaining strength of the curse was enough to hurl them a few meters backwards and throw them onto the ground hard.

Aragorn shook his head, trying to clear it, before quickly standing shakily to his feet again. His vision was blurry, but good enough to see that the rest of the fellowship was still alive and breathing.

One look at Sauron told him that he was livid. Unfortunately for him he had already drained a large part of his powers, not counting on Dumbledore's defence shield and thinking the spell would be powerful enough to kill them. However, Voldemort had enough power left in him to pose a serious threat.

Sauron growled in frustration. "Will you people never die!" he yelled towards him. "It's actually quite strange that killing an Elf, who is supposed to be immortal was a lot easier than killing you vermin."

Aragorn cried in outrage and started sprinting towards him. "You will pay for your deeds you monster. You have no right to kill innocent living beings like him."

Sauron just laughed. "Aw, he really meant something for you didn't he? If I'd known about that before I would have killed him right before your very eyes. And to think he died with your name on his lips, I guess he felt the same for you." Sauron batted his eyelashes, while clasping his hands together and putting them against his right cheek, mocking him.

"You want to know how I killed him, silly human? It was quite painful mind you. I hadn't even tested the spell before, but I think it worked even better than I initially thought. "

Tears started to stream down Aragorn's cheeks. He finally began to grasp the fact that his beautiful lover was actually dead. Before he just… just didn't believe that could even be the case. He was an Elf and maybe he could survive the curse, but now hearing from his own killer that he had died with his name on his lips, finally made him realize that this wasn't all just a bad dream. It was the harsh reality. And the reality was that Legolas was dead.

Sauron laughed out loud as he saw the emotions raking through Aragorn's body. "You finally understand Human? No one can possible defeat me! I am a higher being and…." He suddenly stopped talking when he sensed someone approaching from behind with rapid speed.

He turned around, but before he could act he felt some kind of liquid being thrown against his body. "WHAT?" he exclaimed, standing eye to eye with Gandalf. "What is this? What have you done to me?" he demanded to know.

"Just some potion, which will separate you from this body, enabling us to catch you and kill you once and for all." Gandalf explained like a doctor would do to a little child, who was going to need surgery.

"WHAT!" Sauron yelled. "YOU LIE!" but already he began to feel this strange feeling inside his body. It seemed like Tom Riddle was awakening and realised there was an intruder inside his body and mind. Sauron felt the other mind growing stronger and realised he was going to lose this inner struggle. Slowly his soul left the boy's body.

This isn't the way it was supposed to go. The Dark Lord thought distraught. Evil was finally going to victory.

Tom Riddle slummed to the floor unconscious. Slowly his facial features started to change. The dark horrifying face with the piercing red eyes, started to change into something more human. His eyes became their former brownish colour, his normally tanned skin was very pale now, but that was from sheer exhaustion. It was strange to see that Tom's body was still that one of a child. It looked like he hadn't aged since that unforgettable day when his body, mind and soul were invaded by Sauron, which probably was a good thing, because now he still had his entire life ahead of him. Some people would probably still blame him for everything, but under Dumbledore's guidance there was a chance that he could recover from this terrifying nightmare.

In the meanwhile Dumbledore and Gandalf together forged a spell so strong that it would be almost impossible to break and surrounded Sauron's spirit with it. The ball in which the spirit was captured grew smaller and smaller, crushing the being inside it. Until it's life-force slowly faded into nothing and just disappeared.

During these events most of the fights had stopped and both enemies were watching with either horror or fascination. When Sauron's spirit was destroyed everyone stood still, each having mixed emotions. Voldemort's followers were in shock, feeling betrayed and actually a little lost. What were they to do without their all-powerful leader who seemed to have been killed easily today, surely the rest of them didn't stand a chance now.

Others seemed to come alive, being under the imperius curse for so long that they didn't even knew what was going on and why they were here. You could say that Voldemort had enslaved them against there own free will, and they didn't even realize it until now. Most of them started crying in shame and horror as slowly their memories of the past couple of years came flowing back to them.

Everyone was lost in their own emotions until suddenly someone started to cheer. Soon many followed and everyone started talking to each other happily. The Death Eaters, both the ones who had been under the imperius curse and the ones who had chosen to follow him on their own free will, were taken away by Aurors.

In the midst of it all stood a very confused looking Tom Riddle.

Aragorn was relieved it was finally all over, but the fact that it has cost him his lover made him care a whole lot less whether Sauron was dead or not. Yes, Legolas' dead was revenged, but that didn't bring him back, did it? It pained him even more that he hadn't been there to save him or at least hold him in his arms in those last couple of seconds. There were so many things left unsaid. He knew there relationship had been the beginning of something powerful, something which could last forever. But it had no use to let his thoughts wander along this path. It was over, Legolas was dead.

Aragorn started to cry softly, not giving a damn that everyone looked at him in surprise.

"Aragorn", Gandalf said softly, putting an arm around his shoulder.

"He is dead, Gandalf." He sniffed, burrowing his head into the old wizard's chest.

"I know my dear friend, but he did not die in vain." The old wizard said, trying to comfort the King.

"Yes he DID." Aragorn exclaimed. "There was no reason that he should have died. We should never have come here!" he yelled, breaking free from Gandalf's hold, and shaking his fist in anger. "What do I care about these people? Because of them the love of my life is dead!"

"ARAGORN!" Gandalf said sternly. "I know you are in pain, we all are. The people from this world needed our help; they have lost many of their friends and family too. And you should care about them, while because of us Sauron had the opportunity to reach this world. If we had destroyed him properly he would have never have come here in the first place."

"How am I going to survive without him Gandalf?" Aragorn whispered, calming down again and wrapping his arms around his chest in comfort.

"Through times your wounds will be healed and you WILL find the power to move on. To make new friends and find a new lover." Gandalf put his hands on his shoulders and looked at him imploringly.

"You knew Legolas and I were lovers?" Aragorn asked surprised.

"Well you kind of yelled it to me a few minutes ago, but if you are asking if a new it before today, than my answer is yes."

"Are you serious? Did I actually yell that to you?" His mouth dropping open in mix of horror and surprise.

"Yes my dear boy, look at Gimli does he not look a little astonished?" Gandalf pointed at the Dwarf. Strider followed his finger and indeed Gimli was staring quite surprised at him. He gave the dwarf a small smile before turning his attention back to Gandalf.

"What are we going to do now Gandalf? Are we going to look for him? Maybe he is not dead as Sauron told us." Aragorn wondered with a spark of hope.

"I would not count on that Aragorn. Sauron is a very strong wizard in this world and he knows his spells, if he had the intention on killing Legolas than I am sure that he has done so. But we will of course look for his body so we can burry it properly once we get back."

"You will not tell his father about our relationship, will you? Because he did not want for his son to be involved with another male, let only stand a human male."

"I won't, trust me."

"Thank you."

"Now let's follow the others inside shall we and ask Dumbledore to help search for our Elfish friend."

They found Dumbledore talking to some Aurors and politely waited for their turn.

" I know what you want to ask of me and of course we will try. But you do have to realize that this is Voldemort, or Sauron in your world, we are talking about and when it comes to killing he does not often make a mistake, trust me. So I think you really have to understand that the chance that he is still alive is incredible small, almost non-existing."

" I understand, but I just have to believe that he is still alive."

"But I do not believe he is." Albus said firmly, a small sad smile playing on his lips. "It's better to face the facts now, than later when we find his body."

"He IS still ALIVE!" Aragorn said, with tears in his eyes.

Dumbledore simply gave him an understanding smile and folded his hands under his chin. "I'll get some people to help us. Am I correct to assume that the rest of the Fellowship will be helping as well?"

"Of course."

"Alright, give me one hour to assemble a group."

They searched for days, but Legolas was nowhere to be found.

On the tenth day of their search, Aragorn began to feel incredible hopeless and sank to his knees and prayed to the Valar, begging for just one more look at his lover's face. The doubts in his mind drove him mad. He actually had to confess that he rather wished he knew that Legolas was dead instead of this silent hoping that he was still alive. He cried silently, grateful for his peaceful surroundings, which reminded him a little of Legolas somehow.

The silence was abruptly broken when he heard to persons arguing, tired but curious he raised his head to listen...

"LUPIN! We were supposed to split up! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be in bed?" An angry voice yelled.

"I could ask the same to you Severus!" Came the snide reply.

There was a short silence after that, apparently Severus didn't know what to say. "Besides I wasn't the one who was injured! You were, so please don't give me this crap."

"Well the last time I checked I was an adult, who can decide for himself whether he's up to something or not!" Was the harsh retort.

A deep sigh: "Oh for god's sake Sev, I was only worried about you!"
"Do not call me SEV, wolf."

"Stop calling me wolf, you bastard. Christ I transformed because of you! I have never done so in my entire life, and you don't even appreciate it. Well fuck you, you sad excuse for a human being! I cared about you, but I guess you don't want anyone to care about you and you just like walking around in self pity!" With that said, Remus seemed to be storming away since branches were snapping under angry forceful footsteps.

Eventually Aragorn heard Severus mutter something like: "Geez this is really helping to ease my headache." Before he started to cast spells again in search for Legolas.