Dark. Awake. Darkness greets me once again, my room is warm and smells of pine and lavender. I sit up and take in my surroundings, my quilt is a plush velvet in an emerald green. A hand me down from the capitol it's self. The walls, ceiling and floor are all made of softened pine wood, there is a small fire place built into the wall opposite the bed. I get up and quickly and open the old metal chest and pulled out a suitable set of clothes to wear at the Future Career Tribute academy. I dressed quickly and begin the short walk to the training centre. By the time I arrive I am hungry and soaked through by the heavy rain that is pattering away outside. By now my sister would now be having morning snack. Her name was Talia she was ten years old and I always look out for her, ever since she caught the eli-sickness which many young children have caught in the past two years, in a way she is lucky because it means she will never be able to train for the hunger games like I have to. As I stepped into the main room filled with strong looking teenagers chucking around heavy metal objects, who all immediately stop and come running in my general direction. Lamina with her cropped jet black hair starts to babble on about how close the reaping was and about how she couldn't wait to try to volunteer. We all had been taught ho the volunteering worked, the first most loudest girl and boy to shout out with a raised hand could get in to this years hunger games- the 32nd hunger games. That is exactly what I will be doing in no less than three days which i will spend reviewing all my skills and going over everything with my personal training mentor. "So then" Lamina said glancing over her shoulder " I think you will definitely be guaranteed a place i uwill just hang back and wait till next year1" I gave a half-hearted shrug tossed my hair over my shoulder and slipped away to where my aqmentor Javert sat. "hello!" i wavered. He raised one eye brow and launched into an animated full scale recount of everything i should do from the moment i stepped out of the train in the capitol to the end of the hunger games. i had been told to obviously join the career pack, keep in with them and then when there were only a few left in my pack to team up with them. I hadn't liked the idea much, but then again what is to like about the Hunger Games?