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Ten minutes later I was perfectly fitted in my interview dress which was almost a tie dyed concert dress that fell to the ground in a regimented straight line. It was a mixture of two colours starting of purple then running into blue before returning to the pale purple. I starred at it unamused, I hated purple and straight dresses that weren't puffy or flowing, straight dresses just hung limp giving the impression that the person wearing it was dead.

I rolled my eyes sighing, it would have to do there was no backing out now. Iris attached a matching set of pearl earrings and necklace before sending me off with a good natured shove towards the door. I stumbled my way along the passage behind the stage and joined the line of girl tributes in rainbow coloured dresses,"Hey ya!" It was Hope Springs tribute from two,"Errr hi?" I replied not really sure where the conversation was going. She was in a knee length golden nineteen sixties style gown with sparkling sequins, her dress was nicer than mine I thought with jealousy. She made a face at my dress and sneered, "well your stylists really gone down hill!" I half snarled back at her but was interrupted when she started again,"Now what I really want to know is how that Ashen Verona scored an eleven. I mean talk about a high score! Tell me how, go on please!" I smirked back at her repeating the little action Ashen had done to me earlier, I tapped the bridge of my nose." That's for me to know and you not to."

The bell was pinging telling us to enter the stage, saved by the bell! Everyone shuffled in nervously and sat in the leather chairs, I would be first. Caesar Flickerman came in all in a greenish emerald colour looking like the wicked witch of the west, he bowed to the audience and laughed out a small speech which he had to perfection and before I knew it he was beckoning me forwards.

My heart was POUNDING in my chest ready to jump out I tried the breathing activities that usually worked when I got like this but they were all to no avail. "Everyone give a warm welcome to miss Iva Flock!" Caesar was bellowing to the now cheering crowd. "So then, Iva well done in your training score! What would you say is your method for these games?" I smiled back at Caesars comment and replied, "we'll I am quick and fast and if I say so myself an excellent sword fighter, so I hope to win by my strength." He nodded knowingly and asked me what I thought about this years games I took a shaky breath preparing my self for the reply and spoke out loudly, "To be honest caesar, I think there has been some cheating going on in these games. I have received some information from a private source that knows all about this years arena."

I hear many gasps of horror from around the massive hall at the scandalous words I have said. As I watch the change of expression amongst the other tributes I single out Ashen who is almost chocking on air with the funniest expression I have seen in years.

Caesar is not really sure how to continue but he tries his best by putting on a false smile and addresses the crowd in a laughable tone telling them that I have surely gotten mixed up and must be mistaken. I am actually so outraged at my words that I feel that known sense of anger roll over my body and I have to clench my teeth and fists to stop from leaping up and throttling Caesar, "oh, I can assure u that I am not mistaken and it has happened through no fault of any one of us tributes. It is someone in the capitols doing and it should be found out immediately and stopped!"

I finished with a cold hard determined look in my eyes.

Caesar awkwardly nods taking a gulp he probably wishes the interview to be over but I still have a few seconds left so I stand up feeling the dress rise with me, I stand feet shoulder width apart and arms at my sides taking small breathes to conceal my inner rage." People of the Capitol, citizens of Panem none of u can stand for such an outrageous act of injustice as this? The answer is u can't! We all have to act so we all have an equal chance at victory no matter how small that victory is, to succeeded we need equality for all!"

Finishing my speech with my head held high and rebellious, just in time to hear the ding of the bell, my turn is over. Ashen is walking over for his turn a ghostly shade of white and also looking quite sick, I smirk to my self realising what the consequences of my actions could be. Sitting in my seat I zone out away from everyone else's stares, I continue the breathing actions my doctor taught me, since arriving here its getting harder and harder to control myself and tonight it seems to have tipped me to near breaking point which is bad news.

With my new found serenity I am able to process what I have done and WHY I did it. I have a small inkling that I did it for my name to be known and remembered instead of the actual cause its self, not that there really is a cause I just wanted to make something of my life with that opportunity because if I am to die in these games what really kills me is the thought of no one knowing the sad story of Iva Flock and how she died.

Thinking that a good idea I beamed, I would not be just another tribute with a sad ending I would start fighting before I even set foot in the arena. I Will survive .