Chapter 1: Lets skip Formalities

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Finally senior year was here. I couldn't wait for this very moment and to think that was a mere few years ago, where did the time go? Don't get me wrong it's not like I was some overly rebellious teen that wanted to go to college and party until I passed out and didn't recognize where I woke up. The whole idea of unlimited freedom was not too appealing to me because, my dad, Charlie is far from strict. I pretty much have freedom to come and go as I want so long as I "remain an upholding citizen that respects the law", yea my dad could be a bit much sometimes. I guess this was to be expected coming from the police chief, I honestly didn't see the need for one in such a small town like forks but, he was and would never let me forget it.

I had resented this town up until about a year ago; at first I missed Arizona like crazy and didn't really attempt to make friends. The contrast between Arizona sun and Washington sun .. or shall I say lack of sun, was such a juxtaposition. It was so easy to throw on a pink Floyd t shirt, denim shorts, sunglasses and stroll down Tatum Boulevard to find something to get into. Not that I was overly popular, which is hard to be in a school with thousands of students but I had a descent amount of friends. I was always normal, nothing to stare at with brown hair and brown eyes; I had a couple of interested boys but nothing to be giddy about. My mom of course insisted that I was the most beautiful girl on the planet, which I appreciated. After a while I had to put my foot down on her constant blind dates she set me up on with the sons of her friends from yoga and pottery. I miss her a lot and though I'm keen on admitting she's my best friend.

Here in forks my closest friends were Alice and Jake. I was cool with Tyler, Angela, Mike, Jessica and the rest of the gang but those two were my saviors. I knew Jake from the next town over through my dad, Jake's dad owned the most popular fishing cruiser in the area and years ago became great friends with my dad when he realized he spent more time on that boat than at home. Our relationship was always flirty but not awkward, that's what I loved the most about him, he didn't make it a big deal. This summer was especially great with him down at the res with what he called "the pack". Seth, Jared, Paul, Sam, Embry and the rest of the pack were some of the biggest dudes I've ever met. Thanks to their collective obsession with football they were one of the best teams in the tri- state area.

We'd spent almost every nights there around the bonfire drinking and eating, I'd even made some girlfriends Kim, Leah, Emily, and Claire were all coupled up with the guys so me and Jake were kinda isolated by default not that we cared much. He was one hell of a kisser and had abs to die for so who was I to complain, we'd never gone further than hooking up with straying hands, yes I'm still a virgin and plan on keeping it that way I guess. Not that I want a cheesy romantic scene out of a movie but I have some class and decency. From what I've heard some people weren't as reserved, by people I mean Tanya Denali apparently she though it was romantic to lose her virginity in the bathroom last year after Jr. Prom. After that she'd been working her way through the football team, not that I care she is just a total bitch. She was like that blonde leader in 'mean girls' and her sisters, Irina and Kate, being her bimbo followers. Leave it to Forks to be home of the hottest, blondest, bitchiess triplets in the universe. Okay I'm exaggerating but you get the point.

Just as I was picturing Tanya suffering from a raging case of herpes I got a text from Alice "Bella! You better have your ass up! In T minus 60 minutes I'll be outside with sunshine and make sure you wear what we talked about! xox"

Sunshine was the name Alice gave to her canary yellow Porsche she got for her birthday, flashy was an understatement at its finest. Her father Mr. Brandon was a top cardiology specialist and according to him they were looking for a new surgeon since the last one relocated to California. The fact that Alice had an endless supply of money did not help her shopping addition. She is always giddy I personally think she has a mild case of ADHD but hey her father's the doctor, not me. Anyway, Alice has been somewhat of a personal stylist for me over the last year, she practically dresses me on a daily bases. Today she had me set to wear a sleeveless white button down with a patent leather red belt, skin tight jeans paired with red converse, which was cute but casual. I thought I'd wear a little blush and mascara, my hair in a loose bun with a few strands hanging out, I knew Alice would approve of my effort. Forty five minutes later and I was walking down the stair to eat some apple cinnamon rice cakes for breakfast, my favorite. I heard Charlie grumbling about a new senator or something.

"Hey dad." I greeted as I walked in the kitchen. He barely moved but I heard his voice become instantly softer as her answered.

"Morning Bells, ready for school?"

"Ehhh ready as I'll ever be I guess , what are you still doing here?" I noticed the time it was almost 8 and my dad usually left by 6: 30 the latest"

"Just wanted to see you off to school and wish you good luck on the senior year kiddo."

"How paternal of you thanks" I teased as I took a sip of his coffee. He hated when anyone touched his coffee but I was in a hurry so he would have to deal.

"ha well now that I've done just that guess I'll be heading out, you know the deal I'll be back around 8 today so I should be alert enough to hear about your day." He patted me on my shoulder and with that he was in his cruiser pulling out the drive way.

Five minutes later I heard Alice honking her horn, I grabbed my bag and flew out the door, I knew better than to keep her waiting. I locked the door and walked passed my Chevy Transverse that mom, Phil, and Charlie had all chipped in to buy me after my old truck kicked the bucket. Alice was radiant as always in a teal blouse, jeans, and calf high Steve Madden riding boots. Opening the door to the car my ears were greeted by Britney Spears' "Gimme More", I got in just in time to sing "it's Britney Bitch". Alice and I always sang that part together and a few minutes passed before we were done laughing and actually greeted each other.

"Bella you look hot, I love what you did with your hair, I'm teaching you well young grasshopper!"

I couldn't help but snicker at her horrible Chinese accent at the last part "Why yes master, I guess you are."

" Okay enough with corny karate kid lines, I hear we have new eye candy here at Forks High and I know you never met them but Jasper and Rose moved back to town cause their mom couldn't stand another year in Texas."

Apparently Jasper and Rosalie Hale had lived in Forks until about five years ago when they moved to Texas. Alice had grown up with them and was super excited about having them back in Forks.

"Well I can't wait to meet them and eye candy, please elaborate."

"Okay so remember how I told you my dad was looking for a new surgeon? He hired this really amazing doctor Carlisle Cullen and he has two sons that are hot hot hot! And they happen to be like football prodigies, though I doubt they can bring our football team out the gutter. Anyway my mom and I went over to meet them because my father insisted and Carlisle's wife, Esme is so sweet and gorgeous, I have yet to see the boys but if they take after their parents whoo wee"

Well I understand her enthusiasm; Forks was seriously lacking in the hot boy area but still knowing Alice she could over exaggerate when it came to matters such as this. Before I could even ask for more details we were in the school parking lot. I opened the door and felt like I was surrounded by humming bees, the amount of low busing was to be expected after a summer's worth of catching up to do. Just as I grabbed my bad and swung it over my shoulder Alice shrieked.

"Bella this is Rose omg isn't she just gorgeous, look at you Rose wtf I'm jealous!?" I Turned around to easily one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. She had honey blonde hair that curled gently right under her breast; her eyes were a deep blue and looked almost navy. She was wearing a white tank top under a gray cardigan and the cutest brown wedge boots. My eyes traveled down her body and she was something straight out of a pin up girl magazine. I must have been staring for a while because her smile was slowly turning into a scowl. Shit, she must think I'm sizing her up, when I was actually checking her out.

"Fuck you're hot." I felt my blush under my checks as I realized how gay I sounded, not that I had a problem with gay people I just didn't want her to get the wrong idea. "Shit I mean beautiful, hi I'm Bella". Nice save asshole. She and Alice busted out laughing and suddenly I heard a deep chuckle; I turned left and saw who had been described as the infamous Jasper. I swear the way Alice had described him, you would have though she was in love but I wouldn't blame her he was extremely handsome. Alice insisted that they were only twelve when he left and that it as nothing more than friendship.

"I like you already, and obviously I'm Rose and this is my idiot brother Jasper." She replied with a smile. I was relieved that she had a sense of humor, refreshing for someone as beautiful as her. Jasper however sported a frown at the comment she made.

"Don't worry Jaz I know you're not an idiot." Hmmm something about the way Alice was looking at Jasper made me smirk. She was totally flirting. I glanced at Jasper and he was actually blushing, oh god I see where this is going. Rose just gave me a knowing look and shook her head "Ok enough chit chat let's get inside and find our classes, promise we'll meet up together for lunch."

We all agreed to meet for lunch and headed for our different classes. My first period was AP English, perfect way to start each day. My English teacher Mr. Llewellyn introduced himself and gave an outline of the year's curriculum, he seemed like the type to read Hemingway in front of his fire place while smoking a cigar. He even introduced the class to the ridiculous beard that he was growing out, needless to say this would be my favorite class.

We weren't doing much of anything with it being the first day of class so I let my eyes wonder around the room and saw mostly familiar faces. Mike Newton was sitting three seats behind me so I gave him a subtle wave. Mike was considered the school jock which was pitiful because he was average looking and had minute athletic ability. Last year he had asked me to Jr prom and thankfully that was the same weekend I was visiting my mom, he and Jessica ended up going and have been an item ever since.

I would have been bummed out about missing the dance but Jake had taken me to his so I didn't miss out on the experience. I looked to the front left corner and noticed a face I'd never seen, a face that had a beautiful chiseled jaw and piercing green eyes. Just as our eyes met the bell rang but our stare lingered for a few uncomfortable seconds before he started getting up and I followed suit.

My next class was sociology with Angela, she was so easy going and I couldn't be happier that we were seated next to each other. "Bella I missed you so much what's new ?How's the pack." I had brought Angela to a few bonfires before she and her family left to Vancouver to vacation for the rest of the summer. She even hit it off with Seth over the summer but I'm sure it was just a drunken summer fling.

"The pack is in total football mode as always, and nothing has changed, but as for you how's Eric?" I replied with a wink. Angela's blush could have put a red rose to shame"

"Oh my god Bella shut up, I hate you! Eric and I have a completely plutonic relationship and nothing more." I knew better than to believe that. saved Angela with an introduction to the course before I could tease her some more. I could tell this was going to be a long class to endure everyday, I had no interest in studying human behavior, especially in this high school.

Science, Calc and Forensics flew by and finally it was time for lunch. I headed over to the burger bar and got a Philly cheese steak with a peach Snapple, this should suffice. I skimmed the cafeteria and spotted Alice, Jasper, Rose, Angela, Jessica, Eric and Mike in the north east corner. Before I could take my next step I saw his green eyes intense and focused on a conversation he was having with Tyler and the rest of the football team. I took this opportunity to let my eyes take in his full beauty, his hair was a rusty brown and a tangled mess that was somehow sexy. His skin was flawless and when he snickered at a joke Tyler had made, I damn near felt a chill run down my spine. Now in motion, my eyes were fixated on his slender yet muscular shape, finally I peeled my eyes off of him and sat down next to Rose and Alice.

Rose turned to me "Are you staring at Emmett because he is the hottest specimen to walk god's green earth!" To the left of my beautiful eye candy was a huge guy who had the cutest dimples and short dark hair; I'm assuming that's who she was referring to.

"Uhh actually I was looking at both of them, who are they?"

"That is the eye candy I was telling you about, the skinny one is Edward and the big one is Emmett, they did not disappoint." The look on Jasper's face suggests he disliked the ending comment Alice made but I decided to go on as if I didn't notice. Edward was wearing a fitted white tee with a flannel over it and a navy blue beanie. Emmett was wearing a gray, sleeveless football t shirt and both of them seemed to be wildly popular already.

"Emmett's in my Gym class and apparently him and Edward are going to rectify the pathetic football team, if I dare call it a team." I could tell that Rose was excited about seeing Emmett looking sweaty and hot in gym class, suddenly my mind wondered to Edward all sweaty and glistening .. what is wrong with me I've been acting like a perv all day.

"Ha well good luck with that, Jaz didn't you play football in Texas you should totally try out!" Alice chimed in while beaming at Jasper.

"Yeah I did, maybe I'll consider being as there is nothing else to do in this town, might as well get a hobby."

"Yay! Me, Bella and Rose can get all dressed up each game and come see you, it'll be so fun!"

There Alice was once again volunteering my time not that I wouldn't want to go but I can see her now trying to convince us to form a human poster with letter on our stomachs'. No way was that happening. I listened vaguely as Jasper confirmed with Alice that he would try out for her. There really was no way to say no to Alice. Once again I was fixated on Edward as he drank his Gatorade and watched his Adams apple bob as he tilted his head back. Why was this such an erotic experience for me? Apparently Rose noticed my little non peep show and whispered to me.

"Try not to drool Bella" Was I drooling? No I wiped my mouth and nothing was there. Bitch.

"I wasn't starring I'm just thinking about class and stuff." Rose giggled and narrowed her eyes.

"Whatever you say Bella boo." She was on to my pervy day dream. I was not ashamed either, how often do you get to ogle over a hot boy in Forks? Never. So I was going to take advantage of it as long as I could.

Lunch was officially over and I only had one more class left, of course the most dreaded one of them all, Gym. I almost fell flat on my face walking down to the gym, I figured this was Gods own form of foreshadowing. As soon as I saw my gym class I wanted to run the opposite direction. Leave it to me to be put in the gym class with the majority of the football team. Without a doubt this was going to be a testosterone filled battle each day. The fact that I lacked any form of athleticism made me realize I would be embarrassing myself on a daily bases, might as well except it now Swan.

Coach Leighton let us chose our lockers and told us the sports we'd be playing this year, each one getting more lethal as the list advanced. Another 3o minutes later and I was free to go home, I damn near jetted to the parking lot and Alice was waiting for me. As soon as we were safe in her car I drilled her with the one question I need an answer to

"So are you going to go ahead and make this official with Jasper or are you two going to play it coy and oblivious?" the biggest smile grazed Alice's face.

"Bell you know me too well. I admit he is gorgeous and it feels like he never left but you know I'll have to see how he feels about me and anyway it's his first year back give him time to adjust."

"Alice I know he feels the same way, did you see that blush and the way he committed to trying out all just because you thought it would fun."

"We'll see" she replied with a wink. "So what did you think of the Cullens?"

"I think they're both very attractive, and it seems as if Rose is ready to jump Emmett's bone." We started hysterically laughing at this obvious statement. "I don't really know them yet obviously but I have English and gym with Edward."

"That's cool. Have you seen the other new kid James?" James didn't sound familiar and I'm pretty sure I would recognize a new face.

"No what does he look like?"

"He has blue eyes and blondish hair that was gelled back, he looks like the total bad boy type." Bad boy? In forks ? well good luck with that.

"I'll keep my eyes peeled for him tomorrow."

We pulled up to my house and agreed that tomorrow we would take my car. It was barely 3 o'clock so it was too early to start dinner for Charlie. So in the meantime I chose my outfit for tomorrow which of course would have to be approved by Alice. Just as a sat on my bed to listen to my iPod my phone beeped.

Hey Thumper how was the first day back? – Jake

Thumper was the name I acquired over the year due to my constant falling that would result in a loud thump.

Just fine jerk off, how was yours? – Bella

Aww don't be like that you big baby, and mine was epic. I was greeted with opened arms and people didn't insult me, like you. The pack is stoked for game season this year I can feel it in the air it's gonna be fucktastic – Jake

Fucktastic? Maybe you should spend less time on the field and more time hitting the books… - Bella

Hahah Bella laugh it up, anyway bonfire on Friday, bring whoever, where going to party hard ;) – Jake

Cool see you then and don't you wink at me Jacob Black- Bella

Sorry I'll try harder next time .. maybe- Jake

Just what I needed after the first week back a bonfire with Jake and the pack. I'd invite Alice and Rose so that Rose could meet everyone. Some time with Jake wouldn't hurt either, I kinda missed him.


Dinner was almost ready I figured I'd keep it basic with friend fish. Charlie was due home any minute and he was always satisfied with whatever I made. Two minutes later he came walking through the door and hung his belt behind the door.

"Smells good Bells, I knew there was a reason to keep you around."

"I'm so gracious you did." He plopped on the couch and before I could even set the plates he was taking a long sip of beer, as he did every day. I placed his plate in front of him and sat down and went to work on my own food.

"How was school?" I was waiting for him to ask and was surprised it had taken him this long.

"Fine except for gym as always, the Hales move back but you know them. We have a couple new students"

"Speaking of knew student have you met these Cullen kids, I met their father today down at the hospital there was a small accident out on the blind road." No I hadn't actually met the Cullens, more specifically Edward but hell I wanted to do more than meet him.

"Yea I saw them I have a few classes with one of them, they seem nice."

"We'll see soon enough." Just like dad, guilty until proven innocent.

I cleaned up our food and headed up stair to unwind for the night. I had a text from my mom asking general questions about my day. I answered her and said goodnight promising I'd call her at some point this week.

The next morning I woke up and dressed in an oversized cream sweater with leggings. I had no time for breakfast today and of course Charlie was at work already. It was about a 4 minute drive to Alice's house when I pulled up she was outside already. Someone was dressed to impress, she was wearing a tight black sweater dress with black high boots and a subtle red lipstick.

"Someone's trying to give Jasper a heart attack." she giggled and insisted she liked to look nice for herself. I knew that was true but Alice always brought out the heavy artillery when she wanted something.

Once again we met up with Jasper and Rose before heading into English. Today's lesson started with handing out The Great Gatsby and general notes about rhetoric, syntax, and diction. I wasn't the only one who noticed Ben, the boy who sat next to me, was struggling to see the smart board.

"Ben would you like your seat to be closer to the board?" Mr. Llewellyn asked his voice full of concern.

"Please, that would help a lot, I forgot my contacts today."

"No problem" He surveyed the room before landing on Edward. "Mr. Cullen, would you mind changing seats with Ben?"

"Nope I don't mind" Next thing I knew Edward was sitting right next to me and he smelled like expensive cologne. Oh yes. He turned left and smirked at me with a head nod; I returned the gesture and turned back into Mr. Llewellyn's lecture. I felt the overwhelming urge to lean over and run my hand through his bronze hair but reframed and was luckily saved by the bell.

I sat in the same place in the cafeteria as I did yesterday in between Rose and Alice. Rose was telling Alice something while looking so animated.

"So he was checking me out while we played badminton, and I was pretending like I didn't see him when I so did, but you have to play it cool and act like you don't even notice it. Then when we were heading back toward the locker room he came up to me." Her voice raised 5 octaves by time she was done speaking.

"Well don't stop, what the hell did he said?!" Alice was just as excited as Rose. To be honest I was curious at this point too. Rose turned to both of us and continued.

"He was like 'good back hand you got there'" then I was like 'why thank you I'd be happy to show you my back.. backhand of coarse' then he laughed and winked at me and said 'private lessons maybe?' then I said 'maybe, maybe not depends on your performance in class tomorrow. See you then.' Then I walked away without hearing his response, and I know he was staring at my ass. He so wants me.

At this point Alice was clapping and giggling while Rose just smirked as her plan to fuck Emmett was set in place. "Rose you're like a pro I can't believe he came up to you already. I know he wants you, I mean duh why wouldn't he!"

I looked across the room and found Edward's eyes immediately. We shared a couple of seconds starring at each other before I looked over to Emmett. "Speaking of the devil , Rose, Emmett's starring at you right now." She looked up and gave Emmett a flirty look for just a second then flipped her hair and continued her conversation with Alice and Jasper. Emmett just smiled and shook his head at his brother who seemed to find the whole exchange funny.

I prepared for gym knowing that we were playing badminton thanks to Rose. I was playing against Tyler Crowley and thankfully he went easy on me but still crushed me by eight points, which was the better of my record. Next I played Lauren who just like me had no interest so called a draw and I gave her the win by default, less physical activity the better. Before heading to the locker room Tyler called me over.

"Bella don't forget about the prep rally for the first game next Saturday" I knew there was a pep rally but why Tyler was reminding me I had no idea. I mean we were friends and went to the same parties sometime but it's not like we kept in contact. I figured he must be telling everyone about it, the whole team seemed to have new life this year.

"I'm sure Alice wouldn't let me miss it for the world, I'll be there."

"Good we could go all the way this year, you have to see Em and Edward out on the field." Oh trust I would miss it for the world.

"That's good to hear Tyler, see ya tomorrow." I gave him a smile and went to change.

On my way to the parking lot my usual route was blocked of. Apparently some girl fainted while donating to the blood drive today. Just the thought had me wanting to follow suit, I couldn't even see blood without getting dizzy. So I cut back through the gym and walked around the outside to get to the lot. I noticed the football team warming up for what I assume was the first official practice on the field. Edward's hair looked almost auburn in the sun; he threw a perfect spiral across the whole field. I didn't know much about football but I knew enough from Charlie that Edward had just thrown an amazing pass. I was even more surprised to see that Jasper had caught the pass with ease, well who would have thought.

When I reached the car Alice and Rose where waiting." Bella do you mind giving Rose a ride, Jasper has practice and needs the car to get back home."

"Of course I'll give you a ride Rose you're apart of sorority now, we just have to brand you." She laughed and we all jumped in. "Speaking of Jasper I just saw him catch a crazy spiral from Edward Cullen."

"See I knew Jasper would be great, he can do anything!" Alice looked out the window smiling while I shot Rose a look through my rearview mirror, I knew she was about to comment.

"Hey Alice just want to let you know I'm totally okay with you fucking my brother, I approve." Alice spun around in her seat to face Rose and her cheeks were on fire.

"Rose I didn't.. we don't .. it's not .. I don't want to fuck Jasper, shut up!" embarrassed did not even begin to describe the look on her face.

"Alice we're your friends you don't have to deny what we already know" I laughed.

"Ok fine, maybe I think he's kinda beautiful, and smart, and sexy, and nice, and talented, and perfect. You two better not say a single word do you hear me? I'll kill you I swear I will." Alice was not joking at all when she made that threat we both nodded and started laughing.

"So Bella no one catch your eye yet?" Rose teased with a smirk.

"No not yet but I'll keep an open mind." I replied sarcastically.

"No worries you still have Jake." Alice knew about Jake and I's flirtatious relationship.

"Who is Jake is he your boyfriend? Why the hell didn't you tell me? When can I meet him?" Rose looked kind of pissed that she didn't know this bit of information.

"No Jake is just my friend, and actually I was going to invite you both to the reservation on Friday for a bonfire."

"Sounds like fun we're in." Alice had a habit of committing people into things without their consent.

"So guess you'll meet him then." I pulled up to Rose's colonial style house it was a good size and had the cutest bird bath on the front lawn.

"Yup see you bitches tomorrow, thanks for the ride Bella."

Later once I was home I ordered Chinese for Charlie and me because I really didn't feel like cooking. I started reading The Great Gatsby even though I read it already, it couldn't hurt. I must have fallen asleep, when I looked at the clock it was after 9. I heard the game on downstairs and said goodnight to Charlie before I knocked out for the second time.


As soon as I woke up I smelled Bacon and pancakes. Fuck yes, I had an awesome mother. I sat on the edge of the bed and raked my hand across my face and looked down. Goddamn morning wood made me feel like a pubescent tween. After leaking the dragon I headed downstairs hoping Emmett hadn't made it downstairs first. His bear ass could eat a whole family breakfast by himself if mom let him. I hated how bright everything was in this fucking house. My mom insisted on having a glass wall right when you came down the stairs "so the natural light could wake you up." She was an evil woman.

Of coarse my monkey of a brother had his ass planted in one of the bar stools and had crumbs all over the white granite. Fucking slob. "Hey Emmett how about tomorrow I put your food in a bowl and take you out for a morning piss, that seems more fitting." He threw a piece of bacon at me which I dodged due to my superior reflexes.

"Fuck you Eddie, I thought you loved me." I hated when he pouted like that, It just looked so weird being that he weighed like a ton.

"Emmett watch your mouth! Oh and Edward are you going to stand there and not even greet your mother good morning. Is that how you repay me for 17 years of love?" My mom was now standing at the stove with her arms crossed waiting for my answer. She could be a tough ass when she wanted. I crossed the room gave her a bear hug and I smacking kiss.

"That's more like it. Are you hungry sweetie? Are you still sore from practice?" mom was now rubbing my shoulders and checking any sore spots. I grabbed my plate and a glass of milk.

"Don't worry mom its fine, I'm a professional remember?" she smiled and her green eyes instantly relaxed. I loved see my mom smile especially when she had her caramel hair out that circled her face that was shoulder length.

"Oh please professional my ass, you would be nothing without me Eddie boy." Emmett was now standing on the counter top beating his fist across his chest. Mom went from companionate to killer in 2.5 seconds.

"Emmett Cullen have you lost your mind?! Get your ass off on my clean counter top and go get ready for school before I come up there and make you!" she was now slapping Emmett on the ass with her spatula.

"Mommy stop! I'm going sheesh don't be so mean." He was running off to the stairs with his hands on his ass. I enjoyed that way more than I should have.

"Honey I think I'm a little jealous of that spanking session." I almost puked as my father walked in from the living room and started tonguing it down with mom.

"Be good and maybe you can have one too " god did she actually just wink at him. Yeah, breakfast was now done.

"Hey dad thanks for killing my appetite." he smiled and said good morning and asked routine questions about if I'd felt and pain or soreness.

"I feel perfect dad, I'm going to get ready now."

I showered and wrapped the towel around my waist while I styled my hair. I don't know what this shit my mom bought is supposed to do but it keeps my hair soft as fuck so it was fine. Today I was wearing a plain black v neck, jeans, and a leather jacket. I walked down to hall to asshole's room to see if he was ready. I busted open the door and there he was fully dressed looking at his ass in a full length mirror.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"Making sure my ass looks up to par in these sweats, what do you think?" One thing about Emmett he had no shame.

"I think you should get that ass in the car before I leave it."

"Let's take my car today, I'm ready let's go."

Ten minutes later we were waiting in the parking lot too early to go inside. Only a few car we here but more were filing in each minute.

"Look there she is E." I looked in the general direction and saw Bella from English class, standing with two other girls I didn't know. Right next to them was Jasper from the team, he was one of the best players on our team and I couldn't believe he had never seriously played.

"Which one? And are you referring to the girl from gym?"

"The hot blonde one her name is Rose, Casper is her brother. Man she is so hot, the things I would do to her, but she's all feisty and shit I like it." I rolled my eyes at the inability for my brother to use another word rather than hot. He never had a problem getting girls in Chicago, hell he flew through girls actually, but I never heard him talk about a girl he never fucked.

"Well I guess she is friends with Bella from my English and gym class" I looked at Bella from head to toe. She had on a navy blue long sleeve shirt that clung to her body and highlighted her curves, all of them. Her hair was dark brown and wavy down her back. She was beautiful, I hadn't really noticed before but now that I did I couldn't stop looking.

"Stop being a pussy and let's go talk to them." What the hell am I supposed to say to her. I guess you could start with a hello asshole.

"Shut up fucker, let's go then." Getting out of the car I was oddly nervous, it's not like I was about to make a speech or something what the fuck was wrong with me. Emmett was jolly as ever strutting over to the yellow Porsche with not a care in the world. Everything was so easy for him. Bella spotted me first; I flashed her a smile and the rest of them were looking our way.

"Hey Casper the ghost how the fuck are ya?" Emmett had his massive arm around Jasper as if they'd known each other for a lifetime. The dark haired short girl was giggling and Bella had a smile that instantly made me smile.

"Emmett you big fuck you're going to break me" Jasper whined while trying to break his hold.

"Don't be a wuss in front of all these beautiful girls cowboy, speaking of which good morning Rose I Don't believe I know your friends here." Emmett and Rose were now gaping flirtatiously at each while I starred at Bella.

"Hello Emmett, this is Bella and Alice and I assume this is your brother?" Rose countered as she raised her eye brow I see what he meant about her being feisty.

"Yea that's my weaker less attractive brother Edward." Really fucker?

"Sorry everyone can't weigh 300 pounds fat ass." I answered as I elbowed him. Bella had her hand over her mouth to try and hide her smile. Emmett obviously was upset about the fat comment.

"Not cool Eddie, you know I have self-esteem problems." He poked out his bottom lip and crossed his arm. The bell rang and we were all going to be late to class.

"Well your self-esteem is about to get a lot worse when I kick your ass in badminton." She turned away and Emmett immediately followed her. Jasper and Alice left leaving just Bella and I.

"Shall we?" I turned to Bella and she walked next to me through the door way. "You look nice today" wait did I just blurt that out. Oh well who cares it was true. She looked up at me with a small smile.

"Thanks, you should be complementing Alice she dresses me." she chuckled and shook her head.

"I'll be sure to do that." we walked into class a couple minutes late but our teacher didn't seem to care. I sat next to Bella in my new seat and turned back to put my backpack on my chair. Newton, second string quarterback now that I was here, was glaring the shit out of me I gave him a head nod and turned around.

Class was quite boring as we reviewed the first five chapters of The Great Gatsby. I kept glancing and smiling at Bella as she did the same. It was like playing eye tag and made me feel like I was in 5th grade. We had yet to have an actual conversation and I was dying to know more about her. When we stood up to go to our next class Bella caught her foot oh her chair and tumbled right into me.

"Bella if you wanted to get close to me all you had to do was ask." I knew I was being an asshole but it was too cute to see her blush.

"Sorry Edward I couldn't resist." She got up smiled and went to her next class while I just starred at the spot she was standing in. My next class was forensics, which was awesome because the teacher was so laid back we could basically do what we wanted so long as we looked studious. I happen to have this class with Jasper; I was relieved that I had someone to talk to.

"Hey Edward next time your pet attacks me like that I might have to euthanized him." The fact that Emmett had been referred to as a dog twice before 11 am made me laugh.

"Emmett is like a 2 year old stuck in a 30 year old body, he can't help it."

As we were joking and talking about yesterdays practice I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see a big pair of tits. As I looked up the girl had bleach blonde wavy hair and a blinding smile.

"Umm hello." Who the hell was this bombshell?

"Hi I'm Tanya you're Edward right?" she batted her eye lashes and leaned forward on my lab table, basically asking me to stare at tits, so I took the invitation.

"Yes I am nice to meet you, what's up?"

" I just wanted to welcome you to the school, you and Jasper here are kind of a big deal, not too often when get a new students that looks like you." she winked and flipped her hair to one side. "By the way welcome back Jasper, anyway I was going to invite you guys to this small gathering at my place on Friday to kick the school year off." I glanced at Jasper he looked just as shocked as me.

"Well we have practice but I guess after I could come by." she brightened up immediately and bounced up and down making her tits giggle.

"Great and bring your brother too, you guys can meet my twin sisters it'll be fun, see you around" And with that she was across the room back to her lab table.

"What just happened?" As if I know Jasper.

"Well looks as if Tanya wants us and Emmett to make an appearance at her party, wanna go?"

"Nothing better to do" he was right. I learned quickly that this town was nothing like Chicago where there was always something to do.

Next thing I knew it was time to lunch and I couldn't be happier I was fucking starving. Emmett of coarse had 4 trays of food and a litter of sprite. I swear he was a food tank.

"How was gym, get your ass kicked?" Emmett got this look on his face that looked like a kid in a candy store. Who was this guy and what did he do with my brother.

"Rose was going hard as ever but I killed her, it was a close game though. She even threw her racquet at me she was so mad, see." Emmett exposed his shoulder and sure enough there was a huge black and blue forming on his arm. He was happy about this, what a weirdo.

Jasper was still sitting at the table with Alice, Bella, and Rose so I called him over to spare the girl talk. "Jasper, you should sit with us and spare yourself of all the girl gossip going on over there."

"You're right thanks for saving me." he slapped me on the back and jumped into the conversation naturally. Bella was eating a huge burger listening to Rose talk angrily. No doubt about her losing to Emmett. She laughed and almost choked, I got up to get myself a drink out of the vending machine. When I turned I was greeted by a pale looking Bella.

"Here take my drink I'll buy another." She clearly needed a drink after her almost death experience.

"No its fine I can get my own." she smile meekly. No, no, no I wanted her to drink right now she needed to clear her throat.

"It's peach Snapple, everyone loves peach Snapple." I put it in her hand and waited for her to drink. She exhaled loudly but took it and murmured thanks. I turned feeling victorious walking back to the table.

"Oh Em Friday we're going to a Party at Tanya Denali's house."

"Sweet finally some action in this town, is she the one with the sisters?"

"Yea that's her, she wants to introduce us." It was going to be a good night.

"Sweet I'll introduce her to something all right, it's been forever since I got some." He winked and gestured while making hip thrust. There was my piggish brother I knew and loved.

Badminton was always one of my least favorite gym activities. It was like fake tennis like who the fuck invented this shit. All I wanted to do was get to practice and start throwing. On the field I felt complete I knew I was good enough to go pro , so moving to this shit town made me mad at first but we were starting to show progress. Emmett was clearly the best linebacker and with Jasper receiving we had a pretty decent system if the rest of the team could keep up. We would be ready to kick ass for the homecoming as far as I was concerned.

In the locker room I only needed to change into my pads and cleats but I joined Tyler and Mike by the door to wait for Em and Jasper. "Bella looked pretty good today, I just might go after that." The fuck were this dicks talking about Bella for?

"Ha good luck with that Tyler been there done that" Had he really done that? Bella didn't seem like the type to give handouts, but hell id just met her.

"Sure you have Mike just keep boning Jessica and keep Bella in your dreams while I'm fucking her." I'd enough of this shit, time to interrupt these horny no good fuckers.

"You both won't be fucking anything if you don't get your asses out to practice, now." I'd been here less time than both of them and was already captain. Tyler seemed to be un-phased when coach made the announcement but Mike however had been pissed. That would explain the death stare he gave me while they both exited. I followed behind and the rest of the team was there within five minutes. We started running some practice drills and as I got ready to release I saw Bella walking pass the field toward the parking lot.

She was walking with her face looking up toward the sun seeming to savoir every moment. She must have been accustomed to sun before coming to Forks. She pulled hair into a ponytail which caused her to expose her ivory stomach. It was like she was moving in slow motion, I saw Newton basically eye rapping her so decided to let my throw drift left to Newton's head. He looked around so I dropped my hands and pretended to be obliviously to my "slip."

After practice Emmett and I walked to the car, parked next to us was a silver BMW. Heading towards the car was the three Denali sisters coming from cheer practice. All three of them were half naked and now closing in on the cars.

"Edward, Emmett hi these are my sister Irina and Kate." All three of them looked the same but each had different hair. Kate's was pin straight, Irina wore hers in a bun, while Tanya's was wavy.

"Hello ladies I'm Emmett Cullen, nice to see all of you" he now ad a shit eating grin starring at Kate. His attention did not go unnoticed because she was eye fucking the shit out of him. Finally after a few uncomfortable moments she spoke.

"You're coming to our part on Friday right? I'm really looking forward to having some fun." At this point she might as well have just asked to be fucked. She was biting her lip looking at Emmett up and down.

Emmett returned her stare and winked "Hell yes we'll bring some kegs, I'm looking forward to it."

"Great." All three of them answered and stared giggling while getting in the car.

Once in the car Emmett did not hold back "Eddie did you see the tits on Kate, she wants me. She practically was begging for it." Yes Kate was pretty, but she was just another girl that wanted a good fuck. Tanya too. I meant they came to the rights place, but still that's all it would be, no strings attached.

"Yea I know I like this town a little more now." I was starting to be concerned with the lack of ass I'd be getting here, that would be a problem.

As soon as I walked in the house I could smell the penne alla vodka filled the air. Mom called out to us from the kitchen "Go wash your hands my stinky boys dinner is ready."

Emmett was at the table before I could even bring my shit up to my room. For dinners mom liked to sit in the dining room. It had 20 foot ceilings with a modern style chandelier that was made of different sized glass squares. This was nothing compared to the formal dining room that could seat ten people, while this one held four.

Dad walked through the front door looking tired as hell, but that immediately faded when he saw mom." Honey how was the hospital today, you look tired." She took his cheeks in her hands and gave him a gentle kiss.

"I'm all better now." He ducted and covered her face in kisses. I looked away from the giggling mess that was my mother. They were pushing 50 and still seemed to have an active sex life. Now I really need to get laid, no way my dad was going to be getting more ass than me.

The pene was fucking amazing as usual and Emmett let it be known with a belch that echoed through the dining room. Mom then proceeded to slap him with a wooden spoon while he whined. Same old, same old. Dad and I usually had our own conversation until they were done bickering.

"How was school today son?" My dad was always asking about my day, not in a generic Brady bunch way, but he actually cared. I knew that I could go to him for anything.

"Schools going good so far, me and Em are going to a party Friday, should be fun." dad must have heard the anticipation in my voice; he raised his eyebrow at the word fun.

"Edward you and Emmett are old enough to make your own decisions, I just hope you two are being safe and mindful of how you treat women." Jesus he didn't have to make us sound like manwhores, I mean Emmett sure was but I wasn't, I just enjoy coatis as much as the next man.

"Dad spare me on the speech, we treat our females very nicely." I couldn't help but laugh at how true that statement was in a sexual aspect. He picked up on my double meaning and shook his head with a smirk.

"Anyway, I met the chief the other day he says his daughter is in your grade, do you know an Isabella?" Of coarse I knew Bella's dad was the police chief everyone in town knew that bit of information.

"Yea she prefers to be called Bella I think, we have some classes together she's a cutie, that's about all I know."

"Edward don't you go around making trouble with the police chiefs daughter or so help me god –" he was now starting to turn a little red. What the fuck did he think I was going to do to her? Why would I hurt her?

"Dad chill the fuck out, I said she was cute not that I was going to fuck her or something, relax." Not that I didn't think about in what she was wearing today. I chuckled as he returned to his former self.

He eyed me warily "Well I never know with you." I felt myself tense at his comment. " Son I didn't mean it like that I just want you to be careful when you're making decision that could affect—" he was now rambling trying to justify his comment.

"Its fine dad I know what you mean, I'm being careful, I promise." I gave him a smile and a pat on the shoulder so he knew I was really over it.

It was getting late and I wanted to be alert in the morning for a workout with Em. We made it a habit to work out before school at least 3 times a week. Before I turned out the light on my nightstand I picked up my copy of The Great Gatsby and started reading, Mr. Llewellyn said we'd be doing an activity over the next few days to take a break from his lecturing, thank god. After a couple of chapters I decided to call it a night thinking how much better this town was than I expected.

Thoughts? Oh and sorry if my grammar sucks it will improve with time, pinky swear!