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Driving into school we took my Volvo instead of Emmett's Hummer, shit was awesome but it was horrible on gas, and mom hated that it was not environmentally friendly. This time we arrived right at 8:15 sparing any social time we would have to talk with friends. My legs were on fucking fire from the morning workout but pain means you're doing it right, or that's what Emmett always says, I doubt he ever felt pain from anything physical.

I was the last one in class and Mr. Llewellyn was still setting up. Bella was sitting at our table twirling her hair daintily looking bored. She was wearing a black off the shoulder blouse with tight denim jeans and black boots. Her hair was curled and cascading down her back. Her makeup was subtle aside from her dark smoky eyes. I wanted nothing more than to attack her neck with my tongue and then other places. Where these urges came from I had no idea but she looked beautiful not just sexy or hot.

I sat down in my seat and turned.

"Morning Bella." I smirked at her. She was no fool she knew I was starring the shit out of her, but she acted oblivious to that fact. She just bit her lip and nodded.

"How nice of you to join us Cullen." She teased while keeping her head slightly turned away from me.

"Wouldn't want to keep the fans waiting you know." She chuckled and just shook her head

Mr. Llewellyn finally started class and called our attention. "Today we're going to start our discussion on The Great Gatsby, for this project everyone will be paired but the pairs must be gender opposite. So most of you can just pair with who's next to you" That means I'd be working with Bella, I won't complain with the way she's looking right now. "Today you all with be talking about lust, I want each of you to define it then shared with your partner and discuss perspective. After you do this talk about how this theme is relevant and prevalent in The Great Gatsby."

Talking to Bella about lust while fighting the urge to mount her in front of my whole English class, how the fuck was I supposed to do this. A couple of minutes passed and I think I'd had my definition of lust so I turned to Bella and she seemed ready too.

"So guess I'll start." Bella turned her chair to me and exhaled deeply waiting for me to speak. "Well lust is nothing new to me." I paused realizing how much of a douchebag I sounded like. "Lust to me is an overwhelming feeling that can be exhilarating and hot." I took a moment to admire the shape of her lips. They were pouty, pink, and perfect. I wanted them. "You let your senses take control rather than your mind, it's animalistic and raw." At this point I realized we had moved so close to each other that I could smell the vanilla perfume coming off of her. I licked my lips and continued, "but the best part about lust is the wonder, the challenge. Not knowing how the other person feels makes it all the better."

I was not feeling extremely warm and horny as I stared at Bella as she stared at my lips then glance quickly to lap. I knew I was getting hard but it wasn't visible just yet, did Bella just check out my cock? This was going to be a lot harder than anticipated. She straightened up and put some distance between us.

"I agree with all of that but you left out a few aspects." She cleared her throat and looked down at her paper. "While lust is exciting, animalistic, and raw" she blushed as she repeated the words I had used. "Lust is temporary. Like anger, sadness, or any other emotion that passes. It is not constant, but the biggest downfall is that it is often confused with love. I do believe love can grow from lust, but more often than not it is detrimental. There are consequences the come from acting on impulse." I knew that better than anyone.

I could tell Bella was levelheaded and cautious from her perspective on lust. Yeah I knew she felt the intensity between us, I could see it in her eyes. She alluded to sexuality but she was not promiscuous in any way or form, that I could tell. Her innocent brown eyes conflicted with her feisty flare. I was truly intrigued and her confidence was so fucking sexy.

"Impulse has worked fine for millions of years you know Bella." I fiddled with my pen awaiting her response.

"Are you referring to the cavemen? Boy like girl. Boy hit girl on head. Boy get girl pregnant, now she is wife. Yea, I see no problem with that logic." She mimicked in a sarcastic tone and leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs. She was being a smart as and she knew it. I also found her smart ass reply to be hot as hell.

I let my eyes linger on her legs then her face. "Well I never heard the cavewomen complaining, that is if their husband did their job correctly." That was a very obvious sex reference but I didn't care nor could I help myself. Her top was gaping open due to her leaned over position, exposing the top of her right breast. I clearly wasn't subtle enough because she cleared her throat, but I didn't care that she knew I was looking. I glanced up and smiled at her sexily.

Bella was still blushing from my comment. "Huh well someone seems to be an expert on pre historic society."

"One of my many hobbies." I winked and thank god Mr. Llewellyn was quieting us down because I doubted I could keep sane at this point. Shit I was a horny mess and Bella wasn't helping with all her coy flirty shit and exposed skin.

Later on in Forensics Jasper and I were talking about plans for tonight. "Why don't you ride with Emmett and I, we're taking the hummer for the kegs." Emmett himself could take out a keg so he bought three not to even mention the bottles he got. He was sparing no expense to make sure everyone was immensely fucked up.

"Cool I bought some 12 packs and I'll have Rose and Alice come pick us up and bring the hummer back home." Did that mean Bella would be there too, those three were always together now.

"They're not going?"

"Nope there going to the res to meet up with some of Bella's friends, but Alice said they would come back and take my drunken ass home." I knew the res was some type of Indian land close by but who would Bella know from over there? I also knew that they were the defending tri- state champs. That would be changing this year if it was the last thing I did.

"That's really nice of Alice to offer." I wondered why she would be so concerned with Jasper getting home safely. I mean should could just be a good friend but I felt as if it were more than that. From what I knew about Alice she was always happy as hell but she was always beaming at him like some type of savior. They knew each other for years so maybe I was reading too much into it.

"What?" Jasper asked with a cautious look on his face, he knew what I was thinking. "I know what you're thinking Edward me and Alice are just best friends, we always have been. She looks out for me, I would do the same." He was starting to sound defensive so I put my hand up to placate him.

"Listen Jas, do I look like I have a vagina? I don't care to know the details of your friendship it was just a thought." I slapped him on the shoulder.

"Sorry man it's just that everyone always assumes we're like fucking or something, it's not like that." He sounded frustrated and I couldn't help but raise an eyebrow.

"So what's the problem she's cute and seems to be into you, why not?" I seriously couldn't understand the dilemma.

"I don't want to just fuck her Edward; she's like my sister's best friend and mine. I'd be too weird." So that was the problem, he didn't want to lose her friendship if it didn't work out. That was reasonable enough.

"So you do want to fuck her?" I knew what he was saying but still wanted to be an asshole. He knew it.

"Shut the fuck up man, I'm done with this conversation." He shook his head and pouted.

"Good I feel like Oprah or some shit." We both laughed and continued talking about practice and plans for tonight.

By time lunch came I was starving. Mom had an early client this morning so she wasn't home to cook breakfast, though she did leave some instant oatmeal which Emmett ate for the both of us. It was pretty sad that between me, dad, and Emmett none of us could make an antiquate breakfast. Dad just settled for coffee and I took a protein bar to go.

Fat ass Emmett nearly catapulted me across the room with what was supposed to be a pat on the back. "You fucking dick that's my throwing arm, watch it." I sat down and took a bite of my pizza.

"God Eddie I forgot it's you're time of the month, damn you aunt flow." This fucking dick now had the entire table laughing and as hard as I tried I couldn't resist the smile that formed on my face.

"You're so pretty when you smile." Now he had gotten Jasper in on the joke. How the fuck was I going to stay with these two for hours at a time?

"Fuck you guys I need a drink, try not to eat my food like this morning Emmett." I glared at him, I was not joking about lunch today I was lacking nutrition.

As I walked over the vending machine I felt someone hot on my heels, so I turned when I inserted my dollar. Tanya was standing behind me wearing the smallest tank top I'd ever seen with super low jeans that let her belly ring hang out. Clearly she thought she lived in a different state, perhaps Florida? Like honestly it was below 60 degrees, where the fuck was she going?

"Hey you, we still on for tonight?" I didn't know what she meant by 'still on' but from the way she was looking up at me with her mouth parted I assumed it would be to my benefit to say yes.

"Yea, Jas and Em are coming too, we got a shitload of beer and stuff." I ran my hand through my hair and looked around to see Rose shooting daggers our way. What the hell was that about? I mean Emmett said she had a temper but I don't see why she was starring over here.

"Good you're going to have such a good time in me.. I mean with me. I just know it." Was she seriously stroking my arm, hard, with her entire hand like it was my cock? Tanya was clearly not shy about her sexuality, good less work for me. I couldn't help but feel a little off though.

"We'll see, text me the address, see ya." I turned and went back to the table. No doubt they had been watching the whole encounter.

"Whoa there E how's the arm I thought she was going to stroke it off." Em would of course make a comment , the others chimed in as he let out a booming laugh.

"Make sure you wrap your willy with that one Edward." Tyler laughed. Whatever, I didn't let their banter get to me, Tanya was a girl that wanted me, not a big deal.

Moments before the bell was about to ring Bella, Alice, and Rose all got up to throw away their food passing our table. Rose was first of the three; she scowled at the entire table lingering on me for an extra moment. Next was Bella and oddly enough she just didn't make eye contact at all, with anyone. The only normal one seemed to be Alice she just looked over to smile at Jasper, he returned the gesture and she giggled.

"Jasper what the hell is wrong with your sister, is she a demon?" she was seriously scaring the shit out of me, and it made me feel like a pussy.

"You'll learn not to get on her bad side, obviously someone has. She'll be over it in a couple hours, or weeks, it all depends." He seemed to think her tantrum was funny.

"She looks really hot when she's mad." Emmett had a wolfish grin on his face leaned back in his chair that only I recognized as him being deep in perverted thought.

Jasper turned to Emmett and his smile faded. "Not cool Em, keep my sister the fuck out of your dirty mind." He was only half joking.

Emmett raised his right hand "I was thinking about the national deficit, boyscout's honor." He was so full of shit and he knew it. Jasper seemed to return to normal and called him on his Bullshit. Knowing Emmett he was most definitely thinking of deflowering Rose. .. pun intended. That was the polite way of putting it. I really hoped he could keep his penis to himself because I actually really liked Jasper and felt like we were old friends. Back in Chicago Emmett had pissed off a fair amount of older brothers, not that any of them were a match for his big ass but still I didn't feel like that shit again.

Gym was intense now that we were playing for the championship. It was no surprise that Bella was the first one out, she had a serious issue with any sport, or walking for that matter. It made me laugh to see her face contour every time she walked into the gym. I kept winning tournament after tournament until it was just me and Tyler. After a long as volley I was ready to throw the game but finally Tyler fucked up and I won. The whole football team ambushed me and turned into a mosh pit. Bella was the only one picking up birdies so I decided to help her before changing.

"You're scoring an awful lot today huh?" What was that supposed to mean? I couldn't make out her tone, it sounded humorous mixed with something I couldn't put my finger on. She was bending over picking up a birdie so I couldn't see her face either.

"Ha uh thanks I try my best." She laughed dryly and threw the last one in the basket.

"Thanks for the help." she smiled but it wasn't full. Was something wrong with her? I wanted to ask but felt too pushy so I just went to put on my pads.

Practice was going fucking awesome. Everyone was hitting there marks and executing the plays perfectly, no doubt in my mind we would win the first game next week. I threw a spiral to Jasper in the pocket and her ran it 50 yards before Garrett caught up and sacked him. With a little more work Jasper would be making TD's left and right. I was so excited for this season. Practice was ended after a few words from coach.

Jasper was riding with us since Rose had his Camaro for the rest of the day at the res. He had told us that Rose had her own Mercedes but it was being worked on. I got my phone out of the glove compartment and saw I had a text..

My address is 567 Midland Drive. I know you have practice but try not to keep me waiting or else I'll be very mad ;) - Tanya

I showed the text to Emmett and he nearly crashed he was laughing so hard. "Damn Eddie what the hell did you do to this girl and I hope her sister is as willing as she is!"

"Someone's getting laid tonight." Jasper whistled.

"What kind of slut do you think I am, she hasn't even taken me out to dinner." We all howled as we slowed into Jaspers driveway.

"Don't be late you pussy we'll be back in an hour." Jasper just ignored his comment and flipped him the finger. Yup Jasper would fit in well with us.

Mom was polishing the fire place when we walked in. "My babies are home" she ran over to us and hugged us. "I didn't get to see you handsome men this morning let me make you a snack, come sit." There was no arguing with mom when she wanted to spend time with us, I didn't mind though she was so warm. She already had pizza bagels in the oven so they were ready as soon as we sat.

"Smells good mommy you made my favorite." Emmett snuggled into her hand.

"Aww my big baby, I know you love them so I made 50, which should be enough for you two." She rubbed his back. "What are you two doing tonight, you must have plans its Friday?"

"Yeah we're going to a party at this girl's hous.e" I replied with a mouthful of sauce and cheese.

"Uh –huh? What type of party?" mom was now crossing her arms, a sign that she was either mad or anxious.

"Don't worry mom it's just a bunch of people from school hanging out."

She nodded "So I don't have to tell you boys to be on your best behavior, right?" she started washing the baking sheet.

"Ma don't get your panties in a bunch, we are going to be perfect gentlemen, like you raised us." Emmett was now done with his 30 pizza bagels and wiped his mouth.

"Well we should start getting ready." I stood and gave her a kiss, Em followed, and we were off to the stairs.

"Make sure one of you pops your head in the bedroom when you're home, you know I can't sleep well if you're not here." She called from the kitchen I promised I would.

A hot shower was just what I needed. I let the water rundown my abs and disappear. I don't know how long I was in the shower but suddenly Emmett busted into my bathroom in his birthday suit.

"Get the fuck out Edward now, my bathroom has no hot water and my dick is shriveling from the ice water. He needs to be locked and loaded for tonight. Get out." My glass shower door left nothing to the imagination as Emmett pointed to his dick.

"You're fucking gross I'm getting out now, go to your own bathroom perv." He ran out butt naked and I was still too grossed out to move.

Once the blood started circulating though my dick again I turned off the water and wrapped a towel around my waist. I debated brushing my hair, which I only did for Christmas and thanksgiving because mom made me. I decided to leave it alone as I always did.

I put on my Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix album and starting singing to Armistice. I decide to wear gray sweats with a black v neck and a backwards baseball cap. I wanted to be comfortable but look like a total bum. I grabbed my wallet and key to head to the stairs.

"Come on fucker let's roll." Emmett kicked open his room door and was at the top of the stairs. He looked like a douc bag with a sleeveless Giants tees and matching cap. They were his favorite team and he truly believed the team name was some type of manifested destiny.

Ten minutes later we were in front of Jasper's house and he was already outside with his beers. "I hope you're not a light weight Casper, no puking in the hummer if you are."

"Fuck off, you really can't even afford to lose anymore brain cells." Jasper was quick with him comebacks, Em finally met his match.

We pulled up to a huge brick house that had a golden rode gate that was wide open. It had a circled entry way and two huge French doors. The landscaping was perfect with not a leaf out of place. I had seen a lot of nice houses because of my mom's interior design but this was one of the nicest.

"Well well well this is fancy." Emmett cut the engine and I couldn't help but agree.

"Eleazar Denali is a senator for the state of Washington, which is why his is almost never home. Tanya had parties all the time when we lived here before. Her dad is the senator so no one bothers to complain about noise or drinking." Jasper seemed to remember the house and was not as taken back.

We could hear the music coming from the house so we grabbed the drinks and walked to the front doors. I rang the bell and Kate answered wearing a black leather dress that screamed kinky. Emmett would definitely be drooling any minute.

"Hi guys I'm so happy you came, come in." She moved out of the way and the entire house was dim with neon lights that ran through the base and top molding. There were at least fifty people here and most of which was the football team. There was a red cup on every flat surface and beer pong tables set up in the back of the living room past the atrium. To the right was the kitchen so we followed Kate in and set down the drinks.

"Emmett you carried those kegs all by yourself?" Kate approached Emmett who was now leaning on the door frame.

"Yeah hun, you like the guns." He flexed his arm and continued to stare at Kate's tits.

This guy…

She placed her hands on his chest "I love them, just how strong are you?" She leaned into him and put her other hand on his belt buckle while biting her lip.

Right then and there I turned to get a beer I, this was starting to sound like a porno and I just wanted to be drunk at this point. Jasper was right with me opening his beer.

"Did you just almost puke or is it just me?" Jasper was smiling as he sipped his beer.

"I will never be able to rid myself of that imagine, they might as well fuck right here." I looked over to the arch way and they were gone. "Where are they?"

"Kate offered to give him a private tour; right to her bedroom I'm sure, I'm surprised Tanya wasn't at the door to mount you."

"I'm in no rush it's still early, let's go mingle." I took a shot of vodka to speed up the process, beer was clearly not working fast enough. Tyler was sitting on the couch with Lauren in his lap but he called us over anyway to say hi. We talked with them for about 15 minutes when I heard Tanya call my name.

There she was wearing a tight tube top dress that had her tits spilling out; her dress barely covered her ass. Her blue eyes were piercing into me as she cat walked to me.

"Edward you made it." She threw her arms around my neck and almost lost balance so I placed my hand on her hip. "Do you want a drink? I already got a head start." She was giggling the whole time and clearly had a couple shots but was not drunk.

"Nope I'm good I helped myself I'll be needing more beer in a few though."

"Let's go upstairs to talk it's so loud down here." She skimmed the room and stopped when she found Irina in the kitchen. "Irina, där du kommer!" She came over to Tanya, Jasper and I.

"Irina, me and Edward are going to talk, you remember Jasper right? Edward wouldn't want to leave him alone."

"I do, come on Jasper let's get some more drinks." she placed her hand in his and Jasper didn't seem to mind and with that they were gone.

Tanya led me up the spiral stairs down a long hallway. "So what was that you were speaking to Irina?" I was really curious as to where they were from.

"That was Swedish, my mom was born in Sweden and came to America for modeling and then met my dad here. She mostly speaks to us in Swedish and my dad can understand it after all these years." That was pretty cool; her mom must be super-hot.

We got to her room at the end of the hall and she opened the door and led me in. Everything was red, black and silver, kind of what I expected. Suddenly the door was closed and her lips were on mine. She parted her lips and snaked her tongue into my mouth I was shocked at her urgency but kissed her back. She pushed me toward the plush bed that was covered in silk sheets and straddled my lap. I put my hands on her lower back and held her to me.

"Edward" she whispered while sucking on my neck. "I'm so happy you're here, låt mig behaga dig" she dropped to her knees and pulled down my sweats. This girl wasted no time. She took my hard cock into her mouth slowly until my head reached the back of her throat.

"Shit" I yelled out. It'd been at least 3 weeks since my penis had gotten any type of female contact. I was started to feel all my shots kick in and the two sensations felt great.

She started sucking my dick and letting her spit drape all over my length. I tangled my fingers in her hair and pushed her head down.

"Oh shit, right there, faster." She followed what I said and her grip got even tighter. She sped up her pace and I knew I was going to come soon.

"Don't stop, I'm …Fuuuuuuck" I pushed her head down and let mine fall back. I came in her mouth and felt kind of bad that I didn't give her any warning. I was now breathing heavy as fuck and released her head. She gulped loudly and smiled up at me. I gave her a weak smile and pulled up my pants.

"Umm well thanks for that." I'd gotten plenty of blow jobs but this felt different, I felt dirty for just sitting there while she threw herself at me. Tanya was hot but I hoped she knew this was all it was going to be, I didn't really even know her and she just sucked me off with no warning.

"No problem, it was my pleasure lets lay down." She laid back and patted the pillow next to hers. I guess I could lay but I wasn't really in the mood for anything more. One I was laying Tanya started sucking on my neck pretty fucking hard and I knew it was leave hickies but I felt bad telling her to get off of me. So if pleasing me made her happy I could I could deal. Kissing her didn't feel right, she was so hungry for me and I didn't share the same intensity but kissed her back anyway. After a couple of minutes of kissing, her hand roamed to my dick once again and she straddled me releasing her top all in one fluid movement.

I wasn't really into this but didn't want her to think I just wanted head and to leave. I let her feel my up while I pulled her panties to the side. She was grinding on my hand so hard so I decided to slip two fingers into her, she was obviously wet and gasped when I pushed hard.

"That feels good, knulla, more." She was going crazy on my hand so I gave her another finger, easily. Another two minutes and her legs were shaky and she came. I slowed my hand and she lifted off of me to fix her dress. She saw me examining my hand and laughed "Bathroom is through that door."

I hopped off the bed and proceeded to get her stickiness off of my hand. She had a bunch of facial products and washes on her mantle. I scrubbed my hands thoroughly and went back to the bed. I really wanted to go find Jasper or Em.

"Why don't we head back downstairs, I'm sure people are starting to miss you." That was the best excuse I could come up with for us to leave.

"You're right, I had fun with you Edward, you should come over again sometime." Yeah the blowjob was nice but I felt weird just taking sexual favors from her. Wow I sound like such a pussy, this town was making me soft.

"Yea definitely." I tried to smile convincingly she grabbed my arm and walked down the hallway. I knew we passed Kate's room because I heard low grunting that sounded like an ox. If you lived with Emmett long enough one grew to know all his noises, unfortunately. Clearly she had heard it to because she yelled through the door "Go Kate go."

I laughed as she quickly pulled me down the stairs. We spotted Jasper and Irina quickly and I rushed over to them grabbing a beer from the table. They were in the same spot we left them an hour ago, had they not snuck off on their own like us?

"Hey look who's back." Jasper smiled widely and so did Irina who was sitting next to him. His eyes were red as shit and he was laughing randomly. He was shitfaced.

"How much did you drink cowboy you look like shit." Irina answered for him.

"We played a couple drinking games and had a ton of shots, he said he was ready to go home but had to wait for you and Emmett." she seemed to keep friendly distance from jasper and just patted him on the knee.

"Well as soon as Em is down here we can go you should text Alice and let them know." Tanya and Kate had excused themselves so I sat down with Jasper.

"You're right actually I'll call alley cat right now!" He whipped out his phone and put it to his ear. After a few seconds he realized he hadn't called anyone and asked for my assistance.

"Alley cat we're ready for you! Are you coming now? I need to get home I'm so tired and I have to poo poo." He was screaming into the phone like an idiot so I grabbed it to speak to Alice myself.

"Hey Alice Jaspers a little inebriated as you can see." she laughed and I heard Rose yell something about light weight in the background.

"Yea I figured that much, we're on our way now see you in about 30 minutes." I thanked her and hung up. Now all we needed was for Emmett to hurry the fuck up. While waiting Jasper told me a bunch of random shit, like how he had a ferret named Herpes that was a present from Rose. I was starting to seriously get annoyed at his sloppy as but his stories were so random it was actually hilarious.

Finally Emmett came into the room with Kate behind him. She was glowing and he was beaming and drunk. He slapped her ass and she jumped but didn't get mad instead she grabbed his crotch and whispered something. Emmett gaffed and she walked off.

"Hey you pussy wipes." he was so fucking loud and obnoxious when he was drunk. "Did you lose your virginity tonight Casper?" he teased.

"Shut up Emmett you know I'm not a fucking virgin you cunt." He jumped up and started wrestling Em.

"Both of you fucking come on and let's get out of here, Alice will be here any minute." We waited in the circle drive way for Alice.

"So Eddie spill the beans, how's Tanya in bed?" I knew Emmett couldn't hold off for long.

"I wouldn't know we didn't fuck."

"Wow I'm surrounded by pansies, am I the only one who knows how to get some ass? Fucking losers." Em made a 'L' shape with his fingers and put it to his forehead.

"All we did was mess around Emmett I'm not an immature fuck like you, now can it." I looked over to see Jasper sitting in the bushes playing with leafs. What the fuck was wrong with this kid.

I heard tires approaching and decided to let Alice deal with his drunken ass. Alice, Rose and Bella got out the car and came over to us.

"Oh my God Jas, what are you doing are you hurt?" She went to the bush a kneeled down in front of him.

"No Alley cat these leafs remind me of you they're so shiny, like you." She giggled and pulled him up and led him to the car.

"Jas looks sick guys I'll drop him home in my car then swing by and get Bella and Rose." When Alice called the shots he didn't disagree so we all nodded.

"I've been dying to drive the Hummer anyway, get in guys." Rose was rubbing the leather as if it was coated in gold. Emmett got in the passenger side and me and Bella got in the back. She looked beautiful and I could tell she had been drinking.

Her eye liner was a little smeared and her curls had dropped from earlier today but they left a gentle wave in her hair. She exhaled and rested her hair on the seat, showing me her pale neck. Suddenly I remembered my neck and wondered if the marks had formed yet.

Rose stared driving and pulled on the back roads to avoid stop lights. I was still looking at Bella when Emmett broke the silence.

"Rosie I had such a good time with you tonight." What the fuck was this asshole talking about? Me and Bella sprang our heads up and Rose turned her hear to him.

"Emmett this is the first time I've seen you all night?" she looked apprehensive, quite frankly I was confused.

"No rose what happened between us tonight was beautiful, you looked beautiful under me." Emmett had a dazed look in his eye and reached to touch Rose's hand. She swerved the car of the road and broke hard. Bella flew into me and I hit the door. I waited for Bella to get from under my arm but she didn't so I put my hand around her shoulder. She felt cold so I pulled her closer and she nudged into my arm.

Rose turned to Emmett looking like she was going to rip his head off. "If you're telling me you had sex with that whore Kate while picturing me let me tell you one thing Emmett Cullen, you will never fucking get me in bed, not even in your dreams! How fucking dare you even compare me to that slut."

"Rose calm down he's just really drunk." Bella tried to reason with Rose but she was not having it.

"I don't give a fuck what he is." She screamed at the top of her lungs her face was turning bright red.

Emmett looked like a puppy headed into the slaughter house. Good for him, he really fucked up now with his big mouth. I laughed and Rose glared at me and made my heart stop. She turned back to Emmett.

"Get the fuck out, now." She unlocked the doors and crossed her arms. Was she trying to kick Emmett out of his own car? Was she crazy?

"But .. but Rose this is my car you.. you can't –" he was stuttering and looked scared shitless.

"Walk the rest, you're almost home and I don't really give a shit how you feel, out now!" I was just about to interject on Emmett's behalf but Bella cupped her hand to my mouth and shook her head. Her hand felt so soft on my lips so I decided to recant and watch instead.

Emmett opened his door and slammed it behind him "Fine I'll walk but this is my car and I want it back." He stomped his foot like a frustrated child.

"I'll bring it back when I feel like it!" she pulled off and left Emmett on the sidewalk. Bella he laughing into my arm and I smiled in her hair. Rose continued to mumble about "killing him" and "all guys being assholes." Minutes later we were in front of my house. Bella moved from me and I felt myself frown.

"See you later Bella." she smiled at me and said goodnight. Alice's Porsche was waiting at the curb "Night Rose, you can just leave the keys in the mail box." I didn't really want to make eye contact with her rights now.

"You tell Emmett if he wants his car back, ever, he can come get it from my house and I might return it." She looked at me and was completely serious.

"Um alrighty then, thanks." I waved to Alice in her car and jogged to the front door. It was dead silent in in house, I made my way through the corridor at the end out the kitchen and walked down the hall to my parent's room. I knocked lightly and mom told me to come in. I learned a long time ago that walking in on my parent unexpectedly was a huge, disgusting mistake.

"Hey mom I'm home." My dad was snoring lightly and mom sat up to look over me.

"Where's your brother?" she looked worried.

"Don't worry mom he's on his way in, you might want to ask him about his night tomorrow." I laughed and she looked confused. "Good night mom."

"Night night sweetie." I closed the door and went to the fringe to get a bottle of water. When I closed the fridge Emmett was closing the front door. He looked sad, defeated, mad and tired as hell. I figured I'd wait until the morning to tell him what an asshole he was.

"Fuck you E" was all he said before stomping up the stairs. I followed him up and went into my room. I pulled off my shirt and smelled the whiff of vanilla that had been left behind from Bella. She hadn't talked much she looked really tired. Alice had invited us to some carnival fundraiser tomorrow and I hoped Bella would be there. I got under my covers wearing only my boxers and had no difficulty falling asleep.

Saturday morning I woke up to the sound of mom playing Cher as she did every Saturday when she was cooking or cleaning. I pulled on my 'Kiss' t shirt I was starving and knew mom was cooking. I was right; I entered the kitchen and heard the crackle of the bacon.

"Morning mom, how was your client yesterday?" My mom mostly worked out of the house with her interior design but sometimes had to go to ware houses and stuff to choose fabrics.

"It was wonderful is in her sixties and wants to create a nursery for her grandson for when he visits. His name is Riley and he is the cutest little baby." Mom always got this look in her eye when she talked about children.

"That's great mom." Decorating was my mom's passion and I loved seeing her happy, that would never change.

She served me my omelet and bacon but stood of me starring as I started to eat. "What did you get into yesterday young man." She crossed her arms and waited expectantly. Shit. There was no way I was that obvious last night. I mean my mom was used to me and Emmett being with girls, hell in Chicago he had girls over all the time. I just didn't feel like talking about it, especially not with my mom.

"Nothing really, why do you ask?" I tried to sound uninterested but my mom knew me too well.

"Hmm interesting, that's not what your neck is telling me." Shit. I forgot all about those. Oh well no use in hiding it now.

"No big deal mom I was just with this girl nothing serious." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Edward I trust you, please don't go around breaking hearts, or else I'll have to take care of you." She slid the butter knife across her neck and we started laughing.

"Why does everyone have to be so loud in this house?" Emmett came slouching into the room whining.

"Oh honey, are you okay? You look horrible." She raised her hand to his forehead.

"Emmett had a rough night." I couldn't hold back the laughter that had been building since he walked in.

"Will someone tell me what happened?" Mom asked.

"I don't even know ma." Emmett pouted and dug into his food.

Looks like I'd be the one filling in the blanks. I told both of them what happened and moms eyes widened when I told her what Emmett had said but she starting laughing when she heard how Rose threw him out of his own car.

"I don't even remember saying that, all I remember was walking home in the cold."

"Emmett you know I love you with my whole heart but sometimes I don't know if you have a brain. Is that how I taught you to treat women? Now this Rose girl had every right to make you walk home. I want you to get dressed as soon as you're done and go apologize." She was pointing her finger into Emmett's chest with such force it looked like she was trying to knock him off the stool.

"But mommy, Rose is so scary she'll kill me. You should have seen the bruise she left on my arm the other day. I can't, I'll just text her" he protested.

"You will do no such thing, now hurry up and eat so you can go apologize." She turned and made a plate for who I assumed was my dad.

"Anyway I'm pretty sure you left your phone in the cup holder of your car." Emmett cursed under his breath.

"I like this Rose already, I'm going to bring your father breakfast he got in very late last night, make sure you do that Emmett." She walked out to the back of the kitchen.

"Ed can you drive me to Rose's house?" His head was hanging low and I heard the uncertainty in his voice.

"Do you think I'd miss this for the world lets go."

After we both got dressed we hoped in my Volvo and started to the house. Emmett was tapping his fingers across his knee, I'd never seen him so nervous. It was funny to think a cute little blonde could have such an effect on this monster. I parked on the curb and saw the Hummer sitting in the drive way.

"Wish me luck, and if she starts assaulting me don't just sit here like a pussy." No way I was getting involved is Rose unleashed her furry.

"Yea I'll try" not.

He got out and slowly walked to the front door. Rose answered and Emmett starting talking while he scratched the back of his head nervously. She said a couple words and threw the car keys at his chest then slammed the door in his face. He turned to get in his Hummer with a smile on his face. No way she accepted his apology, so why was dumbass smiling?

I pulled off before him and when we got home he was still in his car so I got out see what he was doing. I opened the passenger side door to see him holding his now drenched IPhone.

"What the hell happened?" I got in the car while he looked over his phone.

"Rose happened. She left my phone in this glass of water with two aspirin next to it and this note."'

This should help with the headache, or not.

She ruined his phone and left him a bitchy note and he was still smiling.

"What the fuck are you smiling for, she ruined your phone." I didn't get him at all; I would have been seriously pissed.

"She's just playing hard ball. When she answered the door I told her 'Rose I really fucked up last night and I fell like shit. I'm really sorry and I want to take you out to show how sorry I am'."

Emmett was smiling at the memory. "She said 'It's gonna take a lot more than taking me out, as of right now I don't want to see your big fucking head. Now get off my door step.'

"So she clearly doesn't want to be around you and you're still smiling?" He's dumber than I thought.

"Listen Eddie she may have said those things but she was still checking me out, she still wants me and I'm determined to win her back." He'd said with a head nod.

"You never fucking had her, but whatever if you want to be masochistic who am I to stop you."

"You couldn't handle a woman like Rose anyway she's got too much spunk for you." I was done with this conversation but we had a couple hours to kill under the fundraiser.

"We have time to kill, want to go to Port Angeles for your phone?" No way Em could go much longer without his phone.

"Good idea let's take my baby I missed her." He started the engine back up and we crossed town to the highway. From what I knew Port Angeles was the only shopping center close by besides Seattle. I toyed with the radio and settled on some channel that was playing The Rolling Stones. While on the highway I could hear motorbikes coming from the other side of the forest. I'd still never been there but heard about the bonfires from a couple of people. I wonder if that's where Bella was last night.

We pulled up to the small shopping center and I was seriously disappointed by the size of the mall. Maybe I was just used to shopping by Chicago standard. After a quick stop at the Verizon store Emmett was $ 800 poorer and we decided that if he was going to pursue Rose he should get advanced insurance.

Somehow we ended up in some sissy looking Hallmark store.

"Do you think Rose would like this?" Emmett was holding up a life sized monkey that had Velcro attached to the hands so it could be placed around your neck.

Do monkeys have paws or hands or claws? I'd have to look that up when I got home.

"At this point it couldn't hurt, you should buy her these too, girls love chocolate and shit." I tossed him a box of candy and kept one for myself.

"Good thinking she'll have to forgive me when I give her all this."

After Emmett purchased his chocolate and monkey we were pretty much ready to go meet up with Jasper. Em however was bitching about being hungry even though we just had a massive breakfast not even three hours ago. On the way back we stopped at Wendy's and Sonic, mind you they are only 7 miles apart.

I texted Jasper to let him know we were on the way back and that we'd be ready to get him around 3. I also called my mom to ask if she needed anything since we were already out and about. She declined and asked how it went with Emmett. I assured her he completed the task and that we'd see her later. She and dad would both be at the carnival since it was a charity event sponsored by the hospital.

"So what do you plan on like dating Rose?" My brother had never had a girlfriend and it was strange seeing him stuck on one girl.

"I don't know, I just want to see where this goes. I've never met a girl like her and I don't want her to hate my guts." His eyebrows pulled together with serious concentration.

Well I was no stranger to fucking up immensely when it came to girls, so I was kind of impressed with Emmett's effort.

Before I knew it we were in Jasper's driveway for the second time today, I was starting to memorize the blueprints of the yard. Jasper approached the car and hopped in the backseat.

"Casper you look pr-" before Emmett could even finish his insult Jasper had slammed the door violently and cut him off.

"Listen you big fucking baboon what the fuck did I tell you about my sister? She has been a moody mess all fucking day and I don't like seeing my sister mad or upset. She has been through enough asshole dudes like you and I won't let her get fucking hurt again, I won't." Jasper was talking with so much passion and conviction as if he was on the verge of tears. "I like you a lot as a friend but my sister comes first and I'd fucking kill for her. So if you think I'm going to sit back and let you use her you got another fucking thing coming you fucking fake ass Johnny Bravo."

I was in complete shock gaping at Jasper as was Emmett. Never had I seen anyone put Emmett in his place like that, Jasper meant every word that he spoke and was still fuming at Emmett. I had to commend him on the way he protected his sister. The silence was getting uncomfortable so I turned back to play with the radio.

"Jasper man I'm really sorry about what happened between your sister and me. I feel like shit really I do. I consider you like one of my closest friends man I promise I wouldn't do that to her. I fucked up and I'm going to make it up to her I swear. I know you're mad and I'll prove myself." Em was pleading at Jasper with his eyes.

Jasper relaxed his shoulders and gave a meek grin. "Yeah man I know, she's still my little sister even if it is only by 2 minutes."

"So are we good?" Em asked apprehensively.

"Yea." he slapped him on the arm.

"Well thank god that's over, I'm on the verge of tears." I replied, to which I received the finger from Jasper.

Finally we were headed to the carnival and I was really excited to for some odd reason. My mind wondered to Bella and I was suddenly very anxious to see her and bicker at any smart remark I knew she'd make.

Btw sorry for any spelling/grammatical mistakes I try to proof but my attention span is lacking :) What did you think ? See you at the carnival with Bella and Edward.