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~The Next Full Moon~

Harry's POV

Ughh the first change hurt like hell. I could feel my bones cracking and stretching an the fur pushing itself out through the pores of my skin. I could feel my nose growing longer, my ears moving to the top of my head, my hands curling into claws and myself getting taller and more hunched over. I let out a painful yip and could hear Hermione doing the same.

We were chained to the pole in the town center in the direct moonlight. Two wolves who I immediately recognized as my alpha and luna came up and my alpha's claws sliced through the chains holding me and Hermione prisoner. Upon our release he let out a howl and we took off on our first run.

Me, Hermione and Lupin right behind our alpha and luna as well as two other wolves who I immediately knew where the beta and his mate. Running through the woods in the moonlight felt so freeing and exhilarating. I'm so glad I was changed. As soon as the run was over we went to our cabin and I was overcome with the urge to kiss Hermione so kiss her I did.

I then pushed her gently on the bed and covered her body with mine kissing her neck. I ripped off her clothes sucking on her neck and kissing down it to her chest. She was moaning under me in pleasure as I licked and blew on her breasts watching them shrivel up then I started sucking on them. Mmm she tastes so good. I can't believe she's mine.

Hermione's POV

I had always had a sort of crush on Harry but I didn't imagine he'd feel the same until we both phased for the first time and I looked in his eyes. When our first run in the moonlight was over me and Harry went to our cabin and he started making me feel so good. He moved slowly down my body and when he got to my pussy, he took a long lick making me scream in surprise and pleasure, then he started licking and sucking up all my wetness moaning and groaning. He then put his arm over my hips to hold me still as he thrust his fingers in and out of me fast.

Sliding up my body he kissed me quickly thrusting into me fast breaking my barrier and making me wince a little in pain of my body adjusting to the intrusion. He gave me a minute to adjust then started sliding himself in and out of me slowly picking up speed until he was pounding in and out of me. I was screaming like a banshee from the pleasure. After we had our release we both passed out from exhaustion and fell into a dreamless sleep.

~A Month Later~

Isabella's POV

I was starting to show that I was pregnant and it was making Fenrir very protective of me. Now he wanted me to always be accompanied by another wolf. Remus, Harry and Hermione took to this life like a cow to cud and turns out Harry and Hermione are mates. I look around and sigh.

"I'm so bored" I think. "The only things to do around here is visit Charlie, watch the pups or have sex with Fenrir now that vampires are staying away." Speaking of puppies, the two rascals, Colby and Sofia, are wandering off again. I quickly call them back and smile softly at them.

"I can't wait to know the babies' gender" I smile thinking. I think it might be twins judging from the size of my belly. All of a sudden I hear A Thousand Years by Christina Perri come on and Fenrir comes in dressed up and pulls me to my feet dancing with me.

"What's the occasion?" I ask smiling.

"It's a surprise baby." He replies.

When the song is over he pulls me to the kitchen were a fancy dinner is made up and pull out my chair. I think I understand what is going on and I smile as he hands me flowers when we're done eating. I look down at the flowers then back up to Fenrir. "Isabella my beautiful mate, I love you and I will always love you every moment of forever. It would make me the happiest man alive if you'd be my wife. Isabella Marie, will you marry me?" "YES!" I screamed. "Yes I will marry you Fenrir!" He smiled and slid the ring on my finger.

Fenrir POV

My mate was an amazing wolf, mate and mother. When I woke this morning I knew I had to make her my fiancé. So I got up, got dressed and went to Charlie's house and knocked. Upon hearing him say come in I went in and to the living room. "Charlie, can I ask you something?"

"Sure" He responded.

"I would like to ask for Isabella's hand in marriage."

"Are you sure?" He replied.

"Yes. One hundred percent positive."

"Then yes you can have her hand in marriage." I smiled happily at that thought and ran off back home and got everything ready while Isabella was watching the pups. I had picked out a long pink amethyst set vertically across the width of the simple band surrounded by diamonds. When she got home and she had said yes, we then went to bed and I got the sense of foreboding.