Summary: What is it which resides behind the eyes of the guilds male Dragon Slayers? Why are they protective of who they love? Various one shots about the Dragon Slayers and their love. Inspired by the song, "Demons" by Imagine Dragons; lots of fluff.

Written By: May Reach

Rating: T

Characters: Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartphilia, Gajeel Redfox, Levy McGarden, Laxus Dreyar, Lisanna Strauss

Note: Is it just me or does Gajeel's last name just make him 5 million times hotter? This takes place after the Daimatou Enbu, which means Fairy Tail is the top guild in Fiore once again! *cheer*

Chapter Note: I wrote this while listening to Imagine Dragons of course!

Chapter 1

When the Days Are Cold

Lucy Heartphilia was approaching the guild at a slow pace as she tried to make her way through the several inches of snow. Lucy was desperate to get to warmth but she'd been walking for 20 minutes already and the guild still wasn't in sight. It didn't take this long when there wasn't mile's of snow in front of her. Lucy despised the cold and wished she had a warmer parka. Her coat was made with goose down feathers and had faux-fur around the hood which was tied tight around her head with a blue scarf. She had deep blue mittens and a woolen hat. The only part of Lucy which poked out into the cold was her nose and it was bright red. Lucy shivered again, but when she blinked through the swirling snow she was able to see the guild just up ahead. Lucy smiled behind her scarf, her pace increasing slightly, she still had to move slowly because it was hard to walk and Lucy didn't want to slip. She could feel snow falling down into her tall boots and sighed; now her toes were likely to be frozen as well. She finally reached the guild door and pushed it open letting a blast of cold air penetrate the heated guild. A few people shivered at the wind before Lucy managed to shut the door behind her.

"Lu-chan!" Levy called running over to her best friend.

"Hi Levy-chan!" Lucy greeted sliding the scarf off of her mouth to reveal her grin.

"Most of the guild is going to be staying in here for the night because it's too hard to traverse in the snow." Levy told her as Lucy removed her scarf, gloves, hood, and cap.

"I might just stay here then. It took me thirty minutes just to get here in that weather." Lucy said reaching up to unzip the zipper which held her coat closed.

"I don't think my apartment has a good enough heater and I can't keep sold-script heat up all night for several reasons." Levy told Lucy as they walked towards the bar.

"I understand it would drain your magic power, but what are the other reasons?" Lucy asked sitting down as Mira came over.

"Do you both want a Hot Chocolate?" She asked before Levy had the chance to answer.

"Yes please." They responded, as she walked away they returned to their conversation before.

"I don't have nearly enough blankets and if I were to cast a heating spell all night I would not only run my magic now, but I would burn Fairy Hills down." Levy explained, a head snapped up from the corner and stared at her back as she discussed her home.

"Oh right, you would probably burn it down." Lucy paused for a moment. "I wouldn't let Natsu anywhere near your apartment."

"No kidding," Levy laughed heartily, "though it is a girl dormitory so I think I'll be okay."

"You could always stay in my apartment with me; I have a fairly good heater." Lucy offered.

"I wouldn't want to impose." Levy said waving her hand around trying to dismiss the idea.

"You wouldn't be imposing, but I do have a warning about my apartment."

Mira dropped off the mugs of steaming hot chocolate and both girls sipped them warmly, enjoying the taste.

"What warning would that be?" Levy asked, extremely curious.

"Natsu usually climbs in through the window and sleeps in my apartment." Lucy shrugged as Levy's eyes widened.

"He sleeps in your apartment?"

"More like my bed," Lucy snorted into her drink.

"Wow!" Levy looked back down at her hot chocolate. "Is it awkward?"

"Not really, it's nice to have a personal heater." Lucy gave Levy a warm smile and Levy looked down.

"I bet it would be, maybe I wouldn't need to save up for more blankets." Levy swirled the liquid in small circles watching as it made wet pattern on the side of the cup.

"Sorry Levy, I know how you feel." Lucy smiled at her friend setting aside her empty cup.

"It's alright, I'm just glad Jet and Droy don't try to climb into my room." Levy smiled for a moment before hearing the usual shout of:

"LEVY!" It came from both Jet and Droy and Levy immediately looked depressed. They'd been just a little too overbearing recently.

"Hey guys!" Levy greeted turning around in here chair.

"Lucy, you're here!" Natsu yelled across the guild waving his hand in the air.

"Hey Natsu!" Lucy replied raising a hand in greeting.

"Happy and I checked your apartment before coming here."

"Aye!" Happy agreed flying off to find some fish.

"How long did it take you to get here then? You must be freezing!" Lucy exclaimed at his non-snow attire.

"Uh, ten minutes? It's pretty warm out there and the snow melts easy." Natsu shrugged.

"You and your stupid fire." Lucy grumbled watching as Levy unsuccessfully fended off Jet and Droy's attention.

"I think I might head home after all Lu-chan." Levy said turning to Lucy who nodded in recognition.

"Good luck in that weather, I'll probably be heading back home too. I hate the cold," Lucy replied; Natsu watched Lucy out of the corner of his eye.

"See you tomorrow Lu-chan!" Levy waved happily as she put on her winter gear and headed out into the snow.

"Bye Levy-chan!" Lucy waved and looked out the doors into the winter snow. She shivered again and turned back to the table not noticing the Dragon Slayer which slipped from his quiet corner to follow Levy home. His little black cat smirking from the table he'd just vacated.

"You cold?" Natsu asked.

"It's winter, it's always cold for normal people." Lucy pointed out before standing. "I'm going to head home; there are no jobs I could take in this weather. See you Natsu."

"Let me go with you, I can help you get through the snow." Natsu suggested standing as well as Lucy began the process of bundling herself up.

"Thanks Natsu, I appreciate it." Lucy smiled before tying her scarf tight around her face. Together they headed back out into the cold.

Levy had just reached Fairy Hills when she heard footsteps behind her. Levy froze hands on her purse, as the footsteps got closer she turned to face a large dark shape heading straight towards her. Out of fear Levy held up her hands and cried out:

"Solid-Script, Iron!" In hopes of hurting her attacker but there was only a slight crunch and Levy stared at the shape wondering what had gone wrong.

"Maybe I should follow you home more often Shrimp, if I get a meal out of it. Gihi." It was Gajeel, Levy sighed in relief and smiled up at the would be attacker.

"You scared me," Levy accused.

"Sorry shorty," Gajeel said putting a hand on top of her head and ruffling her hair.

"What are you doing here anyway?" Levy asked ignoring the demeaning gestures.

"I heard your conversation with bunny-girl and thought I might help you out with your little problem." Gajeel said fighting as hard as he could to not turn red.

"Really?" Levy looked up at him excited. "How?"

"Uh…" Gajeel looked extremely awkward; he didn't know how to explain the situation.

"Do you want to come in and have something warm to drink?" Levy asked opening the door to the foyer.

"Why not." Gajeel replied hoping he might be able to explain it to her in her apartment.

Levy led him up to her room which she left unlocked and ushered him inside the room made purely out of bookshelves, scrolls, and writing utensils. Gajeel's eyes widened considerably as he took in his surroundings in stunned silence.

"Anything you see interesting? I've read them all so you could borrow one if you like." Levy offered as she located a buried tea kettle and the stove.

"I'm not a big reader." Gajeel told her, his hands shoved into his pockets.

"I kind of figured, but it's always nice to offer." Levy smiled at him as she began to heat the water and measure out hot chocolate mix into mugs. "I let Erza and Lucy borrow my books, Erza has the most peculiar appetite for literature. She's lucky I've read a few of her kind of books."

"Oh? How many of her type have you read?"

"The two bookshelves you're standing next to." Levy waved dismissively and Gajeel stared at it in shock.

"There has to be at least five hundred books on those shelves."

"A thousand actually." Levy corrected bringing out the hot drink.

"Why kind of books are they anyway?" Gajeel lifted his hand to one of the books and pulled it off the shelf, read the back and then quickly returned it, his face completely red. "You and Erza read those books?"

"Yeah, they're not half-bad," Levy handed him a cup, "I put Iron chunks in it for you, hope you don't mind."

"No, not at all." Gajeel told her using his tongue to fish out one of the said bits. He was trying to hide his shock; Levy was not as innocent as he'd thought she was if she read books like the one he'd pulled off the shelf.

"Care to sit down?" Gajeel turned to Levy, finding she had unburied a couch for the both of them to sit on.

"I have something to ask you actually." Gajeel said as he sat down on the couch, trying to stay on the opposite end of her.

"Is it about what you over heard in the guild?" Levy asked bringing her feet up onto the couch and taking a large swallow of the hot liquid.

"Yeah, I was thinking about what you said about your heater and I thought I might be able to help." Gajeel could feel his face heating up and was mentally punching himself for being such an idiot.

"What's your idea?" Levy asked licking her lips slowly drawing his attention.

"I was thinking, maybe, I could be your heater." Levy began to turn red. "Just until you figure out what's wrong with yours."

"Of course." Levy whispered and he was unsure whether or not it was a response to his last sentence or his suggestion. They sat in silence for a moment longer before Levy stood empty cup in hand. "I'm going to change into my pajamas then."

"Right." Gajeel figured it was a yes and sat in silence as he finished off his drink and Iron.

"I'm back." Gajeel looked up to find Levy in a skimpy top which hung loosely on her shoulders and small short short's. He colored only slightly at her outfit before looking back down at his cup.

"Right." Gajeel repeated his earlier statement unsure of what to say in this type of situation. Why had he even offered in the first place?

"My, uh, my room's just past that bookshelf." Levy pointed it out and Gajeel glanced up and nodded in recognition as Levy awkwardly made her way through piles of books and into her room.

After a few moments Gajeel stood and placed his cup in her kitchen and set his boots by the door. Sighing in defeat he made his way over to Levy's room and stared at the apparently sleeping Levy. She had been right about the lack of blankets. There was maybe two blankets covering the small girl and they were old with a few holes. Levy appeared to be shivering slightly and Goosebumps were evident on her arms. She shivered again into the wall and Gajeel stepped forward. He had promised to help her stay warm, despite the circumstances it now placed him in. Sliding up next to the small mage Gajeel touched her right shoulder lightly with one hand before wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her into him. Levy sighed in her "sleep" and Gajeel let a small "Gihi," slide from his lips before falling asleep.

"Natsu." Lucy sighed as he tried to climb in the soft bed with her again.

"I said I was coming home with you and you agreed." Natsu complained trying to push past Lucy's arm without hurting her.

"It didn't mean you could sleep in my bed!" Lucy exclaimed sitting up to face him more fully.

"Lucy!" Natsu whined slightly and Lucy gave in.

"Fine, but only because I'm cold and you're unnaturally warm." Lucy crossed her arms and Natsu quickly bounded into the bed with her pulling her up against him as he lay down.

"You know, I could do this all winter." Natsu told her.

"Natsu," Lucy warned turning around to glare at him.

"Alright, just tonight." He agreed before snuggling into her pillow, his lips pressing against her collar bone.

Lucy was unsure of whether or not Natsu knew what he was doing but she ignored it and settled comfortably into the warmth he provided. Sighing she floated off into the world of dreams, a smiling Natsu at her side.

When the days are cold, it's good to have a Dragon Slayer.

Note: So there was no Laxus this chapter, but I'll see when I can get him in there. He just didn't seem like he would fit this chapter, so yay! Laxus coming up soon because I need to use his HOT abs somewhere! Gihi! Until next time. ~May