Set during the time when Matt kidnapped Elena, while everyone thought Klaus was dead, & she choose Stefan. Not in my version. I Don't Own Anything!

"I'm sorry, Stefan" I said as tears welled in my eye. I'd known my decision deep down for a few weeks now, but with the potential of both Salvatore brothers being on their death beds, I finally let it fully hit me.

As I hung up the phone, Matt asked me, "I keep driving?"

I let the tears fall, and I said "yes", with no hesitation.

I will always love Stefan, but when he left me, the irrevertable happened. The eldest Salvatore brother snuck it has in, and no matter what, I knew I'd never shake him. Stefan was with his friends, he had loved ones around him. Damon was fighting off his best friend and I refused to let him be alone during this. Also, I had some secrets he needed to know if this was going to be the last time I seen him.

Matt drove faster than I expected and we made it in record time, which I was more than thankful for. I barely let the truck come to a full stop before I was running for the storage facility. Matt told me he was headed back to Mystic Falls, in hope that he could make it in time to say good bye to his friends, Stefan, Caroline and Tyler.

I ran as fast as I could, barely letting my feet touch the ground, when I hit the doors I started screaming for him.

"DAMON!" I yelped, I was so afraid I'd be too late.

Happiness immediately filled inside me when I collide with Damon.

"Why are you here?" he asked, worry, relief and love filled his beautiful feature.

"I couldn't let you potentially die alone" I said, hugging him with everything I had.

"Where were you?" he asked, still shocked to see me.

"Matt kidnapped me, hoping to get away from Mystic Falls for my own safety. I was in the middle when I got the phone call about Klaus" I said, barely able to keep my emotions in check to choke out a simple sentence.

"But, Stef.." he started, I cut him off immediately.

"I choose you" I said, attempting to pour every ounce of love I could possible fit into three little words, desperately hoping he would get the meaning to it.

"But.." again, he was cut off.

"Well, isn't this just epic" Alaric spit out the words at us. "I didn't expect to see you here, Elena, it isn't safe for you." He said, matter-of-factly.

Damon was out of my embrace in mere seconds. Pinning Ric against the wall, "You won, Ric. He's dead, we're all good as dead now. Don't hurt her!"

Before my eyes could even register, Damon was on the ground with a snapped neck.

"DAMON!" I screamed through the tears.

"Your parents would be ashamed of you for the monsters you keep company with," Ric said as he picked up the stake, ready and willing to drive it through Damon's chest cavity.

"NO!" I yelled, finding the sharpest item I could around me, I picked it up and stuck it to my neck. "I will kill myself" I stated as I felt the warmth of the small trickle of blood falling from my neck.

Alaric chuckled, "Did you really think I'd fall for that for a second time." He smiled.

"No." and I sliced my neck, I watched Alaric gasp for air, just as I did. And everything went black.

I woke up with an awful pain in my neck, and the awful sound of crying. I was unaware of how long I'd been out, it felt like an eternity until the memories of Alaric and Elena in the same room as my neck was snapped came rushing back. I opened my eyes to see my lifeless best friend's body laying beside me.

"No!" I roared, "Elena!" emotion I've never felt before flooded me, she was dead.

"I'm here," I heard a small whisper, I quickly jumped to my feet. I looked around, Elena was hysterically crying as she sat, knees to her chest against the car.

"I'm dead," she said, barely able to let the words escape her mouth, and more uncontrollable crying came.

I'm fast, but I've never moved so fast as I did when I heard those words.

"What happened?" I asked, already knowing but not fully understanding the answer.

"I killed myself, Damon. I killed myself, to save you. I slit my throat, I watched Alaric fall and gasp for air, the way I did." She could barely speak, my heart was in a million pieces. "I came back though, Damon. I'm here, I woke up and you and Alaric were still lifeless but I'm not" she was almost screaming, I soon realized she wasn't able to tell me exactly what she needed to tell me.

"Who's blood did you ingest" I asked, confusion not breaking what so ever.

"I didn't, Damon. I haven't had anyone. I was ready to die, I was sacrificing myself" she cried "I never wanted this"

"Shh," I tried my damnest to console her, holding her as tightly as I could "I love you, Elena" I gazed into her eyes, the crying stop for mere seconds as I finished my sentence, "I will help you every step of the way, I promised you along time ago I was never going anywhere ever again, and I won't. I will be here, every step of the way" I promised.

"Ok," was all she said. "Why aren't you dead?" I couldn't help the chuckle that escaped my lips as she asked this absurd question.

"I can ask you the same," I gave her my signature smirk. It was no time for joking but it lightened her mood just a little. "Maybe he didn't sire my blood line, I'm not sure Elena, we should go home and figure more out."