I Don't Own Anything

I searched high and low for little Gilbert, I was beginning to get frustrated when I checked all the normal places he could be. I decided to return to the boarding house and make sure Elena was still okay. As I pulled into the drive, I could see Jeremy opening the front door. How he managed to get around me is beyond me. I decided I'd sneak upstairs quietly and let Elena have a moment with her bother.

My mind was still reeling from the events that took place tonight. Elena came to me, she killed herself for me, I wasn't dead despite Klaus charred body sitting in the back of the truck, and Elena would soon be the same monster I despised myself as.

I tried my damnest not to eavesdrop on the conversation happening downstairs, and it really wasn't that hard as my own mind was going a mile a minute trying to put everything together.

"Elena" Jeremy was shaking me awake, I was barely able to regain consciousness, soon realizing I didn't have 24 hours to complete this transition.

"Jeremy," It came out sounding weak, when I registered him sitting in front me, he realized how brittle I sounded.

He was walking out of the room soon after his name escaped my lips. What the hell was going on with him? Every time I tried to speak, he abruptly left the room. I tried to get up from the couch but failed quickly. I was dying, fast.

"Damon," I whispered, trying to make it come out as loudly as possible, hoping he was here with Jeremy and could here me.

Of course, quicker than I was used to, he was beside me, cradling me in his lap before I even registered I had moved.

"You're weak, Elena" he looked so pained, I so desperately wanted to make him feel better.

"Im okay," I smiled up at him.

Jeremy burst into the room, as blood filled my nostrils.

"Drink," he demanded, shoving an open blood bag in my face and confusion filled my mind.

"We never got to talk, Jer" I stated. I needed my brother and he'd left me twice now.

"Elena," he grabbed my shoulders tightly, forcing me to look dead into his eyes. "I don't give two flying fucks if you are a vampire, a werewolf or a damn fairy. I need my sister. I can not bare to lose one more person in my life" I'd never seen Jeremy so desperate, so hurt and so vulnerable.

I didn't think twice, the man I am inlove with was holding me, my little brother was all but force feeding me. I couldn't leave either of them, I'd figure out the rest later. I had eternity, right. I snatched the bag out of Jeremy's hand as quickly as I could muster.

I drank every last drop, immediately letting the blood lust take over my body. I felt completely out of control. I could see the blood pumping through Jeremy's artery in the hallow of his neck. I could smell the fear he was trying so desperately to hide.

I was a predator, he was my prey.

No Elena, he is your brother! I heard a voice inside my head chanting. I didn't care.

With one quick leap, I unbound myself from Damon's arms, feeling my fangs extract for the first time, my eyes swell and veins trailing down my face. I lunged for it's neck.