Summary: Kotoko fujioka the best martial arts expert in Japan and China. Ryouji fujioka a world renounced artist. Now their son is the new student at Ouran highschool. How will the host club the antisocial Haruhi Fujioka to join them?


Chapter 1 prologue

A boy wearing a black sleeveless skin tight shirt ,that perfectly showed off his tight abs and skinny frame, with a pair of black skinny jeans a white belt and black combat boots was walking down the halls of ouran highschool. He had short black hair and shining brown eyes. (I like black hair better and the style is the same as when the twins did their male Haruhi makeover) He was looking for a place to study/draw. He found himself standing in front of the 3rd music room. He heard about the club that is in there. The host Club. He just wanted to find a quiet place to study/draw. He slowly opened the door.

"Welcome" he was greeted by 6 guys.

"Oh it's just a guy." two guys that look like twins said in unison.

"Don't be rude. Welcome to the host Club." the blond guy in the middle said standing from his chair. "How may we assists you?"

"Just looking for a quiet place to study." the boy said before he felt something bump into him. It was a girl. She had curly chestnut brown hair tied in a high ponytail fringe's falling neatly on her face. She fell on her but. "Oh I'm sorry miss I wasn't looking where I was going." he helped her up and took out a soft tipped pen. He wrote down a number on her hand. "If you need anything. Anything at all don't be afraid to call." he purred in her ear before walking away leaving the girl blushing madly.

The host Club was utterly surprised. Not only did a guy come into the host Club room, but he just mad a girl blush madly. "Who was that guy Kyoya? " the blond said to the guy with short black hair and thin glasses.

"He was Haruhi fujioka. I believe he is in the same class as the twins." Kyoya said holding his clipboard.

"Oh yeah he got here a week ago" right twin said.

"He doesn't talk to anyone unless he is forced to." the left twin finished.

"Twins try and get Haruhi here after school tomorrow." he said pointing to the twins "Kyoya see what you can dig up on him." he said pointing at him. "We have a possibly host to get." he said a mischievous grin.

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