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A Code Lyoko Story

Gender Bender Baby

Chapter 1

Big Trouble Comes Overnight

~Lyoko - Forest Tundra

It was another typical day in Lyoko for our five young heroes. Once again, Xana was causing trouble for the real world so Jeremy had to use his quick computer wits to send Aelita, Yumi, Odd, and Ulrich into Lyoko to deactivate the tower and stop the destruction before things got way out of hand.

The tower activated was in the North Eastern direction of the Forest Tundra, and with the help of their vehicles Jeremy whipped up, traveling was of no trouble. The Forest tundra was a pretty wide and huge area with tall trees that reached the sky and in a way how it was all played out looked like a level you would see in a video game.

However, I'm getting way off track here. The real attention goes to the Lyoko warriors and what's about to happen real soon.

Alright, the warriors were traveling to the tower with ease so far, but it didn't last for long because just as the tower was coming into view, and everything seemed great...

"Guys watch out, hornet's are coming your way." Jermey told them from the computer monitor.

Looking behind them, the gang could see six hornet's on their tail.

"I've got this!" Odd cried out shooting his laser arrows at the pesky creatures.

He shot two of them but the other four dodged his arrows and kept right on with the chase. Odd kept on firing his laser arrows at them, but they kept dodging them and flying foreward.

"Aw man these guys can't take a hit." Odd said.

"Let me try." Yumi said throwing her fans at the hornets getting one of them.

"Well I got one but there are three still after us."

"Yumi, Odd try and keep them distracted. Ulrich get Aelita to the tower." Jermey told the gang.

"You got it Einstein we've got this." Odd replied back.

So while he and Yumi kept those pesky hornet's busy, Ulrich and Aelita headed straight for the tower. They flew off at high speed getting them to the tower in no time. Upon arrival, they hopped off their vehicals which then digitized away and hurried along.

"Okay Aelita, you know what to do." Ulrich said.

Nodding, Aelita went into the tower while Ulrich kept on look out/guard. Well it's the same thing either way right? Nevermind, about that so there Ulrich was, guarding the tower while Aelita went to deactivate it. He kept out his swords and looked all around just in case Xana tried to send a monster out on him.

The coast was clear and no monsters other then the ones Yumi and Odd were dealing with at the moment.

Yep, things were going pretty smooth for everyone.


Unaware to Ulrich, William snuck up behind him with his sword drawn. He took a few steps up behind Ulrich before he struck him in the back with his sword sending an electrical red shock throughout his body. Ulrich let out a loud cry of pain unaware that this was more then just an electrical shock going through him. Little did he know, William was using this special power move on Ulrich's DNA.

"What? Ulrich?! Ulrich?! Yumi! Odd! Ulrich's in trouble! William's doing something to h-Wait, he's being devirtualized!" Jermey explained.

"What? Ulrich?!" Yumi cried out in terror.

"I'm devirtualizing you guys now. Aelita's deactivated the tower so it's fine to come back. I'll meet you in the scanner room." Jermey told them typing the devirtualization code, activating it then heading into the scanner room to check on Ulrich.

~Soon in the Scanner Room~

Ulrich laid laying on the floor unconcious with everyone gathered around him worrying sick.

"Is he alright Jermey?" Yumi asked with concern.

Jermey checked for a pulse which Ulrich had and then felt his forehead which was a little warm.

"He's alive, but might be out for a while and he's feeling a bit warm." He replied back.

"We better get him back to the Academy infirmary." Aelita suggested.

"Good idea Aelita." Jermey agreed.

~Later that Night~

After bringing Ulrich to the infirmary, where he spent the rest of the day in unconciousness up until around 6th period. By then he was feeling just like his old self and was sent to the remainder of his classes. As far as what happened in Lyoko, Ulrich couldn't remember much of it. He did recall feeling an urge of shock going all throughout his body before everything went blank.

Jermey told him that William was responsible for it, but the question was what was the purpose of the electrical shock? He figured there was more to it and suggested to run a few tests on Ulrich just to be safe; but Ulrich declined and told him and the other's that he was feeling alright now and that the tests weren't necessary for him. There was a bit of an arguement over it, but Ulrich won in the end after much convincing.

Soon bed time rolled around and Ulrich and Odd were in their pj's and ready for bed.

"You sure you're alright Ulrich?" Odd asked concerned for his friend.

"I told you I'm alright. Don't worry, it was probably nothing and I'm just fine now." Ulrich replied.

"Okay, if you say so then so be it." Odd said.

"Goodnight Ulrich."

"Goodnight Odd."

After about 10 minutes the boys were fast asleep.

All seemed normal, but something was going on with Ulrich. A strange glowing was all over his body and doing changes to it. Like his arms and legs grew smaller and muscle decressed, curves formed, hair grew as did other things. Within moment's the glowing stopped, but major changes were made to Ulrich that would not be discovered until the next day.

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