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A Code Lyoko Story

Gender Bender Baby

Chapter 4

~In Lyoko~

As you may all be aware of, Odd's been devirtualized, Aelita and Ulrich are knocked out, and Yumi's on her own against William. She threw her fans at him stopping him from getting any closer to Ulrich then turning his attention to her.

"Jeremy, now would be a good time to devirtualize Ulrich." Yumi said.

"I've almost got it, but it's still going to take a while." Jeremy replied typing away.

"Better make it fast, William looks pretty mad at me and ready to get me out of the picture." Yumi warned him back away from William who was walking slowly and dangerously towards Yumi.

"Better hurry Jeremy." Odd said to him.

"I'm going as fast as I can Odd." He replied typing away faster on the keyboard.

Time was not his friend at the moment and if Yumi couldn't stop William and Aelita didn't wake up to stop him, then no one could. Jeremy had to finish up and devitalize Ulrich back into the scanner room right away. He push button after button until he finally had a green plus pop up on screen. Indicating that it was all good and Ulrich could return out of Lyoko.

"Keep William busy Yumi, I'm brining Ulrich back right now, but it'll take a few minutes. Try and hold William off until then, I'll bring Aelita back as well." Jeremy explained to Yumi as he accessed the code to bring Ulrich and Aelita out of the battle field.

"I'll do the best I can Jeremy." Yumi replied as she fought against William.

Swish went the sword.

Clank went the weapons as they hit each other

Whoosh went the fans.

It continued to go like this for a good 30 seconds until William knocked Yumi onto the ground and slashed her on the stomach with his sword. Causing her to be devitalized within seconds after that.

"Oh no! Yumi's out and now William's after Ulrich again." Jeremy panicked.

"Aelita?! Aelita wake up! Please Aelita wake up! Aelita?!"

Aelita was their only hope to stop William and save Ulrich, but she wasn't waking up.

William was getting closer to Ulrich, unaware that Aelita was now starting to just wake up.

She was still a little shaken up from the tumble, but could make out William and Ulrich's forms. Working up her strength, Aelita lifted her body up, steadied her hand as an energy ball formed and then...


Right at William sending an electrical bolt of energy through out his body and making him disappear.

"She did it...Aelita did it!" Jeremy cried out happily.

Just then, a green plus sign appeared on screen.

Ulrich could now be devirtualied back to Earth and out of Lyoko.

"Yes~ I'm starting the DE virtualization on Ulrich right now."

And with that Jeremy got Ulrich and Aelita out of Lyoko and brought them back to the scanner room. The rest of the gang all hurried there to make sure Ulrich was okay. Unfortunately, when he/she came out of the scanner, he/she was knocked out cold and almost fell on the floor.

Yumi caught him/her in time and held him/her up. Poor Ulrich was out cold still from whatever happened in Lyoko, and nobody knew how long before he/she woke up. Until he/she woke up, the gang took him/her back to the Academy, to his/her room and put him/her on the bed for some much needed rest.

"What do we do now?" Aelita asked.

"Ulrich may be back on Earth, but William might come back for him/her. We'll need to be with him/her for protection until I can reverse this strange transformation." Jeremy explained.

"So what we just go around acting as his/her personal body guards?" Odd asked.

"Well yes, each of us will have to go around with Ulrich as a body guard until further notice." Jeremy replied.

"Hopefully it won't take much longer before I find a cure and get Ulrich back to normal."

"I sure hope so." Yumi said.

~Next Day~

Ulrich woke up the next morning with no memory of the previous day. He couldn't even remember getting taken by William and brought onto Lyoko. Nothing but a big blur for him, but maybe it was better that way? Nothing happened to him/her and he/she seemed just fine. Course, that's on the outside, but what about the inside?

Jeremy was going to have to run a few tests, but not right now. It was time for class and a pop quiz in Ms. Hertz room. So the gang went off to their classes and got down to work.


Free Period time where students could relax out in the courtyard to just hang and talk with peers. For the Lyoko gang, it was the perfect time to go to the factory and run those tests on Ulrich. Hopefully all the answers to the many questions they had would be revealed.

So with a quick scan and allot of typing, Jeremy was searching and looking for some answers.

He was bound to find something on the super computer explaining Ulrich's sudden gender change; and he wasn't giving up until he found what he was looking for.

"I've almost got it, just a few more clicks and..." Jeremy began when a green plus came up on screen.

"I've got it!"


At last!

"You found a cure for Ulrich?" Yumi asked with high hopes.

"Well uh...Not quite, but I did find out why Ulrich was turned into a girl." Jeremy replied.

"*sigh* I guess that's better then nothing." Yumi said.

"So what's the scoop?" Odd asked.

"Well according to my calculations, X.A.N.A implanted some kind of transformation bug into William's sword giving him the opportunity to attack Ulrich and change him into a girl." Jeremy explained.

"Yeah but why?" Yumi asked.

"Apparently it was to provide William with a bride. The reason for that I'm still looking into, but I'm also still looking into finding a cure. It shouldn't be much longer, but we have to be careful. William could come back and kidnap Ulrich so as I said before we'll have to watch and guard him/her." Jeremy explained.

Agreement was made and back to school they went before Free Period was up.

~Back at School~

"Well we've got math next followed by some delicious meatballs and gravy." Odd said happily.

"In case you've forgotten Odd we have a quiz in math today." Jeremy reminded him.

"Aw man...Can't I get a break?" Odd asked sounding upset.

"Hey I don't like it either, and I've hardly had time to study." Ulrich said.

"Yeah but you're a girl now and everybody thinks you're Ulrich's cousin so you'll be excused. Which really, really sucks!" Odd told him/her complaining some more.

"Well Ulrich being excused since he's now a girl is true, but if you took the time to study then you wouldn't be so upset about it." Jeremy explained to Odd making a point to him.

"Don't lecture me Einstein." Odd said pouting.

"Well we better get to our classes, bye." Yumi said walking off to her class.

The others then headed for math class unaware that something or rather someone was watching them.

~At Lunch~

Well the good news is meatballs and gravy were served for lunch.

The bad news, Odd was to bummed out from that math quiz to really eat anything.

"Man that quiz took the energy out of me. To tired and upset to even eat and I hate that." Odd pointed out.

"Well that's what you get for not studying." Yumi said.

"Don't worry Odd, I know for a fact that if anyone failed the quiz they'd get to take a re-test on Friday. That'll give you sometime to study and bring up your grade." Jeremy explained to him.

"I guess, but now I have to study for Friday and I hate studying." Odd complained.

"Hey I have to study to. Don't forget when I change back I'll have to take the quiz." Ulrich pointed out.

"Hopefully I'll have the antidote for that solution before then." Jeremy said.

"I sure hope so, otherwise the principle might call my parent's and then there will be allot of trouble." Ulrich said.

"Don't worry, if I can get to the factory after science then I can keep working to find the antidote." Jeremy explained.

"Hey losers!" Cried out a familiar annoying voice.

"Oh great, the Queen of Mean's here." Odd complained.

That's right, for arriving at the Lyoko gang's table was none other then Sissy, Herb and Nicolas.

"Ugh...could my afternoon get any worse?" Odd complained once again.

"Have any of you losers seen Ulrich? I haven't seen him in nearly 3 days." Sissy said.

The gang denied seeing Ulrich and told her that he was sick and wouldn't be back till next week.

Then Sissy asked who the new girl was.

*A.K.A Ulrich*

"Oh this is Ulrich's cousin Emily." Odd said.

"Cousin huh? Well what's she doing hanging out with you losers?" Sissy asked.

"They're not the losers here." Ulrich said.

"Compared to you these guys are more winners then losers, loser."

Hearing herself being called a loser, Sissy was stunned and stormed off with Nicolas and Herb behind her.

"Nice one dude~" Odd said high fiving him/her.

"Thanks." Ulrich replied.

~After Lunch~

The gang stood together near the cafeteria to discuss what they were going to do now. Jeremy still had work to do at the factory to find the antidote for Ulrich's case. So it was decided that Jeremy would head out to the factory to do some more work. The other's would cover for him during his time of absence until he returned, but that wasn't the real problem at hand.

No what the real problem was that mysterious shadow watching our heroes from well the shadows of course. Ah but this was no ordinary shadow, no thanks to XANA he brought William onto Earth, but in his specter form. Now because of this William could use his powers and because of this he could activate his powers and use them to his will.

Oh how he intended to use his powers alright.

Use them to capture Ulrich and finished what was started by him and XANA.

Uh oh what do you think is going to happen?

Will the Lyoko gang stop what's coming to them before it happens?

What does William have in stored for Ulrich?

Read, review, enjoy and wait plz