Cowboys and Angels

I need Alice as much as I want her. She is my everything. Without her I'd be nothing.

Everyone likes Alice. She's amazing. Who wouldn't like her? Even as strange as it sounds guys like me. How me and my Alice became one is out of the ordinary. Because I'm a cowboy and she's an angel.

I'd live in my boots if I could. There the only thing that brings me comfort other than Ali. Her angel wings are always there. They might not be visible to the eye, but she has them. She must have come from my own personal heaven to be with me. Cowboys and angels don't normally go together.

I didn't have such a great upbringing. I was in hell. Literal hell. Everything Maria made me do tortured me. I felt everyone's emotions and it killed me. Even though Alice had a bad childhood, she doesn't remember any of it. She started from scratch when she was changed. Her hell was turned to heaven when she woke up.

I'd die for her, but she lives for me. Everyone in the family knows how we work. She's my rock. She's my stone. She's my everything. I would do anything for her, including dying. She knows this she lives so I can live. If she was gone id be gone right behind her. Everyone knows this, that's what makes our relationship so serious. One mistake and were both just gone.

How we ended up together still confuses me. Born in two different time periods yet still came together in the end. I can't help but think it was accidents that were here today. Alice insists its grand design. That we were destined to be together. She wouldn't have had her first vision about me if it wasn't true. I think god just wanted to see how a cowboy and an angel would work out.

There's a want and there's a need for love. I need Alice to live and I want her just as much. The history between us is amazing. We have been through so much together and I hope we have many more memories to come. Because maybe, just maybe, cowboys and angels were meant to be together.