It's not much, but I'm testing tomorrow and really stressed out. I thought I should write this before I go to sleep. This is the result:

The blue man paced the bathroom floors, waiting for news. "Is it time yet," he asked, impatiently.

"No, we still have two minutes left," she responded as she looked down to stare at the thin figure laying in the sink.

"This would of never happened if you were more careful, Shego," he complained. "I thought you were on the pill!"

"I am," she replied, angrily. "But there's still a chance that it can happen," she glared at the object once more, "Obviously!"

"That's it! That is it! We're never doing it again," Dr. Drakken announced.

"You don't mean that-"

"I do too!" He replied, " I don't. But still!"

"One more minute," Shego said, looking at the time.

"I can't do this! I'm -we're- evil," Dr. Drakken spoke, his voice trembling with every world. "What will his-"

"Or her!"

He glared at Shego, "What will they play with, my freeze ray?"

"Relax, Dr. D," she spoke calmly, "We don't know yet. We have a few more seconds."

"I'll have to change my whole routine," he announced, walking next to Shego. "All the crying and pooping."

"Yeah, then the baby will come and do the same thing," she smirked.

"Haha, Shego," Dr. Drakken rolled his eyes. "This is serious! At night they'll keep you up with their cries, pee on you, and the worst is that they'll grow up into a bratty teen. Then they'll grow up and never visit! It just get worst from here on, Shego!"

"It's not all bad," she defended, "You watch them grow up and-"

"Shego, what are you saying?"

"I-" The timer dinged and suddenly time had stopped.

"What's it say?"

Hoped you liked it and good night all!