Warning: details on gay sex, strong language, under age sex, mentions of rape.

Only the idea of this story is mine, Harry Potter belongs to the wonderful JK and I make no money off my story, I just enjoy writing.

Chapter one

Harry finally escaped the Dursley, he was lucky he remembered how Fred picked the lock so he could get his trunk from in the cupboard under the stairs. He let Hedwig out of her cage and told her to head to Grimmauld Place, then Harry didn't care anymore about not being allowed to use magic, he levitated his trunk and headed down Privet drive. When he was far enough away, he put his wand hand out and within seconds the nightbus was in front of him.

'Blimey, it's Harry Potter,' Stan Shunpike stammered as he jumped down and helped Harry with his trunk, 'So where to Harry?'

'London, Grimmauld Place.'

'Grimmauld Place, London,' Stan yelled to Ernie, then the bus was moving along at a break neck speed. After a couple of other stops, they arrived at Grimmauld Place, 'So you got friends here mate?'

'Yeah, a couple, thanks,' Harry shook his head, 'If anyone ask, can you say you saw me, but not where I went?'

'Why not, you're helping defeat that bloke, have to keep you safe,' Stan helped Harry down with his trunk again, then gave Harry a wave before the bus was gone.

Harry stared up at the house, then slowly levitated his trunk to the door. He stepped into the dark and dreary hall and could hear voices coming from down in the kitchen. Harry didn't want to see anyone especially Dumbledore, so he pulled his cloak out, threw it over himself and the trunk and headed upstairs to Sirius' room. He wanted to speak with Sirius now, but he couldn't take the chance that Dumbledore would do something to make Sirius and others think Harry was lying. He sat on the bed and thought about one of the advanced books that Remus and Sirius had bought him for Christmas and he remembered reading about a spell that might help. He dug through the trunk, found the book then looked through it to see if he could find the spell and hoped it might help.

Downstairs in the kitchen, Albus, Sirius, Remus, Kingsley, Hestia, Stergis, Minerva, Bill, Fleur, Tonks, Mad-eye and Arthur were all talking about Voldemort and when Harry would be ready to go up against him, like the prophecy said.

'This is ridiculous, he's only fifteen Albus, how is Harry supposed to defeat Voldemort?' Sirius viciously spat out, 'He's only a boy, not even trained.'

'It is supposed to be Harry Sirius, you heard the prophecy, it's meant to be.'

'That's bullshit, he's not trained, so why don't you do it. Voldemort fears you, which means you must have enough power to kill him, more than Harry, a lot more?'

'Yes, why aren't you trying to stop Harry going through this?' Remus asked.

'I'll tell you,' Harry stepped into the kitchen, 'He's scared, he doesn't want to die, but he's willing to let me die.'

'That is not true Harry, I explained this to you. Now why are you here, you are supposed to be a Privet drive, it's safer there?'

Sirius went to hug Harry and his arms went straight through him, 'What?'

'Simulacrum charm, I wasn't going to take the chance of that old bastard using the imperius curse on me. Just so you know, I've left because there was no use staying with those cruel, sadistic people anymore. I did tell Dumbledore that, but he liked to make me suffer.'

'What is going on, Dumbledore, tell us what Harry is talking about?' Arthur asked.

'I do not know Arthur, I think Harry has finally been pushed too far and his not thinking straight. All I've ever done is try to help him, protect him.'

'Right, like making me stay with the Dursleys when that blood protecting doesn't work anymore. I've been waiting for Voldemort to turn up, don't know why he's taking so long, maybe he just hasn't work it out yet. But I wasn't going to stay any longer or put up with the abuse I had to for years. Again something Dumbledore probably never told any of you. So to everyone else, I'm sorry, but I'm not fighting, I've left and no one will find me. Sirius, you know I love you and I would like to hear from you, so Hedwig is at Grimmauld Place, write me, Hedwig can always find me. Now all of you have to look towards Dumbledore to save your arse, because I'm done,' Harry slowly disappeared from the room.

'What abuse Albus, what was Harry talking about?' Remus asked.

'Yeah, you said you go there quite often to check on Harry, to make sure they were treating him okay,' Sirius said.

'I want to know about this blood protection Harry mentioned,' Kingsley said.

'I really don't know what any of that is about. The blood protection is the only thing that is keeping Voldemort from finding Harry, he needs to stay with his mother's blood. As for the so called abuse, not once did I ever see them lay a hand on Harry and not once did I see any bruises on him. I did tell you that they bullied him, locked him up and never gave him enough food, but that was all. I had to think of Harry's safety over all that. Sirius I think you should write to him, tell Harry to come here and we'll work this out. If he stays out there too long Voldemort will find him.'

'I don't know what to make of any of this, but I need to find my godson.'

'Why would Harry say he was abused if he wasn't, why would he say the blood protection won't work when it will?' Tonks asked.

'I believe after almost losing Sirius a few weeks ago, that he's making himself believe all this, his mind is not coping. I must head back to Hogwarts to see if I can get some information on where Voldemort is right now. If you hear from Harry, let me know,' Dumbledore gave a curt nod then left with Minerva.

'Dumbledore has been protecting Harry for years, but I don't know what to make of all this,' Remus said, 'I need to go though, Sirius, I'll check in with you tomorrow, but at least your free now.'

Sirius hugged his friend, 'Yes, finally, if I hear from Harry I will let you know.'

'We're all heading out Sirius, floo us if you do hear anything. I will let you know if Ron or Hermione hear anything.'

'Thanks Arthur, we need to find him,' Sirius watched everyone leave before he left the kitchen, 'First thing I'm going to do now I'm free is get out of this place, but now I need to find hedwig,' Sirius looked through the rooms on the bottom floor before looking through the rooms on the next floor, then the top floor, 'Blast, where is that owl,' Sirius sighed then stepped into his room and stopped dead at the sight before him.