Chapter twenty seven

Hermione was crying onto Harry's shoulder, Ron sounded like he was crying but it was hard to tell as his face was buried in Harry's other shoulder, Neville, Ginny, all Harry's friends made one big circle of hugging bodies. Then Sirius pushed his way through the group of young people, pulled Harry into his arms and the two men, one older, one young stood holding the one they loved.

'What happened?'

'I'll explain later Sirius, but he did use the killing curse, I understand why I never died though. But we'll talk about it when we get home.'

'Harry,' Minerva stepped over to them and surprised all when her usual stern and formal manner dropped and she hugged him, 'You saved our world Harry and what Remus said you did was one of the most courageous things I have ever seen and never from someone so young.'

'I was never young professor, I feel older than you. Are you okay, you slammed into that wall pretty hard?'

'Like a lot of people, a little sore, but alive. I'll go help Poppy with the injured and get food and drinks sent up, you stay with Sirius and rest,' Minerva touched Harry's cheek, 'I'm so proud of you,' she turned and walked away.

'Let's sit,' Remus moved his wand and the house tables slowly landed in their old spots, but no one cared about which table they sat at. Remus pulled Harry onto a seat at the Ravenclaw table, Sirius beside him, then all Harry's closest friends were on the other side, 'I know why you survived Harry, I knew there was a chance, but only a chance you could. I'm sorry for not telling you but I did not want to give you and Sirius false hope.'

'The killing curse destroyed it but never killed me, it actually protected me.'

'Yes, that's what I have been studying over the last few months. I really wanted to explain but I couldn't.'

'I'm glad you didn't, if I thought there was a chance he might have worked out something wasn't quite right while I was calmly talking to him, I'm not sure what he would have done. You should have seen his face when I told Bellatrix to do something with her hair that it was a disgrace and even death eaters have standards.'

'Harry, you didn't?' Sirius laughed.

'I did, she was going off about me calling him Tom, so I had to have a go at her, he actually liked that, so I said I can be entertaining sometimes. I don't think he really knew what to make of me. But Sirius, no more hiding, no more secrets.'

'No more Harry,' Sirius pulled Harry into his arms and kissed him with every bit of love he could.

'Oh, so when did this start and it better have been after Harry became of age?' Hermione asked.

Harry and Sirius' lips parted, 'No, before but it was my decision to have sex,' Harry turned to face his friend, 'Hey, I thought I was going to die Hermione, I did not want to die a virgin, would you?'

'I would have if I died tonight.'

'Is that all you wanted me for Potter?' Sirius said but his face looked a little upset.

Harry grinned then smirked, 'No, I wanted your body Sirius not to mention your big cock, so stop being an arse will you?'

'Arse, I'll give you arse love.'

'You mean you'll give me your arse don't you?'

'Alright, enough, we do not want to hear any of that mate, blimey,' Ron grimaced

'Just to let all of you know, Sirius and I are married, we have been for nearly two years.'

'So did that happen before or after the sex?'

'After, she's not going to give up is she Harry?' Sirius grinned, 'Merlin I love you.'

'I love you too, but now it's over and I survived, something I always wanted but never thought I could now I can.'

'Be normal, go out, have fun?' Ron chuckled.

'Well, yeah, but that's not what I'm talking about,' Harry turned to face Sirius, 'I want you to get me pregnant, right now, well, not right this minute, but when we get home. I want to have your kids and I want to have them straight away.'

'Harry, I would love that, I really would, but wouldn't you like to just enjoy this life you've finally got?'

'I will, with you, my friends, our kids, I want a family Sirius, it's the one thing I've always wanted and it's something that only you can give me. We're married, have been for a while, so kids is usually the next step.'

'I don't think you're going to talk Harry out of this Sirius, so maybe it's time for you to really settle down,' Remus smiled, 'But I've got to go see Dora, make sure they're okay,' Remus hugged Sirius then Harry, 'You are one brave bloke Harry, we'll get together tomorrow and talk, I want to hear everything.'

'We'll be there Remus, might be in bed, so wait, we'll make it out eventually.'

Harry turned back to his friends, 'We'll get together and have a party to celebrate our marriage, that we won and that he's dead, but we'll give everyone a chance to get settle back into normal lives. But tell me this first, are you two still together?'

'Yes, we are,' Hermione smiled as she took Ron's hand.

'Then why haven't you shagged, you could have died here. Hermione can be such a prissy sometimes.'

'Hey,' Hermione slapped Harry's arm.

'Actually that decision was mine. Hermione and I talked, we said if we survived then we're getting married and we can finally shag on our wedding night, not before.'

'Hermione, what have you done to my mate?'

Hermione slapped Harry again, 'Nothing, this was all him and I'll tell you Harry, he shocked me so much when he said that I couldn't talk, for ages I was speechless.'

'She was, I really shocked her. But tell us, did you do it, what you said?'

'Yep, I got in, snuck up behind Snape, took his wand, then had my knife at his throat,' Harry said quietly, 'I told him to call Dumbledore, he wouldn't, but the moment that old bastard walked in I slit Snape's throat, at the same time I had petrified Dumbledore, then walked over and just slit his throat. I let them bleed to death, done a few spells to make sure they were really them and I was the only living thing in the house before I levitated them to the fireplace, set them alight then watched them burn until they were ash. I came here right after.'

'That stays between all of us,' Sirius said staring around at Harry's closest friends who all nodded, 'So we'll have something to eat, maybe help Minerva with this place, it's a mess, then head home. But all of you, no more hiding, you can all go home now.'

'Which we are heading there now to check it's still standing,' Arthur pulled Harry to his feet and hugged him, 'However you're alive I'm so thankful that something let that happen. But now expect Molly to mother you a bit, she has been waiting to do that for a while.'

'You know what Mr. Weasley, I'll let her, but I want you to tell her that I'm married to Sirius and tell her she can't hex him. If I can take down Voldemort, then you don't want to mess with what's mine,' Harry grinned hugely, 'She can hex me since I talked Sirius into sex and I am addicted to him. Now I'm turning myself on.'

'No sex, not yet lover, food first, some healing, the rest, then sex, nonstop sex and if anyone disturbs us I might hex them,' Sirius pulled Harry down onto his lap, wrapped his arms around him and held the man he loved, the man he thought he was going to lose, now he survived Sirius wasn't going to let Harry out of his sight, not for a long time and hopefully in about nine months' time they will be welcoming their first child into the world, a boy called James or a girl call Lily. They were about to have a family, the Potter Black family, the family Harry had craved to have for so long is finally going to happen.

The end: