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~ Epilogue ~

"Nicolai! Danila! You are gonna be late!"

"Coming!" I heard from upstairs in stereo.

My boys came barreling down the stairs, followed by a ruffled Dimitri.

"What did you boys do? I told you to let daddy sleep."

I had wanted him to get some rest. He had been working diligently on a case, and he was finally able to close it yesterday. It had been his first big case as a detective since his promotion. I was so proud of him; he deserved to sleep in a little.

The little monsters giggled and grabbed their lunchboxes from the table.

Dimitri came to my side and kissed my forehead. "Let them, they are excited, it's first grade after all!" he said with tired enthusiasm.

I frowned, but after a couple more kisses on my cheeks, and one deep passionate one on my lips, which was interrupted by cries of "Ew, stop that!" I was smiling again.

The bus honked outside and we said goodbye to the little terrors I had given birth to over six years ago.

No one had been more surprised than me when, after giving birth to Nicolai, I had to push another child out. Danila had been tiny, the size of my forearm. It seemed like Nicolai had been covering his brother protectively and both of their hearts were in the same position. That was why the technician never saw two heart beats, he only saw one. We welcomed the surprise with excitement and joy, but it was still an adjustment.

Luckily, Dimitri had taken a few weeks off work to help me out, and it was enough time for us to settle into a routine. It was hard work, but so worth it.

"What are you thinking?" Dimitri asked, snaking his arms around my waist and rubbing my expanding belly, feeling a kick in response.

I smiled back at him over my shoulder. "Your daughter is hungry."

"Then let's not make little Dessa wait." He pecked my lips and closed the door.

I followed Dimitri back into the kitchen, feeling blessed and loved.

We'd had our ups and downs, but we'd been able to conquer them all together. It hadn't been easy, Dimitri still had some memory issues left over from the accident, but with patience and understanding we were able to have a normal life.

Remembering our wedding day, I knew that day hadn't been our happy ending; it had been our happy beginning.

For real life was made of new beginnings.

I learned that the day Dimitri came back to me.


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