Disclaimer: Standard disclaimers apply, I don't own anything and I'm just playing with them. The baby slayers are mine, though, and even that I'm not sure about.

AN: I'm writing this to get out of my writing rut. I hope to continue with my other stories but it's been dragging out too long and I just had to do something about it. Xander/Ronon slash.

Xander figured that at 28 he wouldn't be off running across San Francisco in search of a demon that had a tendency to explode when startled. Then again he figured that with the friends he had and living on a Hellmouth that he wouldn't reach to be 28 in the first place. Then again the Hellmouth was destroyed and more Hellmouths conveniently popped up all over the world. Which meant that he was stuck hopping from Hellmouth to Hellmouth killing the baddies and hoping that his baby slayers didn't get killed along with him.

He'd gotten a lot of looks, though, when he had tried to get a room in a motel with one of the baby slayers. It wasn't everyday that an older fellow just decided to go around with an underage girl and not looked creepy while doing so. The girls at Slayer HQ in England had gotten quite the kick when Xander explained the looks he had been receiving and the baby slayers had then tried to look more adult. He ended up looking like an even bigger creeper.

But that had nothing to do with the fact that he was dodging trees in Lincoln Park trying to find this explody demon before it decided to take a chunk out of the trolley riders along with him at the next explosion. Two of the girls were over by Seal Rock trying to figure out exactly where these demons were crawling out of so that they could plug the hole or at least kill enough of them that the demons will stop coming up.

He was dodging through trees and random people when he finally heard the weird chirrup howl that the demons screamed just before charging and exploding. Xander picked up his pace and caught sight of the huge green and brown lumpy thing. It was tall, at least eight feet, and sporting green horns that wouldn't have looked out of place on a bull if not for the iridescent color. Nasty fact about the green horns of the demons was that if they were cut off before the demon exploded they could be used in witchy ingredients and they were also a great source of income because of the weird healing properties they had. One single horn could fetch around a thousand dollar if it was in good condition. The baby slayers were awesome enough to put the whole horns into a box, to be sold later, and the messed up ones sent over to Slayer HQ so that Willow could make potions.

Xander had just about made it near enough to the demon when red lights being shot at the thing distracted him into a stop. He heard a gun shot and flinched back away from the scene, nearly running into a tree in his haste to just get away. The demon roared and stood even taller as it just let the bullets and the weird phaser light thing absorb into its thick hide.

The demon leaned over, presenting its green horns to the two men trying to shoot at it. Xander reacted without thinking and started running. The man with the phaser was still shooting at it and the man with the gun was trying to reload when Xander tackled him to the ground and the demon embedded its horns into a tree trunk, making the entire tree wobble dangerously.

"Shit shit shit! Run!" Xander was already on his feet and pulling on the guy he had slammed on the ground while Phaser Guy shot at its unprotected back. "Get with the running before that thing explodes! It's going to explode!"