Xander looked towards where he knew his girls were at and gave the two men a little wave.

"So, it was nice meeting you," he grinned as Phaser Guy moved forward as if to stop Xander from going away. "But I have to go make sure that there aren't more of these thing running around trying to explode all over the unsuspecting public. Bye!"

He weaved through a bush and then pelted himself as far away from these military people as possible. If he was lucky, the girls would all be okay and they would have already figured out where the demons were coming from. Seeing as Xander was Unlucky Guy of the Scoobies, the girls were probably bleeding out and opened up the third circle to hell with their baby slayer blood. Most rituals seemed to require slayer blood; Xander has come to figure out after his near twelve years of working with a slayer in some capacity or another that if it doesn't need virgin blood then it more than likely requires slayer blood.

Good thing that San Francisco wasn't a Hellmouth and that they only had to deal with the occasional demon that was relocated from Sunnydale causing havoc all over California. Most of the demons that were relocated weren't even that hostile but sometimes they just needed that little push to not even think about doing bad. Since Faith was stuck in the Cleveland Hellmouth, with her own set of baby slayers and baby witches, she couldn't go out to San Francisco to help out with the demon overflow. Dawn was in Italy dealing with her own demon problems, and going to college, and would on occasion manage to send Xander e-mails about excess demon activity in some part of the country or another.

Xander looked up ahead as the sound of fighting finally reached his ears and he saw that of one of his girls was missing and looked around him for a clue as to where she might be. Callie, the eldest and newest slayer, was on the back of the demon and trying to kick the horns off, her blonde hair waving wildly when the demon tried to displace her from its back. Mel, the resident witch-slash-slayer, was hitting it with what looked like an electrified ax but that wasn't doing much damage to the demon except making it louder.

To the side of the fighting, Patricia looked to be unconscious on the ground and he went over to her, as she was the only one he could help at that moment. There didn't seem to be any outwards signs of injury but that said nothing about any internal bleeding or broken ribs or anything like that. He picked her up and moved her as far away from the fight as he could without bringing attention to what he was doing. The demon chirrup-howled and Xander looked up in time to see Callie finally kick off the left horn, making it shoot out into the air and embed itself into a tree. Mel swung her ax as she jumped up and took out the other horn as Callie threw herself off the demon.

"Hey, Trish," Xander coaxed lightly as he tapped Patricia's cheeks lightly to try and wake her up, "you need to wake up. I know you don't like hospitals so we should probably avoid those. Trish!"

Only years of quick reflexes and getting hit in the face by things gave Xander enough warning to move back and roll to the side. Patricia's reaction was familiar with most slayers and known solely as 'punch them unconscious and ask questions later' move and it mostly manifested when they had to be woken up in the morning for school.

"Patricia, do you know where Kaya is?" he asked as soon as he was sure that Patricia was awake enough to answer questions. Callie and Mel were already making their way over to them, small grins on their faces. "Do any of you know where Kaya is?"

Mel's entire back tensed and the bun that she had up to keep her hair out of her face unraveled slightly. She looked over to the water and began running towards it. "She's in the water. That thing threw her in the water before Callie managed to get on its back."

Xander rushed after the girls as he thought about whether or not swimming lessons were in the slayer's repertoire of useful fighting knowledge or whether or not there were sharks in these waters.

"Hey, she's fine!" Callie yelled and waved Xander over as she leaned over the railing to the rocks below and offered her hand to Kaya below. Kaya was drenched and she seemed to have a cut on the side of her head. Her dark skin gleamed in the sunglight and her shaved head made the cut and the blood dribbling from it seemed more pronounced than it probably was.

"Are you okay?" Xander asked as he caught up to the girls and eyed the cut. He rummaged in his bag for the bandages he knew he had packed earlier that morning and that was considered essential equipment for everyone to have in their slayer package. "Here, let me disinfect that and we can all go for that ice cream I promised while you tell me what you found out."

"We haven't figured out where they're coming from," Mel said and sighed as she watched Xander tend to Kaya. "We checked every single tunnel we could find and there are no nests or anything like that. They just come out of fricking nowhere, man."

"They smell like the sewers," Callie said helpfully and then her nose wrinkled. "We're going to have to check the sewers aren't we? Why do we always up in the sewers?"

"We're just lucky," Xander said. "Look at the bright side—"

"There is no bright side to this," Kaya said with a huff, her accented voice cutting off Xander quickly. "I think they come from the water."

Mel looked over the railing and stared at the water. "What gave you that idea?"

"They always appear near large bodies of water."

"We'll do some research to see about stopping them from coming up to land so that we don't have them exploding all over San Francisco Bay area," Xander said and stood back from Kaya to give the girl some room to move away from the railing. "Where's your bag?"

"I'll get it," Callie said and turned around to run back where they had come from. She barely took three steps before she stopped and backtracked. "Uh, I think we were watched by some people, Xander."

Xander hissed and stared up at the slight hill. Sheppard and Phaser Guy were at the top of the incline just looking down at them with confused looks on their faces.

"Go get your stuff and then we'll walk over to the car for the ice cream," Xander suggested as they all made their way to the shocked men.

"I call shotgun!" Callie yelled and rushed up the hill and passed the two men. The other three girls yelled up at her about Callie always getting shotgun and raced after her.

"Is there something wrong, gentlemen?" Xander asked with a raised brow.

"Is this a family thing?" Sheppard asked and pointed to the girls bickering behind him. "Are you going to answer our questions about what that thing was and what you were doing fighting it?"

"I already told you: Bob, and if we don't fight them off they'll go into crowds and start killing people," Xander said, his eyes rolling so hard that there was an actual threat of it popping out. "I think that's good enough reason to fight them off, right?"