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Gwaine and Leon had tried to follow Merlin around, but Merlin made himself scarce for the next few days. He didn't like anyone worrying about him, or getting into trouble because of him.

He decided to be the perfect servant for Lord Renly, so Renly wouldn't punish Camelot because of his mistakes.

And if Renly wanted to hit him, than so be it.

He decided to get Renly's dinner ready for him that night, as well as polish all of his boots.

Merlin stood nervously in the corner as he waited for Renly to finish playing cards. He heard the lord stumble to the room, talking loudly to one of his friends and Merlin grimaced.

So Renly would be in that kind of mood, great.

"What are you doing here, you piece of shit?" Renly slurred when he stumbled inside.

Merlin glanced down at the ground in a submissive manner.

"Your dinner is ready, sir."

"Excuse me?"

Merlin felt the sting of a slap, startled.

"What did you call me?"

"Sir?" Merlin felt confused.

"It's MY LORD," growled Renly. "You will address me with proper respect, and you will address me as MY LORD."

"Yes, of course, I'm sorry, my lord."

Merlin flushed, flustered.

Things weren't off to a great start.

Renly rolled his eyes and sat down.

"More ale!"

"Yes,my lord." Merlin poured him a glass.

Renly took a bite of the food.

Within seconds he stood up and flung the food against the wall.

"Are you trying to kill me?!"

Merlin's eyes widened.

"My lord, I..."

"Shut up, you pathetic slime! The chicken wasn't cooked! It was raw! Did you know raw food can kill? Did you not bother to check because you were hoping it would do the job?"

"My lord! No, of course not!" Merlin protested helplessly, as he backed himself into a corner.

How he was tempted to use his magic, but if he did all would be for nothing. Arthur would probably have to banish him and he'd be unable to protect Arthur.

Renly growled as he leaned over Merlin.

"I think it's time that you are taught a proper lesson,boy."

With that he grabbed an iron rod that was in the fireplace.

Merlin's eyes widened as he backed into a corner.

He stifled his scream as the rod burned into his skin, permanently marking him.

After it was over Renly spat on him and threw ale on his face before he stumbled off and collapsed onto his bed.

Disgusted, and horrified, Merlin quickly scurried out of the room-completely drenched.

As he crept into his home he covered his new formed scar that was on his neck with his neckerchief. He decided right then and there no one could ever know, especially Arthur.

The scar would stay hidden forever.

What he didn't see was Gwaine watching from the distance, his eyes heated with anger as he saw the wound on Merlin's neck.

With seething determination he turned around and headed towards Renly's room...

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