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Renly was having his 5th glass of ale when Gwaine barged in the room.

"What the hell?!" Snarled Renly as he stood.

Gwaine pointed his sword at Renly.

"I'd be VERY careful of what you say or do next," he growled. "Your life depends on."

Renly snorted.

"I could defeat you one handed."

"I wouldn't boast about that, I might dare you to a duel. And you wouldn't do well, as drunk as you are."

Renly rolled his eyes..

"I'm sick of this, and I'm sick of slime pretending to be knights, of slime's like you."

Heated anger rolled around inside of Gwaine until it appeared to the surface.

When he did he plunged his sword into Renly's stomach.

It was then when the guards came in to see what all the commotion was all about...

Gwaine was brought to Arthur's throne in chains. Renly stood next to him, clutching the would that Gaius had begrudgingly fixed due to Arthur's orders.

Merlin stood next to Arthur, horror and shock on his face.

Arthur stared at Gwaine with intense anger and disappointment as Gwaine hung his head, ashamed, and still furious

"Gwaine..."Arthur kept his voice steady, and free of emotion. But Gwaine could see the disappointment in his eyes and it destroyed Gwaine. "Is it true? You attacked Renly?"

"Yes sire."

Arthur's body shook with dismay.

"Gwaine, what you did was an act of treason." Gasps was heard from the knights. "You attacked a Lord!" Anger was now in Arthur's voice. He couldn't help it. None of it made sense, Gwaine was not a violent man.

"Gwaine, I want to know why. Why would you do such a thing?"

"Ask Merlin to show you his neck," Gwaine said quietly. "That'll explain everything."

Arthur and Gwen glanced at each other and Merlin stared at Gwaine, wide eyed.

He had tried SO hard to keep that wound a secret.

"Merlin...I have no idea what Gwaine is talking about, but if you don't mind...It could save his life," Arthur said quietly.

Merlin trembled as he removed his neckerchief.

When he did Gwen gasped as they saw the burned scar in shape of a rod on his neck...

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