Keeping A Promise

Sometimes Rose wondered why she had stayed. Why, even after her doctor was gone, she had stayed with the man that he'd become.

In the back of her mind, deep down, she knew why. She was keeping a promise that she had made to him, and sometimes she regretted it so much that she wanted to leave. Like now. But the only thing that was keeping her from simply turning and running, was that promise.

Sometimes she'd look at him, the man that he'd become, and she would see something that was entirely him.

From the man who he was before.

Sometimes it was a look, or a gesture, and she would see the face that she had come to know so well instead of the one that was before her. She would see blue eyes instead of hazel, but then he'd do something different and the illusion would be shattered.

And that was what kept her holding on, as well. She simply needed to see those moments.

She craved them; needed them.

Rose listened as he started prattling on about some planet that had continuous day time because of the fact that it had four suns and two moons, but her mind was somewhere else…with someone else. She couldn't let him go.

She would never say it, but she finally remembered what had happened right before he'd died and become who he was now.

She remembered the kiss.

It had come back slowly to her over time, and of course she'd remembered it too late.

Even though it was still the Doctor, he had changed. He had all of the memories, but none of what had made him who he was. She had learned that this was his tenth regeneration, and that the one that she had fallen in love with was his ninth…and she missed him.

Even though it was still him.

It was all so very confusing, and at times she wondered if it really mattered. Maybe she should let herself fall in love with him as he was…but then he'd do something that was very much him as the tenth, and not the ninth, and she felt her heart break at the sight, and she knew that her heart belonged to the man that he'd been before.

But he would never come back. And yet…she would stay. Because she made a promise.

And she was going to keep it.


A.N. - This is my first piece for this pairing, just something to test the waters with! I absolutely love the 9th Doctor and Rose together, and hope to write some longer pieces for this wonderful couple soon. Please review! Reviews are love! :)