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"Dad, what's for breakfast?" the fifteen year old boy

asked his dad, offering more attention towards his dribbling his basketball than his father. He had a game coming up on Friday and if he wanted to make the varsity basketball team next year he was going to have to tear it up at the big game against Tacoma later in the week.

"I don't know, Isaac. You're a big kid, find something. Cereal, scrambled eggs, a bagel…" Jackson listed, finishing the last story in the sports section of The Seattle Times.

"I had a bagel yesterday and I don't feel like cereal. Can I have some money to get something at school?" He asked his dad, already holding his hand out for the cash. Jackson eyed him curiously and pulled a crisp ten dollar bill out of his wallet.

"They can't possibly have anything better there than what we have here," Jackson argued even though he already gave in and handed him a ten.

"What are we doing for your birthday tonight or do you have to work?" Isaac knew his dad would choose to work instead of celebrate. His father had been known to bury himself in his work at the hospital, especially when he was avoiding things like getting older in this case. Or spending his birthday pretty much alone.

"How about we hit up the SuperSonics game tonight?" Jackson offered, hoping to actually get in some quality father-son time with his kid. Lately it felt like he was losing Isaac to those teenage years – he was there once, resenting his family and struggling through those never ending awkward stages.

"Can I bring Summer?" Isaac asked his father. Jackson knew it was an unintentional ultimatum. If he said no then Isaac wouldn't want to go, but if he said yes then it would be so much for the father-son time they needed.

"Really man? You can't even go to a basketball game with your old man without trying to bring the girlfriend? Am I that awful to hang out with alone once in a while?" Jackson teased. When he really thought about it he knew it wasn't him, his son was just hung up on this girl Summer and had been all year. The look on his kids' face showed no humor so he changed his answer, "Yeah, sure. Bring her, it'll be fun." He sighed. In one of those self-pitying moments he tried not to have he thought about what a great birthday it was going to be – spending the evening with his son and brand new girlfriend.

"Not even a thank you? Really Isaac?" Jackson asked while a bit peeved, Isaac was engrossed in his cell phone once again. He was about to throw that damn thing away. "Earth to Isaac."

"Hey, put it down. Who are you texting?" Jackson asked, waving his hands in front of Isaac's face. He was going to give him five more seconds to put it down before he smashed it.

"Sorry Dad. I was just telling Summer that we could pick her up at six. Is that okay?" Isaac asked, Jackson noticed the shift in his son's mood. He was noticeably happier when he was talking to or about Summer. At least they were talking a little bit.

"That's fine. Do you know where she lives?" Jackson asked his son curiously. To his knowledge Isaac hadn't been to Summer's house to hang out or anything yet.

"Dad, you drove me over there for her pool party over the summer. She lives just around the corner from school, remember?" Isaac reminded him, clearly annoyed at his father's questions. Jackson didn't remember but it wasn't worth the argument

"Oh, that's right. Are you ready to go? I'd like to get an early start today… so let's go," Jackson stood up from his chair at the kitchen island and grabbed his keys. He was wearing crisp blue slacks and a light blue button up shirt. He matched it with a shiny blue neck tie and black loafers. He'd put his white lab coat on at work. The years of administrative work over the years had taken its toll on him and he learned to dress for both jobs, changing into scrubs only for surgery.

"Can I drive?" Isaac asked, holding his hand out again, this time for the car keys.

"Not this morning, bud. I should have been at work ten minutes ago," Jackson declined and held the door open for Isaac to meet him in the garage.

"Seriously Dad? I just need seven more hours until I can take my test," Isaac groaned, rolling his eyes at the similar looking older man.

Jackson settled into the driver's seat of his Chevy Tahoe and looked over at his son before he started the car. "I don't know what I've said lately to piss you off, but you need to cool it. You've got a good life but a shitty attitude. You'll get your hours in, you're not even sixteen yet. You need to show a little respect, you're an Avery. Avery's ar—" Jackson lectured, finishing his lecture the way his mother had finished hers so many times before.

"Avery's are polite and respectful. They're to always be on their best behavior," Isaac interrupted him, his voice dripping with sarcasm. "I've heard this a million times before, I know Dad. We're Avery's. We're perfect."

"What? No, we're certainly not perfect," he started the car and looked in his rearview mirror before slowly backing out onto the busy street. "But you do have the Avery name and you need to be aware of that. I want you to always be on your best behavior. Be a good man," Jackson finished his impromptu speech. He knew that Isaac was listening to him, even if he acted like he wasn't. He had managed to raise a pretty damn good kid, even if he did have to do it alone.

"Are you sure your Dad doesn't mind if I tag along? I don't want to cut in on your father-son bonding time," Summer teased him playfully but really wanting to make sure she wasn't intruding. They were ditching English and sitting in their favorite spot behind the school.

"You're not intruding, I invited you," Isaac beamed. He was thrilled that Summer was finally giving him the time of day, he'd been head over heels for her since she started at Seattle Prep. "I just wish my dad had someone to go with too. He's been such a prick lately," Isaac whined. His dad never seemed to date anyone. The only person he remembered him dating was some lady named Lexie who he worked with. Even he could tell that their relationship wasn't going anywhere. Not surprisingly it didn't last long either, something about her popping a softball at one of her ex's new girlfriends led to their breakup.

"I know what you mean. My mom is like that too. I swear she's a hermit. She doesn't even try to go out with anyone. It's sad really." Summer laughed. The least she could do was let him know that he wasn't the only one with a lame single parent.

"I just wish my dad would make an effort to try dating someone. It'd be nice to see him happy for once, and maybe then he wouldn't be up my ass so much," he laughed and changed the subject. "Are you coming to my game on Friday?" he asked nervously, hoping that he could see her cheering him on from the stands.

"I have to, I'm on the dance team and we're doing the halftime show. But if we weren't playing it, I'd still come to see you," she said sweetly and then swiftly kissed his cheek from her tip toes. Her pale skin flushed at her own gesture and she grabbed his hand to pull him back towards the school. When they got back she slipped into her first class of the day.

Isaac practically pranced off to AP chemistry, still completely giddy over the kiss he got. She was adorable, so adorable that he couldn't figure out what she even liked about him. He had a lean and tall frame, measuring in at just over six feet tall. His skin was light brown and his eyes were a bright blue-green. Light freckles covered the pathway across the top of his nose and cheeks. She was his completely opposite, in nearly every sense of the word. Short, probably around 5'5 and thin but curvy. She had a lot going on in all the right places and her dancing didn't make it worse, that's for sure. Her hair was auburn red and it was long and curly usually. He couldn't stop thinking about her.

Isaac was easily bored in Chemistry, mostly because he had learned everything in the course in past classes. Math and science classes came easy to him and he planned to follow in his father's footsteps and become a surgeon. He just had to pass Brit Lit first, that was going to be the tricky part. He listened to his teacher make another cheesy chemistry joke, "I'd tell you guys another chemistry joke today, but all the good ones argon." He heard and laughed out loud. Most of the class turned their heads and stared at him, baffled. "Thank you for appreciating my periodic humor, Mr. Avery," his teacher finished, laughing at another chem joke. Apparently he was the only one who got the jokes. Luckily his cell phone buzzed and he was able to forget about his latest embarrassing moment.

When he saw the text was from Summer he lost any concentration he had left for chemistry.

S: We should set my mom up with your dad. What do u think?

He seriously pondered the idea before responding. Summer's mom was hot, but he wasn't so sure she was his dad's type. The women he'd seen his dad go out with were all the same… gorgeous but no personality. It was never both. He'd met Summer's mom a couple of times and she was funny and seemed smart too.

I: You think your mom would go for it?

S: Yeah, if we don't warn her ahead of time she can't chicken out. We can bring her to the game tonight. Worth a try.

I: Sounds like a plan, see you tonight

Isaac only hoped his dad would appreciate his effort. Maybe if it worked out he would consider it a birthday present and he wouldn't catch any heat for not actually getting him anything. At least that was the best case scenario.

"Mom! Isaac and his dad invited you and I to the basketball game tonight," Summer hollered up the stairs at her mom when she got home from school. She knew her mom had to be home since she hadn't started her new job yet, since transferring.

There was quiet upstairs before her mom actually replied. "Why do I have to go? You can go, just be home on time, it's a school night," her mom replied from upstairs, obviously missing the whole point of the scheme.

Summer jogged up the stairs and found her mom sitting on her bed, folding laundry. She sat next to her and decided to just be honest with her. "Mom, we were hoping that you would go to keep his dad company. It's his birthday and he's all alone. Don't you want to help?" Summer asked, giving her mom her best puppy dog eyes.

"Well that's….that's sweet Summer that you're thinking about him. But I don't even know him. Plus, you don't even know if he'd be interested in me," she laughed at her daughter who was trying to play matchmaker. She had a big heart, something she liked to think she got from her instead of her ex-husband.

"Mom, please. If you do this, I'll clean the bathroom for a month," Summer bargained, knowing exactly what to say to get her way. Her mom was easy to read, completely predictable. All she had to do was bring up a chore her mom hated doing and she was putty in her hands.

She could tell that her mom was carefully considering the idea, but eventually she gave in. "Fine, you win. He better know that I'm going though, I don't want to just show up randomly," she informed her daughter who was already texting Isaac that her mom was in.

Isaac and Summer thought about telling his dad but thought better of it. Surprising him would be the only way to get him to go along with the idea too. Plus, it was better to give both of them little to no notice so they would just be themselves.

"You're not going to wear that…are you?" Summer asked thoughtlessly, semi hurting her mom's feelings. She only knew she did when she saw her mom frown and look down at her clothes. She thought she looked fine in jeans and a blue sweater.

"Well, I uh—I was planning on it. What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" she asked, wondering how often Summer pretended to like her outfits but just didn't say anything.

"It's just really… mom-ish. You should wear something hot," she teased and started rummaging through her mom's closet. One side was carefully ironed and hung scrubs and the other was personal clothes. She had dress slacks and nice blouses for church along with jeans, hoodies and old concert t-shirts she wore when she cleaned the house. The clothes were color coded for the most part and she liked it that way.

She contemplated trying to look hot or just going as is. But because she hadn't been out with anyone in years, she decided to try and look hot. "Well what in here is…hot?" She stared into her closet like it was her first time looking in it.

"Uh…well…the jeans aren't bad. They actually make your butt look pretty good, I'm surprised. But the top has to go. What about the white short sleeved top you got for Aunt Reed's bridal shower?" the girl asked, sorting through the different tops. That was the cutest one she could find.

"Eh, it felt a little tight…" her mom told her, this time looking at a simple red Henley. "What about this with a pink tank top underneath?"

"Nice. Casual but cute…I like it. Plus, you always look really good in red," her daughter complimented her and left her room so they could both finish getting ready. They met in the living room at the same time Isaac knocked on the front door.

Summer answered while her mom ran to grab her purse from the kitchen counter. "Hey Summer. You look…really pretty," he told her, he looked like he was in awe and the conversation stood still for a minute.

"Thank you, you're sweet," she thanked him again. She loved how he was so kind and genuine all the time. It was one thing to be hot, but another for him to be so nice all the time.

"My dad has no idea," he reminded her, peering back at his dad waiting for them in the car. "Your mom's still coming, right?"

"Hi Isaac, good to see you again," her mom cut in, coming in from the other room. Isaac smiled back politely and they retreated back to the car.

"You can sit up front," Isaac quietly smiled, opening the door for Summer's mom. She smiled awkwardly and scooted in.

Jackson had no idea what was going on. "Uh, hi… I'm Jackson. Isaac—what's going on?" he looked in the back seat and found Isaac and Summer already totally wrapped up in a conversation about one of their teachers.

"Oh, no. They asked me to come and I was under the impression you knew I was coming. I am so sorry," she turned around to shoot her daughter a glare in the backseat and resumed around to find her purse and get out of the car. She was completely embarrassed. Why would she think he wanted her to intrude on their plans?

"Hey, you don't have to go," he begged her, shocked at the words he was saying. He wasn't at a place in his life where he wanted to date but he had this overwhelming need to get her to stay. "Please don't go. It will be fun, I promise."

She looked back at her Summer again and then back at the stranger. "If you're sure that it's not a problem," she countered, looking for the confidant woman she was just a couple of minutes ago.

"I'm Jackson. And I take it you've met Isaac already," he told her, shooting her a smile before pulling back out into traffic.

She nodded. "I'm April. Nice to meet you Jackson."

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