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"When did our baby girl become three months old?" April asked Jackson one day. They had just taken her for her three month checkup which included lots of shots and a screaming Brynn. Jackson couldn't believe it either. It seemed like just yesterday he was racing to get there in time and help April through her delivery. Now they had a beautiful, healthy little girl. Not to mention she was the perfect baby. They had talked about how both Summer and Isaac had been colicky, but Brynn never made a sound. Besides when she was forced to get shots of course.

He shook his head in disbelief at her question, unsure himself how time was flying so quickly. Their wedding's tomorrow and they'll finally be married. He just wanted April to be his forever and it seemed like their wedding was a long time coming. Summer and Isaac were both on their way from different sides of the country and Catherine was coming too.

April reminded Jackson to pick everyone up from the airport. "I wrote you a list with all the arrival times. You should be able to pick up Summer and Mike at 10:30 and have lunch while you wait for Alice. Libby and my parents aren't coming so you don't have to worry about that. You'll have to make a second run to pick up Isaac and your mother at 3:15." She had carefully articulated a list so he wouldn't miss anyone.

He nodded and stole Brynn from April and held her up to blow raspberries across her stomach. He adored her giggle when he did that. April finished everything she was cooking, getting ready for tomorrow. She was doing it all for the most part, besides a small cake they ordered from a bakery in downtown Seattle. There really weren't going to be too many people attending, so she didn't have much to worry about. Jackson tried to coerce her into getting it catered but she couldn't make herself do that knowing that there were only going to be about twenty people or so there.

"You're baking homemade macaroni and cheese?" he asked anxiously, watching her pull it out of the oven. If he had known she was going to make that he would have married her months ago. She giggled. "Yes, homemade macaroni and cheese. It's easy and good."

He moaned, smelling it as it came out of the oven. "Can I have some now?" He asked her while he pulled a spoon out of the drawer and tried to sneak a taste.

She smacked his hand away and stared at him. "Jackson Avery!"

He chuckled and leaned down to kiss her before taking Brynn upstairs to change her for April before he left to pick up Summer. Dressing his daughter wasn't his expertise but April made it easy. She hung up her clothes by outfit so he knew what matched and what bows to pair with what outfits, same with shoes. They came back downstairs and she was wearing a casual white dress with pink stripes across it and a frilly pink bow.

By this time April had put together another casserole and a was working on a few more appetizers to set out. "Look at you baby. You're so pretty," she told her youngest daughter, stealing her back from Jackson. He kissed her goodbye and assured her he'd be back soon with Summer and Alice.

When Summer's plane arrived her saw her strolling through her gate with a guy he hadn't met before, he assumed it was Mike. "Summer!" He greeted her, leaning down to hug her. They had bonded a lot since that first night at the basketball game. He loved her like his own daughter. She smiled, thrilled to be home for a couple days and introduced her step dad to her boyfriend. "This is Mike," she introduced, "and this is my step dad Jackson."

They shook hands and Mike offered some pleasantry about it being nice to finally meet him. Jackson's initial judgment of Mike made him feel like something was off about the guy but he didn't want to start anything so he dropped it. The guy just rubbed him the wrong way. Something about his introduction seemed fake, forced even.

"Your mother has me on a tight schedule today. It says here we are having an airport lunch and waiting for your aunt Alice before going home," he teased and pointed down the hallway that was lined with a Cinnabon, McDonalds and TGIFridays. "You choose." He joked, even though there was really one option. TGIFridays.

She giggled the same way April does, which entertained Jackson. They got a booth and Summer tried to make small talk between Jackson and Mike. Mike was twenty one and ordered a beer, something that didn't thrill Jackson. He didn't know the guy was so much older than Summer, who had barely turned eighteen. Plus, he thought it was disrespectful for him to drink in the situation, just meeting her family and all. While still at the airport.

Jackson looked across the table at him, unknowingly sending him a glare.

"…just to take the edge off. I get too wound up when I travel," he reasoned, taking another sip of his beer. Jackson shrugged and texted April while the two kids talked about someone they sat next to on the plane.

He texted out "I don't like this guy." And just got "?" back. By the time she had responded though they were done with lunch and the waitress brought his debit card back so they left to wait at Alice's gate. She walked through her gate with someone too. He and Alice had only met once before, she was off studying at Rice Medical. Summer jumped up and down waiting for Alice and hugged her and introduced her and Mike before Jackson even got the chance to say hello. When he did he met her boyfriend, someone who he felt a lot easier about than Mike. At least her boyfriend Charles seemed a lot friendlier than Mike. He didn't seem like he had anything to hide.

They got back to the house and found April still in the kitchen. Brynn was taking a nap in her nursery so just the adults got to talk. "I want to wake her up, she is so perfect," Summer gushed after coming down from the nursery and checking on her little sister. April shook her head nervously. "Summer! You NEVER wake a sleeping baby."

Summer sighed. She was kidding.

Mike excused himself and Jackson noticed him sitting out on the front porch by himself. He motioned out that way, "What's his deal Summer?"

She shrugged, not really saying much. "Probably just tired. When's Isaac's plane come in?"

"3:15. He and my mom are coming." He told her, picking up an apple off the counter to bite into. Summer nodded and took a deep breath. She missed Isaac but obviously she had to get over it. It wasn't a good idea to have feelings for your step brother. She moved hundreds of miles away to get over him for goodness sake. Jackson noticed Summer peer outside the front door and roll her eyes at Mike who was outside smoking. He still didn't know or like what was going on.

April noticed the tension and put Summer to work. She was mostly done but there was a couple things she needed Summer's help with. "So how are your father and Stacy doing?" she asked her once Jackson left to go back to the airport.

Summer groaned. Her dad and step mother were fighting all the time, but her dad made her promise to keep it to herself. He didn't want April rubbing anything in his face any time soon. "They're fine. Working a lot," she tried covering for him.

Her mom just nodded. Sounded like Matthew. "And what's the deal with Mike?"

Summer looked up, still looking uneasy. "What do you mean?"

"I mean why did you bring him? You two don't seem very…close." April laughed. She'd never seen Summer look so bored in a relationship. Summer didn't have much to say about that either, very unlike her. The room was quiet until Summer spoke up.

"I didn't want to come to this wedding alone. I know Mike's rude, I'm going to break up with him when we get home. It's just…" she tried telling her mom. April pulled a chair out for each of them at the table they were standing in front of. They sat down and started picking at the cookie dough Summer was mixing up.

April waited. "Just what?"

"Just that I didn't want Isaac to show up with a date and me be all alone." She told her, ashamed. She knew she shouldn't still be worrying about Isaac, especially now that they were about to be related. April was probably going to tell her as much.

"Sweetie, I'm sorry about how everything happened with you and Isaac and Jackson and I. But it you need to move on," she told her daughter patiently. She gave her a small smile, telling her that she understood how she felt. "Just not with Mike."

Both mother and daughter got a chuckle out of that and Summer nodded her head. She needed to move on. Isaac probably had.

They were able to finish all of the food and the dress a few picnic tables out in the backyard for tomorrow. Their new house sat out in the country and April and Jackson opted to get married in the field in the backyard. There were butterflies everywhere at this time of year which was perfect, she'd always dreamed of a field with butterflies. Her first marriage was a courthouse thing that was nothing short of a business transaction. Jackson surprised her by ordering special mints that were marked with "Mint to Be" on them. She had no idea how he remembered, but he did. She mentioned the idea to him months ago and he remembered. He never stopped surprising her.

Today was the day. There were very few people coming, but that's the way they wanted it. Isaac was the best man and Summer the maid of honor. Catherine was there and so was April's sister Alice. A few of their friends from work attending too.

April was wearing a long, white dress. It was almost a sundress. Casual, somewhat traditional and completely gorgeous. It was strapless and perfect for her because it showcased her long neck and shoulders. Summer did her hair, pinning the red locked up in an elegantly curled bun. She wore light make up and white flip flops.

Jackson was wearing a tan suit with a light blue shirt underneath. He couldn't look more handsome if he tried. He was newly shaven and the blue from his shirt brought out the crisp blue green of his eyes. Catherine held Brynn while they sat by her date, a fellow coworker at the hospital, Richard Webber.

April walked down the makeshift aisle to the song 'Marry Me' by Train. It was simple but perfect for them. It was seventy degrees and there was a slight breeze, making it completely beautiful outside.

April walked alone up the aisle, something she decided she was okay with. She stood next to Jackson and he held her hand while they waited for the minister to start talking. He whispered "stunning" into her ear, eliciting a slight blush from his soon to be wife. They exchanged their personal vows to each other and promised to love each other forever.

The days of April and Summer and the days of Jackson and Isaac were gone. They were now the Avery's. Jackson, April, Isaac, Summer and Brynn Avery.