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This scene takes place before Twilight, hence, it's not written in the series.

Rosalie's Point Of View

So much had been taken away from me. Life wasn't fair.

My lips curled over the back of my teeth as I fought to remember—through weak human memories—that fateful night when that vile and sinister man, I'd once called my fiancé, had brought this life upon me. If it hadn't been for that villainous bastard, I wouldn't have been condemned to this lifestyle. He'd literally stripped me of my honor and left me, all flesh and blood, dying in the streets.

Carlisle had found me shortly afterwards and much against my wishes, had transformed into one of his kind.

A vampire.

Of course, the super speed, extra strength, heightened senses, such as enhanced hearing and sight, had come in handy when I'd taken revenge on the lowly piece of scum. As a human girl, I wouldn't have been able to accomplish such a task.

Even though, Royce was long dead now, the consequences of his actions on me were everlasting. For as long as I lived—or rather, existed—my suffering would never end.

Honestly, dying would have been hundred times better than this. For the rest of eternity, I'd have the bitter truth—"Rosalie Hale will never grow old and die. She will never become a mother or a grandmother. She will forever be frozen in her cold, stone and hard body"—screaming at me in the face.

The transformation had been undoubtedly unbearable. It had been two years since my transformation and I vaguely remembered my change, for I'd undergone it as a human. The very minor details had been erased completely but I could never get rid of the feeling of intolerable pain, for as long as I lived.

I remembered screaming till no end, in between, pleading with Carlisle—who had sat with me for hours, holding my hand and whispering reassurances and sincere apologies (which did little to pacify me)—to just end my suffering and to kill me. Little did I know that he had killed me, though I didn't pass off into the world which lets you exist with dead. I was existing . . . but with the living.

When I'd finally woken up, I'd met Carlisle, Esme and their "brother", Edward. In the beginning, I'd been furious with them, demanding to know what right they'd had over my life and how dared they decided to change me into a vampire without my wishes.

Of course, before shouting at them, I'd taken a lot of time to believe that I had become a creature that was claimed to be "mythical". Despite having the odd and unnatural but amplified senses, I'd been in denial that I'd been a vampire. There is no way. These strange people are playing some practical joke on me.

Only after catching my appearance in the reflection of a window, had I caught those frightening and terrifying crimson irises—which were my own—finally seeing the truth. For the first few days, I'd been grieved over my "death", furious over my ex–bastard–fiancé, agonized over the loss of my family and regretful of the fact that I could never become a mother.

Finally, seeing that there was no way out—given that vampires were indestructible by everything but other vampires—I'd decided to give up on my sorrow and focus on more important things like my appearance.

There was, obviously, no doubt that this new life had brought me one thing I have always loved having: beauty. As a human, I'd always been the lady to get extra attention from men, whether intentional or not. My parents had been very proud of me, and loved to show me off. The beautiful and fancy dresses my father used to buy for me had only complimented my hourglass figure. The simple but elegant gowns augmented my curves and it just seemed to get better with becoming a vampire.

Now, of course, my already natural and stunning features were just enhanced. If men had never noticed me in my human life—though that was completely impossible—they would certainly now.

My human skin had gotten paler with my transformation, my body, carved into stone, but curves were much more accentuated. My golden hair was shinier, softer and longer than ever. In fact, I was sure I'd gained a bit of height and my chest and stomach were fuller.

In other words, I was flawless.

The red hues in my eyes had died down after about a year, and they turned a rich golden, a trait due to curbing my appetite from drinking blood of animals, not humans.

When Carlisle had offered me a chance to be a part of his family, as his and his mate's "daughter", I hadn't exactly known what to say. Though I still held it against him for ruining my life, I respected him. I trusted his decisions and only hoped that when he'd been making the decision to transform me, a good outlook would come soon.

I knew that Carlisle had been hoping that I would become a mate to Edward, the same way Esme was his. Apparently, it had been a while since Edward had been alone and as father figure as well as a friend, Carlisle had only Edward's best interests at heart.

Edward was an odd creature, he was.

He'd been completely repulsed by my addition to the family and sometimes, I'd gotten the vibe that he was disgusted with me. I definitely hadn't known how to react from that—apart from the obvious anger—since I'd never experienced in my life; men had always take more than just one glance at me. I'd let it slide with Carlisle since he was obviously Esme's mate—the love connection between a male and female vampire was a thousand times stronger than that of a normal human "Husband and Wife"—and I'd basically considered him my father, or sometimes, an elder brother.

Edward, on the other hand, had been—and still to this day—completely bored and uninterested by me. I'd at least thought that the man wasn't in love and could supposedly afford a bit of attraction towards females.

I'd only come to one possible and sensible conclusion: Edward was gay.

It would pretty much explain why he hadn't been the slightest fascinated by me. Of course, I didn't worry. If he couldn't think I was attractive, then it would only mean that there wasn't a single being born on this earth who could hold his attention.

In the beginning, it had irritated me to no end that he could hear every single thought I had, without even wanting to. I mean, the saying, "Personal Space" had been taken to a whole new meaning. Nothing could be kept in private when he was around . . . which wasn't very often, though.

I rolled my eyes as I thought of my obnoxious brother. Nobody knew where he went; Carlisle was too polite to ask, Esme worried for her son, but didn't ask out of respect and I simply didn't care. He was very boring to be around and I simply did not want to spend time with a loner. He'd leave at random times and come back at random.

What pissed me off the most about him was his blatant attitude towards me. Apart from the surprising fact that he wasn't infatuated with me like the rest of the male population I'd come across, his smirks and unaffected behavior irked whenever I was in the room.

It was high time he learned to accept me as a part of the family and treat me like one.

I could hear sudden footsteps from outside and though they were extremely light, my hearing picked up on them instantly. Edward sprang through the door two seconds later.

He smirked at me. "Thinking about yourself, again, Rosalie?" Without a pause, he continued, "Of course you are."

I sneered at him; it was my way of welcoming him home. "Funny, Edward."

He grinned to himself as he gracefully took a seat in front of the piano. Immediately, classical music floated through the air. I rolled my eyes; I'd never had much time for lullabies, anyway.

"You know," He commented dryly, not looking at me. "I don't even have to be a mind–reader to know that the only thing you think about is yourself. I have a piece of advice for you—get over yourself. You're not that fascinating anyway."

"It's not of your business, Eddie." I snarled at him, narrowing my eyes angrily at him; he always made comments like this and it annoyed me like hell.

The music didn't falter but he clenched jaw once at the nickname—which I knew he despised. He muttered something under his breath that sound like, "self–obsession" and I stalked out of the house, tossing my hair over my shoulder flippantly.

Grumbling under my breath, I decided to go for a hunt. I smiled as I remembered my first hunt; it hadn't gone well at all. My clothes had all been in tatters and blood had been smeared all across my whole body. I'd looked like a wild animal and it had taken four showers to finally convince myself that I was clean.

At first, I'd been adverse to the idea of giving up my unbearable thirst just to keep humans alive but I knew that my noble side won and for the past two years, I've been living off of animal blood, like the rest of my family.

"You don't have a noble side, Rosalie!" Edward called after me, in response to my thoughts and I growled all the offensive words my brain could come up with.

I searched through the forests, which were thankfully, very far from home. The farther away from home the woods were, the more animals were there. Usually, animals tended to shy away, especially since our house was in the middle of nowhere.

I smiled to myself as some sunlight through the parting of the trees shone directly on my arm. Lifting my hand up in front of me, I observed the glitters on my skin. Sparkling because of sunlight was just another one of those vampire traits and it never pleased me more to see myself shining.

I was in awe of myself.

Apparently vampires' skin cells were made of some sort of crystalline substance that caused diamonds to erupt whenever it came in contact with light. It didn't hurt at all and I was glad for it because I liked staring at my glittering skin for a long time.

I heard a twig snapping and my head turned instinctively towards the noise. The next second, the scent of elk wafted across my nose and a second later, I was already pouncing on my prey. It didn't put up much of a struggle as it appeared completely weak in my fierce hold on it. I bit down into the animal's neck as fresh blood trickled down my throat.

After disposing of the animal's dead body, I glanced down at myself, grinning in triumph when I noticed an untouched and unruffled outfit. Ha, I was getting better at feeding.

Just as I was about to take off in a different direction, I heard the loud growls of something that sounded suspiciously like a bear, off in the distance. The sound was low and I couldn't make out everything. Curiously, I zipped through the forest, in and out of trees, following the bears outrageous roars. The closer I got, the scent of the bears blood became even more distinct to me. I'd hunted bears before but their scent didn't particularly appeal to me.

I stopped dead in my tracks, still hidden by the trees, when the most delicious scent passed over me.

Human blood.

Fresh and spilled human blood.

Holding my breath, I stepped out from behind and found myself witnessing a bear–human duel. My eyes were instantly drawn towards the boy – or rather, the man. He seemed to be in his late teenage years or maybe even in his twenties, but it was hard to tell with his incredibly large frame and built muscles. His shirt was ripped and clawed—most likely the bear had taken a swipe at him. It was amazing how he was still alive but I knew it wouldn't be much long before the bear won the battle.

My eyes did a quick sweep of the forest surrounding, pausing on a rifle that lay bent and broken on the ground. I assumed this man was a hunter. My gaze snapped back to the war when the man grunted and cried out in pain. I don't know how long I stood there, my attention drawn to the dimples on either side of lips. His hair, though it was sticky from being matted with blood, was a dark brown that curled down his forehead and the sides of his face.

A vague, dull memory flashed into my mind, the night of my ending of life. My best friend, Vera holding her baby son, Henry, on her hips. The similarity of that boy's dimples and boyish innocence was so striking to this man's face.

My breathing hitched as the bear took another swipe at his face and without thinking, I leaped forward, pulling the bear of the man effortlessly. The animal turned in shock while the man fell unconscious to floor. I didn't take long with the bear, quickly snapping it's neck. Though, it's blood was spilled, I felt no appeal.

Glancing down at the man, I lifted him easily. Had I not been a vampire, lifting him would have been impossible; he looked extremely heavy. I begged the stranger in my arms not to give up; there was something about him that attracted me to him. I needed Carlisle.

With that thought, I rushed determinedly through the forest and dashed into the house. Edward jumped from the piano bench in shock as I flashed inside, looking like I was in a frenzy.

"Rosalie, what —?"

"Later." I spoke frantically. "Where's Carlisle?"

He didn't say anything, instead staring at the blood–smeared, unconscious man in my arms. Aggravated, I yelled out, "Carlisle!"

A second later, Carlisle was already in front of me, Esme by his side. "Rosalie? What happened? I smell blood —"

His gaze dropped down as he stared the stranger.

After years of being around humans and getting used to their blood, it never tempted him. If I could trust anyone with this man, it was Carlisle.

"I was out hunting. There was a bear. It was attacking him. I killed the bear. He's unconscious. I couldn't leave him out there to die. Save him, Carlisle. You're a doctor."

Carlisle was still staring down at him, but Edward and Esme were observing me closely. I didn't bother paying them any attention as I impatiently waited for Carlisle.

Finally, he nodded. "I will do my best, but I don't think he's going to make it."

"Try your best." I begged. "You must save him."

Without waiting for an answer, I pushed him into Carlisle's arms.

"Esme? My kit is upstairs. Could you please bring it down for me?"

Esme nodded once and was back in a flash, handing Carlisle his bag. I didn't bother paying any attention to what Carlisle was doing. My attention was once again captured by his face. I noticed Edward tilt his face slightly in my direction but I brushed it off.

"What's the verdict?" I asked anxiously.

Carlisle sighed. "His bones are broken, a couple of ribs and I'd say he has just a few minutes to live. He lost a lot of blood."

My face fell and I looked back at him. He wasn't going to live. The bear had done enough damage and his slowly beating heart was going to give up on him soon.

Even unconscious, he seemed to be smiling serenely. I could make out a hint of his dimples and a picture of him healthy and smiling joyfully appeared in my mind. I imagined him strong and healthy, his skin flawless, his features even more pronounced, his jovial and carefree grin smiling innocently at me.

My thoughts traveled my dark past—a dark prince who'd ripped me from my dreams of being a princess.

This was my prince. He was my second chance. He was my happily after ever. He was going to make me a princess. My life partner, my soul mate.

If Carlisle wasn't able to perform any human remedies on him, then there was only thing he could do.

The two words escaped through my numb lips as barely a whisper but everybody heard it.

"Change him."

Author's Note: Out of all the Cullens, I think Rosalie is the worst (that's just my opinion!). Her bitter and vain nature has me against her and I never liked the fact that in Breaking Dawn, she doesn't mind Bella dying, as long as she gets the baby. Even though, Bella was the one the one who requested her assistance with the pregnancy, I hoped that at least, Rosalie would focus more on protecting her than on Renesmee. I just thought that after owing Bella for saving Edward's life in New Moon (which was Rosalie's fault), she'd at least care a bit about her sister–in–law's health.

I guess I can't really blame her though, because she was only doing what Bella asked her to do—which was guarding the baby at all costs, whether her own life may end or not.

I suppose I'm a little over the hostility I had over her, though I'm not completely sure.

I sincerely hope I didn't offend anyone—which this chapter and my lecture—especially any Rosalie Fans out there. This was merely my take on her character, so please tell me how you think I did on this chapter!