Remember Me...Chapter 1

(Sonny's POV)

June 15th 2013

"Dear Will, It's been over a year since I last saw you...Everyday, I sit here in Common Grounds and write to you...Hoping that one day, you will remember our life together, the love that we shared, the promises that we made to each other...

Today should have been our first wedding anniversary ...We should be out celebrating our love for each other...Instead, I'm sitting here alone thinking about you...My family says I should move on from you, that I need to give up this crazy idea in my mind that one day, you will come back to me...I keep telling them that it's never going to happen...I could never move on from you...Because you William Horton, are the love of my life...No one could ever change that...And I'll never give up on you...Ever...

I know that I might just setting myself up for heart-break ...But it's okay, Because I truly believe that one day, our souls meet in our dreams, and I know, that you will one day remember me..."

June 15th 2012 - 10:15 PM

"What happened? Please tell me..." I cried out as I watched the EMT's taking him in to the examination room. I tried to rush by his side, but I was being held back by the officers on duty.

"Will..." I screamed out as I watched them taking him in.

"Sir, you need to stand back."

"You don't understand. That's my fiancé in there. He needs me..."

I tried fighting them off, but they wouldn't even let me near him...I needed to be with him...He needed to know I was here...

"I need to see him...I'm begging you, please..."

"I'm sorry Sir, but this man has suffered severe head trauma and if there is any chance of him surviving, you need to let stay here and let them do their jobs."

I tried everything in my power for them to let me see him, but no one would listen to me...

I saw Cameron arrive, rushing into the ER...I could over hear him talking to the on call physician and ..

"Okay, what do we have here?"

"19-year-old, male with a severe hit to the head. Patient has lost a lot of blood and seems to have swelling on the brain..."

"Do you know what happened?"

"Patient got hit by a drunk driver at the intersection just off of Harrison Road. The other driver was DOA when the EMT arrived on scene."

"Do you know the patient's name?"

"Yes Dr. Davis. His name is William Horton."

I saw Cameron's face turn to fear, "Get the operating room ready stat! Call the trauma team and get them here immediately."

June 15th 2012 - 9:05 PM

(Sonny's POV)

"Babe, can you come here for a minute? I wanna show you something?", looking over at Will who was getting his over night bag ready.

"Yeah, give me a minute. I'm almost done here."

He smiled and looked over at me, "You know, I could be there faster if you would let me spend the night here."

"Nice try Mr. But it ain't gonna work!"

"Well you can't blame a poor guy for trying to spend his last night as a bachelor with the sexiest man on the face of this planet," he said as he walked over to me and kissed me softly on the lips.

"Will, you know I wan't everything to be perfect for tomorrow,"

"And everything will be perfect, because tomorrow, I'm gonna be marrying you," He said as I stared into his baby blue eyes...

"So what is it you wanna show me?"


I reached over and gave him the MP3 player that I gave him on Valentine's day.

His face lit up, "Oh my God Son, I can't believe you found this. I lost it when I move in a few months ago. I never thought I would ever see it again."

"Well, I found it when I was cleaning out the closet this afternoon. I thought you might like to listen to it tonight while you're away. To remember how far we've come in so little time."

"Son, this is perfect, thank you."

"You're Welcome, now hurry up and get out of here before it get's to late. I want you well rested for tomorrow."

"Alright, alright I'm leaving", he said as he put on his jacket and grabbed his over night bag.

"You know, you still have time to change your mind about me spending the night?", he said jokingly.

"Nice try!" I said as I wrapped my arms around his waist to embrace him.

"So I'll see you tomorrow?" he said as he reached for the door knob.

"You can count on it! I'll be the one waiting for you at the alter."

"And I'll be the waiting at the other end of the aisle anxiously in a hurry to get there." I said as I kissed him goodbye.

"I love you Will, I just love you so much."

He turned and opened the door, keep a foot inside, "Not as much as I love you my sunshine."

"Wanna bet?"

We both laughed as a memory of the past was just replayed in our minds. He winked at me and left...

June 15th 2012 - 9:30 PM

(Sonny's POV)

Just as I was about to get in bed, My phone rang. I was for sure it was Will calling me up again to say goodnight. So I walked over and answered.


- Hello Sonny.

Yes, this is Sonny.

- Sonny, this is Commander Brady.

Oh hey Mr. Brady, who can I help you? Will's not here right now, he just left about 15 minutes ago to go to Marlena's

- Sonny, You need to listen to me. I need you to get over to the hospital right away.

What do you mean Mr. Brady?

I started to panic...

- Will was in a terrible car accident and he's in really bad shape. I need you to get down there right now. Can you do that? Do you need me to send on officer to get you?

Dropping the phone to the floor...

Nothing was registering in my mind. As soon as I heard Will was hurt, I paralyzed...

- Sonny, are you still there? Talk to my son...Say something...

I reached down picking the phone back up...

Mr. Brady, I can't breathe...

- Calm down Sonny, It's gonna be alright. I'm gonna send someone for you. I don't want you driving like this.

Is Will gonna be okay?

I said has the tears were falling from my eyes...

- I don't know Sonny, the EMT's on site said he was in very bad shape.

Oh my God...Will...He can't die, not on the eve of our wedding day...

- Son, they are going to do everything possible to save him...Now you need to be strong for him.

I'll try...

- I know it's hard, but you need to do this for Will, you got it?

Yes Mr. Brady I'll do anything for Will.

- I know you will, the officer should be there in just a few minutes. I'll meet you at the hospital as soon as I'm done here at the scene.

Thank you Mr. Brady.

- You're welcome

June 15th 2012 - 9:15 PM

(Will's POV)

I was just about to turn on to Harrison Road when I remembered my MP3 player Sonny found for me. I couldn't wait to listen to our greatest hits playlist the he made just for us. I reached over and grabbed it from my bag. I was waiting for the traffic light to turn green and decided to turn it around so I could read over the initials engraved...

W. H. I. LOVE YOU S. K. I said out loud as I ran my finger over each letter...I jumped up as I heard the people behind me honking their horns, because the light was now green and I sorta drifted off for a few seconds at the memories of that night came flooding back in my mind. That was the night of our new beginning...

Just as I was about to hit the accelerator, I saw beaming light coming right towards me...Aiming for me head on...The last thing I remember was the sound of shattering glass all around me...

I was cold...

I felt pain...

I couldn't hear...

I couldn't see...

All I had was a memory...Sonny...Until that final memory faded away...

To be continued...