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Chapter 8.
Ambush…surprise attack


"So, I'll come over sometime tomorrow. Please don't tell them where I'm staying. I'd like to have a level playing field for once in my entire life," Bella asked her father as they were saying good-bye that afternoon.

She felt that her soul was lighter, and she knew it had to do with the two relationships in which she was submerged…the one with her real father and the one with Edward. She didn't know how either would go, but it felt good to have two people in her corner, at least.

"Whatever you want," Carlisle responded as he hugged her and kissed her temple. It was the first time in her life she felt a connection to a parent. She hoped it didn't get squelched before it ever got off the ground.

She and Edward walked on the beach for a while before they went home. He'd found a stick, and Petey seemed content to play fetch with it, so she was enjoying the nip of the surf on her feet as they strolled hand in hand.

Bella could tell he had a lot on his mind, and while she didn't want to appear over anxious, it was driving her crazy. "Okay, I can't take it any longer. What's on your mind?" she begged.

"I've got a lot of shit on my mind, but my biggest concern is whether you're going to hop a jet to Paris to study at culinary school and leave me behind," he answered. Bella pulled him to a stop because she didn't want him thinking that way.

She thought about his comment and decided to rephrase the question. "Where are you going? Is there room for me?" she asked as she held both of his hands in hers awaiting his answer.

She saw a smile on his face causing his eyes to light up. "I honestly don't know where I'm going, but I honestly do know there will always be room for you in my life if that's where you want to be," he answered as he wrapped his arms around her.

When he leaned in to kiss her, she eagerly wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her toes to meet him as close to halfway as she could while Petey ran through the surf in pursuit of the stick Edward had tossed out. She definitely wanted to be wherever Edward was.


The couple stood kissing on the beach for several minutes, unaware Carlisle was standing on the deck of his house watching them with a satisfied smile. He had no idea what would happen in the future, but after all of the bullshit, he was quite happy his daughter had found someone who he believed was worthy of her. It actually gave him confidence to be able to take on his wife and other daughter when they showed up the next day.

Bella had lived a hard life because of his cowardice, and it was time to put a stop to it. He was certain the push back he'd endure from his wife and his oldest daughter would be monumental, but after everything, he knew he owed it to Bella, and he was prepared to give it to her. If it was the last thing he did on God's earth, he'd give it to her.


The next day, Bella was standing on the beach watching Edward jog off with Petey into the distance. She pulled her phone out and called the number on the paper her father had given her, not thinking about the time difference from east to west. It was just after 9:00 AM in Naples which meant it was just after 6:00 AM in the west.

"Swan," she heard a man call over the phone as she stood in the sand. She wasn't prepared for a man to answer so instead of speaking, she hung up.

She knew she shouldn't have been surprised when the phone rang back almost immediately with the same number she'd just dialed flashing on the screen. She hated herself for calling in the first place, but after she and Edward had made love the night before, he'd encouraged her to call the woman and talk to her.

She took a deep breath and answered. "Hello?"

"You called me," she heard the man respond sarcastically.

"Um, yeah, I'm sorry about that. I didn't realize it was so early there. I'll call back at a decent hour," she answered.

"Is this Isabella?" he asked.

She was shocked he knew her name. "Um, y-y-eah," she stammered a bit.

"Oh, hey, hang on. Renee!" he yelled.

A moment later, Bella heard a shuffle and a muted, "It's her," through the phone.

"Hello?" a female voice questioned over the line.

"Hi. Is this Renee Swan?" she asked dumbly. She'd called the number, and she'd clearly heard the man call the woman Renee, but she wasn't certain what else to say.

"It is…is this…Isabella?" the woman asked shakily.

Bella let out a heavy breath. "Yes, it is," she responded as the tears rolled down her cheeks. She was trying to keep them out of her voice, but she wasn't certain how good a job she was doing.

"Oh, God," she heard before she heard a crash. She didn't know what had happened.


"Hi, it's me, Charlie. Um, Renee's just…well she's apparently having a little bit of a meltdown. I'm really glad you called. I've heard a lot about you. You just graduated, didn't you? MBA?" the man asked.

"Is she okay? I can call back…maybe I shouldn't have called," Bella responded.

"No! No, it's a good thing. Just give her a minute. She's just a little bit in shock. Renee, honey, get yourself together and talk to your daughter," she heard the man order over the line. She sat down on the sand listening to the man comforting the woman, and she continued to cry.

Bella was so caught up in the comforting words the man was saying to the woman on the other end of the line, she didn't realize Carlisle had walked over to her and sat down next to her. "Renee?" he asked.

"Not exactly. She's sort of unable to talk, and I don't know if I should hang up or not," Bella commented. Carlisle took the phone from her hand and wrapped an arm around her shoulder, kissing her temple.

"Charlie? Hi, it's Carlisle. No, she's still here. She's worried about Renee. Should she call back or maybe Renee would like to call her back when…Oh, sure, hang on," Carlisle spoke.

"It's okay. She's just surprised. Go ahead. I'll be right here," he urged as he handed her the phone.

She heard sniffling, and she sniffed a bit herself. "Mrs. Swan, are you okay?" she asked, not certain how to address the woman.

"I'm fine, and please, call me Renee. How are you?"

"I'm better now. Um, I'm not exactly sure what to say. My dad just told me about you yesterday," Bella confessed, seeing Carlisle recoil a bit. She felt bad about it but it was the truth.

She heard the woman laugh. "That sounds like him. I'm really not sure what to say either. I hope you understand I didn't want to give you up, but I'd never have been able to take care of you like Carlisle could have. It wasn't the money they gave me. Hell, I gave that away to charity. It was a chance for you to have a better life than I could have given you. I didn't know Charlie back then, and I know now he would have taken to you as if you were his own. I'm so sorry I let you go," she heard the woman confess.

It was more than she could handle. She handed the phone to Carlisle and rose from the beach. "Renee, she's just trying to get used to this. Yes, I'll tell her. No, I don't think she does. It wasn't your mist…Renee, it's not your fault. Don't…yes, Charlie. I'm sure she'll call back. Yeah, I promise. Okay, bye," she heard Carlisle end the conversation.

"I should have waited until this business with Olivia and Rosalie was sorted before I called her. I'm sure she thinks I'm an idiot," Bella remarked as she felt Carlisle next to her.

"Sweetheart, she's afraid you hate her, just like I am. We made horrible mistakes, and I'm not going to lay all of the blame on Olivia because I'm a man with free will. I just didn't exercise it. I told them you'd call back sometime. It's completely up to you," he told her as he took her hand and stood next to her looking out at the water.

She heard Petey barking in the distance and saw Edward running back toward where they stood on the sand. "I love him, Daddy," she commented without thinking as she watched Edward playing with the dog.

"I know you do, honey, and I believe he loves you as well. If that's the case, don't let him go. You'll be happy with him. Don't let go of that," Carlisle told her as he hugged her and walked away.

She ran down the beach and met Edward in the sand. He was hot and sweaty, but she didn't hesitate hugging him. She waited for him to peel off his shoes and socks and then she pulled him into the ocean in her clothes. The two swam out a bit and then stopped as Bella wrapped herself around him.

"I love you," she told him as she kissed him. She felt him hold her so tightly she couldn't take a deep breath.

"I love you, too," he whispered as he kissed her back. After staying in the water for a while, they walked up onto the back deck of the house, and Edward hosed them both off to remove the sand, both of them laughing playfully. They sat down in the chaise where she'd slept many nights before she'd met him…her in front of him…and they proceeded to fall asleep. It was perfect in her opinion.


A loud laugh and a shriek woke Bella from the nap she was enjoying. When her eyes were able to focus, she saw her sister on the back of a hulking man she assumed was the new husband. They were running to the water, or rather the man was running to the water while her sister threatened if he got them wet she'd hurt him. He didn't seem to care and ran out until the water was too deep to run any longer. He then swam out with Rosalie complaining about her hair the whole time.

Bella looked up and saw the sun high in the sky, determining that it was noon or after. Petey was nowhere in sight, but Edward was gently snoozing behind her. She turned in his arms and swept her tongue over his nipple, hearing him chuckle. "That's not fair at all. We're outside, and I can't do anything about it. I could, however, throw you over my shoulder and take you inside," he joked.

"I doubt you could lift me right now, old man," she joked as she bit his chest.

She saw his eyes pop open. "Oh, really? Well, allow me to show you differently, Miss Cullen," he retorted as he scooped her up and rose from the chaise, carrying her toward the door with her laughter carried on the ocean breeze.

"Bella?" they both heard shouted from the beach. Edward turned to look out and see who it was, and then he looked into her eyes.

"I'd guess that's your sister?" he asked. She nodded, and he gently set her down on her feet on the deck.

She grabbed his hand as he grabbed his shirt and slipped it on, and the two walked down the beach to where Bella saw Rosalie and Emmett standing in the water. "Hello, Rosie," Bella called as they approached. She knew her sister hated the nickname, and it was exactly why she used it.

"Ah, still a bitch, I see. Who's this poor unsuspecting fool?" Rosalie replied sharply. Bella saw Emmett slap her sister on the ass, and she immediately liked the man. She saw him lean down and whisper something to her. When Rosalie looked at him, he gave her a cocked eyebrow, and for the first time in all of the years Bella had known Rosalie, she saw her submit to the instructions of another.

"Rosalie Cul…um, wait, what's the married name now or has Olivia already perfected the annulment?" Bella snapped back. She saw the man next to Rosalie laugh and then she was surprised when he scooped her up and hugged her.

"McCarty. It's nice to finally meet you. I've heard a lot about you," he responded as he put her down and picked up her left foot and then her right.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Bella asked the large man who seemed to have a way to handle her sister.

"Looking for cloven hooves. I didn't believe you had them, but I had to check. So, who's the guy?" Emmett asked with a warm chuckle in his voice.

"I'm Edward Masen, Bella's boyfriend," she heard Edward introduce himself which surprised her.

"Emmett McCarty. I wonder which of us is more of a surprise?" he asked with a laugh.

That comment caused the four of them to laugh, knowing full well to what Emmett was referring. "I think we share the honor," Edward responded as he wrapped his arm around Bella's waist.

"So, adopted sister, how's the short order cook business? Mom told me you were working in a dive," Rosalie tormented.

"Hey, at least I have a fucking job. I'm not sponging off of Olivia and Carlisle, no offense Emmett, because I'm sure you're a decent man. How you ended up with my self-absorbed half-sister is a surprise to me," Bella dropped intentionally.

She could see the panic in Rosalie's face as the realization set in she'd just lost her leverage. "Yes, sister dear, I know the truth. Edward and I spent the day with Dad yesterday. It must really be scary for you to know that we share a gene pool, huh?" Bella taunted.

Without much hesitation, Rosalie replied, "Well, you got the shallow end because we both know how you looked in high school, Mouse." Everyone saw Bella wince at the nickname Rosalie had bestowed on her during their formative years.

"At least I kept my legs closed," Bella replied. She felt Edward's arms around her as she was about to go after her sister. Bella had black eyes and a lot of hair pulling in mind before he grabbed her. She saw that Emmett had Rosalie in his grasp as well.

"Um, maybe we should go to neutral corners and wait for the main event later. Tell Carlisle to call us," Edward remarked to Emmett as he carried Bella back up the beach to the deck and inside without hesitation.

"I was just getting the better of her," Bella complained as Edward put her down on the deck floor. She saw the sexy smirk on his face, and she couldn't help but laugh.

"Yes, and before it became a full out cat fight, I decided it would be better to regroup. Now, we should shower and get ready to go for dinner later. Your father is in your corner…I'm in your corner…and I believe that even your brother-in-law is in your corner. It's going to be fine. Come on, let's go work off some of that energy," he instructed as he led her upstairs.

Without any hesitation, he pulled off her t-shirt and flipped the button on her shorts as she tugged at his t-shirt. They both laughed because they were in each other's way. "Okay, you do you and I'll do me and then we'll do each other," she stated with a giggle.

He laughed and agreed, eagerly stripping off his clothes and jumping on the unmade bed. She joined him, crawling over the bed and straddling his already hard cock. "You have a very impressive cock for such an old guy," she teased.

He laughed and quickly flipped her onto her back, teasing her entrance with only the engorged head. "I'm going to show you who's old, little girl." He stroked into her, smiling when her breath hitched.

He stilled himself and looked into her eyes. "I could stay right here like this for hours, love." He leaned forward and kissed her cheek, the tip of her nose, and her other cheek, not moving an inch, his body anchoring her to the bed so that she couldn't move either.

"Hours? Just inside me and not moving?"

"Mmhm. With age comes control and stamina," he whispered against her neck as he nipped along it, nibbling on her soft skin as he continued to lie completely still.

While he might be content to stay still and lavish her with decadent kisses, Bella was craving the friction his body provided. The man had reignited her floundering libido with a dangerous swivel of his hips the times he'd made love to her, and she was anxious to feel the sensation again.

"Sting, I have no doubt you could do the tantric thing all night, but I much prefer the way you feel when you're pounding into me. Your cock is a very tempting tool that can bring a lot of pleasure as I've come to know." She tangled her fingers in his hair, gently tugging it in hopes of encouraging him to indeed show her more pleasure.

"If that's what the lady wants," he responded as he pushed up on his knees, pulling her legs up on his shoulders and pounding into her just as she'd requested.

Each time he was on the precipice of losing himself to her, he slowed his thrusts and swiveled his hips in the way she liked, bringing her more pleasure than she'd ever felt in any previous encounter. She didn't know how long he continued to bring her to the edge only to pull her back, but when he lowered her legs to the bed and leaned forward to kiss her, they both exploded with expletives as the passion crashed into them.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Bella."

"Oh, God, yessss! I love your cock!"


"Shower sex is the best thing in the world," Edward told her as he continued to stroke into her. He was behind her with her hands braced on the wall, having stopped her from a repeat of the day before with her mouth on him. He wanted the encounter to end a completely different way that afternoon.

"Oh, God," she gasped as she pulsed around him causing him to pulse inside of her. He leaned forward and kissed her neck, pulling from her body. After he got his bearings, he stood under the spray and watched her catch her breath.

"You're a conniving bastard, aren't you?" she asked with a laugh.

"Now that seems a bit harsh, even for you, Miss Cullen. I doubt you'll question my age and stamina again, love," he called as he washed the saltwater from his body and watched her smile at him.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. You played the sex card to keep me from marching over there and pulling that bitch out of the house to beat her ass," Bella responded. He watched her collect herself and stand in front of him in all of her naked beauty, hands planted firmly on her hips where his had been moments before.

"Love, I didn't see anything constructive coming from a cat fight except for a visual I would undoubtedly use in the shower when I'm by myself. I much prefer the way in which we worked off the tension this afternoon. I think that's the best way to handle that sort of thing in the future," he responded as he turned her around and washed her hair, gently nipping at her shoulder, feeling the love he had inside him for her expand even more, as if he even thought it was possible.

"You won't always get your way with sex, you pervert," she teased as she melted into his body, pulling his arms around her and holding his hands on her stomach.

"I'll take my chances. I love you, Bella. I just didn't want you to do something rash. If you want to beat her ass when we get over there later, I'll let you have at her, but on the beach when emotions were running so high, it didn't seem like a good idea," he whispered against her wet neck.

He felt her turn into him and place her hands on his chest, which he loved to feel. "I love you, too. What's going to happen when…" she began.

He tilted her head and silenced her with a deep kiss. They had a lot to talk about, but that place and time, in light of the circumstances, wasn't right. They had a future to sort out, but with whatever was going to happen that night, it wasn't the time.

"One step at a time," he told her as they finished the kiss and then finished the shower.

He had a feeling it was going to be a long night, and he wasn't particularly looking forward to it, but he did love her. He'd walk through fire for her, though he was hesitant to tell her in that moment. That was something to tell her one night after a candlelit dinner and a bit of wine while he was making love to her. That would be the perfect time, in his mind, to tell her he'd follow her to Europe if that's where she was going. He'd follow her to hell if that was where she was going. He was certain of it.


"Your sister would have a cow if she knew I was going to wear this," Bella called from the bathroom where Edward had sent her with the dress. He'd gone into the no-man's land of Alice Whitlock's closet and found a dress Alice had never worn. He saw the tag still attached and vowed to pay Alice back for it, but the fact she'd never worn it led him to believe it was a purchase she'd made and not embraced after the fact.

"Trust me, she won't even notice. Come on out," Edward called. It was what he did best. He wasn't a slave to women's fashion, but he was used to getting his clients ready for battle, and if he was ever getting anyone ready for battle, it was Bella.

He knew how intimidating Olivia Cullen could be, and he'd witnessed the affect Rosalie had on Bella, so he felt the best thing to do was to make certain she felt beautiful and confident. The dress was beautiful, in all of its silk, champagne-colored splendor, and against Bella's brown skin and brown hair, he knew she'd look breathtaking.

When she walked out of the bathroom with her hair in a low bun at the base of her neck and the strapless dress encased around her, he knew he was right. "You look stunning," he announced in awe.

"I look like I'm playing dress up," she responded as she walked to the dresser and placed her watch on her wrist. She looked as lovely to him as she ever did.

The couple walked hand in hand down the street to the Cullens' house, bottle of wine in hand. As Bella rang the bell, Edward leaned down and whispered, "I love you," just before Carlisle opened the door.

"I love you, too," she whispered back as the door opened. The couple braced themselves for the night, knowing they would support each other regardless of what happened.

"Honey, you look beautiful. Please, you two, come in. Um, I know you know everyone. Let's see if we can get through this without a raid by Naples' finest," Carlisle joked as he hugged Bella gently.

Edward was thrilled the two of them were trying to forge a relationship. He knew it would be a lynchpin for healing, and he was all about healing her soul. Once she got to the place where she could accept all of the changes that came with the knowledge of her real parentage, he knew he'd be in the clear for the changes the two of them were going to experience together. He just hoped and prayed she'd be ready for them before his patience ran out.

"Hello, Isabella, Masen. I see you haven't dumped him yet. This must be some sort of a record for you," Olivia snapped at the two as they walked out onto the back deck where everyone was gathering for cocktails. Edward could hear someone in the kitchen cooking, and as he looked around at all assembled, he deduced Olivia had probably hired a chef.

Edward felt Bella's body stiffen, and in response, he took his hand from hers and wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her closer to him in support. "Count to ten," he whispered in her ear. It was a technique he used with hot-headed clients, and in that moment, he knew the woman under his arm was probably the most hot-headed person he'd ever encountered.

"What can I get you to drink?" Carlisle asked quickly.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have any of that boxed wine I'm sure you prefer, Bella," Olivia replied sarcastically.

"Now, Mother, you'll give your new son-in-law the impression you're a heartless bitch with talk like that. Here, Dad, we brought Prosecco," Bella replied as she handed him the chilled bottle of Italian sparkling wine.

Edward saw the surprise on Olivia's face at Bella's address of Carlisle as "Dad," and he deduced neither Rosalie nor Carlisle had spilled the beans to Olivia regarding the fact the secret was out, at least among the members of the Cullen family and Edward Masen.

Carlisle handed both of them a glass of wine, and then pointed to the empty chairs for them to sit down. Edward pulled Bella's chair out for her and then joined her at the table, taking her hand in silent support.

"So, Bella, Carlisle tells me you're a short-order cook at a local diner. I suppose it was bad form for me not to offer the catering job to you for tonight's dinner. Unfortunately, I don't believe your father and I enjoy squirrel," Olivia antagonized.

"Sorry, but today's special was actually possum, Mother. Anyway, yes, I'm cooking at a diner off of Tenth, and yes, it is exactly as glamorous as I'm sure you assume. Nonetheless, I get a paycheck every week, and I haven't used my credit or debit card once.

"Your order was for me to get a job so I could take care of myself. Well, that's exactly what I'm doing, even though I know you don't approve. Since Rosalie's cut off from her trust fund, maybe she'd like me to see if I can get her a job bussing tables? Oh, wait, you're trying to ship her and Emmett off to Oregon or Washington State, aren't you?" Bella replied confidently.

"Really? Where, exactly, are you living? Did you rent a house trailer in Bonita Springs, or are you still living here. Because, if you're living here, that's not really paying your own way, is it now?" Olivia offered with condescension in her voice, completely ignoring Bella's comment regarding her sister.

Edward cleared his throat, prepared to come to Bella's defense. She patted his hand in comfort and responded, "I'm staying with Edward. I trade sex for a roof over my head. I'm sure it's no different than what you do in the Chamber."

It was a surprising statement he wished she hadn't made, though he knew it was only to goad Olivia. He didn't approve of the way she made it sound like she was prostituting herself. Unfortunately, his protestation was lost when Emmett spewed red wine all over Rosalie's white dress, causing the blonde to come unhinged.

"Son-of-a-fucking bitch. What the hell, Emmett?" Rosalie shrieked.

"Jesus, Rosalie, can't you control him?" Olivia hissed as she tossed napkins at the two of them.

"What's this shit about sending us to Washington? I have a job, you know," Emmett snapped as he continued to try to wipe wine off of Rosalie with her batting at his hands the whole time.

Olivia leveled a look at Edward, and he braced himself for whatever the next vile thing was going to come out of her mouth. "So, you didn't keep my confidence? That won't bode well for you in DC. No one crosses me and doesn't pay for it. Bella, surrender your credit cards, car keys, house keys, and if you want anything else from your rooms, make a list and send it to my office along with a forwarding address because I happen to know that the Whitlocks will be back from Europe in a short time. I'm fairly certain Alice won't want you living under her roof after her brother goes back to DC to try to find a job at a 'Gap' outlet," Olivia taunted with an evil smile on her face.

"Look, Olivia, I know how you feel about me, and I finally know why. Everyone sitting here knows why you hate me so much. I've already talked to Renee, and Dad and I talked a lot. I'm sorry you chose to force people to bend to your will and used me as the pawn in the process, and I'll gladly give you everything back. I don't want anything from you. I've never wanted anything from you except acceptance and maybe something less than hatred. I never felt worthy of being in this family, and I now know why. We won't be staying for crudité, or anything else for that matter," Bella snapped as she rose abruptly, knocking over the chair and spilling her wine on the table.

"So, this entire little soap opera was concocted to humiliate me? Well, that's rich. I'm the only one in this entire situation who's innocent. I had no say when Carlisle chose to fuck that…that…hillbilly. I had no say when she refused to abort you, and I had no say when my only daughter threw her life away and married someone so completely beneath her it's almost like a stunt from a reality show," Olivia hissed.

"ENOUGH ALREADY! That's enough from all of you. I'm so sick of all of the bitterness and resentment and the utter disgust with which we treat each other. Bella, I'm sorry I allowed my mother, of whom I'm very ashamed right now, to taint our relationship. There was a time when we were close. Mom was gone all the time, and you and I were left with Janet. When Mom fired her, it was as if you and I were just pitted against each other. I'm very sorry about that," Rosalie apologized. Edward looked around the table and saw everyone except Emmett looking shocked.

"Mom, Dad, we're not going to Washington State. We're going back to Virginia. I'll get a job, and we'll make our own life without any say from either of you. Right now, I'm so happy my name is McCarty I could cry. You two deserve each other," Rosalie continued as she took Emmett's hand and led him inside the house.

Edward took a deep breath and righted Bella's chair. He turned to see she had big tears in her eyes, and he decided for everyone's sanity, he needed to get her out of there. "Carlisle, I'd like to say I'm surprised it went like this, but I'm really not, and I doubt you are either.

"Olivia, you don't have to worry about ruining me. Your display here tonight and treatment of your daughter has given me many reasons to rethink my career ambitions. Right now, working at the 'Gap' sounds a thousand times more appealing than being affiliated with politicos like you," he stated, not stemming the bitterness in his voice.

He took Bella's hand and led her off the back deck, through the house, and toward the stair case that led up to the second floor. "Go get anything you truly want. You're not coming back here. I'll wait right here," he told her as he kissed her forehead.

She quickly ran upstairs, and as he waited for her to return, Emmett came down carrying bags. "Wow, some fucked up family, huh?" he replied nonchalantly.

"Well, in my experience, most are. There are just degrees of how fucked up they are. Anyway, I don't know if the girls can work this all out, but can I get your number? Maybe we can stay in touch in case they ever get to the point where they want to talk?" Edward asked as he handed Emmett his phone. Emmett punched in his number and then Edward heard a phone ringing from the man's pocket. Emmett handed him his phone back and reached into the pocket on his slacks, pulling out his own and silencing it.

"Yeah, I hope they can because you seem like a great guy, and I'd really like to get to know Bella. She seems like a sweet person with a little bit of a fire in her. How long have you two been together?" Emmett asked.

"Not too long, but it didn't take much more than a conversation for me to be bowled over by her," Edward responded as the two stood at the bottom of the stairs talking.

"I know what you mean. I only knew Rose about eight weeks before we eloped. I just hope she didn't do it because it would piss off her parents. Right now, I'm wondering about that," Emmett responded.

Before Edward could offer a comment, Bella and Rosalie walked down the stairs together, both with tears on their faces. Rosalie was still wearing the wine-stained dress, and Bella had a small bag in her hands. "Ready?" Edward asked when she reached the bottom step.

"More than," she replied to him. As the four of them said good-bye in the foyer of the big house, they could hear shouting from the back deck. No one went to investigate the sounds. The four merely left the house and closed the door behind them, much like they hoped to close the chapter of their lives.


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