Lights only Chrom thought Gods could do were in front of him. Red, blue, yellow, pink; the list went on and on. Feet were not shuffling to the sound of the Risen but to strange sounds produced by boxes that would only be turned down once the sound had reached its three minute limit, and then it starts again. The endless muttering would pass his ears before sharing those words with another passerby. Red ruby lips would come into his view then their silk like hands would rub all over his body. They try but when they heard no response from him they slip from his grasp like oil.

Spinning in his bar stool chair the music plays loudly once more. Words were placed in everywhere and sounds he had never heard before repeats over and over again. He ran his fingertips across the glossed bar and saw his own self, looking back. It disgusted himself as the he brought the glass in his other hand to his lips and drinks whatever was in it this time. With a flick, Chrom watched it slide from his side to the other and sees if fall. Without a care he looked away. He was in no mood.

He slips a twenty onto the table top as he flicked his white scarf over his shoulders as if it was his own cape from long ago. He could hear the panic from the bartenders as they panic like dumb old Risen, fighting over what axe to use into battle. Before they knew it, they were dead. Chrom could not understand why people would dance near an entrance of a building as he bumped and pushed some aside as he squeezed himself through. One grabbed his scarf, causing the Prince to stop. He tugged again and mocked him, treating him like a dog on a leash. His people would treat him with respect, but not here.

Not in this world.

Turning around quickly Chrom slapped his scarf from the man's grasp. The drunken man laughed at his petty attempts to be considered 'cool' and raised his glass of alcohol into the air and praises himself for no reason at all and his 'friends' around him joined in. The drunken man looked back at the prince and pointed at him. Having enough the prince slapped the man's hand out of his face and held in tightly with one hand. He rushed behind him and pinned him down onto the dirty tiles of the dance floor. Chrom shoved the man's face onto the ground.

"I've just had enough of your insolence." Pressing the man's face even more. "If you are no ally then don't talk to me." Releasing his grip on the man, "I believe we have no more business here."

Unable to deal with such childish behavior in the venue, Chrom once again flicked his white long scarf over his shoulders as that people saw the incident made room for him to leave as if he was their king. Chrom didn't want to lie, he was a king, but not here, not in this era.

Rain fell without warning as Chrom continued to walk on an unsheltered path. He remembered words Fredrick spoke to him earlier that what he was wearing was able to give him some shelter from the rain. Pulling over the hood on the jumper his new friend had given him, the prince continued to walk down the footpath. People ran past him, either to enjoy or avoid the rain. Coming over to a bus shelter Chrom looked up to the sign.

The letters were so foreign yet so simple. He was use to seeing thick blackletter-like designed letters on paper that was nearly as thick as sandpaper. Now everything was in codes and with a simple touch of a word and a friend would reply in seconds - not weeks. Speaking softly to himself Chrom discovered he had made his way to a bus stop, another thing Fredrick had shown and told him about. Removing a folded note from his pockets were simple words and numbers printed on it saying what number bus he should take, what time and where it would lead him. Folding it back the blue hair prince sat down with his head hung.

He was so tired, tired of searching.

The unfamiliar sound of the wheels of the bus came to the curve of the shelter. The doors opened like magic and a man looks at him with confusion.

"You coming?" He yelled. "Or are you waiting for the next one?"

Pulling out the note from his pockets Chrom pointed at the words, numbers and letters Fredrick had written from him in neat hand writing. "Is this the bus written here?"

The old man readjusted his reading glasses and looked at Chrom. "Yes." He nodded. "You having trouble reading to boy?"

Placing the paper back into his pockets and taking steps into the strange transportation Chrom looked at the bus driver. "Yeah."

With that the doors closed as Chrom sat himself behind the bus driver and removed his hood. Patting his head he discovered his precious blue hair was left unharmed. Soon Chrom leaned against the window and stared through the one on the opposite side to him. So many unfamiliar objects zoomed past him, giving him no time to understand them or understand their purpose.

Wrapping his arms around his knees Chrom buried his head behind them. Warm air blew into the bus, making Chrom thankful that the world he was left in was somewhat okay.

He had just finished defeating Grima and his kingdom was saved - finally. He was now able to go home and wrap his arms around his beautiful child, Lucina and raise her in a peaceful kingdom with his wife.

His wife which he could not remember, her name, her face or her voice - nothing.

All he knew that he loved her and took the foolish step through the Out realm gate to find her. But who was she, Chrom couldn't find the answer. The prince looked up and turned around to face his own window. He could feel the vibration the machine made as it began to move once again and down the black and white dotted path. Smaller objects he remembered Fredrick calling cars drove pass the bus before stopping at some fancy red light. He did not understand what power it held over his people but Chrom knew he needed to understand the basics before moving to something so advance.

The moment he took that step through the Out Realm Gate, Chrom was convinced he knew his wife then and left doing something involving her, understanding that reason now had no point. He couldn't remember. He could see Anna's face lit up with concern. Even her cheerful and laid back nature was disrupted when he agreed to her terms to continue. She even returned the gold she cheerfully asked earlier to convince him not go.

"Even I don't know what that world holds for you! Even if you give me gold bars I still wouldn't take a single step in!" The merchant panicked.

"I need to do this - for her."

Her, there were so many woman here, so much more than he could ever imagine ruling over. Ruling over one land with so much people boggled his mind. Holding his shoulder where his mark of the Naga laid his mind drifted over to his wife and the idea of finding her in such a crowed and foreign world. The chances were slim. He didn't have to be some grand tactician to know that.

The sounds of the bus stopping echoed into Chrom's unfamiliar ears and the automatic doors opened wide. Cold air rushed in causing the prince to embrace himself tighter. He was never a fan of the cold or the idea of stopping at red signs to pick up people. He now wondered what happened to all the Wyverns and Pegasus he remembered fighting beside. Did they get lost in this world too?

"Excuse me." A soft fragile voice overcomes him. "Is this seat taken?"

Taking a short glance, Chrom shook his head. He had learnt that his old ways of communication had become so simple and less respected that he was now at the point of forgetting his old morals his parents taught him.


Rolling his eyes, Chrom could take any more interest. He just wanted to go home and think. Think how on earth he could go back home or pray to the Gods he would remember anything about his wife - anything.

Pressing the brakes hard, Chrom suddenly felt his body leave the chair and about to slam into the wall where the bus driver sat in front. With luck, the voice he was ignoring earlier grabbed a hold of his sleeve and pulled him back roughly onto his seat. Taking a moment to let the strange experience sink into him, his hero made Chrom interested to thank them and know them slightly.

Turning around her face came as a shock to him, pale blond piggy tails hair that was as pale as snow, a black coat with strange symbols place everywhere. They held a certain thick book and in front her auburn eyes where black framed glasses. He stuttered on the way the prince was judging her.

"Did I do something wrong?" She asked. "Aren't you going to say thank you?"

Blinking at first Chrom placed his hand on top of the woman's as if it felt second nature to him. "R-Robin?"

And for the first time he took a step into the foreign world, he remembered the face of his wife he never knew he missed so much.

Chapter one: Balance

"There are two sides to every person. One that we revealed to the world and another we kept hidden inside. A duality governed by the balance of light and darkness."

"...Robin?! Wait, what-"

His eyes lit up with fear as he watched his beloved Robin preparing another attack. Her words at first, sounded like words he would say to a final enemy before putting them back to an eternal slumber. But as each word got more emotional Chrom began to doubt himself.

"Surely she wouldn't. No, Robin can't. We have Lucina to raise and Morgan too. I-I" The words in the prince's mind started to fall apart.

Dropping her arm down, Robin released her final attack to Grima - her other half. Her painful scream echoed high in the evening sky as Robin's other half backtracked and faded into darkness. The dragon behind her screamed and fell, and in a matter of seconds, so would its master. Chrom's smile could not come as his beloved wife was now sharing the same fate as the fallen enemy.

"Robin, no!"

He couldn't move towards her. His fear, his sadness placed him firm onto the ground. Robin looked up high into the sky with her favorite book in her arms. The soft summer breeze blew through her hair, letting her hair down. Even now, she was so beautiful. He was so glad he was able to confess his feelings to her before their life went so sour and they could not have a wonderful and peaceful life as husband and wife for very long. As the darkness from her body started to escape the woman walked up to her husband and offered her hand to him.

Accepting her offer he was now looking at her and could not contain himself no longer as he wrapped his arms around his wife, trying to contain his tears as he could not when seconds later he could no longer hold her physically.

"Chrom, thank you...for everything." He heard his wife muttered. "Tell the others my thoughts were of them."

Chrom couldn't speak. Even his emotions made him unable to speak. "Stop smiling." He begged. "Don't make you remember you like this, pretending to be happy for us - for me."

A hand was raised as the great tactician and wiped away his tears. She couldn't bear to part from him but if it would keep him and her dearest daughter safe from any more harm and wars, she would easily give her life. She raised her other hand and dried his tears with now both of her hands but Chrom did not stop. He had never been so devastated since the death of his older sister.

"Nobody can ever harm you or Lucina again." Robin continued to smile at her love. "I'll make sure of it."

"Stop it!" Chrom snapped. "I love you Robin. Our people need you, I need you and Lucina needs you!" The prince continued to beg.

His eyes were filled with sorrow as Robin continued to look at her dear husband. She continued to smile as she ran her fingers through his messy blue hair. She did this over and over again. Even she could no longer hide her tears from her husband. Chrom did not stop begging to his wife. "Please give Lucina the chance to have a mother."

"It is already too late, my love." Chrom felt Robin toss her arms over his shoulders. "I've sent the attack. Grima is no longer and so am I."

As tears flooded their faces Robin continued to smile. Smile as if it was their wedding day all over again and when she confirmed to Chrom that they were going to have their first child together. She couldn't be any happier. Chrom stood in his place as Robin continued to hug him. She was the only one that could hold onto him as her physical appearance was barely visible now. The dark aura continued to wrap around her body and wasn't stopping for either of them. Looking at what he could see of his wife left he watched Robin press her lips onto his, shedding the last of her tears.

The soft and bitter sweet kiss was the last thing he could feel from his wife. As much he loved sharing a kiss with his beloved, their last proved wrong. It was was too painful to see any good out of it.

"May we meet again in a better life..."

Her body continued to fade from Chrom's sight, now finally able to find the courage to speak, "Robin, no! Ah Gods, no!"

Taking a few steps, Robin smiled and waved at her love. There she shared that painful smile Chrom didn't want to see her go wearing. She giggled as she opened her eyes. She was glowing with such joy and happiness. "Remember Chrom that I will always love you."

A bright light flashed and before Chrom knew it, the war was over and so was Robin. Looking around he was on a cliff facing the ruins of the war. He could hear the footsteps of his allies rushing towards him, but he did not care. His life, ever since he picked Robin up onto her feet on the empty fields their lives was connected. They always fought side by side and would always win without a single life lost.

Until now,

He could hear their calls of asking of whatever happened to Robin, the friend they all cherished and loved. But he could not speak, he was at a lost. As the wind blew past his cape, Chrom's legs suddenly lost the life to stand on their own as he fell to his knees, his fists punching endlessly on the dry dirt. With tears flooding he continued to hit the ground with his fists.

"Chrom!" His younger sister took a few more steps closer to her brother and wrapped her arms around her only family member left. She didn't have to ask what made her brother so depressed. From the moment she had noticed him from the cliffs she knew Robin was no more. She held him tightly as Chrom simply sat there as his sister calmed him down, even if there was no more tears for him to be seen shedding or screams of total despair it could not remove the scar Robin had left on him.

"S-She could have just let G-Grima go and sleep once again." Lissa heard her brother barely speak. "If it-it wasn't for m-me and Lu-Lucina I-"

"Don't talk like that big brother!" The cleric placed her hands on her brother's shoulder and shook him slightly. "Don't make Robin's life wasted by throwing yours away now!" Even she was having a hard time staying strong for the both of them. "You and Lucina are the only family I have left! I don't want to lose you too!"

Embracing his sister tightly, Chrom agreed.

"I hate this war."

If there was a chance that Chrom had to himself. It would be walking himself to the field where he met his dearest wife. He didn't want to but his feet always seemed to take him there without him really wanting too. There he would stand hours on end hoping he would meet her again but such a thing didn't happen. So he would wait again and the result wouldn't change.

"By the Gods, I should be better than this." The king cussed.

"My king?"

Turning to face the voice it was no other than Sumia. The first woman he had grown a crush towards. But to this day, he could not tell her. After meeting with Robin he wasn't sure if he wanted reassurance from her or what he felt towards her was indeed love. In her arms laid Lucina, his only child from Robin sleeping soundly in Sumia's arms.

"Your child needs her father."

Facing his eyes back on the endless fields Chrom stayed silent. Sumia pouted slightly and spoke once more. "Chrom."

It had been three months since Robin's death. Some of the allies he had travelled with had moved back to their homes or to a new town completely. Some decided to stay and help him run the kingdom. The impact of Robin's death could still be felt in the kingdom, none more than her husband.

"How long must you keep hoping she'll return Chrom? Stop hurting yourself, please."

Still not saying a word Sumia took a few more steps and was now standing side by side by the king. "Lucina might not remember her mother but at least you can give her an insight and share stories about her. I bet she'll even ask how you two even met."

"If that is the case, then I'll bring her here and tell her stories right here." Chrom softly spoke.

Opening his palm Chrom looked deeply at the golden and simple ring that laid there. When he confessed his love to Robin he was never able to offer the ring to her straight up. Only on the day of her birthday did he propose to her formally in front of the whole team. He smiled at how embarrassed and Robin lit up like a candle, begging him to get back up onto his feet and hide the ring from everybody in camp.

With a smile, Chrom refused and continued to speak cheesy lines in front of everyone while still on one knee. Others felt slightly sad as they thought they were the one for either Robin or Chrom, others felt disgusted and some were just plain happy and were enjoying the rare happy scene in camp. When he heard those sweet words from Robin's lips he rose to his feet and lifted her off her feet as their allies around them cheered, clapped and laugh in pure amusement. Dropping her down back to her feet Chrom slid the simple gold ring onto her fingers and then and there they shared a passionate kiss in front of everyone.

Looking back at Sumia he noticed Lucina was now awake and was now pointing at the birds flying by in the sky to Lucina. The little infant could only stare where the young woman was pointing to. Sumia laughed and cuddled the little child before meeting her eyes with Chrom.

"Sumia." She heard the man speak. "I was wondering if..." Pausing for a brief moment, " could do me the honor of becoming my wife."

In shock Sumia nearly dropped Lucina but quickly regained her balance. "C-Chrom are y-you sure?!"

"I've been thinking lately and what I feel for you is no joke. I do love you Sumia."

Avoiding his gaze for a moment or two, Sumia sighed. "But what about Robin? What if she comes back? Remember what the great Naga said, if our bonds are strong enough, she'll come back."

Clenching the hand where his ring he gave to Robin shared, Chrom looked away before looking back and reaching for Sumia's hand. "I'll admit, I love Robin dearly and I don't think I'll ever love somebody as much as I did with her but believe Sumia I really love you, I love you enough to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Oh Chrom," Sumia walked closer to the man. "Alright, I'll agree to become your wife since I love you dearly but I don't want to marry you in such a destroyed state. I'll wait until you're able to stand on your two feet before a marriage can be set. I still know your love for Robin is strong and pure and I might not be able to take much space in your heart the way Robin did, but you love me and for me that is enough."

Holding his soon to be wife into an embrace Chrom smiled. Pulling apart he grabbed Lucina from Sumia's arms and pointed at the flowers on the ground and pointed at how different each one was. Deciding to pick up a flower for his child Chrom picked the first one his eyes landed on. Picking up he discovered he knew the flower well. It was in a shade of ruby with the tips of the petals dipped in white.

It was a Gloxinia, the flower meaning love at first sight. One of the words he shared with Robin when he confessed his love to her. Giving it to his child he embraced Lucina tightly as the little child gazed at the foreign object. He had come to a sad conclusion.

Hating to admit to himself he couldn't avoid it. His love for Robin was pure and true and could never be matched.

"Father, please say pega-pony princess again! Please?"

"Isn't once enough Cynthia?" Her father sighed.

Lifting his child off his shoulders and placing her down on her feet, Cynthia smiled. "Nope."

The father of two rolled his eyes and sighed. He could never win against his children. He couldn't even if he tried. "Fine. Cynthia you're my pega-pony princess."

The five year old cheered and clapped before jumping on the spot with arms held up high. "Again, again!"

Laughing at his child's happy behavior Chrom held her hand and both walked out to the empty fields of Ylisse. There his oldest child was training with a wooden sword, trying to hit flying insects that her sapphire eyes would come across. He couldn't help but smile on the way Lucina would swing her blade and miss the bugs horribly. He couldn't ask much from her; after all she was only seven. After watching her hopelessly fail Lucina turned to be surprised her father and younger sister were watching her. But no embarrassment came over her and she rushed over to her father for a hug.

"Father!" Lucina cheered. "How did you know I was here?"

"Easy silly." Cynthia answered for her father. "Your train here after fancy school, it wasn't very hard to find you!"

Giggling Lucina looked at her younger sister. "I guess your right there." The two sisters laughed before running into the field as both picked up twigs and pretended to fight one another, Lucina imagining holding her father's sword and Cynthia fighting with her mother's silver lance. As their father smiled and watched from above he took a few steps before sitting down and keeping his eye on them.

Having confidence that they were going nowhere he pulled out a golden ring he always kept in his pockets. It was no other but the ring he shared with Robin. Five years had now passed since her death and everyone was with their own families now. He could still read the words engraved on the golden ring.

"May we meet in another life, as lovers once again."

Smiling at the words he engraved on it before giving it to his first wife he took a glance towards where he last saw his children playing only to see they were now facing him with curiosity. He suddenly remembered that he had not talked much about Robin or even the ring he kept so close to him.

"Is that mother's ring father?" His youngest child asked. "I thought it would be prettier than that."

Lucina blinked as she reached over for the ring and held it in her own hands. She moved the ring as she read word by word engraved on it. Looking back at her father she offered the ring back to him. "Is that my mother's ring?" Lucina asked shyly. "I know what mother's ring says and it's nothing like this."

Chrom opened his arms and let his two children in while keeping his eyes on the ring, his eyes glued on the words it spoke. "Yes, this is the ring I gave to Lucina's mother about seven years ago." Her face had now become a blur over the years but her voice and their last kiss still remained unharmed. "I married her before I met your mother now."

"Was she pretty father?" Cynthia asked. He was surprised how calm she was. Either she understood that he had another lover or that she didn't understand the whole concept.

Patting his youngest child, "Yes, she was and she was a great tactician. Without her I don't think we could have won the war."

"Is she better than mother?" His five year old child continued to ask.

No words came to his mind. He had never felt so stuck on a question since when the priest asked if he would take Sumia as he bride and wife. Taking a minute to himself, his lips moved but no words came. Looking at the ring he slipped his arm back from Lucina and placed it back into his pockets. The king rose to his feet with a smile. "I think we have got back to getting that picnic ready before your mother comes. Remember that surprise we are going to give to her. We don't want her to get here on an empty stomach, now do we?"

Forgetting she ever asked the question, Cynthia jumped onto her feet. "Of course father!" And as quickly she jumped back onto her feet, Cynthia picked up the basket she and her father had brought earlier and stopped a few meters from them and started to unpack the food in a rather messy fashion. Chrom and Lucina watched before his eldest child looked up to him.

"It's true isn't it father, you loved my mother than Cynthia's."

"Of course not!" Chrom rejected. "I love your mother and Cynthia's the same." Chrom kneel down to Lucina's height. "That's like asking who my favorite out of you and Cynthia is."

Lucina looked depressed at her father. Somehow she knew he was lying. "Do you think mother would be happy for us right now?"

Nodding only to make his child happy, "I'm sure." Giving his child a quick embrace, "Your mother died to save her people, me and most of all you. So what you can do in return is to enjoy the life she has given you and help your sister to set the food before she ruins the food I worked so hard to cook, especially that pie. I had to cook it fifteen times to get it to taste like your mother's." Chrom sweat dropped.

Lucina laughed at her father's attempts at cooking and nodded as she ran to her younger sister's aid, yelling over for her to stop and wait for her to help her. Chrom smiled at their antics before turning back to see shoes he knew well in his face. Looking skyward he saw his wife Sumia with a tray of food. Chrom panicked that she could of heard the words he spoke to his children. "S-Sumia."



Sumia blinked down at her husband in confusion. "What are you doing down there. You're not peeking up my dress now, are you?" Her face quickly showed irritation.

Getting to his feet quickly, Chrom raised his hands in the air defensively. "Of course not, Why would I? Yeah. Of course. Nope, nothing at all!"

Chrom saw his wife roll her eyes as Chrom stood up and dusted the grass clippings off his legs. "She really does look a lot like her mother." Turning his attention towards her, "She was lucky to have loved someone like you."


With a warm smile, Sumia chuckled. "Now before we have lunch a merchant by the name of Anna is back at the castle. I'm not sure if she was the one we travelled with all those years ago."

"Even back then, I couldn't tell who she was. Lucky her outfit stood out from her sisters." Chrom sighed and yawned. "Alright, I'll be back soon."

As she watched her beloved husband leave back towards the castle her feet stepped on something hard and small. Placing the tray of food down on the ground, Sumia took a step back and saw whatever she had stepped on was a shiny object. Believing it could be another of Cynthia's strange toys she picked up to see it was no other but a ring. But it wasn't the ring Chrom gave her when he proposed.

It was the one he gave to Robin seven years ago.

Deeply sighing she placed it into her pockets and picked up the tray of food back into her arms. Walking towards her children she placed the tray on the blanket Lucina and Cynthia worked hard to get straight and flat, but it was far from that. Fixing it herself Lucina ran over to her before he sister followed. As Lucina was the first to reach her step-mother she noticed she had pulled something out her pockets. It was the ring she saw her father had earlier.

Reaching for her step-daughter's hand she opened the seven year olds palm and placed the golden ring. Her eyes were covered in sadness and grief. Lucina stood there motionless as Sumia closed Lucina's palm for her. Looking at the hand that held the ring she looked up to the child she considered her own. Brushing her long blue hair from her face she smiled warmly.

"Keep and treasure that for the sake of your father. You are what he has left of your mother, you're the sole reason he keeps smiling for all of us."

"I-I can g-go and save R-Robin?!" Chrom stuttered. "Why now?"

"Yes." The red head merchant nodded. "But at a price." Anna winked. "And I don't mean gold."

Looking at the travelling merchant with nothing but confusion Chrom simply closed the door behind him, having a fair idea that what Anna was going to speak about had a price tag more than expensive than gold. And he knew it was a serious if so. "Go on."

"I've discovered a new map while out of my journey." Dropping her bag to the ground Anna dug deep into her bag of sellable items. After searching for minutes the young woman pulled out a medium size map. The drawings placed on the map were nothing Chrom has ever seen before. The drawings seemed more advanced that the others he had come across during his rule. Even the letters and curved letters that seem to be proven as numbers were completely different to the others maps lying around in the barracks.

There was colour, shades he had never seen before, arrows pointing at different parts of the detailed map. He ran his fingers down the path of the letters, numbers and arrows. He was caught in total awe with the foreign image.

Closing the map, "I believe this is a map that leads to a different realm. As in, it is not the ones we use to train in back in the day. From what I can gather this might be a map from a very far future."

"This still doesn't prove Robin is there."

"Well I think this funny picture kind of does." Pointing to the far bottom right corner of the map laid a printed image that Chrom saw Robin had on her hand the first day they met. It gave Chrom some confidence that Robin was indeed stuck in the very far future Anna spoke of. "Maybe that is where she ended up when she saved us all from Grima."

"But weren't our bonds strong enough for her to land here?" Chrom questioned the merchant. Anna shrugged her shoulders in confusion. "I guess time is a strange thing indeed."

"And it's your lucky day boy." Anna slapped Chrom on the chest with the strange map lightly. "I'm going to give this to you for free!"

Accepting the foreign map, Chrom questioned his friendship with the girl. "...Thanks?"

Anna placed her bag over her shoulders and took a few steps back and winked at her king. "But be careful. That map has no promises. When you take a step through the Out Realm Gate you won't be able to come back unlike with the other maps."And plus, I think Robin needs to see the world she saved with her own eyes, don't you think?"

Holding the map firmly in his hands, Chrom for once, agreed with Anna.

"Father!" Cynthia raced over to her father and embraced him tightly. "Who were you talking too? You missed lunch!" Chrom's youngest child pouted. "The pie you baked tasted so good!"

"Sorry dear but somebody important gave this to me." He showed the map to his child. Even she was captured by how advance the map looked.

"What are these strange pictures?" Cynthia pointed at the strange markings on the map.

Picking his daughter into his arms, "Even I don't know what they mean."

"I know!" Cynthia clapped. Soon her mother and her sister caught up with her. "Why don't you ask Lucina's mother?"

Both Sumia and Chrom shared the same blank face. Cynthia took turns looking at her parent's facial expressions. She was so confused why they had fallen silent so quickly. Kissing his daughter on her forehead Chrom placed her down on her feet. He pushed Lucina and Cynthia a few steps from them as he looked at his wife. "I should have told you about that. I didn't plan to tell Cynthia anything about Robin."

Sumia placed her hands on top of her husband's and looked deeply into his eyes. "It's alright. Better to learn it now than later right, my love?" She placed her left hand onto her husband's cheek. "We can't help these things, can we?"

Placing his own hand on top of hers. "I guess."

"But you really want to find her? Am I right?" Sumia noticed how quickly Chrom avoided her gaze and question. She pushed her husband's head to meet her eyes once again. "I know I'm right. You still love her."

Chrom couldn't stop hating himself and cussing. Sumia could easily read him - she always could. Turning his back was no possible due to Sumia having grip on him. He could no longer avoid the truth. Clenching his fists he closed his eyes unable to find the right words to reply back to his wife. He felt Sumia press her forehead against his and both stood like that for a least a minute or two. Opening her eyes she could see Chrom still had his eyes shut, unable to find the strength to speak what was in his mind.

His queen ran the back of her fingers down his cheek before pressing her own lips against his. Emotions poured as a tear or two escaped before opening her eyes once again. This time, Chrom was wide awake. His face was just as flustered as the day he asked for her to become his wife.

"You can go. I will run this country while you go and find her with the children."

Shocked, "No, Sumia. I won't leave you!" Sumia shook her head. "I do want to find her but I can't leave the children or you!" The king placed his hands on the shoulders of his queen. "Please, the idea of leaving here alone without me or the children hurts me deeply."

"I know it will but you need to do this for your own good and for the children." Sumia walked from her husband and to her children that were standing a few meters from her and Chrom and held them tightly. Kneeling down to her children's height, "You're going to go on a trip with your father and you have to promise me you will both behave."

"But aren't you joining us mother?" Lucina asked.

Shaking her head, "Somebody has to rule the kingdom while you are all out. Just promise me you'll listen to whatever your father says, alright?"

"Make sure you'll come after okay mother? Even for a few days, ok?" Sumia could see her daughter about to break into tears. "Promise me!"

With a smile that was painful to bear, Sumia agreed to a promise she knew she could never fulfill. Embracing her daughters Sumia turned back to Chrom and held both of his hands. "Now go, I'll send an announcement to our people in a matter of hours."

Chrom could only look at his wife with confusion. "Why are you doing this?"

With a warm smile and expression, Sumia opened her eyes. "Because I love you."

Her words froze him as his own selfishness and guilt poured over him. "Why did you have to say those words?" Agreeing with his wife's proposal Chrom met up with his children. Taking their hands he began taking those painful steps from his wife. Taking only a brief glance back at his wife he saw that warm and cheerful smile that was able to wipe any pain or problem they had away with ease.

But this time, it only brought pain rather than joy.

A carriage waited for the three of them as bags of clothing and food sat on the spare seat. Chrom looked at the carriage with dread as he guided Cynthia and Lucina to their seats. Taking his time to get in, the door was closed and as the horse and driver was prepared to get ready, Chrom's queen appeared from the doors with that smile that proved painful for Chrom to look at any longer. She waved at her two children as Cynthia, being the happy-go-lucky child she was, waving endlessly at her mother as Lucina kept a calm approach and waved simply at her step mother.

The view of Sumia faded as soon they left the kingdom grounds but it didn't stop Chrom looking through the carriage window as if it wasn't the case. Soon endless images of trees came into their view as Chrom could hear his children playing games to keep them amuse throughout the trip.

Hours had passed and they had finally reached the border as the long and familiar bridge came into their view. It was completely made out of magic and only appeared if any maps that came from the Out Realm Gate were detected. Looking at the map that was rolled up in his bag, Chrom sighed. Anna was right; it was one of those maps from long ago.

The girls were dumbfounded as they travelled over water over a bridge that was hardly visible. Chrom could remember the Out Realm Gate living on a island all by itself, no houses, no people except the ever so strange Anna. He knew each one he came across was the sister of the Anna that joined them against Grima seven years ago but meeting the same one was rare - sometimes impossible. Coming her across today puzzled Chrom. It was as if she was sent to him.

"She never came to my wedding with Sumia, so why now?"

Looking over the bag of gold did not please Anna. In fact it weighed as heavy as her guilt of giving the foreign map to her king. She never loved gold more than anything but as she gazed at it, it felt wrong. She was always happy and nothing let her down, even a bad sell. Looking at her queen she sighed.

"You knew the risks that map held. Why did you still go on?"

Taking a moment to reply, "Because Chrom needs this. Also Lucina needs to meet her mother."

"But why didn't you make Cynthia stay? She isn't even her child."

"Cynthia is strong. I'm sure she'll learn to love Robin as much as her love for me." Sumia placed her hands over her heart. "I know Chrom will teach them both rights from wrongs in that world."

Anna pouted. "But there is a chance they will never return. That map is not like the ones we were use to. It is far more advanced than the ones I've sold. There are words, numbers and symbols that I don't think exist in our time right now."

Sumia gazed at the merchant warmly. "I believe in my husband and Robin. They will return. They will return back here, to Ylisse."

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