So yes, I have completely shattered my 'no new stories till I finish one of my current ones' rule…but rules are made to be broken, and this idea wouldn't leave me alone, so I finally had to give it some attention. Now on to the vital stats.

Disclaimer: If I owned Lost Girl and/or Merlin, Bo and Dyson would be back together already and Arthur, Morgana, and Gwaine would still be alive.

Timeline: Story starts right after The Nightmare Begins in Merlin and at some point in Lost Girl season 2 when Dyson was with Ciara and Lauren was with Nadia, but pretend all the Garuda stuff wasn't happening.

Pairing(s): Mainly Bo/Merlin/Morgana and various permutations thereof. If that bothers you, you should probably stop reading right here. Other featured pairings are Arthur/Gwen, Kenzi/Lancelot, some mentions of Bo/Dyson, Bo/Lauren, Dyson/Ciara, and Lauren/Nadia, and of course my OTP…Uther and the troll! This list may change as the story develops.

Warnings: This story will have everything we love about Lost Girl: the violence, Kenzi being Kenzi, and of course the sex, hence the M rating. The first few chapters will be pretty tame but it will eventually earn the rating, I assure you.

It was a dark and stormy night…sort of. Actually it was just a regular night at the Dal Riata, but Bo had her own personal storm brewing over her barstool. The succubus' pretty face was set in an expression that had Kenzi visualizing cartoon-style thunderclouds above her head as she downed her fifth glass of Trick's best scotch. The reason for her bad mood and heavy drinking could be found across the room, where Dyson was shooting pool with Hale…and Ciara.

Bo's relationship with Dyson was over - she understood and had almost accepted that he couldn't feel anything for her anymore. Understanding and acceptance didn't take away the pain, though, and seeing him with the most perfect specimen of fae womanhood ever (who also happened to have centuries of history with him and more money than Bo had ever seen) only twisted the knife.

She had lost Lauren too, first because the new Ash had decided to keep Lauren locked up in his compound and then again when her efforts to free Lauren from her servitude to the Light Fae leader resulted in the doctor's girlfriend, Nadia, awakening from her curse-induced coma. Lauren and Nadia had instantly rekindled their relationship, and were currently off on a romantic getaway - in Bo's car. After handing over her keys to the happy couple, Bo had headed straight for her favorite bar to forget how much seeing Lauren with another woman hurt, only to be confronted with a reminder that both the people she had feelings for had moved on from her.

At least I've still got Kenzi, she thought as the black-and-green-haired human popped up at her elbow.

"Hey Bobo, how's the quest to drink away the Dyson and Lauren angst going?"

"Great!" the succubus exclaimed with a little too much enthusiasm to be entirely believable. "Dyson and Lauren who?"

Just then Ciara's lilting laughter rang through the bar; Bo and Kenzi turned (Bo almost fell off her stool in the process) to see Dyson giving the fairy queen some very hands-on assistance with her combo shot. The happy expression Bo had forced her face into crumbled. "I'm sorry, Kenz, I can't… I need to get out of here." She pushed herself away from the bar and half-walked, half-staggered toward the front exit.

"I'll be with you in a sec," Kenzi called after her. There was something she had to do before fulfilling her best friend duty to make sure Bo got home okay. She marched over to the pool tables, ignoring Hale's friendly "What's up, mama?" and grabbed Dyson's arm. "Hey, douchebag!"

"Kenzi, what are you doing?"

"What are you doing?" she hissed back at Dyson. "I get that you and Bo are over, but do you have to keep rubbing it in her face? Bo's really hurting right now!" The wolf-shifter's green eyes went dead the moment he heard Bo's name, and Kenzi got a feeling that her attempt at modifying his behavior was doomed to failure. So much for my dog-training chops.

"Bo needs to move on," he said flatly.

"She tried to, but then Dr. Hot Pants ditched her for Coma Girl, so she came here to get them off her mind. Seeing you and Ciara together didn't help her any."

"That's not my problem."

Kenzi let go of Dyson with a disappointed sigh. "You know, D-man, losing your heart turned you into a major dick. Now if you'll excuse moi, I need to show Bo that someone's still got her back."


Bo wandered down the street, vaguely hoping she was getting closer to her house but not really caring. At the moment she was more preoccupied with trying to walk in a straight line. Gotta clear my head… The streets were almost deserted at this hour, so her options for a quick feed were limited; she'd probably have to settle for a hobo. Unfortunately for Bo, the first hobo she encountered was at least ninety years old. Her nose wrinkled at the old bum's ratty overcoat and scraggly beard - no way she was desperate enough to feed on him.

She swerved to avoid a collision and stepped into a crack in the pavement, where her boot's stiletto heel got stuck, tripping her up. The old man caught her before she did a face-plant into the concrete. As he helped her regain her balance, Bo heard him muttering in a foreign language - or maybe he was just spouting gibberish. Great, saved by a crazy old- Whoa! The haze of intoxication shrouding her brain had suddenly dissipated.

As her mental clarity rushed back, Bo realized the old man hadn't been mumbling nonsense at all - he had cast some sort of spell on her. She ripped her arm from his grasp and retreated a few paces. "What'd you do to me?"

"I sobered you up," the magician replied in a voice that cracked with age. "You'll need your wits about you when I send you home."

"Send me home? Listen, gramps, I've had a shit night - the last thing I need is some stranger telling me it's past my bedtime."

"You don't belong here. I will return you to your true home." The old man reached out, his open palm facing her, and began chanting in his strange magic language.

Bo lunged at him, intent on shutting him up before he completed whatever spell he was about to hit her with, but was distracted by Kenzi calling her name. Her punch missed by a mile.

Kenzi reached her just as the old man finished his incantation. "Bo, what-?"

A rush of wind swallowed the rest of Kenzi's question…and everything else. For a moment that lasted an eternity, Bo saw nothing but darkness, heard nothing but the tempest roaring around them, and felt nothing except Kenzi clutching her arm. When the world returned, it wasn't the same world they were in a minute - or had it been hours, days, or even weeks? - ago. It was daytime, and they were standing in a forest. There was no sign of buildings or roads anywhere, or even a dirt path. As far as they could tell, they had been totally removed from civilization.

"Bo, do you have any idea where we are?" Kenzi asked tremulously.

"No, I don't. I think we're lost, Kenzi."

"Oh shit."