Chapter 1

Vince McMahon, one of the richest and most powerful men in the world. Or so it seemed, he would never have guessed that a few months after a harmless meeting with Jimmy Doyon his life and his families would be turned upside down. Jimmy Doyon was a very successful and ruthless businessman that owned a small ultimate fighting company in the underground world of New York City. Jimmy Doyon was a man you didn't want to mess with; he had connections in every state and city in America. Vince McMahon had met with Jimmy about one of his fighters signing in the WWE, when Mr. McMahon turned him down saying that the WWE wasn't really looking for that kind of fighter Jimmy Doyon took it upon himself to bring Vince and his company down. Jimmy Doyon had been told that one of McMahon's weak points was his family and that get one of them and he was putty in your hands and would do exactly what you said, who would be easier to get hold of Jimmy thought that daddy's little girl herself, his youngest child Stephanie McMahon. Jimmy and his men had been watching Stephanie for weeks now, waiting for the right moment when Vince was least expecting it to take her. From there they would send ransom notes and keep her hostage until he gave them what they wanted, it was the perfect plan. It was the perfect plan until one blonde haired Canadian got in their way..

"No I cant do it!" Chris yells walking out of Vince's office, Vince runs after him and puts his hand on his shoulder.

"You have to, I have no other choice!" Vince says a lump forming in his throat, Chris was his only hope. He knew Stephanie and Chris hated each other, everyone knew that. Jimmy and his boys would never expect Vince to leave his little girl in the hands of her tormentor. Only Chris could get her out safely.

"She hates me! She'd never go with me" Chris says slumping to the floor, he didn't exactly hate Stephanie but she wound him up and he loved to wind her up. It was something they did and now Vince McMahon, his boss was asking him to take her away and keep going not stopping till they were safe. If he did this he would be putting his own life at risk too, why should he do that for someone that hated him.

"If there was any other way I'd do it, they are going to take her.. they want to kill her Chris, I don't care how much I have to pay you. I'll give you anything," Vince says, Chris could tell he was desperate.

"How long will it be for?" Chris asks looking up at Vince.

"Until I find you both and I know it's safe, days, weeks, months.years I really don't know," Vince says sitting down on the floor too and putting his head in his hands. Chris could see this was tearing him apart.

"Years." Chris says biting his lip, although he didn't get on with Stephanie he didn't want to see her or his boss get hurt "Ok, I'll do it" Chris says standing up.

"You don't know how much I appreciate this, I can make sure you never have to work again" Vince says feeling some of the weight lifting off his shoulders, his daughter wouldn't be safe just yet but Chris was his only hope of keeping her alive.

"Whatever, we'll sort out how you pay me when we get back" Chris says shaking his head, not believing what he's got himself in to.

"Chris, take these" Vince hands him some credit and bankcards. "This has all the family money on them, more money than you will ever need. Just use it, keep her safe no matter what it takes. Buy an Island for all I care just don't let them get her" Vince says, Chris nods before walking off.

A couple of hours later he stands round the back of the arena waiting for Vince to turn up, he leans against the wall brushing his blonde hair out of his eyes. Maybe he should just tell Vince he couldn't do it after all, he was just running what he'd say through his mind when Vince suddenly appeared with Stephanie.

"Him, your making me go with HIM!" Stephanie cries hanging her head and turning round and walking off in the opposite direction "I am NOT going with HIM!" Vince walks over to her and talks to her, Chris strains his ears trying to hear what he's saying to her. Stephanie is crying, Chris realized this is as hard for her as it was for him if not harder. After all she was the one at risk here, even if it was from him killing her himself. Chris started loading up his bike, Vince had suggested it would be the easiest way to get out of the area and a car could be bought later. Chris only had one change of clothes with him, as did Stephanie. He put it onto his bike and checked the straps making sure they were secure.

"Vince we've got to go, sorry to rush you guys but the sooner we get out of here the better right?" Chris says getting impatient, maybe he could put her somewhere safe and be home by the weekend. He pulls on his helmet and chucks one to Stephanie as she walks over; he climbs on the bike and starts it up. Stephanie climbs onto the back; her and Vince say a final goodbye to each other.

"You might want to hold on Princess" Chris sneers revving the bike and looking back at her.

"Like what, there's nothing to hold onto!" Stephanie yells looking around her for something to hold onto.

"How about me!" Chris says rolling his eyes, he grabs her hands and puts them around his own waist much to her distaste; he nods his head to Vince before speeding off out of the parking lot and down the road. He smiles to himself when he feels Stephanie squeeze him tightly; obviously scared of the speed they are traveling. He'd take them as far as he could before it got too light, he'd find them a motel or something to stay in during the day and then carry on traveling by night. They drive for a few hours heading towards the state boarder, Chris can feel Stephanie's grip on him get weaker and her head rest against his back. She must be tired he thought to himself, scared that she might loose grip completely he puts his hand on hers and squeezes it tightly holding onto her.

"Are you ok?" He shouts so she can hear him over the engine.

"Is that concern for me I hear in your voice Jericho?" Stephanie says smiling to herself, he suddenly lets go of her hand and puts it back on the handlebars.

"No of course not!" Chris says clearing his throat as he pulls into a motel, he parks it up and stops the engine pulling off his helmet. He jumps off and walks off inside, Steph climbs off and runs after him not wanting to be left by herself. Chris tries to get a room for the night but they're told that they are fully booked apart from a double room. Chris looks over to Stephanie who is standing looking out onto the road, he goes back to talk to the man behind the desk and just pays for the double room. He takes the keys and shouts to Stephanie to follow him, they get to their room and Chris lets them in.

"Where's the other bed?" Stephanie says as she walks inside and looks around.

"This was all they had, looks like we're sharing" Chris says pushing past her and drawing the curtains, he notices Stephanie Is wincing as she sits down on the bed. "What's wrong never ridden a bike before?" Chris says in a mocking tone as he sits down too.

"No and now I ache" Stephanie wines kicking her shoes off, she starts getting undressed and sees Chris staring at her "What's wrong never seen a girl in her underwear before?" Stephanie says in an equally mocking tone, she climbs into the bed and pulls the duvet up to her chin. Chris pulls a face at her and heads for the door.

"Wait, where are you going?" Stephanie says sitting up and looking at him.

"I'm going to go and get us something to eat and anything we might need to take with us, such as a map" Chris goes out the door and locks it behind him, Stephanie lays down again and rolls onto her side, she hopes Chris would be back soon. She was scared and didn't want to be left on her own, She soon falls into a deep sleep.