Len never understood what the deal was with e-mails or texts. Not until now.

Kaito was lately exchanging messages with someone online, and every time he reads it, he freaking giggles. Giggles.

It got to the point where Len couldn't hide his curiosity anymore, and he had to know what made him look so gay. He peeked over Kaito's shoulder and the said boy immediately freaked out, which resulted to his hitting Len's face.

"Augh, Kaito, what's that about?" he demanded, rubbing his throbbing nose. Kaito glared at Len greedily before he turned back to texting. Fuming, Len walked in front of Kaito until he came to a halt, speedily running his fingers through the buttons. "C'mon, you've been on that for a week now. What's the deal? Even when we're walking home?"

Kaito raised his eyebrows sceptically, but his eyes were still locked on to his phone. "Sorry, Man, but this biz is super urgent."

A car drove past the highway as they continued to embark on their way home, with Kaito still phone-stuck. Len just dragged his feet irately beside him. They were already walking in Len's neighbourhood when Kaito let out a loud swear, much to Len's surprise.

"My battery's dead, Dude!" he exclaimed, his hands flying to his hair. His eyes were aimlessly going everywhere until they landed upon Len, who was looking at him rather weirdly. Kaito immediately dug his hand into Len's pocket—"Hey!"—and fished out his phone, and once again dialled numbers he seemed to memorise.

"What're you doing?" Len flailed his hands in an attempt to get his phone, which was high in the air in Kaito's hand as he speed-typed and sent his message. "C-can you quit that!"

"Thanks, Len! I really owe you!" Kaito sighed and flung the device in the air—Len, who's beyond pissed, luckily caught in on the ground before it could smash into a million pieces.

"You idiot! Can you at least tell me what you did with this?" Len fiddled with his menu, determined to find something that didn't belong there before Kaito got it. Kaito let out a chuckle.

"I had to use it, Man."

"For what, exactly?" Len really didn't care if this was some whacked out junk Kaito was up to; it was out of hand.

Kaito breathed deeply and seized the blonde's shoulders, much to Len's revulsion. "I've to tell you something important."

Len chuckled nervously before he said, "You're not gay are you?"

"Wh—NO, Dude! You're so gross! Anyway, I found this text-friend. It started out as a simple misunderstanding, and then—I dunno—it was magic. We clicked! We started to communicate every day and we've got a lot in common!" His eyes were brimming with happy tears. Len found the situation neither amusing nor real.

"… Someone's playing with you, Man."

"I know it's not just a joke!" Kaito pouted. "I'd prove it to you!"

"Like how?"

"Like… give her a chance."

At this, Len's eyes widened in surprise. "What? No way! I mean, are you even sure she's a she? F'r'all we know, it's a—"

"I know in my heart." Kaito looked dead serious. Was Len going to take advantage of this? It's only rare whenever the blunette was actually serious. But he's just falling for a stupid joke! "Just—like—keep her company as a message-buddy for the next few days, and you'll see."

Len didn't know what to say of this, but it didn't sound like a big deal if he accepted Kaito's offer. He doubted he'd get addicted to just texting. "Okay, fine—just for a few days."

"I knew you'll come around! Trust me, she's an angel!" He patted Len's back and bid him goodbye before he disappeared to the next block.

Len sighed at his friend's incompetence and walked home alone. Just when he was in front of his house's door, his phone's screen lit up. He checked the message: It's from Kaito's friend.


Ah, I see. I guess you can just text me later? XOXO

He stared at the screen, and the letters that spelled "kisses." He was about to stuff it in his pocket while he thought it rude not to reply to a lady. (If it was a lady.)

Hey. This is IcecreamBlitz's friend. He told me to get to know you.

His thumb was just hovering above the 'Enter' button as soon as something nagged his mind. Wouldn't that sound weird? Quickly, Len deleted the entire thing.

Hey, I'm back! Just round the corner to my house ^o^

It's odd how what her reaction might be became a concern to Len, but he shrugged it off and went in his house.

That dinnertime, Len kept his phone on the table. Every time he got an instant reply, it'd vibrate. As he was eating, Len felt the table tremble, and he stuffed his cheeks with rice once he checked the reply.


LOL you're funnier than you were yesterday! XD Okay, lemme guess what you're eating. Hmm…

Beef steak!

Unconsciously, a smile crept up Len's face and he immediately typed his reply before he put it down and resumed eating.

His uncharacteristic mannerisms worried his mother, who just realised not a few hours ago. She placed her utensils on her clean plate and decided to confront her son.

"You've been texting nonstop since you got here, Dearie."

This came as sound would to deaf people to Len, who was busy reading her reply. "What's that, Mum?"


Bummer! Dx I thought I nailed it. You're such a meanie =P

His mother sighed. "I said you've been at that for hours."

Len swallowed, looking surprised. "Have I? I'm sorry—I mean, no I wasn't!"

Was her son blushing? A realisation dawned on his mother as she gasped to herself. "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"N-no, Mum! She's—it's just a text-mate!"

His mother nodded knowingly, much to his dislike. "Whatever you say, Dearie!"

Determined to prove his point, which was a future situation his mother seemed to already predict knowing, he stood up and told her, "I'm serious! This—this's just for Kaito, Mum! It's nothing—nothing to me!"

Sure, Len. He was done eating, and he frowned at his mother's raising her eyebrows like she was innocent. Len clicked his tongue and swiped his phone from the table. "You wouldn't understand."

He climbed up the stairs, and as his mother was about to clean the table, he shouted once again, "This. Is. Nothing."

Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Len angrily threw his phone on his bed when it vibrated. He hated it! He hated how he's starting to get addicted!

He folded his arms facing the wall opposite his bed. He's slowly being tempted by the vibrating noise that echoed inside the room. No. Just—no.

But he turned around and jumped into his bed, blushing profusely at the (probable) girl's reply.


Yo? You still there? ._. Starting to really get worried here.

Len closed his eyes in regret and started typing an apology.

I'm so sorry. Had a rough talk with my mother -.-

He pressed 'Enter' and rolled on his bed, anxiously waiting for her reply. Was she mad? Wait, why's he thinking like she was his friend? As he was about to convince himself that he shouldn't fall victim to this, he received another reply and he immediately got his phone and sat up.


Woot. Gotta be one tough convo *o* (Feels you)

Len chuckled. Then he wondered about her name, which was weird, even for a girl.

Been meaning to ask you, why're you OrangePrincess?

And he plopped down on his bed and thought if he was being rude when she texted back.


Sorry if it's too geeky TvT; I guess it's because I love oranges.

Just when Len was (excitedly) about to respond, in came another message from her.


Got Dad on duty. GTG!

A grin formed across Len's face… About time he should hit the hay, too.

Sure. G'night. Let's text tomorrow too.

Len got up to turn the lights off, and as soon as he got to bed, there was a message on his phone's screen that made him smile and blush.


Of course! Seems like someone's got a cruuush~ JK, JK xD G'night! XOXO

He laid his phone on the night table, waiting for sleep to come. He can't wait for tomorrow! As much as Len wanted to deny it, he was hooked to texting… and OrangePrincess.

ME: CAN YOU GUESS WHO ORANGEPRINCESS IS? (It's already freakin' OBVIOUS…) Probably a Threeshot! Thanks for reading! Based on an episode of SKET Dance! Gotta watch that! REMINDER: OrangePrincess currently thinks IcecreamBlitz is still Kaito, whom Len filled in for.