Miku was…dubious. According to her 'sources'—which was obviously just a gaggle of giggly girls who'd been too choked up to say much, no matter how so they can and are willing to tell—the popular boy's hair hadn't been blond, but a strange blue.

Who was IcecreamBlitz fooling? Then again, those girls might've just been laying it on thick.

Worried for her friend, she suited up and waited for the chicken to fly in the restaurant of the Square, where she'll get a bird's eye view of their date. Rin informed her just early that morning—mainly because she wanted Miku's 'good luck,' which the tealette was reluctant to give as it wouldn't be enough.

Miku took a bit out of her leek brulee, watching the lone blonde unbeknownst of her presence in the park. Okay, Rin. Where's your boyfriend?

She wasn't much the type for dresses, but she couldn't just wear tattered jeans and an oversized shirt for the date, could she? The pseudo-designer in her didn't approve. Rin waited near the fountain, where a lot of couples and families were sitting at. The others were out frolicking with their dogs or feeding the pigeons, and the mere sight of each of them made Rin jealous and uneasy: What if he wasn't coming? She's been silly, after all. Whoever IcecreamBlitz was, if this really was a windup he'd be laughing his head off right now.

Being a bit too apprehensive, she'd chosen what in her opinion the best dress she had in her closet was: Just like every dress she ever owned, someone gave it to her, and it was Miku. She was told to it for special occasions or emergencies—though she used to doubt a dress would be needed in an emergency—and this was very much an emergency.

Rin made it five minutes earlier than what was scheduled: It'd be embarrassing if she came late, and she herself asked for a meeting.

So…where was he?

They discussed to meet just near the fountain. Maybe she got it wrong?

Hiya, neighbour! ^-^ Just checking if I got it right. I'm already at the fountain.

…If this really was a prank pulled on her, she should at least use choice words to avoid further embarrassment. If this was a joke. Nobody can be too careful.

Quickly, she deleted it and typed a new message.

She reread what she inputted and thought it was casual enough to not be laughed at. Rin nervously pressed 'Send.'


Hey IcecreamBlitz! You still home? O.o Just chillaxing in here. Alone. Watching humans. Alone…Yep, pretty lonely =o

Oh no…Len stood up from sitting on the fountain pen and looked around for a blonde girl. She's already here?

He didn't know what to make of it—he'll probably be labelled a pervert if he looked at one girl for too long and if OrangePrincess will show up, she'll get the wrong impression.

Nobody OrangePrincess-ish was in the Square, as far as he can tell.

No, Your Highness, I'm already here ._. I'm just sitting around, too. I don't think I can see you.

Will he get a better view if he wandered around? He stuffed his phone in his pocket and stood up. A lot of couples were ambling somewhere near the fountain, and it somehow irked Len. He's got to find her soon.

He walked around the fountain with his hands in his pockets, grumpy. He didn't expect to hear his name in the crowd suddenly.


The voice sounding oddly familiar, Len turned around: It's his classmate, Rin.

She's sitting on the fountain's pen next to people he—and possibly she, too—didn't know. It's odd to see her in such informal wear: He's so used to their wearing the prescribed uniform that the thought of casual clothes didn't cross his mind. What's more, it was a dress: A weird frilly dress that clashed with her childish face, which was so dedicated to pouting in Len's eyes except now.

His stomach flipped like pancake every step he took as he went over.

"Hey, Rin—what brings you here?"

"I could say the same to you, Mama's Boy," Rin giggled, winking at him. He chortled; tolerating her jokes was second nature. He does the same to Kaito all the time.

"And what's with the dress?" Len teased, tugging at her sleeve. She lightly punched him.

She looked surprisingly embarrassed; she's blushing. "W-why? I-I can wear dresses if I want to!"

"Yeah, sure." Len raised his eyebrows at her, remembering OrangePrincess.

Nobody was blonde here, as far as he can tell… Or maybe he's not searching enough. She might've been wearing formally, as this was their first meeting. And—speaking of formal, girls like Rin only rarely wear such things, and it's when they've got something on. Not to mention, she looked like she worked hard on combing her hair this time, too. It made her look…femininely noticeable. He couldn't help but ask.

"You—you're not going ou—?"

His phone vibrated, and it cut his sentence short. The temptation was urging him to read OrangePrincess's next text. Rin wasn't even close to a friend to him; OrangePrincess was more important.

Rin was expecting Len to continue. He clicked his tongue and raised a finger. "One minute."

And, turning around so that his back was to her, he read.


I'm doing as much sitting as you are! =D You must already be here, too =.= My senses are tingling.

So she's already here? Len failed to notice her either way.

Rin looked over Len's shoulder, curious. She didn't want to be left out. "What'cha doing?"

What she got was a violent reaction from Len, who upon grasping their close proximity jolted in surprise and hastily stuffed his phone back in his pocket. "N-nothing!"

"'Sup with you?" Rin asked, pouting. Then her phone rang. It's IcecreamBlitz!

She quickly fished out her own phone and checked.


Why don't we try doing signals to get each other's attention? O.O

Rin thought it out. They might look weird, but oh well.

That's a good idea! OwO Can you try jumping? =o In the middle of the Square, where I can see you.

Len's about to ask Rin who texted her when he himself got a mail. He excitedly and mournfully looked at his phone screen.

He's going to bury himself in a ditch alive if it's something like, 'I can't make it…'

His corneas swivelled in his irises as he read each word.

"WHAT!" he exclaimed to thin air. Most of the onlookers who're sitting nearby stared at him for shouting.

He trembled at reading the message, filled with embarrassment. Rin's voice brought him back to reality. "Len? You alright? You don't look too hot."

Len blushed. Even Rin was starting to get creeped out by him. He flapped his hand like it's nothing, trying to act cool.

"I'm really hot! I mean, I'm fine!" Len walked backwards to the middle of the Square as he still faced Rin, who's wondering what he's doing.

Len looked at her text again, making certain he read it right. Not wave his hands like he needed to be rescued?

It's for OrangePrincess, he told himself repetitively in his mind.

He slowly raised his arms above his head and jumped up and down.

Wasn't that Rin's classmate? Miku practically leaned on the glass to see just what on earth that guy was doing.

He's literally reaching for the sky in the middle of the Square!

And Rin's standing up to walk over to him, looking ticked off.

Miku slammed her fist on the table angrily, almost spilling her drink: Rin, don't come to him! IcecreamBlitz might mistake them for being together.

Not you! Rin wanted to scream at Len. He's in the way of her spotting IcecreamBlitz!

Len's still unfazed once she's by his side, still jumping like nobody's business.

"What're you hopping up and down for?" she asked, horrified. Len glanced at her, his cheeks reddening.

"Can't—a—guy—just—jump—in—peace?" he huffed, out of breath. He resumed his jumping.

Rin watched him for minutes.

…He sure wasn't enjoying what he's doing from the looks of it. She decided to leave him at it, thinking it's his…workout.

She just remembered about IcecreamBlitz, but he still hasn't replied. Nobody in the vicinity looked what she imagined was like him. Maybe…

Rin realised the gravity of just being near Len. She turned to him and said, using the politest inflection she could, "Can you exercise someplace else?"

Len moved his whole jumping body to face her, face red. "W-why?"

"I'm—uh—meeting someone, and that dude might get the wrong idea if you're always sticking round me," she explained. Honesty's the best policy. Len immediately stopped jumping, considering.

"I can't." He made a face. "I've a date with someone, too. And we're meeting here."

Len? A girlfriend? She stared at him, which made him uneasy.


Len's unnerved by Rin's sudden interest in his love life. He turned away and said coolly, "I can't say I know her."

"You don't know your own girlfriend?" He heard Rin stalking just behind him as he moved three paces from where she initially was.

"No, I don't know my own girlfriend," Len said firmly, facing Rin again. He didn't want to be rude, but… "I'm sorry, but you're kinda right about our dates getting the wrong idea. How about I stay here, and you move there?"

Miku's actually enjoying watching the two of them. They're funny together. It's like watching a sitcom.

She finished her leek drink some time ago, and was just ordering a second serving. This's priceless.

Now they're moving away from each other, standing just a few yards apart.

Know what? IcecreamBlitz can just dig himself a grave: Rin can find her own boyfriend.

He's very late. Rin thought she'd be too much of a bother if she sent him another message, but honestly! This's getting out of hand.

Did I go to the wrong place? *-* I'm sorry if you saw me with one of my classmates! We're just horsing around. I just can't find you. How about you find me? O.o

I'm wearing this dandelion summer dress. In case you forgot, I'm blonde xD


The last one couldn't be any more obvious, as she's the only blonde here. Unfortunately, it's for that fact alone that made her so worried: IcecreamBlitz was a blonde, too, and there's nobody else in his description.

Len flinched at the text, enthusiasm pumping his blood in the place of his shattered heart. She's already here? Where? She's with her classmate?

He scanned the Square for a blonde girl wearing a yellow—cocktail, his mind told him—with blue eyes. It's not much of a description...

His eyes popped out of their sockets by trying to earn a bigger field of vision of the Square. Yellow dress…blonde…blue eyes…

OrangePrincess isn't here!

Len hung his head and texted her, grumbling swears to himself.

He looked at Rin, who's already swaying in agitation. What kind of guy'd want to make a girl wait like that? He wondered who her date was, just out of curiosity.


I don't know. The Square across the park, remember? =/ I'm not at the fountain anymore. I'm just standing here in the middle of the Square. Why don't we both go there?

As for me, I'm sporting a white and yellow shirt, black sneakers and loose-fitting pants.

…He's joking, right? Rin's eyes roamed for the guy she's expecting, the words repeating themselves in her head.

Blonde boy…white and yellow shirt…baggy pants…

She can't find him!

That's it. This must be some sick prank Miku pulled on her.

Her eyes brimmed with angry tears as she sniffed, biting her lower lip. She went back to the middle of the Square, slumping. Len was there, looking apprehensive.

"Stood you up?"

Man, was she bummed or what?

Rin nodded sluggishly. Len pitied her.

He looked around, feeling skittish himself. No sign of OrangePrincess…

He still had some extra money to get a cab home, but he could just walk… The chances of him meeting OrangePrincess were very slim, and are getting slimmer each passing second. What had he to lose?


She looked up, and Len offered her his hand. "I heard there's a café round here. Since it's already lunch, why don't we eat? My treat!"

Len doesn't normally do this, but OrangePrincess was making not the slightest debut of her appearance, and neither was Rin's date. Why don't the two heartbroken kids get to know each other?

The gesture seemed very foreign to Rin, yet she knew what it was: It's pleading peace. She can't let him down.

Rin sighed and smiled, taking his hand, too. "Your treat!"

Together, they both walked to the restaurant like they're buddies already.

"I was hoping it'd be my date who'd take me there, but you're legit."

"Very funny, Rin."

Well, Miku's plan to set Rin up with that senior guy definitely ended in failure. But she still won 'cause Rin found a new potential boyfriend! She sighed contentedly at the sight of her friend walking over to where she was now.

…They're going inside the café?

Miku glanced down at her half-full drink, and she felt sick. She didn't want Rin to find out she's been spying on her today!

She gave the two blondes one fleeting look through the window and panicked: There's no way she could get out of the restaurant now.

She hurriedly tried to look for stuff in her bag to conceal her identity. Might as well…

Oranges were strangely Rin's fetish, as bananas were Len's. They had a hard time deciding what to have for lunch that's not very costly and that matched both their tastes, so they had the Jumbo Parfait, the café's best-selling specialty, which included their favourites…among other unnecessary tropical fruits.

"Mm-mm, this's awesome!" Rin gushed, blushing at the savoury taste. She took spoonsful of the parfait that only had oranges, including the orange ice cream.

Len nodded, relaxing on his seat. He wasn't eating anything yet.

Rin peered at Len from the side of the huge glass that's uncannily like a vase. "Don't like it, Len?"

He raised his eyebrows at her and sighed, remorseful. "Sorry. It's just…I don't wanna hog that dessert. Isn't it rude?"

She slowly pulled out the spoon from her mouth, an incredulous frown gracing her moist pink lips. "You're being rude now for just letting me gobble this much carbs."

"What? Oh, right."

Rin handed him a spoon. "C'mon, Len! Build up them abs!"

Len flushed, consuming as much banana and ice cream he wanted. "You like schmoozing with everyone."

She almost choked on her ice cream. Len laughed.

"Do not!"

"Sure you don't," said Len. He knew she's born charming, but it's fun seeing her get all worked up.

They're lucky to get seats in the café: This was famous and packed. At least they got the best seat in the place. He turned in his position to watch as the people go in and get out, all of them with someone to hold hands with. Len almost forgot about OrangePrincess when he just remembered. His phone hadn't vibrated for her message since; his hand was halfway to his pocket when he remembered another thing: Rin's gotten pretty quiet—

Something splatted on his face.

"Hah-ha!" Rin goaded, smiling at her victory: She used her spoon as a slingshot to aim ice cream at Len's face while he's distracted, and she shot him.

Len grunted, wiping the white off his face. "What—that's unsanitary, Rin!"

"Aw man! You shoulda seen the look on your face!"

She honestly felt a little sorry for Len, but she's fond of him now. She couldn't stop laughing.

Devising revenge, Len loaded his hand with melon ice cream, and walked over to Rin, smothering her face with it.

Rin sat up and spread the whipped cream all over his cheek, giggling uncontrollably. Len was tickling her on the stomach as she lied down on her cushiony seat, still attacking Len with the fruits she reached out from the glass.

The customers near them were standing up and leaving, more than scared of what they'd get themselves in. The two blondes still fought on, playing like puppies. They're drenched with milky dessert everywhere: Mostly in the face. Len managed to pin Rin successfully on the seat the entire time without her even squirming away. She's just squelching his face with the fruits and ice cream from the Jumbo Parfait. Rin ocassionally smeared him with the stuff she had on her face to save the effort. They kicked at the table until the security staff had to pull them apart to prevent any anticipated damage.

They got into a luscious mess: Len smelt like a fruit vendor and Rin like creamy melon. Their hairs were so sticky with the sweetness they needed to soak them with water in the bathroom. As they found a new table, they swore they'd behave.

"You're drenched!"

"Yeah, you are, too!"

Give these kids an hour and they're good friends, completely forgetting about their dates standing them up.

Miku covered her mouth to keep from gasping: She'd disguised herself as an elderly customer for the past hour just watching them play like rabbits, and moved from one table to another to keep Rin from noticing her. Now they were sitting behind her before she could even move away again.

She wasted her money on water to "blend in." Apparently, that did the opposite. People stared at her because she's drinking water. As if eating leeks in public wasn't enough.

The clock read 1:10. She groaned. Thinking that they'd probably stay here forever, she risked passing Rin by: Gratefully they didn't notice.

Before she left the restaurant, though, she gave Rin and her classmate one last fleeting look of joy. She's glad Rin found someone. Her plan didn't exactly go as expected, but it ended happily for Rin.

As promised, they caused less havoc in their new table. They didn't order anything: Just enjoyed the air-conditioning.

Their conversation was about their weird friends.

Len was talking about Kaito's addiction to phones last week. Eventually, the subject about his phone-buddy was inevitable. Rin narrowed her eyes.

"Really?" she asked. A waiter passed them by and asked if they'd order anything. Rin said an orange juice'd be nice, and he went to it.

"Yeah," said Len. "These…girls went up to ask me for my friend's number the other day, and I gave it to them."

"Why'd you do that?"

"Just for a laugh. I still hadn't told him that, so I'm the only one who knows that it's one of them." Len bit his lip: He didn't know if he's turning her off, but it seemed like it. Thankfully Rin's order came, and she smiled. She thanked the waiter as he served the other customer, who...

Wait—Len's eyes didn't leave that new customer. He's too distracted with her to care about whatever Rin said next.

"So's your pal still texting that girl or what?"

From afar, Len could see that long golden hair that reached her waist, and her slender back that's revealed by her tank top. She's at the peak of maturity, possessing the very gifted blessings of puberty, which had been so, so good to her… The woman was talking to the waiter, so Len didn't see her face. He just needed her to look his way…

"Hello? Len?"

God answered Len's prayer: The lady stood up to talk to the waiter and Len saw her blue eyes.

Rin was having her hands in front of Len's face. "Earth to Len! Yo!"

His eyes were on anything but her, however: They focused on something else. Rin turned to where he's staring at, and her jaw dropped. A lady.

It's a lady who looked nothing less of a—

Rin's anger was so vivid she felt a searing pain that shot her in the chest. She sipped from her orange drink to contain herself.

Of all the—she didn't think Len was the type to ogle!

She went back to her seat, face red from irritation at how stupid Len looked as he threw his sight at the lady.

"Leeenn!" she called. She couldn't stand another second of this. "C'mon! I wanna know!"

"Hmm?" was his reply. Before Rin could glare at him, he stood from his seat, Rin scandalised, mumbling "hang on."

Rin just gaped after him as he walked over to the blonde lady. He honestly didn't think…? She turned on her seat, whispering after his figure, "Len! Get back here! She's outta your league! Len? Aargh!"

She folded her arms and glared at him. Len tapped the lady's shoulder. She oversized him by a head! A head, Len! Feeling like she needed to douse her rage, she drank her juice.

She could hear what they're saying, unfortunately. (Not like she wanted to.)

"H-hi! I've been waiting at the Square for you for hours!"

Len, stop being a creepo!

What? So this was Len's girlfriend whom he's supposed to meet?

Rin almost broke the glass she's holding. This feeling… Could she be…? She shook her head, blushing. She's never felt this. No. She couldn't.

"E-excuse me? I'm afraid you're mistaken…"

Go lady! What? Doesn't she know she's his girlfriend?

Len's persistent: The look on his face was the definition of nervous. "I-I'm your mail-pal, Miss. Remember?"

Mail-pal? Rin lent her ears to their conversation. So Len's got a text-mate, too?

"I'm sorry, I know nothing of the sort—"

"But it's got to be you! You're exactly how I imagined OrangePrincess to be! I'm IcecreamBlitz!"

Pfft, what kind of name was that?

Oh my God.

'OrangePrincess' looked repulsed at Len.

She slowly raised her hand and—


That left a mark.

Len felt like he'd flown in the air as her palm made contact with his flesh, and he toppled backward. The blonde lady left the setting of the scene she made, cursing her luck to run into this confused boy.

Meanwhile Len was hunched on the floor, coughing. What lousy luck. It's got to be her!


Len sat up straight, rubbing his sore cheek. It was Rin. She stood in front of him as he distractedly gazed at the floor.

"Sorry you had to see that," he mumbled bitterly. "Guess my 'girlfriend' didn't—"


Whatever Rin wanted to tell him vanished into thin air, words dying out like her want to speak.

"Reambli—what're you…?" Len looked up sceptically at Rin—he recoiled at the weird face she's making.

Rin loftily and cryptically pointed at him. "You. IcecreamBlitz."

Len stood up and patted the dirt on his clothes, saying, "Yeah, it's my codename! How did—"

Upon realising something, Len's face fell into a similarly awful expression.


"…Hi, Your Majesty! I didn't think we'd meet here!"

"…Yes, of course! Neither did I, IcecreamBlitz!"

"So we finally meet, huh?"

"Y-yeah." Rin rubbed her arm.

"I don't know whether or not you'd already eaten, but I heard this's a neat restaurant!"

"I have! A friend of mine paid for me."

"I see…" They're both avoiding each other's gazes. "That pal of yours must be pretty nice."


"...Would you care for a walk in the park? The...popcorn there's...great."

"Yeah...Why don't we go there now?"

"Why not...?"



And then—

They groaned and grunted. "This blows! I can't look at you without screwing up my face!"

"This's so humiliating...I'm in incredulity."

Rin scratched her face nervously. "I've trouble with that Math project."

"Want me to help you out?" Len asked. Awkwardness was a plague...

She nodded enthusiastically.

"Your place or mine?"

He held out his hand anxiously. Rin stared at it before she took it and squeezed, hiding a smile.



ME: Femininely noticeable… XD Story end! So the lady with long blond hair was Lily, 'course XD You think this should be K+? Anyway, I'm writing a fanfic of Bug-Eaten Psychedelic Rhythm =o That's why this took so long. Thanks to everyone who read this! *-* You rock! I'm gonna write a sequel to this if I get motivated enough -.- Their study-date! More romance by then, but for now... Toodle-doo! I'd like to thank and mention those who stuck by this =D CHECK THE REVIEWERS, READERS. THEY'RE MAGNIFICENT PEOPLE WHO DESERVE A JUMBO PARFAIT.