WARNINGS: PLEASE READ. I'm going to list any and all things that I think might need a warning. There is drinking. There is graphic sex. There are drugs. There is death. There are lots of references to deaths in the canon and previously in the story. A character struggles with suicidal issues and succumbs to those issues. There is swearing. There is domestic abuse. There is underage drinking and mentions of underage sex. There is a gay couple (duh) and a lesbian (duh) as well as heterosexual relationships mentioned. There are nasty names aimed at gay people. There are graphic descriptions of torture. There are allusions to mental disorders such as P. S. T. D. and depression. A character refuses to eat. Generally, this story is dark; please tread with caution.

More warnings may be added on as I continue to write; but for now, that's it.

Most of all, enjoy.

Original author's note below.

Aaand here it is, the obligatory post-Sacrifice fic. Oh my god, you guys, that was crazy zrazy zrazy. AASKNJFPIDSnFAPOIENFAEFAEFNEOAEKGANOKGRN CAS MY POOR BABY

But we can assume that a human Cas is a great opportunity for Dean and Cas to bond~

And in a not-as-profound way, if you catch my drift.

Cas woke up cold.


Angels don't get cold, he thought. He struggled to remember where he was and what had happened. Metatron lied. Naomi was neutralized. It was too quiet. He couldn't hear any of the angels, and it scared him.

He got up off of the cold, wet ground and dusted himself off. He thought of the church where Sam had been curing Crowley, but he wasn't whisked away there as he would normally be within a moment's thought.

It was then he realized his wings were gone, and everything Metatron had said came back to him.

He was human. Fragile, breakable, mortal, human.

And it scared the daylights out of Castiel.

Cas wandered, unused to the sensation of a weary body. He walked along the roadside, but everyone was panicking about the falling lights, worried about aliens and the like. Cas wondered what they would do if they found out what it really was.

It was truly a spectacle, the golden fire plummeting towards Earth all at once. Castiel's chest was tight, and he fought for breath. At one point, he had to sit down on the pavement, in hysterics.

Everything he fought for was in turmoil.

The world ended not with a bang, but with a whimper.

As the sun rose, he reached a gas station and all but collapsed next to the pay phone. Jimmy Novak kept a wallet, and soon he was dialing Dean's cell phone.

"Hey, this is Dean. I'm probably out gettin' my hide skinned, so, uh, leave a message and if I'm still alive I'll get back to you."

"Hello, Dean."