Chapter 19: Filler

August looked to the big red R plastered over Team Rocket's headquarters. Its location wasn't anywhere near any region, the entire organization would go downhill if it was since there'd be a higher chance of getting captured by the International Police, or any Pokemon league. She had flown in on Flygon, the dragon's diamond-shaped wings humming for a moment before she settled in front of the entrance. Settled in a desolate canyon Arceus-knows-how, it was pretty chilly. The girl shuddered for a moment before returning the dragon and stepping inside. Thankfully, it was a few degrees warmer as she approached the front desk, where a man was typing away at a computer. He gave a plastered smile at her and stopped typing.

"Hello," he said. "What can I do for you?"

"I'm here for an appointment," she said, already impatient.

"May I get the name please?" The man went back to the computer, quickly typing away again.

"Executive Petrel."

"Oh, I've got you right here, go on ahead please."

August nodded curtly, walking to the elevator at the right. Stepping in, she pressed the button leading to Petrel's floor and quietly felt the motion of the elevator. She then leaned back, thinking about her recent jobs. The pack on her back was heavy from all the pokeballs she had stolen from certain Pokecenters she had raided, and was about to reap the benefits. Then her thoughts were broken as the shiny brown doors were opened. She took a left, walking down a hallway where the end lead to a prestigious looking door.

Opening the door, she saw a large shiny back desk with a large leather black chair turned away from her. Calmly, she walked up to the desk and took one of the seats, making sure to set her bag down loudly. The chair turned slowly to reveal the Rocket Executive. The man seemed to possess a long face, similar to his long body, though he always seemed to slouch in the presence of company. His hair and goatee were purple, a tuff of it settled right on his head, the rest shaven down. He stroked his goatee as he eyed the sack of pokeballs.

"I see you've done well," the executive spoke after a while. "These Pokecenter pokemon will probably work well for the grunts."

August felt her emotion drop a bit, seeing the sack for a moment. It almost pained her to see these pokemon waisted on such lowly trainers, she knew all pokemon had potential. Sure she stole these herself, but the girl at least expected them to be of good use.

"Here's your pay," the purple haired man tossed a small stack of bills.

Passing a finger over it, she realized it was less than before. August looked to the man, raising an eyebrow.

"We're in a rut right now, so money is tight."

A Raticate came from behind him and quickly snatched the sack, placing it by Petrel's feet and chittered.

The phone on the desk rang, the man quickly picking it up and waved August off before turning around in his chair. Glowering for a second, the girl stood up and walked to the door. Going back to the elevator, her hand went to the Pikachu-tail shaped clip in her hair. She felt the cut edges of the clip and lost herself in thought. Stepping out of the elevator, she walked out the door hearing a "Have a nice day!" from the man at the desk.

Releasing Flygon yet again, August flew off.

"Head for Azalea town."

The dragon barked in response, banking right.

They weren't actually headed for Azalea, it was the north of the town where August actually wanted to go, to her father's house. Easily stepping through the forest, she stopped several feet away from the clearing with roaming electric types, and simply stared. There were some she recognized, others were new. A Manectric stopped a few feet away from where she stood, sniffing the ground. It grunted quietly and went back to the others.

August didn't intend to come out, she knew that her father was probably ashamed of her, but why did it bother her what her father thought? It was her choice for joining the crime group. Her thoughts went to her childhood, the constant scolding from everyone in her family, telling her she couldn't bathe electric types whenever she wanted or hide the eggs or pull on tails of pokemon. That was all she could recall when she was young, and seeing how her cousins constantly got attention compared to her. It didn't get any better as she got older, barely getting any respect from her family. They never even visited or did anything when she had planned to leave for her journey...

She gave herself a small tch, shaking her head of these pointless thoughts. The dark blond stood up, Flygon, who was slouching by her, gave her a worried look. Wordlessly, August got on, signaling the dragon to take off.

Chapter 20: Now or Never

Derek had stayed back at the center while June and Ember left to buy supplies ahead of time before they were planning to leave four days from now. He sat at the bottom bunk of the two bunk beds in the room, his elbows on his knees while he held his head up with his hands, deep in thought.

After a while, he took out a pokeball and released Furret. The pokemon coiled up quickly, a sign of anxiety and stress. She gave off a silent hiss, seeing as Derek was a stranger.

"Easy there," he said, sitting on the floor. "I'm not gonna hurt ya."

Sitting cross legged and just out of range for the long bodied pokemon, the professor in training grabbed his pack on his bed and took out a cylinder container of Pokechow.

Leaning forward to place the vanilla container closer to the normal type, he pulled back fast enough to avoid the swipe the pokemon gave him. Her fur was standing on end, basically glaring at Derek, but the smell of food got her attention. Uncoiling to inch closer to the can, she stuck her head in and began wolfing down the food.

"That's not good," Derek muttered.

It certainly didn't take long for Furret to finish the food, but now her head was stuck in the container, squealing in fright. Quickly, Derek got the can off her head, the pokemon sneezing out the crumbs. Coiling again, though not so tightly, she now eyed the 18 year old cautiously.

(Olivine market)

June looked at all the fruits available at a stand before moving on to catch up with Ember who was staring all the cooked foods before her. Smoked Magikarp, Fried Tynamo from Unova, a soup containing Octillery meat, some sort of 'jellyfish' meat an several other types. The man in charge of the stand pointed out that the 'jellyfish' meat was not from around here but from an exotic faraway region.

The girls politely declined, moving to another stand quickly.

"Uh where's Ivan?" June asked.

"Not sure," Ember tied her hair up with her red scarf. "I guess we lost track of him."

"Did you?" A voice behind them made them jump.

Ivan smiled at their reaction, June punching his arm in frustration.

"Don't do that!"

"I left to get this," he held out a small wooden carving of a Linoone, the normal type of Hoenn.

"That's cute," Ember said. "Do you think we got what we need?"

"Yeah I'm sure," June looked to the bags she had. "Can we get some ingredients? I want to cook."

"Since when do you cook?" Ivan asked. "Last I remember, you burned the food you were trying to make the time some of us came to your house. Luck for you, Uncle Walter left some water types to watch us and they put the fire out."

"That was when we were kids," June huffed. "I can cook."

"She can actually," Ember said. "It's really good."

"I'm still helping though," Ivan put away the wooden Linoone.

June frowned jokingly, but they continued on.

(Olivine Pokecenter)

"Ok I can't handle this!" Jonas sat up on his bed, startling his Furret a bit. "I need to move!"

"I'm sorry Jonas but you can't yet," the nurse in the room said, writing on a clipboard. "That injury will heal faster if you stay put."

As the nurse left, Jonas groaned in frustration.

"I've got a gym battle to do for Arceus' sake! I bet the girls have gotten theirs already..."

Furret licked his trainers hand, comforting him.

"Thanks bud."

(Olivine Pokecenter)

Derek stretched his hand out at the coiled Furret, who only backed away a bit.

"You don't need to be scared," he assured.

The pokemon stared at the hand for a bit before shifting around and steadily approached him. She sniffed the hand before ducking a bit as Derek reached over to pet her. Scratching behind her long ears, Furret couldn't help but purr a bit.

"Atta girl," he said.

The door of the room quickly opened, June, Ember and Ivan walking in laughing.

Furret ran off under one of the beds seeing all the new people.

"Darn it guys," Derek got up. "Just when Furret was calming down."

"Oh sorry Derek," June apologized. "We didn't know."

"Its fine," he said. "She's under the bunk bed, just try to remain quiet and calm."

They nodded, June showing the bag of ingredients she got and gave him two Sitrus berries.

"Try giving her these," she suggested. "We're going to the kitchen to cook up some food."

"Ok, I'll stay here."

When they left, Derek kneeled down to see where the normal type had shuffled to. Seeing a pair of eyes looking back at him, he placed the berry at right where Furret would need to come out to eat it.

Eventually she did and quickly ate it, licking her paws nonchalantly afterwards.

"I need to teach her not to do that..." He muttered.

(Pokecenter kitchen)

Ember was up to her elbows in flour, kneading the dough to make bread. There was a cleaner way to do it, but she didn't seem to get the hang of it.

"Arceus..." She muttered. "I'm gonna need a bath before dinner."

She looked to June, who was chopping up many vegetables and placed them in a frying pan with noodles, beginning to sauté them.

"How's it going over there?" June called, looking to Ember.

"Messy," she held up her arms. "Now what?"

"Put them in those bread pans. Ivan?"

"Doing good, the rice is going to taste great," he opened a pot, releasing a cloud of steam.

"Pfft, wait till you taste this stir fry.."

Ember brought her forearm to her forehead, brushing back some hair and rubbing some flour on her face.

"I hope this bread turns out well."

June knocked on the door to the room she was sharing, a flour faced Ember moping behind her.

"Derek? Just a heads up, I'm going in."


She opened the door and peeked in. Sydney's Furret was on Derek's bed, sleeping soundly.

"Oh wow, she looks calmer," she said as Ember walked past her and grabbed her items to leave for the bathroom.

"After I gave her berries, she let me pet her and then started to play for a bit before sleeping. She hesitates a lot though." Derek sighed.

"I don't blame her, Sydney doesn't seem to be a nice trainer... Well dinner's ready, we'll eat when Ember finishes showering."

"Ok, I'm pretty hungry actually, I spent the whole day with Furret."

"I've been wondering. Are you going to keep Furret?"

"I'm not sure actually, I don't think its a good idea to give her to just any stranger and it's also a bad idea to release her, Furret doesn't seem to be able to fend for herself. I'll need to think about it."

June nodded, leaving to go get the table set with Ivan.

"Wow that was a good dinner!" Derek took a final bite of bread.

"Well, well June, you surprised me. I guess you can cook." Ivan poked at her jokingly.

"I told you, that time when we were kids was nothing really." June laughed.

"Oh so nearly burning your house down and all of us in it was nothing?"

"That wouldn't 've happened, my dad taught the pokemon what to do in a fire. He's kinda paranoid."

"I think the gym's still open," Ember got up. "I actually want to do my gym match now."

"Ok," Ivan got up too. "Why don't we go?"

"Wait a bit," Derek said. "I just need to go back to the room to pick up Furret."

When he came back, the group headed for the gym, its lights still on.

"So who's going first?" June asked.

"Dunno, it doesn't really matter so long as we get a match."

"Then I'll go, you did go first for the Ecruteak gym."

"Fair enough, good luck."


Entering the gym, a man escorted them into the battlefield.

"Welcome,"a brunette with her hair up in pigtails smiled warmly. "I'm glad you guys caught me, I was about to close the gym for the day. Who are my challengers?"

"She and I," June gestured to Ember and herself. "I am first."

"Ok, I only have four pokemon available for me, so the matches are two on two."

June walked to the challengers side of the field, the others sitting at the bleachers.

"This will be a two on two match between the challenger and the Olivine leader Jasmine, begin!"

"Steelix, let's go!" The giant snake materialized with a roar, awaiting its opponent.

"Let's go-"

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