Chapter 14

June 27th, 1963

Ennis and Jack were lying together in the tent once more, enjoying a little time together before they had to get up. They had been spending more and more time together, regretfully neglecting their shared duty as herder. There hadn't been any more losses, but Ennis was still worried about Aguirre finding out why the sheep were left on their own so much.

But he couldn't think about that as Jack kissed him and squeezed his hand, clearly enjoying this. For the past few days, he had been thinking about how it felt when Jack went down on him, and he was starting to wonder how it would feel to do the same to Jack. He couldn't just ask, not when he could barely even talk about what was going on between them.

Jack sensed his hesitation and pulled away from where he'd been kissing Ennis's neck. "What's wrong?" he asked, concern filling his blue eyes. Ennis thought that he could drown if he looked into them for too long.

"I, um...I been thinkin' on somethin', but I dunno how to say it," he admitted, looking down. Jack cupped his cheek.

"What?" he inquired, half-hoping that it was a declaration of love. But he knew that Ennis might never get to that point.

" know how you sometimes...have your mouth down there?" he started, cheeks reddening already. Jack nodded. "Um...I was thinkin'..."

"You want me to do it now?" Jack offered, pleased that Ennis was somehow managing to say what he wanted. Ennis shook his head.

"Um...not now. I was wonderin'...if I could maybe..." He bit his lip and looked at Jack, who immediately understood.

"Oh...okay. You sure? You don't have to if you don't wanna...I mean, you don't gotta just 'cos you think it's what I want..." Truth be told, Jack did want Ennis to do this, but he wasn't going to force him.

"I wanna, Jack," Ennis insisted, sure of that even if he didn't really know what to do. "But, um...I ain't too sure of how to do it..."

Jack nodded. "'s real easy when you get the hang of it. First off, you gotta make sure your teeth stay outta the way, or else you'll end up bitin' me an' that'll hurt," he grinned, and then demonstrated to Ennis how to do this. "'s basically just you puttin' yer mouth there. You ever eaten a banana? It's kinda like that." Ennis knew he wouldn't be eating bananas again anytime soon. He didn't eat them much anyway, being as poor as he was. Fresh fruit was a luxury where he came from.

"Alright," he replied, nodding. "But...what if it...makes me feel sick?" he asked. He would feel terrible if that happened and he didn't want to hurt Jack's feelings. Jack shrugged.

"It's okay. You can just stop an' no harm done. I ain't gonna judge you, Ennis. I think you'd be great at it, but you never really know until you do it. An' it's okay if you can't. You wanna give it a try?"

Ennis nodded and slowly moved to straddle Jack, looking down into his eyes. He couldn't help but kiss those lips a few more times before moving down, remembering how Jack did it. With Jack's chest exposed to him, he planted kisses all the way down until he got to his destination, and he could hear Jack sigh. "Feels good already, even though you ain't started yet."

He smiled a little and then eyed Jack's erection; he'd never been this close to it before and wasn't sure if he could do this. He glanced up and saw Jack giving him an encouraging look, and then went to work.

He lowered his head and parted his lips, shaking slightly. He hoped that he wouldn't get sick and make Jack feel bad.

Jack watched himself disappear into Ennis's mouth and bit back a groan. It was quite a sight to see Ennis with his head down there, about to suck him off. Part of him wondered what Alma would make of this if she knew where Ennis's head was right now.

When he was comfortable, Ennis latched himself onto Jack and started sucking. He could feel heat radiating from Jack's body and that was enough to arouse him. He found his rhythm and soon heard wonderful sounds coming from Jack's mouth; he was doing it right after all.

With more confidence, he slid his hands under Jack and weaved his finger underneath, pushing it into Jack. He didn't know why he was doing that at the same time, but it made sense to him. With his other hand, he started jerking himself off so that they could come together.

"Oh...God, Ennis!" Jack moaned, pushing his head back into the bedroll and raising his hips. He could feel Ennis's finger moving inside him and it was spurring him on. He bucked as he felt himself leaking into Ennis's mouth and wondered if Ennis would swallow. Sweat was covering his chest and forehead and he could barely speak. Oh God, I love you, he thought as Ennis continued to stroke him.

He exploded into Ennis's mouth, praying that he wasn't going to choke him. Ennis took it all, swallowing and tasting every part of Jack that came out. The taste was better than he'd imagined and wasn't unpleasant at all. He'd made Jack feel this good, and he was proud of himself. He came soon after and managed to look up at Jack, who was staring at the roof of the tent with wide eyes. Ennis crawled back up Jack's heaving chest and looked down at him.

"That alright?" he asked nervously, and Jack rewarded him with a wide smile and a kiss.

"That was...better than alright," he replied, kissing all over Ennis's face. "That was amazin'...did you like doin' that?"

"Yeah, it, I guess," Ennis replied, smiling shyly at him. He allowed Jack to pull him down into an embrace, thinking that they could sleep for a little longer.