The heat is stifling, we're all sweltering and using up most of our water supply.
"Urgh, for piss sake, it's so bloody hot!" Hanna exclaims, throwing her sword into a tree in front of her.
"Maybe the gamemakers are driving us towards water," Sofia suggests,
"Nah, it's too early, we don't even know where one is," I say. Sofia glares at me for correcting her, god I have to watch out, she may try to kill me in my sleep. We slash through the undergrowth to a wide clearing. With a pool at the end. I just have enough time to take in the two packs lying against each other in the middle of the clearing before the spear flys at my head. I dive to my right and the spear sinks itself in a tree behind me. Sofia shoots an arrow at my attacker and gets him in the shoulder. The boy from 9 winces before pulling out a sword. Immediately Nick is on him. Nick blocks a blow before dodging round and stabbing him in the back. His distract partner rushes at Hanna wielding a knife but Morgan grabs her my the throat and slams her down into the ground. He lifts her up and slams her head down on to a rock, her body goes limp. A cannon sounds signalling her death.
"Well that was fun," Morgan says laughing. I almost shout at him for that. How dare he make light of killing these children. He sees the look on my face so I try to lighten it by saying cheerfully;
"Time for lunch I think," it's almost funny how quickly the parachute defends, inside the parcel is an array of seafood with a lot if red spicy sauce. We all sit round and tuck in. It's amazing I've never seen any tributes receive so many gifts. The food is always clearly district 4 originated , so the careers must know that all this food is thanks to me. It should help to keep me alive for a little longer. We replenish are water bottles from the pool.

Hanna starts talking about how much she misses sleeping in her double bed with feather pillows but a loud bang cuts her off mid-sentancw. What can only be a hundred metres away a hovercraft dips down to collect a body. Without warning Morgan is up, flail and baton in hand, and is sprinting in the direction of the hovercraft. The rest of us grab our gear. Stuffing sleeping bags away, cramming food in mouths and collecting weapons. We all run after Morgan, following the obvious path that he left behind him. I hear a loud shout, deep and angry, clearly Morgan. By the time we catch up with Morgan he's resting on a rock, with his back facing us. There's a short but deep cut on it, blood drips freely from it.
"What happened?" Hannah asks, Morgan doesn't look up, he spits to the side and says

"It was that kid from eight, I barely remember him," Morgan rises and faces us. I remember the boy from eight, named Foreman, small, got an eight in training, he must have been holding back in training if he managed to beat Morgan in a fight.
"I charged after him, he must of heard me or something because he was waiting for me, he dam near killed me, but let me tell you this; when I find him, I'm going to make him wish he had," Morgan was clutching his flail so hard that is knuckles had gone white. Something tells me that I shouldn't be staying with the careers much longer.

We spent the rest of the day trying to track Foreman but had no luck. That night we settled down to watch the anthem, the person killed was boy from 11. Big, could have ripped a tree out of the ground had he the mind to.

I lay in the dark, thinking of Mandeline who was out there in the dark with her axe and hatred of the careers. Of Foreman who killed the boy from 11 and knocked Morgan on his arse. Of Sofia who is more than ready to kill me. Of Morgan, lying near me, angry and clutching his weapons. Seems strange, but this arena didn't seem so dangerous last night.P

Sorry that this chapter is so short but I can defiantly promise some interesting stuff in the next one ;)