This is sleep deprivation at work. My 2P! version of the marriage proposal episode.

Francois looked gloomy, Oliver noticed as he entered the room and sat down in a chair facing the Frenchman on the other side of the table. Well, gloomier than normal. This was more of along the lines of "I'll kill you if you so much as move." When he was in this mood, Oliver knew to be a little cautious.

"S-so . . . . "

The Frenchman just slid a piece of paper across the table for the Brit to read. Looking it over, he realized it was . . . . A marriage registration form? Was he serious? Was Francois really asking him to marry him?

Without even looking up, he knew what the Englishman was thinking. "Stop right now. It's just because my boss said 'e would kill me if I didn't because I'm almost bankrupt from ze Suez Canal." Francois didn't really fear his boss, but rather preferred to live. Dying would be more of an annoyance he didn't want to deal with.

"W-what?" Now Oliver was hurt, pushing the paper away. "N-no. I won't sign it."

"And why not?" Francois glared at the more than slightly insane Brit.

"Because . . . . I don't want to marry you for that reason." Oliver knew he was being bold, and he also knew that this would lead to several burns later on.

Soon Francois was behind him trying to force him to sign the form. "Just sign it," the Frenchman hissed in his ear. He didn't understand why Oliver refused. As far as he could remember, the Brit was always ready to jump at the chance to marry him, as was evident at the start of the Hundred Years' War. What other reason could Oliver want to marry him for? And why the hell was he being so stubborn?

All the two managed to get done was scribbling all over the marriage registration form, which was completely Oliver's fault. When the Brit finally stopped and realized what he'd done, he was mortified. Francois was sure to bleed him out this time instead of letting him off with burns trailing from his cheek down to his chest. The Frenchman glared and ripped up the ruined form before proceeding to drag Oliver away in order to do unspeakable things to the Brit's vital regions, ideas already forming in his mind as he pulled him away from the room.

Isn't Francois sweet? -sarcasm at its finest- He needs to take some lessons in romance from Francis.