Prologue- Mothers Shadow

Born a young girl in the frozen Nord city of Windhelm her mother had died when she was still a young infant, far too young to remember her mother's face. All she remembered of her had been the smell of her chestnut hair which fluttered in her face before her eyes as she held her infant in a mother's warm embrace. Her father had served as a Stormcloak, a soldier fighting for a cause that he believed in. It was his dedication to those he served which saw him leave his only daughter an orphan in a city of ice being apart by conflict.

With no family to support the girl soon found her place within the city selling flowers to passing travellers just to make ends meet. One day an unassuming woman dressed in heavy steel battle armour, not a strange occurrence since the beginning of the escalating conflict, walked past the city gate where she was selling her flowers. The woman took a single fleeting glance at the young girl before she approached her, crouching down to the girl's height she asked "What are you selling today?"

"Flowers mi lady" the young girl replied. "So I might be able to buy something to eat today" After that moment most people who had lingered long enough to ask such a question gave their small gift of charity and returned to their business, but once again this woman continued to defy convention and asked her another question.

"Do you pick them yourself?" the woman asked.

This woman did not seem to be from Windhelm. Her skin was light and soft, her voice well spoken and aristocratic, her flowing long brown hair was well groomed down to the nape of her neck.

"Yes" the girl replied. "I got them fresh this morning from just outside the city walls"

"Outside the city" the woman mused. "It's rather dangerous out there with the war raging, and now they say there are dragons out there as well"

"I haven't seen any here yet" the girl replied.

"The rumours talk of a person who can defeat the Dragons" the woman continued. "A person born with the soul of a dragon, have you heard anything of that?"

The girl told her customer of the rumours she had heard of a human who could spit fire and transform into a mythical beast at will. And when asked honestly what she saw when she looked at the woman standing before her the young girl replied simply "A person"

The woman seemed happy with the response and purchased a single bright blue flower from the young girl remarking that 'Sometimes it takes a child to tell the Jarl that he is wearing no clothes'. The young girl did not understand what she had meant and in that moment did not care as in the next breath the woman offered her a new life as her daughter. In that moment she had happily been accepted as Sofie Hunter, daughter of the legendary Dragonborn.

After she had been adopted by the Dragonborn she had moved to the idealic Nordic city of Whiterun to live with her new mother Brianna Hunter, her partner Brelyna and her adoptive sister Runa.

The house was a simple abode within the Plains District of Whiterun. Her shared childhood with Runa, who their mother had rescued from an orphanage in Riften, was spent playing in the square with the other children of the city.

Sofie learned that her mother was an Imperial who had come to Skyrim to serve the Imperial Legion honourably as a soldier, becoming the driving force which had tipped the precarious balance of the conflict to ensure the restoration of Imperial rule in the region. As a girl she had never questioned her mother's choice to serve the legion which had lead to her father's death; her mother had not swung the sword or shot the arrow which had killed him. The truth was that in her eyes it had never been her war to fight; she had only wished to see a swift and full conclusion to the escalating conflict safe in the knowledge no more would have to face life as child of a parent killed in the fires of war. Brianna still remembered the day they had met, the flower she had bought she kept as a memento pressed between two sheets of glass to preserve it as a pendant she wore around her neck, she considered it her rune of protection. Alongside her service to the legion her mother had also become an accomplished Bard of the College in Solitude, leader of the Whiterun chapter of the Companions and a scholar of the magic College of Winterhold.

As the two children grew older her mother had ensured that she and Runa gained experience in swordplay and the physical aspects of life while Brelyna tutored them in a firm grounding in the use of magic and the spiritual side of the world around them. Runa soon proved herself the magical prodigy of the family. She quickly mastered the basic forms of the Illusion, Destruction, Restoration and Conjuration schools of magic in the space of only a few short years. Sofie however preferred the more direct approach in battle, training in the use of swords and shields and bows to strike a target from any range while her heavy armour would absorb any impact of a retaliatory strike.

It had now been two years since the end of the Skyrim civil war; the children who had once been young girls now blossoming into fine young adults the image of their parents. In the wake of the conflict and the fall of Alduin the Dragonborn had dreamed of sequestering herself in a life of solitude with her family after so many years of conflict, moving them to her homestead of Lakeview Manor recently constructed on the southern bank of Lake Ilinalta north of the city of Falkreath. However, as the song was once sung 'We're the children of Skyrim, and we fight all our lives. And when Sovngarde beckons everyone of us dies'.