As promised, here's a new long story! Emma and Killian get cursed again, and I can promise you that it's my most tragic story yet because he keeps dying and Emma keeps going back in time trying to save him; I hope you stick with it, because, as always, there's gonna be a happy ending. First chapter is going to be up on Sunday and I'll update every three days until I finish the first draft, and then we're back to new chapter every night, just like I did with my previous fics. I hope you enjoy the feels!

People often say that finding true love can change you, and Emma Swan knows it better than most, because since she found hers in Killian Jones, a pirate Captain that had let go of his revenge for her, she feels fearless, invincible and so very, very happy.

Every morning she wakes up with Killian's arms around her, and every night she falls asleep with his voice in her ear as he tells her how much he loves her, but it's only when she sees him with Henry that she's certain that this is her happy ending.

Until it's not.

Later, when she's going to look back, Emma will often wonder how she managed to overlook all the signs that Gold and Regina were working together to punish her and Killian for taking away the people they loved most; Belle and Henry. The only conclusion she's going to reach will be that she was too wrapped in her perfect life to notice how miserable the two most powerful people in Storybrooke were.

The day that changes everything for dawns gloomy and rainy, and Emma closes her eyes again and burrows deeper into Killian's embrace, debating whether or not to stay in bed all morning and call her father to cover for her and Killian at the station.

"Rise and shine, love", Killian says, his lips tracing down her neck, his hand burning her waist even through his shirt she had gotten used to wearing to bed.

"First call David and tell him that we're not coming in today", Emma says, tangling her fingers in his hair and smiling when he chuckles, pressing his nose against her shoulder.

"We did that five times this month already, lass. I don't think your father is going to be all too happy if we do it again", Killian says and Emma finally opens her eyes, cupping his face in her hands and kissing him, their tongues tangling together, his arm going around her and pulling her on top of him.

"Didn't you just say we have to go to work?" Emma asks him, wiggling her hips and raising an eyebrow at him because other things seem to be rising too and they don't have time for that if they want to be at the station by nine.

"I did… but I didn't say we won't be late", Killian says and flips her on her back, his weight pinning her to the mattress, her arms wrapping around him and pulling him closer because she knows she couldn't resist him even if she tried.

Killian Jones wants to make love to her, and right now she can't think of any circumstances that would make her stop him.

Emma drives them to the station an hour later, the rain falling so hard she can barely see through the windshield. They had let Henry stay at home and she thinks it was a good decision because there's nobody around and Storybrooke looks like an eerie ghost town, which makes her both uncomfortable and nervous. She tells herself that the chill running down her spine is from the cold and ignores the bad feeling that comes over her because what could possibly go wrong when she's got Killian by her side?

They are passing by the library when lightning strikes the clock-tower and one of the heavy hands of the clock tumbles right into their path. Emma slams the breaks and the car slides to a stop a couple of feet away from it, her heart slamming against her ribcage painfully.

"The bloody hell was that?" Killian exclaims, rubbing his head because he never wears his seatbelt and she was too busy trying to keep them from crashing to soccer mom him.

"Let me see", Emma says, taking his chin in her hand and tilting his head to the side to inspect the lump forming on this forehead.

"I'm fine", he says, squinting as he tries to see through the windshield. "We should've stayed home."

"You were the one-", Emma starts to say and trails off when both of the car doors open, the rain suddenly stopping. She and Killian exchange a glance and slowly get out of the car, finding Gold and Regina standing on the other side of the fallen clock hand wearing the same chilling smirk.

"What do you want?" Killian asks them, his hand on the gun on his hip, signalizing Emma with his prosthetic hand to stay put.

Of course she doesn't listen. She comes to stand by his side, her gun already drawn but still pointing at the ground.

"We want you to suffer the way we suffered", Regina says and waves her arm, causing Killian to fly through the air and land in a heap at her feet.

Emma is barely aware that she's screaming his name over the sound of bones breaking, and Regina just laughs and bends down, plucking out an entire strand of his dark hair and dropping it into a bottle she's holding.

"No, please", Emma whispers and tries to move forward but she's stuck, her body refusing to listen to her; she can only watch as Gold limps over and reaches into Killian's chest, pulling out his heart and coming back to Emma to show it to her.

"This is what you get for falling in love with him", Gold hisses and closes his fist around Killian's heart until it's nothing but dust. Emma keeps her eyes on Killian, their gazes locking together one last time and then he's gone, his eyes drifting closed, his heart scattering in the wind around them.

The magic that's been holding her in place is suddenly gone and Emma sinks to her knees, crawling on them until she reaches Killian, gently placing his head in her lap as if she wants to avoid hurting him further even though she knows nothing can touch him anymore.

"Do you want him back, Miss Swan?" Gold asks her, and Emma somehow tears her eyes away from Killian's face, looking up at Gold silently because it's the kind of question that doesn't really require an answer.

"Just tell her", Regina says, rolling her eyes like she's already bored with both of them.

"You can get him back, but there's a price to be paid, and it's a steep one", Gold says, and Emma glances down, tracing Killian's cheek with her knuckles, already knowing that there's no price she wouldn't pay if she can just see him smile at her one more time.

"I'll do anything", Emma says, silent tears running down her cheeks, her hand resting over Killian's chest where his heart used to be, supposed to be, isn't anymore.

"Oh I don't doubt that, dearie, but in order for this curse to work, you have to know exactly what's going to happen", Gold tells her with a smirk that makes her see red.

"So tell me already!" Emma screams, wrapping her arms tighter around Killian, a sob escaping her because he can't be gone, he can't be going cold under her fingertips.

"If you drink the potion Regina's holding, you get transported to the year 2000., and somewhere in this fine country your Captain is going to be celebrating his 19th birthday."

"Where?" Emma demands, and both Gold and Regina laugh at her.

"That's for you to find out. You'll have thirteen years to find him… well, twelve, because if you don't give him a child by the time he turns 32, he dies, everything restarts, and you have to look for him again", Gold tells her, and Emma reaches for the vial in Regina's hand.

"Not so fast", Regina says, moving it out of her reach. "Once you find him, he won't remember who you are, so don't be surprised if your task proves harder than you expect."

"There's always true love's kiss", Gold says offhandedly and Emma feels like she can breathe again, because the thought of looking for Killian just to have him turn her away when she finally finds him is already killing her. "You just kiss him and everything comes rushing back."

"And what if she's not his true love?" Regina asks him innocently, and Gold shrugs.

"Then she's going to have to make him fall in love with her", Gold says as if Emma isn't even there and she wipes her face on the shoulder of her jacket, carefully lying Killian on the ground and kissing his motionless lips before she stands up and takes the potion from Regina.

"Any questions?" Regina asks, and Emma hesitates with the potion half-way to her lips.

"What happens when the baby is born?" She asks, and the smile Gold gives her is so self-satisfied that she starts to think he doesn't expect her and Killian to ever get their happy ending.

But that's probably the point.

"If the baby is born all three of you get transported back to Storybrooke thirteen years from today", he says, and Emma closes her eyes because that means Henry is going to be all grown up and about her age by the time they get back.

Still, there's nothing she can do about it because she's doesn't know how to let Killian go and be without him, not even if it means missing another ten plus years of her son's life; Henry is alive and Killian is not, and bringing him back is the only thing she can focus on right now.

With one last glance at the man she believes is her true love, Emma Swan drinks the potion and watches Regina and Gold disappear as the rain starts falling again, soaking her to the bone in a matter of seconds before she feels a strange pulling in her stomach that makes her dizzy.

A few seconds later the road is empty except for a patrol car parked in the middle of it.