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Rose POV

I watched them amused and slightly wary. According to Bekka the people in this town were most dangerous when they were playing nice. The first chance that they get they will stab you in the back. Bekka told Christian to be extremely cautious around the town's members. To keep our secret to ourselves because they will use it against us in the blink of an eye if it benefits them.

The three musketeers were still standing in the middle of the kitchen so I decided that if they were rude enough to barge into someone's home then I was perfectly justified to offer them the same rudeness in return. I walked upstairs, grabbed my iPod and made my way to the living room where I sank into the couch intending to never get up again.

I started singing along to my new favourite song, If I die You by The Band Perry. It wasn't my normal taste in music but it matched my mood that seemed to descend on me when I was alone.

The Salvatore duo entered the living room along with "Double Trouble Part 1". I really didn't believe that this Elena person was much different from her doppelganger. I at least admired Katherine for being honest and letting the world see her deceitful and cruel ways. Elena is a coward. She hides behind what I believe to be a facade of innocence. Though I wasn't really sure which one she was yet.

"I'm Stefan, this is my girlfriend Elena and my brother Damon."

Damon gave me a smirk that sent tingles to my unmentionables. Not that I would ever admit that though. I flashed my man-eater smile and was pleasantly surprised when Damon froze in what appeared to be indecision before taking out a flask of some kind of alcohol and tipping it in my direction. I gathered the gist of his message, a challenge.

Let the games begin. I was never one to back down from a challenge.

I may not be fully over Dimitri but I could have a little fun in the meantime. Maybe this would even be the push that will get me over him for good. Hey haven't you ever heard that alcohol cures a hangover?