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This is my first attempt of writing a GrayxJuvia and a NatsuxLucy; trying to give both pairings the same screen time.

Summary: The Goddess of Balance is not happy with a few people down on Earthland. What happens when she uses a not too conventional way to help them out? Gruvia, NaLu



By: BonneyQ




"Why are they so stupid?" The Goddess yelled in frustration while her palace trembled and a few of her birds started to chirp in protest of the sudden outburst of their owner. She was in a foul mood and they could sense it.

She was Bally, the Goddess of Fairness, of Balance and Equilibrium and even though she wasn't prayed at like the God of Fortune, the Goddess of Love or the God of Health were, she still did her job happily. There was such beauty with the way things could complete each other and get balance. To tell the truth, to have balance was to be perfect.

And she was currently not happy with the non-perfect relationships that a few wannabe couples in a Guild called Fairy Tail, were having. Really, why on the name of the Titans, the Dragon Slayer kid was not with his princess? And what else the Water Girl would have to do so the Ice Boy could finally see what was in front of him?

Oh, but she was not the Goddess of Fairness for nothing. She would make them see who they needed to be with. Bally only needed to make those four to see their loved ones from the other's perspective.

That's when the deity started to form a plan; a plan that involved a certain gender change…


Natsu mumbled during his sleep; he had passed out after a big party the Guild held for Lucy's birthday the night before, and, like always most of the members slept on the floor/table/corner of the Guild. It was quite a birthday: it wasn't every day that you turn 20, was it?

The pink haired boy frowned when he tried to scratch his chest and instead found something very soft on his hand's way. Unconsciously he tried to take it away from his chest. Maybe Happy had fallen asleep on top of him? It didn't explain why Natsu felt when he touched whatever was on top of him, but his mind wasn't exactly a hundred per cent awake yet.

After grabbing it and trying to pull it, he stopped and opened his eyes; it hurt! Did he have a leech on his chest or something? Because he was sure that he pulled hard enough, but it seemed to be holding to him like it was glued there!

The Dragon Slayer sat and looked down to see what was going on. He really was expecting to see a leech in his chest, but instead, he saw two perfectly sizeable… breasts? Funny thing, it looked a lot like a girl's.

Still not fully awake, the boy put a finger on one breast, which was barely covered by his usual vest. It was strange. He actually felt that. Natsu tried to get up and noticed that his legs seemed a little different, but paid not much attention to it. His pants did threaten to fall, though and he had to hold it in place. Everyone else seemed to be asleep, so he had to walk around the many bodies that were on the floor.

He finally found a big mirror and what he saw made him open his mouth in shock.

The dark eyes that were a bit narrow were now bigger and more expressive. The chin that once looked strong was now delicate. His pink manly hair was not as manly, since it had an admirable length, almost reaching his waist; the color was still the same but it seemed a lot straighter. Speaking of waist, his was so thin… Thinner than Lucy's actually, and he seemed to acquire quite a bum.

And he had boobies.

Natsu Dragoneel, the Fire Dragon Slayer, the son of Igneel had boobies. And not small ones, he noticed. They were quite sizable.

When all the facts finally sunk in, he let out a yell. His voice was sweeter, his voice was soft.

He yelled like a girl. In fact, he had turned into a girl.


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