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Logical thinking vs emotional thinking: Men in general can take decisions without being emotionally affected that much while women in general take into consideration other factors that are related to emotions that most men overlook.


Chapter Two – Touch


"Well…" Makarov sighed once the goddess was nowhere to be found; the old man was a firm believer that you make your own future, but when a person sees what he saw, said person would go with Bally's plan. Besides, those four needed a push, otherwise nothing would happen. "You should do as she said, you know? Ballestra hardly plays around when it comes to the equilibrium of the world."

"But…" Lucy whined with her new voice, which sounded weird seeing that she was now a man. "I want to be a girl again! Being a man is awful!"

"It's better than having these things!" Natsu said, grabbing his breasts and squeezing them. "All the mobility I had before is gone! They get in the way!"

"Natsu, don't be gross." Gray said, rolling his eyes in a girlish way and started to take off his coat without realize what was happening. Thankfully for him, Juvia was by his side. The blunette had her face red as she prevented the boy to take off his clothes by grabbing the coat before he could accomplish it.

"Gray-sama, please don't strip!"

Gray frowned; his newly girly and pretty face looked too cute even as a girl, Juvia thought. She would have to take care of him so he wouldn't strip. People already saw too much of him as a man, as a girl it would be even worse since he now had more to show and girls felt more shame than boys most of the time – it would actually be nice for Gray to show some shame for walking around naked – but not with that body.

"I just want to go home." Lucy cried, sitting on the floor. Thick tears started to come out of her beautiful brown eyes. "This will be a nightmare and I'll be waking up soon."

"I wish." Gray crossed his arms over his chest, right above his breasts, but didn't find it very comfortable, so he had to cross them underneath. "Man, this sucks." The blue haired man that was by his side, nodded in agreement.

"Juvia agrees." She said in her new deep voice.

"Reedus, I'll pay anything if you draw them for us so we can never forget this." They heard Cana tell the thin man and then there were many more requests and the guild was noisy as always, but the four changed people looked down in embarrassment, even Natsu who would normally start a fight. It was weird for him to have that body, and apparently it was starting to sink in that he was really a girl.

"STOP IT." Makarov's voice echoed through the Guild as he used his magic to grow his body and silence fell right after it, as a shadow casted over his children. "You are not to make fun of them, this is not funny and can be forever and you shall never wish this upon them what you don't want upon you." The guilty faces showed the Master that he hit the right spot with his children. His body shrank. "Gray, Natsu, Lucy and Juvia." The four looked up to him. "You should be together for the time being, Ballestra did say that you needed to see from each other's perspectives in a week so, my best guess is that you should stick together as much as you can." They nodded and the older man smiled sweetly. "Don't worry, if anyone can do this, are you, my children."

"Thank you, Master." Lucy told him and then turned to the other three. "It's getting late, we should go."

"I vote we stay at Lucy's." Natsu raised a delicate and small hand.

"Me too." Gray mimicked the pink haired boy/girl.

"Oh, Juvia doesn't have a place to stay: Fairy Hills doesn't allow men to…" The blunette looked down to her new body. "Juvia probably can't get inside."

"I guess we're all going to my apartment, then." The blonde sighed and passed a hand over her face and then massaged her temples for a few moments. "Juvia, you and I will need clothes for tomorrow, for those two I have what they could wear." Juvia nodded.

Mirajane kneeled next to them, a small smile on her lips. "I'll help you two find something on our closets, come on."

"You two wait right here." Lucy got up from the ground and offered them a sinister look as both Gray and Natsu just nodded. As the Stellar Mage, Juvia and Mirajane went in the direction of one of the closets, Lucy's new voice could be heard across the Guild. "How can you walk with this hanging…. Argh!"


After finding some more of Laxus' old clothes that could be used by either Lucy or Juvia, the quartet left the Guild as soon as they could and headed towards the blonde's apartment. The silence that befell them was unsettling, all four trying to think about a solution.

Once they arrived at the apartment, Lucy, to occupy her mind started to go through her old clothes to find something suitable for the 'girls' to wear to sleep and in the next day. While Gray and Natsu made themselves at home, Juvia stood awkwardly in the middle of the room; she only went to Lucy's when there was a girl's night.

And she was certainly not a girl at the moment.

The Stellar Mage looked to Gray, sitting on the floor, looking up to the ground, while Natsu sat on her bed. Gosh, it was so strange to see them that way. She was still getting used to have to walk with it between her legs and she honestly couldn't understand how boys could just be normal about it.

A sudden urge reached her lower stomach, as it did earlier a dew times, but she couldn't ignore it anymore. The blonde turned around from her wardrobe to face the other three people who changed gender with her. As the need hit once more, Lucy paled and moaned.

"Oh, god."

"What?" Juvia asked with her deep voice. It was weird, but Lucy had no time to think about it at the moment and she moaned in pain once again. The boys, now girls, also looked at her in concern, without realize her problem, which meant that she had to tell them.

"I… I need to…" The blonde took a deep breath. "I need to go the bathroom."

Everyone stayed in silence for a few moments, absorbing the words. Once they did, all three realized that all of them would have to go at some point.

"Crap." Gray said.

"Can't you hold?" Natsu asked, nervous, looking down between his legs, as if expecting to see something abnormal over his clothes, and then looked back to Lucy. He did not want to pee seated: he was born to pee standing.

"No!" Lucy let out a manly growl when the need became more pronounced. "Oh, god! Oh god, oh god, oh god! I'll have to touch it!"

There was a prolonged silence.

"Have you never touched one before?" Juvia asked, her head tilting to one side in question as why the girl was being so fussy about.

"What? No! Why? Have you?" The blonde responded and three pairs of eyes looked at the Water Mage, one pair more curious than the others.

"Juvia… Hm…" The blunette blushed and stuttered, her handsome features even more handsome with the redness of her manly cheeks. "Th-this is about Lu-Lucy-san, not Ju-Juvia!"

"Oh, you can't just change the subject like this!" Gray said, now staring intently at the Water Mage. When did she touch a man's organ? She was seventeen when joined Fairy Tail, hardly enough age to have sexual experience, and to his understanding in the three years she was a member of the Guild, she only had eyes to him.

"No." Juvia coughed, sobering up. "This is all about Lucy-san's situation right now."

"But…" Gray tried to press the subject, but the blonde interrupted his thoughts.

"Oh god! Oh god!" Lucy moaned again, putting her hands over her crotch and jumping lightly to one side to another. "I really have to go."

"Just… don't look." Juvia advised, kindly and once again she received a curious look from Gray.

"Make sure to shake it after, though." Natsu said, trying to help by offering her years of experience.

"And just let it go." Gray said and Lucy nodded, going towards the bathroom with a disgusted face. Once the door was closed, the dark haired man turned to Juvia.

"So… How did you manage to touch a man's junk?"

Before Juvia could answer, all of them heard a loud groan coming from the bathroom followed by a: "This is so disgusting!"

They were not drinking a thing for a while.


Eventually, they went to sleep: Juvia and Lucy shared futon while Gray and Natsu reclaimed the bed, saying that they had the rights to it, now that they were the girls. Since she didn't want to fight after being traumatized for life after going to the room and take a shower – eyes closed all the time and she only washed the essentials –, she just wanted to sleep off the events of the day.

Juvia cooked some ramen for them while Lucy was on the shower and when it was the blunette's turn to take her own, Lucy took the cooking duties and fried them some chicken. After dining and explaining how she did end up having contact with a man's junk – as Gray said – the very ashamed blunette lied down to sleep. Gray angrily did the same. Natsu shrugged and told Lucy good night with a smile that told her: 'Don't worry, we'll get through this or I'll kick somebody's ass for it.'

Natsu always knew how to smile to make Lucy feel better. It was like a superpower!

Falling to sleep too, Lucy wished that when she woke up, it all had been a dream, even though the blonde knew that it was wishful thinking. She was so emotionally tired that sleep took over her in minutes.

It was early morning when Juvia woke up feeling rather uncomfortable in her nether regions. It was... painful to say the least. She shifted, but it seemed to get worse, so she sat and looked down.

Her pajama bottoms left little to the imagination since the new acquisition Bally gave her was standing up and, by the way it hurt, asking for her – or anyone's – attention.

Juvia Lockser, a girl that now had a man's body, had a morning erection.

"What the…?" Juvia got up, but regretted almost immediately, since the position made the pain even worse. Lucy woke up with the half scream the Water Mage gave.

"Uh? What's going on?" She asked sleepily from the futon on the ground where she had slept with Juvia by her side, after Gray and Natsu had slept on the blonde's bed (thankfully the bed was big enough for them and since their girls versions seemed to get along much better than the boys, they slept peacefully).

Lucy looked at the Water Mage in question, but found nothing wrong up until her gaze stopped on Juvia's hips. For sleeping, they found some old pajamas at the Guild and both 'new boys' wore the gray itchy stuff, it was what they had. Once Lucy saw Juvia's groin, she couldn't keep the blush away, while the usually pale water mage was as red as a ripped tomato herself.

Natsu sat on the bed, and so did Gray, both rubbing their eyes and yawning cutely.

"It's too early to make noise." Natsu groaned, scratching his left breast without a care in the world; he wore one of Lucy's old shirts and short, as did Gray.

"What is it, Juvi…ah?" Gray located the source of the Water Mage's despair and his eyes widened. "Oh."

If it was possible, Juvia blushed even more as she grabbed a blanket to cover her hips the best she could, but it was a problem difficult to hide.

"Don't look!" Juvia exclaimed and all three moved their eyes away from her.

"She has morning wood." Natsu said, stating the obvious.

"Oh, god." Juvia moaned. "What can Juvia do?"

"Take care of it." The pinkette shrugged, finding the ceiling very interesting. "Otherwise it hurts like a bitch."

"Juvia can't do that." The Water Mage said in disgust.

"You did with Bora; with yourself should be easier." Gray said icily, not forgetting about what he discovered the day before, and looking outside Lucy's window.

"Argh!" The water mage groaned, throwing the blanket on the floor. "For the last time: it was all above the clothes and Juvia didn't even like it!"

She went to the bathroom and slammed the door as hard as she could, just to make a point. Her male body needed a cold shower.

As the water started to run, Lucy was glad to find herself in not the same position as Juvia had. Maybe Ballestra wanted them to experience just a few things of being the other gender? But before she could test her theory, the Stellar Mage stared at Gray, who was once again looking back inside the apartment.

"What?" He asked, grumpy.

"That was… girly of you." Lucy told him.

"Huh?" He raised a perfect eyebrow, the scar above it didn't lower his new beauty at all, and it only added it, somehow.

"You were a jealous bitch right now." Natsu shrugged, saying exactly what was on Lucy's mind.

"I was not!" The Ice Mage protested.

"You were." Lucy agreed with the Dragon Slayer.

"Whatever." Gray lied back on the bed, feeling something not too nice on his chest. He didn't like it at all.


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