Beast Boy's POV


The heat was unbearable this time of year. Garfield Logan was seated at a cafe in downtown Bludhaven, drinking an iced coffee, and reading the newspaper. Ever since the Titans broke up, nearly 6 years ago, he would scan the newspaper daily, looking for signs of trouble. Mostly what he saw were petty crimes, robberies, some loitering, nothing of consequence. Nothing the police couldn't handle. But every so often he would see something about a villain, something bigger, and it always had Richard's new alias, Nightwing, plastered all over the headlines. "Nightwing Saves the Day!", "The City is Safe, Thanks to Nightwing!". Richard had gone solo after the titans; he had still wanted to fight crime. Truthfully, there was nothing else he could do. Being a hero was just part of who he was, and he didn't know how to be anything else.

Garfield sighed; there was nothing in the paper today. He set his paper down and took a sip of his coffee, surveying the other customers. The door ding-ed as some new customers walked in, a young woman and a young man. At first, Garfield payed them no attention. Then he glanced up at the woman. She looked strangely familiar to him. He watched as they ordered their drinks and took a table adjacent to his. He wracked his mind for where he knew this woman from. Was it his time in GreenPeace? Or when he worked at the local animal shelter? Maybe she had adopted a dog or something. Though truthfully, as he looked at her, she definitely seemed more like a cat person. The he heard her voice. It had been hard to hear over the coffee beans being ground and the drinks being made, as well as the countless other customers having conversations. But the second he heard it he knew. It sent him back 6 years, and he sat there in astonishment. When the Titans split up, they had all gone such different ways. Robing became Nightwing and continued his life as a superhero. Star had gone back to Tamaran, though it was not necessarily because she wanted to. Galfore had become ill and they needed a new leader. Naturally, she was the best option. Cyborg had settled down with Bumble Bee. Garfield hadn't heard from them in years, except for a christmas and birthday card every year. Raven had gone back to Azarath, or so he thought. At least, that was what she had told them.

As Garfield watched, the young man reached out and pushed a strand of Ravens now black hair behind her ear. Garfield realized why he didn't recognize her at first. Not only did she look older, her features more defined, but she was wearing one of the holo-rings Cyborg had made them so many years ago, just like he was. His change was more drastic than hers, though. Green skin had been turned a nicely tanned white. His Green hair was Blonde. His ears were normally shaped and his teeth were no longer sharp. The only thing that he had chosen to keep was his green eyes.

He studied Raven from his seat. There was no gem on her forehead, only flawless pale skin. Her hair was no longer lavender, but a beautiful shade of black. Her hair was the same length as before, at least that hadn't changed, even if everything else about her had. He strained to listen over the sound of the bustling cafe.

"I don't know Luke, it's not that I don't want to, honestly." Raven was saying as she doodled something on her napkin with a pen she had pulled from her purse.

"Look, I'm not going to force you to do anything, I just thought it would be nice to get out of the city for once. I mean all we ever do is go to work, come home, eat, sleep, nothing. Wouldn't you like a change? Wouldn't it be fun to go somewhere we've never been?" He had reached over and put his hand on hers, effectively ending whatever she had been scribbling on the napkin. She looked up at him thoughtfully

"Where would we even go? And where would we get the money in a recession like this? Our bonuses were half of what they were last year." She sighed and pulled her hand out from under his, looking out the window.

"I've got some money saved for emergencies." he replied, reaching up and pulling her face gently back to look at him. she looked skeptically at him.

"Then shouldn't you save that for an actual emergency?" She demanded. He chuckled a bit.

"Rachel this is an emergency! Seriously I think I'm going to die if I don't get a break from this monotony!" He tugged at the end of her sleeve and looked at her pleadingly.

"You can be so overdramatic sometimes I swear!" she sighed like she was exasperated, but her eyes looked playful. "Fine. Look this isn't a yes, this is an 'I'll consider it'."

"Babe that's all I need." He stood up to leave, picking up his empty drink and tossing it in the trash can. "Am I staying at your place tonight or are you coming to mine?"

"I can't, I have this thing I have to finish for work. I'll see you tomorrow for lunch though, right?" she remained seated, her tea was still half full.

"Yeah of course" He leaned down and pressed a kiss to her forehead, "just think about it, kay?"

"I will."

Raven sat and watched the man leave. She returned to drinking her tea and doodling on the napkin.

Garfield stood up, ready to go talk to her. He started to walk over but then stopped. 'If she wanted to talk to me she would have called. It's been years, she's disguised, she clearly does not want to be found.'

Just as he was about to turn around and leave, Raven stood up and knocked in to him, spilling her tea down the front of his shirt.

"Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I-" she stopped and stared at him. At first she looked confused, and then she looked down right surprised.

"... Gar.. Garfield?" She asked hesitantly.

"Hey Rae, how've you been?"